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Partakers of Christ

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    For we are made partakers of Christ TM Anderson at God s Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1951 camp meeting an evening service. Prayer: Outside the gate, on a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2003
      For we are made partakers of Christ

      TM Anderson at God's Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1951 camp meeting
      an evening service.

      Prayer: Outside the gate, on a rugged hill, numbered with the
      transgressors, thou didst give thy last and thy all to us and for us.
      We thank thee for thy nail scared hands that are now strong to hold us
      in fellowship with thee. We thank thee for the stripes for our
      healing. We thank thee for the fountain opened to the house of David
      for sin and uncleanness. We thank thee for the cross where our sin was
      crucified, where we have been emancipated from the burden of our sin and
      made free in the sons of God.

      We thank thee for the cross where by the world is crucified unto us and
      we crucified unto the world. We love that old cross. It means so much
      to us. It cost so much for us. We thank for a share in it and a
      portion in it, and for what took place out there. We thank thee for the
      sacrifice that was made for us. We could not in us found anything from
      the fields or the flocks or from our family that could have made a
      sacrifice to purchase our redemption. But thou all alone with no floor
      under thy feet accept a rocking world, with no ceiling over thy head a
      frowning providence, and no walls about thee but the darkness. There
      thou didst pay the price. Made the sacrifice and we lifted up our eyes
      unto thee and seen thee as Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the

      Thou art now alive, and alive forever more. Thou art as real to us
      tonight as the air we breath. Closer than the flesh on our bones. We
      bless thee for it. If there is anything about us that has not given to
      thee, we are not aware of it. Oh living God take it all unto thy self
      and for thyself. Wouldst thou be gracious enough to help thy servant.
      Help me as if this was the last message I'd ever preach on earth. And I
      would be free from the blood of all men. That I could stand at last in
      thy presence unashamed and unafraid because I had declared the whole
      council of God. There is no mortal man that can preach the gospel
      accept thou doest help him, and that help thou hast assured me. Or I
      would not have ventured here.

      Oh living God, be thou the message and the messenger, the voice that
      cried in the wilderness of this world. Then blessed Holy Spirit move in
      this audience tonight make a personal visitation to every man woman and
      child in here. Let no one off easy, let no one evade thee without being
      interrupted by thee and convicted by thee. May there be such a
      searching of souls and such a ministry of the gospel of Christ. That
      thou wilt be satisfied in seeing the travail of thy soul.

      Frustrate the plans of the devil. Oh thou living God these grounds are
      dedicated to thee. This building is dedicated to thee. These are thy
      people. This is thy worship and thy work. We invite thee, we invoke
      thee, we implore thee, we solicit thee, we cry to thee, we call on thee,
      to be thou the one. Fill the tabernacle with thy presence and police
      the grounds with thy presence. And may the ends of the earth feel the
      impact of the people that love God. Until the devil be terrified and
      discouraged and thy people glorified and God honored. We shall give
      thee every bit of the praise and all the honor and all the glory for we
      ask it in Jesus name and for his sake. Amen.

      I read for as you might expect from the Hebrew letter. Out of chapter
      three I read a selected portion which is in part a quotation from the
      ninety-fifth division of the Psalms. The writer of the Hebrew letter
      has brought this quotation in chapter three beginning with the seventh

      Heb 3:7 Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his
      voice, 8Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of
      temptation in the wilderness: 9When your fathers tempted me, proved me,
      and saw my works forty years. 10Wherefore I was grieved with that
      generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have
      not known my ways. 11So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into
      my rest.) 12Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil
      heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. 13But exhort one
      another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened
      through the deceitfulness of sin. 14For we are made partakers of Christ,
      if we hold the beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the end;
      15While it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your
      hearts, as in the provocation.

      I do have in the word tonight a message of truth over which I have
      prayed and believe that I have the mind of the master and I shall talk
      to you like you didn't know anything and then I wont miss any of you.
      We are looking with an attitude of openness heart toward the Saviour.
      Make God feel welcome, and make him feel wanted. Then be in that
      attitude that if thou hast anything to say to me, say it Lord, and I
      will heed and I will hear. If we will do then we may be assured of this
      that your hospitality toward God will bring to your heart the riches of
      his grace.

      To this word found in the lesson I read to you out of Hebrews chapter
      three and at the fourteenth verse. 14For we are made partakers of
      Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the
      end. I want to place a period in that passage for the moment as a place
      of emphases. Though the period is not there we will place it there for
      the temporary moment and listen at it read. We are made partakers of
      Christ. Isn't that an interesting statement? To be made a partaker of
      Christ. I remind you of this that what ever may be implied in the
      statement, what ever is included in the meaning of being a partaker of
      Christ, is conditional. It is conditioned upon our holding the
      beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the end. So whatever we have
      received in the beginning, in the very first primary work of grace, the
      initial work. We are not to fail nor falter, but hold stedfast our
      beginning until we have come to the final consummation in the end. To
      be made a partaker of Christ from the very beginning to its final finish
      and consummation.

      Maybe I can make that to you a little clearer than mud by simply
      breaking it up a little into a section or two to see. The first one is
      the matter of our being a partaker of Christ. If I get no further
      tonight I want you to see that truth. Then you will notice in
      connection with that. That we have been admonished regarding a
      provocation of Christ. For it is always a crisis that faces us in every
      matter of choice. So that we are warned and admonished regarding a

      But after we have viewed that fact. There is still over all an
      interesting plea, and the plea is, if you will hear his voice harden not
      your heart. If we were to heed that plea tonight we'd see a visitation
      of God that this hilltop would not get over very soon. But I intend to
      obey it to the best of my understanding.

      But let's go back for a moment to the idea of being a partaker it is a
      very interesting word and is used several times in the New Testament.
      It is derived from original word meaning to be a sharer. The Scriptural
      concept of it is, that it is one who is a sharer in something. It is
      almost like our Southern term of a share cropper, united together in
      sharing the product of the soil. But this so happens that it is one who
      is a sharer not only with Christ, in all that He possesses by the rights
      of His own Lordship and Deity. But as to be a sharer of what He is in
      Himself. So that we are of God expected to be a participant, a sharer,
      a follower, an attendant, an associate, - any of those terms of Jesus

      I wonder when we have grasped that, and we see something, the import,
      we see something of the significance of that. And how the Lord has
      labored the language to convey that fact to our mind has been amazing.
      You may remember this that the Saviour said, I am the Bread of Life. A
      loaf of bread won't do you any good if you rub it on your stomach. No
      matter how hungry you are. As long as the bread is external to you, it
      will not hold any value of life. You must partake of it, and only when
      you have partaken of it, then it's qualities that supply and support
      life become immediately yours. So, so long as Christ is external to
      us. So long as Jesus Christ is like the show bread in the temple, just
      something to look at. You'll die of starvation for the Bread of Life.
      You must eat Him. Be a partaker of Him. That is the Scriptural view.

      The Saviour made some folks very angry, they got insulted and called for
      their church letters. What He said to them, except you eat my flesh and
      drink my blood, you have no life in you. They said, that is
      cannibalism. We're quitting the meeting! The Saviour turned to His
      faithful few and said, do you want to leave? If you are aiming' to
      quit, now is the time to quit. Peter, God bless him, being the
      spokesman for them looked up at Him and said, Lord we're not leaving
      we're staying. Thou hast the words of eternal life. We are going to
      be a partaker of Thee. Whatever it may be to drink Thy blood and eat
      Thy flesh we will be a partaker of Thee, and have life in our self. Now
      you can see the concept of it. So that Christ is purely a matter, an
      objective of an ideal, or maybe an idea, or a pattern, or a teacher. He
      does no good so far as your personal salvation is concerned, until He
      becomes an intimate indwelling part of your living personality.

      So your salvation tonight, and my salvation, is dependant upon my being
      a partaker of Jesus Christ. That I think is clear to us in the precept
      of truth, and the revelation of truth, showing us something of the
      meaning of being of being a partaker of the Saviour. What ever He is in
      His Person, whatever He is in His possession, what ever He possesses,
      whatever He has provided for us in all of His sacrificial offerings. We
      are to be partakers of His sufferings, partakers of His sacrifice,
      partakers of His possessions, partakers of what He is in His Person.
      All of that is embraced in this truth.

      Then we come to that word confidence. If we hold the beginnings of our
      confidence. Now isn't it obvious to you that whatever confidence is, it
      is based upon our being a partaker of Christ. Because of the basis of
      our confidence is what Christ is in Himself. That is so apparent it
      doesn't need any discussion. But the word confidence that is used here
      is rather an interesting term. I do not recall that it is used quite
      like it anywhere else. It is more than faith. It is more than certain
      facts, that may be revealed, that we are confident are true. It is more
      than that. Now I am not a scholar I'm only a student, and if I make
      reference to certain of the original I only do it because I'm trying to
      find truth. The word confidence in the original means: the very
      essence, the very substance, the very support, of what you and I have
      received from Jesus Christ. Put that in your thinking for a moment, and
      if you have a share of Christ. He to you has become the very essence of
      everything that is worth while. He's the very essence of your spiritual

      If you loose the very essence of it, you have nothing left but the empty
      shell of things, the profession of things. As the Saviour presented it
      another way. Salt if it looses it's savor it is worthless. It may look
      like salt but it is not fit for the garbage pile. It has no value. And
      unless we have a possession, a personal experience of grace that is the
      very essence of what Jesus Christ is in Himself, you have no basis for
      your confidence and hope in God.

      Now place it as it is in substance. We are told that faith is the
      substance of things hoped for. Our faith brings us the substance of
      what we hope. To go back to the illustration the bread that you eat is
      the substance on which you live not the shadow. But the reality. The
      bread is the thing that supported you. It held in it whatever those
      qualities are that give life was the substance and support and the
      essence of what you lived on. And the admonition is to whole, the very
      essence and substance of what Christ is, you've partaken of it, you've
      shared it, you have it, now hold it. Now that ought to be clear to us.
      In the basis of our confidence is based upon the reality of the very
      essence and substance of Christ.

      Now to pull that out of any confusion that we may have about it, and put
      it into understandable Scriptural terms. If you were to read all of the
      exhortations embraced in the third and fourth chapters of the Hebrew
      Letter, you will find that all of it, focuses on the promised rest,
      which God had promised His people. Which rest, had been symbolized and
      prefigured by the land of Canaan. While Canaan was called "our rest".
      The Greek word that was translated, several times in there "rest," means
      a settled, permanent, settled place. It is set in contrast with our
      wilderness wanderings. With their moving from one place to another
      without ever coming to a settled, fixed, resting place, the end of the
      journey. Exactly as Canaan was the objective for which they stared out
      from Egypt, and should have gone on into it, and found a settled place,
      and partaken of what Canaan had for them, in all of it's fruits, and
      all of it's fairness, and everything that had been promised. Some of
      them didn't go into that. They missed it. We have that, you can see

      Now whatever Canaan was in it's figure, Jesus Christ is in fact. And
      there is a place, there is a participation in the Son of God who alone
      is our resting place. You are never at home till you are at home in the
      company, and the association, and the fellowship of God. You are never
      filled, until you are filled with God. You are never satisfied, until
      you are satisfied with God. You are never settled, until you are
      settled in God. You are never content, until you are content with God.
      You've never found your home, till you have your habitation in God.
      You've never come to rest, till you have His rest. Till He brings the
      quietness, and the solicitude, and the comfort to your own heart. You
      are out of place, you have never partaken of what rightfully belongs to
      you, till you come in to your rest and your relationship with God.

      So God intends that we shall share his rest. He speaks of it as being
      something that is peculiarly his own possession. He said, it is my
      rest. The apostle speaking of it said, it is his rest. Jesus Christ is
      our rest. Whatever he is in himself, he is the abiding place in the
      sheltered home, and the only place that we have ever found contentment.
      We find it in his rest. Therefore the Son of God wants to give us
      something out of rest, that is like what he himself possesses. He
      doesn't intend to keep it all to himself, and let you look at it and
      admire it and think of how wonderful it would be. But he hands you a
      hunk of it big enough to satisfy you like the bread would satisfy your
      hangar and the waters satisfy your thirst. You are to come in, and
      spread yourself, and rare up on your own hind legs, and assert your own
      rights, and lay your ears back, and claim your rights, and go into this
      thing, and have your share, have your share your person, what's promised
      you. I say bless the Lord.

      The Saviour altered it just a little but he did not change it. He only
      gave us another view. When he made his last will, just before his
      leaving this world. He looked at his disciples who were looking at him
      with sad eyed amazement and some what of a sense of disappointment. He
      said, I'm going to give you something. It wont be anything like the
      world has to give. He couldn't have give them any rich raiment for he
      only had one seamless robe, and they cast lots for that while he died.
      He couldn't have given them any real-estate for the foxes had their dens
      and the fouls their nests, but he had no place to lay his head. He
      couldn't have given them any gold, for Judas Iscariot had absconded with
      the bag and a poor fish had to come up and pay the taxes for the Saviour
      and one of his disciples. But he said, I'm going to give you something
      that wont be like the world gives. He put his hand in under his heart
      and when he withdrew it he said, my peace I give you. Let not your heart
      be troubled, neither let it be afraid. I put something in you, I've
      giving you something, I'm sharing with you. You are my legal heirs, and
      I'm making my will, and settling up the estate, and giving you your
      portion of it. I want you to have my peace, my peace. That if you have
      it you could sleep on the mountain side and cover yourself with the
      canopy of heaven and have the stars to light your bedroom, and due to
      wet your brow, but you'll wake up with peace. You may live in a hovel,
      and be unknown, and when you die, unmourned and unwept and unmarked in
      your grave. But I have prepared a home, and I'll see to it that you
      will no longer be homeless nor without happiness. I'll take you to be
      with myself at the end of the journey. Hallelujah to God. To be made a
      partaker of Christ.

      Now Jesus has given us his life, he has given us his love, he has given
      us his liberty, he has given us his likeness, he has given us his
      leadership, he has given to us his legacy. God never has been stingy
      with you! You are not going to bankrupt God Almighty when you get this
      share of this thing. There will be plenty left over for all the rest of
      us. You don't have to look down your nose and say poor me. Look up and
      say rich us. We had no life in ourselves, but we have life in him. He
      said, because I live. I'm the cause of it. Because I live, you shall
      live also. I am he, said the Saviour, that was dead; and, behold, I am
      alive for evermore, and I've got the keys of death and hell hanging at
      the girdle. Death may lay its icy hand on you for a while, and silence
      your heart beat, and turn your body into dust. But I'm alive, and on
      the resurrection morning with a voice that shall exceed the cannonadings
      of all the wars and the echos of all the thunders. I will speak, and
      you shall come forth, for you are shrouded in life, and we are going to
      live together forever. This isn't fiction. This is a fact. We are a
      little bit excited, but we got something to get excited about. We got
      hold of something. We are a partaker of Christ. And as long as he is
      alive we will be alive. Jesus Christ is from all eternity to all
      eternity. The fleeing ghost of eternity will never greet one of us at
      the grave of God. He is alive forever more. And we have shared his
      life and we are going to live.

      There is not a thing about us that looks lovable or likeable. But he
      sees what no one else sees. We are a share in his love tonight. He
      took a hunk of it out of his own soul and handed it over to the Holy
      Ghost and said, you take this down there, and shed abroad my love in
      their hearts. Spill it all over them in every nook and corner of their
      being. Until when the holy apostle tried to describe it he said, it is
      high, and it's deep, and it's wide, and it's long. How high is the love
      of God? It is as high as the tallest heaven. How deep is it? As deep
      as the lowest sinner ever sunk. How long is it? It is as long as
      eternity. How wide is it? It is as wide as the needs of all mankind,
      and we are in the middle of it. We are partakers of Christ. I like
      that. We've got a hold of something. And I aim to hang on what I got.

      The very substance of life, the very essences of the Saviour's life is
      the bases of your confidence. The very essence of the Saviour's love,
      is the bases of your confidence. The very essence of his peace, the
      calmness, the contentment of it, the restfulness of it,that is your
      confidence. How wonderful it is just to be at rest. Aren't we a
      nervous, restless, agitated. The preacher's this, the preacher's this
      right on his stomach just work it like an accordion all the time you
      know they just can't rest you know just rest and a program. And a lot
      of you just can't rest you just take all your problems to bed with you
      and they keep you awake all night. Why don't you get in somewhere you
      can lay the mess down and rest. What are you worrying about? You
      can't make the thing any different. You're not accepting the
      inevitable. You're not just giving up with a sort of despair, we've got
      a hold of something. They ask me what the atomic bomb is going to do
      and some other kind of a bomb. I'm not worrying about the bomb, I'm
      worrying about the bums more than anything else, and the loafers. God's
      not going to let them blow the back end out of creation, He's got some
      things to settle with this world and He's going to settle it. He's not
      going to let the Communists run God's people out of the world, God's
      here to stay. We've got a rest and an assurance that Jesus Christ is on
      the winning side. And we enlisted under the banner of the Captain of
      our Salvation. And He has never lost a battle and we are sharing in
      His Victory! Praise God! I've sort of introduced the text.

      Now I'd admonish you at the very opening, I called your attention at the
      very opening of the text, that when we had viewed the fact of being a
      partaker of Christ, and received the very essence and substance of that
      He is in Himself. The exhortation is to hold that beginning what we
      have already begun. We haven't got all the end of it yet we are not
      inside the Gates yet. But hold what you have. In other words, hold the
      realities of that very essence of these things that you have.

      Now then God has found necessary so often to give to us a warning note.
      And frequently uses some example to emphasize the important necessity of
      observing that warning. And He said, while that you have these things
      and have heard His voice. While I called your attention to the fact
      that went back to the ninety-fifth Psalm. So some time when you have
      more time to read your Scripture. If you will look at the ninety-fifth
      Psalm you will notice that preceding that word, which happens to start
      with the seventh verse. It is stated of the Lord, that we are the sheep
      of His pasture, and the people, the sheep, of His hand. Therefore He is
      presented to us like the Shepherd. And says to us, now if you hear my
      voice. It is a good thing for us to have an ear to hear what God says
      to us. He said, if you hear my voice don't you get stubborn, and self
      willing, and contumacious, don't you do that. For he said, I remind you
      that there was a time when some folks heard my voice, and they become
      stubborn and hard. They wouldn't listen, and they provoked me. I was
      grieved with them. They so continued in their stubbornness, that I
      finally swore in my wrath, you shall never enter in. Now you know that
      happened, the provocation took place at Kadesh-barnea, the critical
      period of crossing into the land. They refused the plea of God's
      representative. They refused to listen. And were broke at their
      crisis of entering into their rest. Simple because they broke, God
      turned them back and they blistered their feet in the wilderness for
      forty years. Until that crowd that had disobeyed God and wouldn't hear
      died outside of their inheritance and rotted in the wilderness.

      You had better not pay any attention to the mouthings of Calvinism to
      tell you that if you ever get saved you can't be lost. There isn't a
      "sintiller" of proof anywhere in God's word to substance their unfounded
      doctrine. If you don't hold what you got you'll land in hell. If they
      don't believe that a fella can be lost and he is saved read what Jude
      said about this. Jude said, 5I will therefore put you in remembrance,
      though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out
      of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.
      That's in their book. Let me remind you of another thing, your going to
      have to go on into holiness or loose what you've got.

      You're a partaker of Christ. You've got a share in his love, and a
      share in his life. If you haven't come into the blessing yet, get in.
      Don't you get stubborn and provoke God. I'm not adding a climax to the
      message I'm only telling you in the light of the most sublime truths,
      one of God's great warnings. See it, at the provocation.

      I must hasten there. There is a sense that I want you to see a moment
      before I windup if I knew how to. That is what he has said, they were
      hardened or made stubborn through the deceitfulness of sin. The
      interesting thing about that is it properly reads, through the
      deceitfulness of sinners. Not only the deceitfulness of their own
      innate depravity and disobedience, but the deceitfulness of sinners. If
      you want to see that truth you go back there to Kadesh-barnea and
      remember this. That Caleb and Joshua who would have gone into the
      land. Evidently they had a following. They would have gone into the
      land, but they were kept out of the land through the deceitfulness of
      that gang that wouldn't go in. By no fault of theirs they were kept
      out. That is historically true.

      The inspired writers said, you will find some sinners that don't believe
      in holiness, and don't want to go into it. You will listen to them and
      be kept out of the experience because they don't believe in it. You'll
      loose your soul with them. There it is. Am I talking to any of you
      tonight that said you preached it truly, I believe in holiness, I
      believe I ought to be sanctified, I believe I ought to be in my
      inheritance. But I just seen so much and seen so many people that
      didn't live it I'm out. You've been kept out be the deceitfulness of
      sinners. You said, well my doctrine or my church don't preach it.
      You've been kept out through the deceitfulness of sinners. I hate to
      sound tyrannical, but a man that can't see second blessing in the
      Scriptures couldn't see through a barrel with both ends knocked out.

      The pitiful thing in emphasis is brought out by the inspired writer.
      I'll let you see that and have done. That is that they grieved the
      Spirit of God by their unwillingness to obey God to the last point of
      their light. The very substance and essence of that which they had
      already received up till that point went out like the going out of a
      light. They turned away under the disfavor of God, for you remember
      when that crowd turned the Lord down at Kadesh-barnea they lost power
      and grieved God for forty years and died. I'm just asking you in the
      last few minutes of a closeup bit of exhortation of a plea. Are you,
      have you in your experience of grace whether it be in regeneration or
      entire sanctification what ever have been. Have you to this present
      time kept the essence of that till it is fresh and vivid? Does it have
      to you now the sense of the sweet reality of the presence of God? Until
      you are not aware that you are grieving God by any disobedience. That
      the Saviour would not say to you, I was grieved with that generation,
      but would say I am pleased, because you have held the very essence and
      substance of the thing that you received. What pitiful lament I hear
      all over this country by people who say, I once had what you are talking
      about. I knew what it was to have the joy of prayer and the sweet sense
      of the pleasure of God, and the beauty of his peace. But I've been
      negligent, and I've been busy, or I've been troubled, or I've been
      through this or that, and somehow I don't feel as near to it and as
      rich, and as vivid and as real as it once was in my life. If you wont
      harden your heart and get stubborn. I've got good news for you. This
      is God's today. Today if you will hear it. Today if you will obey.
      This minute if you will obey.

      I will tell you this incident and have done. I was preaching a few
      years ago at the Circleville camp. I've been there a few times in
      life. After one of those very gracious morning services there were a
      number of people seeking God. I was making my way across the campus,
      going back to my room to change clothes. When a woman walked up to me
      and she said, Dr. Anderson, I am a woman evangelist and a graduate of
      God's Bible School. I haven't the slightest idea what her name was, and
      it has been so long ago she probably would not remember it if she were
      present. She said, I once had the closes sense of the reality of God,
      but for more now than three years I haven't had anything but just the
      empty shell of the rational concept of it. I know what to say, I know
      what to preach. I know how to make an invitation, but she said, the
      whole ministry --a void while the old real to real tape was turned
      over-- in a camp meeting, he said I have had no vital touch with God for
      seven years. I haven't even prayed a prayer in public or in private in
      more than three months. And pastor of a holiness church. I said, how
      do you preach and how do you keep going? He said, I do it because I
      have the memory of it, and the reasonings of it, but there is not
      essence of it in my soul. Isn't that pitiful? But though I never heard
      form the woman evangelist (later she was known to have become a
      Christian Science). I met that pastor in St Louis Missouri. He put his
      arms about me and said, you remember what I told you in that tent and
      named the place I said, I remember. He said, he's come back to my soul,
      and it is alright. Anyone hear his voice? Who is the preacher, or who
      is anyone else that is so stubborn and high and mighty that they can't
      get down and pray like any else ought to pray? When there is something
      to pray about.

      I've preached to you long enough. Too long as to that. I want you to
      stand and let's be in the attitude of prayer. Blessed God, I pray thee
      tonight to over and do what I cannot do nor what no mortal man can do.
      And that is utter thy voice in the chamber of somebodies heart tonight.
      And urge that person to the essence and substance or where there is a
      lack any where there to urge that person not to be stubborn and hard.
      But to pray in defeat till my Lord will answer form heaven. Oh, come on
      us ------.

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