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Re: [weirdwi] WI_Area woman believes cougar attacked her horses

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  • dash
    Wolves and coyotes pack up (and they will sometimes pack up together) and stalk victims. For the most part whenever possible, I do agree, let them alone.
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      Wolves and coyotes pack up (and they will sometimes pack up together) and stalk victims. For the most part whenever possible, I do agree, let them alone.

      However, I have talked to farmers and a family member. Wolves in your driveway a few feet from your door between you and your 3 year old child, with wolves hovering across the driveway makes me agree with the hunting of them. Coyotes also pack but are known to come right into areas and pluck a child or animal.

      Farmers report wolves running cows and horses. These reports and those of wolves killing dogs has been on the radar for a quite a few years and the wolves have increased in population. Since they were brought in by the DNR they need to be controlled by the DNR.

      Down the road from us, within about a 3 city block walk, our neighbors lost their family dog to coyotes the other night. I saw a huge gray wolf a few city blocks down the road from us and we hear then at night howling and yhipping. There are a lot of them.

      Cougars are the least menace I believe. They hunt alone, mostly eat deer and rabbits and such and pretty much leave humans alone. dash

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      WE should be able to make room in Wisconsin for our wolves and Cougars out

      Putting in correct measures like lights, motion alarms and radios, etc.
      will keep them away from our farmers' horses and livestock.

      FOR GOD'S SAKE---leave these rare animals alone!! They deserve to live


      On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 5:28 AM, dash <dash14u@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Area woman believes cougar attacked her horses
      > Colfax (WQOW)-In the midst of the state's first wolf hunt, a Dunn County
      > landowner says she's worried about a different predator.
      > "We noticed one of our horses was favoring a leg and didn't want to put
      > any weight on it," says Stephanie Dusek.
      > Stephanie Dusek believes her horses were attacked by a cougar.
      > "It had a gash about six inches long, two inches wide on its front left
      > leg. And we noticed it had swipe, almost like claw marks on its back left
      > leg," says Dusek.
      > Dusek, who's from Colfax, had a local vet take a look.
      > "After the vet left I inspected the other horses further and seen that
      > three out of the four horses, there were puncture wounds, and claw marks,
      > lacerations," says Dusek.
      > "The vet did verify it's an animal attack and when I talked to him again
      > after letting him know about the other horses he said it probably would be
      > a cougar."
      > According to Dusek her neighbor's horses were also attacked. They believe
      > a cougar was also to blame for that.
      > "It had to be something that could have gotten in our fence without taking
      > it down and the fact that they're puncture wounds. It appears to be in a
      > claw-like manner with scratches underneath. It doesn't appear to me, to be
      > something a bear would do," says Dusek.
      > Dusek says her neighbor contacted Wildlife Services.
      > "They said they couldn't say what they thought it was. They did suggest
      > that we put out a radio and have lights on, which we have been doing
      > since," says Dusek.
      > The Department of Natural Resources told us there have been 7 confirmed
      > cougar sightings this year, one sighting each in Buffalo, Trempealeau and
      > Jackson County. The DNR believes that could be the same cougar. As for
      > Dusek's horses...
      > "They seem to be a little more cautious, looking around more but I think
      > they're on the mend," says Dusek.
      > There were also seven confirmed sightings last year and the year before
      > that. Cougars are a protected species in Wisconsin and cannot be shot
      > unless it's attacking someone or a domestic animal.
      > The DNR says cougars are not considered a threat to public safety, if you
      > are confronted by one, experts say do not run. Instead, face the cougar,
      > spread your arms and open your coat or jacket if you're wearing one to
      > appear larger. Then yell at the cougar.
      > http://www.wqow.com/story/19907371/colfax-woman-believes-cougar-attacked-her-hourses
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