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Always Redemptive

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  • DBee
    My Purposes Are Always Redemptive My Word discloses everything that you need to know. It was given unto men, that they would live by it, and to know Me, their
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
      My Purposes Are Always Redemptive

      My Word discloses everything that you need to know. It was
      given unto men, that they would live by it, and to know Me,
      their God. But men choose to live by their own desires and
      plans, and they do not seek Me, nor care for My Word enough to
      trust it, or to live by it.

      There is nothing that cannot be known, if men would only seek
      Me. Yet, they run to and fro seeking wisdom from men, and
      angels, and other sources that are not My Will. I created
      angels to assist men on the earth, and to bring forth My
      Purposes, as it is needed. They are not men's sole source for
      wisdom nor their heart's allegiance. I alone am God.

      Why do men seek others, and not their God?

      Why is there no God, in the House of God, or in the hearts of

      Why is the wisdom of men to be sought after and cherished
      above Mine?

      My Purposes in the earth are always redemptive and are all
      written in the Word, if men would seek them out, they would
      find them, and they would understand my dealings with the
      earth and it's inhabitants. My Judgments are also in My Word,
      and they are redemptive, as they seek out the hearts of men,
      and point them towards their God.

      I have released My Judgments and My Justice in the earth. They
      are all found in My Word, and are all in the timing that I
      have set forth in My Word. I have made it plain, yet men run
      to and fro, causing much confusion and fear in My House, as
      they run with their own wisdom and understanding. They neither
      run with My permission, nor My Wisdom.

      There is much yet to be released in the earth, and it will be
      understood by those who are Mine. For Mine sit at My Feet, and
      they inquire of Me. They know Me, and trust Me, as their God.
      They will not fear, but will stand firm IN Me, and will be the
      vessels of My Redemptive Purposes, and of My Justice, in the
      days to come.

      I said that Daniel was to seal the book until the end, and it
      is now opening unto My Own. For I have chosen in this hour, to
      reveal Myself unto My People in the earth that are Mine, and
      they will prepare the way before Me. Nothing is known apart
      from Me, and from My Holy Spirit. For I AM the Spirit of
      Truth. I am the Living Word. I AM!

      Men will come and men will go, but My Word is Eternal, and is
      alive in the earth. It has always been and always will, for it
      is eternally creating My Will in the earth, as I have sent it
      forth to do. Nothing will be left undone, nor will it be
      stopped. You have My Word. Read it, and begin to understand!
      For I have come back to My House, and it will be seen, and
      known that My Word is True, and it is the only Standard that
      will stand in the days to come. For My Word is the only Source
      of Truth by which men will live. I AM the Light and the Life
      of men!

      They will either receive Me, the author and giver of Life, or
      they will perish by their own hand and choice.

      For all things will be finished as I have plainly shown you,
      and then I will return for My Own. Until then, I will be
      among them in the earth, and they will rise up in Me, and
      stand in My Light, as a witness to the Truth. For the Witness
      of Heaven and the Witness of Mine in the earth will now come
      into proper alignment, and will be One, and will usher in My
      Power and My Glory within My Own. For My Covenant is
      redemptive, and it is Just!

      There will be no excuse, nor delay. All things will be
      disclosed for it's true source, and it's fruit will be seen.

      My Word will be the Standard of measure that is raised over
      the lands. For I have given each nation their choice, and they
      will walk it out, unto their destinies. It is written in My
      Word. I told you the scrolls have begun to be released and to
      be unrolled. Yet, many will not believe. They neither believed
      Me at the beginning, neither will they believe at the end.

      I have returned to see if there is faith in My Word or not……….

      -Susan Cummings


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