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Auction of Landowska Furnishings - 1/1/2005

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  • JohSebastianBach@aol.com
    I forward this announcement for the benefit of those of you who might be interested in bidding. I apologize to those who already have received it, either
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2004
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      I forward this announcement for the benefit of those of you who might be
      interested in bidding. I apologize to those who already have received it, either
      directly or at other lists.


      In a message dated 12/11/2004 9:46:28 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      WandaLandowska@... writes:

      > Greetings:
      > As a part of the settlement of the Estate of Denise Restout, tangible
      > personal property that belonged to her and that she inherited from Wanda Landowska
      > will be sold at auction at Bradford's Galleries, Ltd., a distinguished
      > auction gallery in Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA, on New Year's Day, January 1,
      > 2005, beginning at 10:30 AM.
      > While I am uncertain of the details, the auction is likely to include
      > furniture and decorations that were used by Wanda Landowska during the decade that
      > she lived at Oak Knoll, on Millerton Road, in Lakeville, CT. Among the items
      > likely to be included in the sale on January 1, 2005, are the Victorian
      > expanding table that Wanda Landowska used as a desk, the bookcases in which she
      > housed her extensive library, and the dining table and chairs that she and her
      > household used on a regular basis.
      > Bradford's holds preview exhibitions for several days prior to its auctions,
      > and the Gallery has the policy of offering items not included in the
      > auctions for sale at fixed prices at the previews. It therefore is likely that
      > personal property associated with Wanda Landowska will be available for purchase
      > at the previews before the New Year's Day sale.
      > For the convenience of those who might be interested in purchasing
      > furnishings, decorations, and other items of tangible personal property associated
      > with Wanda Landowska and Denise Restout, here is a link to the website for
      > Bradford's:
      > Bradford Galleries - Schedule
      > I am confident that Bradford's, a gallery with a distinguished reputation,
      > will be happy to help those who are interested in identifying specific items
      > that came from the Landowska household.
      > For those who are concerned and interested, Landowska's Pleyel harpsichords,
      > Challis clavichord, and Steinway piano (the instrument on which she made her
      > RCA Victor piano recordings), her scores, her personal papers, her library,
      > several of other concert gowns, other items of her tangible personal
      > property, and important material relating to Landowska's life and reception history
      > that were gathered together by Denise Restout are now at the Library of
      > Congress, in the Music Division. In addition, important documentation of Denise
      > Restout's life, including her correspondence files and the meticulous diaries
      > that she kept throughout her life now are on deposit of the Library of
      > Congress. It will be a long time, of course, before this extensive archive can be
      > made ready for scholars to use it, but the legacy is safe and will be made avai
      > lable to future generations for research purposes.
      > All of us who revere the artistry of Wanda Landowska will be eternally
      > grateful to Denise Restout for devotedly and unswervingly maintaining and
      > augmenting the Landowska Legacy and to Denise Restout's executors for making sure
      > that Denise's wishes regarding the preservation of that legacy are fulfilled as
      > she intended.
      > Please pass this e-mail on to others whom you think may be interested in
      > acquiring souvenirs and mementoes of Wanda Landowska and Denise Restout, and I
      > apologize to any of you who receive multiple copies of this announcement.
      > My best always,
      > Mamusia's Ghost

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