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True allegiance is

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  • DBee
    I Have Placed You Upon The Wall I have placed you upon the wall, and it is not the time to become distracted and apathetic. Much is coming in from shore, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2004
      I Have Placed You Upon The Wall

      I have placed you upon the wall, and it is not the time to
      become distracted and apathetic. Much is coming in from shore,
      and you must remain at the post. There is no other warning
      given, as all have been warned, and you must be watchful and
      ready to move as I have spoken to you.

      The Glittering Fog has done it's work, and they don't even
      know they are enshrouded, but you cannot free those who do not
      want to be. You must focus, and be faithful to remain at your
      post, for the real battle is yet to come. This is only the
      prelude to the real blows to come.

      Many have chosen to stand down, and to watch from a distance,
      as they fear the backlash of standing against the masses. But
      Mine remain true to Me, and do not waver, nor compromise,
      regardless of the cost! There has never been an option of
      compromise amongst My Own. Either your heart is truly Mine, or
      it is not. Either you serve Me with all your strength, or you
      do not.

      True allegiance is not measured by stature, or by earthly
      prestige, or even by your past accomplishments, it is measured
      by your submission to Me now. I see your hearts, and I know
      the struggles that you go through, and the decisions that are
      pressuring you to be made, and I know what your answer will
      be. I know you. Yet, even so, I chose you from the beginning
      to serve Me in this hour.

      Take heed, and remain still before Me, and do not allow the
      clamor of the masses break your focus, or your allegiance to
      Me. Watch and see, for the great deception has already woven
      it's web, and multitudes are in the valley, and are assembled.
      Now will come the battle, and many will fall.

      For your voice, and the voices of Mine upon the wall, will
      bring the Warriors into their positions. The time to assemble
      is now. The time to be at attention is now. The time to
      prepare to move is now. There is no more delay. There is no
      more preparation to be made. You have your assignments, and
      you know your places, and you know My Voice. Get ready.

      You must stay upon the wall! Remain with your arms ready!

      Archers, do not let the arrows go out, but keep the flames
      lit. You must keep your eyes focused upon the Center of the
      battle, where the heart is, for you know your target.

      Swordsmen, you must not put your sword in it's sheath, but
      maintain your posture. The mockers are only a diversion to
      tire you. Remain IN Me, and in the place of rest.

      Torch bearers, Do not become weary in the fight, but hold your
      stance, as the Truth will shine forth, as you have been
      directed, and as you have foreseen. The Vision is True and it
      will go forth as you have been shown. Maintain the fires and
      the battle will not fail.

      Dread Warriors, prepare to move. You know your positions and
      your ranking. Get into your places, for the Trumpet is to
      sound. You know the path the Lord has given to each of you to
      run, and you must get ready, for the Gauntlet has begun.

      My Eagles are flying now and drawing forth the hidden ones,
      and now they will be seen among the ranks. For the hour of
      reckoning has come, and the fate of men now rests in their own

      Men never wanted their Creator, their God, or their Savior,
      but they wanted an earthly king. They rejected me on Mt.
      Sinai, they rejected Me on the Cross, and they reject Me now.
      They never wanted to submit or to yield their hearts to Me,
      but only to serve in bondage to men. They have gotten what
      they have asked for. Their earthly king is coming………

      -Susan Cummings


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