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Texting leads to swordfight

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  • Richard D. Hendricks
    It s surprising how swords have become so common in domestic disputes in the last several years! I found this story via the Obscure Store website at:
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      It's surprising how swords have become so common in domestic disputes in
      the last several years! I found this story via the Obscure Store
      website at: <http://obscurestore.typepad.com/>



      Texting leads to swordfight

      Published: Thursday, December 31, 2009 3:53 PM CST
      Beloit Daily News
      *By Hilary Dickinson
      hdickinson@... <mailto:hdickinson@...>*

      A domestic abuse incident turned into a swordfight --- reminiscent of a
      movie scene from "Crocodile Dundee" --- Wednesday afternoon in a Park
      Avenue apartment.

      Lester Burks, 33, pulled out a sword and engaged in a match with his
      girlfriend and mother of two children, Yvone Coleman, 31, who had
      grabbed a knife, according to police reports.

      The sword, outfitted with an 11 3/4 inch blade and 6 1/2 inch handle,
      led to nine stitches on Coleman's left forearm and the arrest of Burks
      on the felony charge of substantial battery.

      In the Dundee movie, the lead character is confronted by a man waving a
      knife. Dundee takes out his own, much-larger knife.

      Suspicious text messages reportedly led to this incident that took place
      at about 2 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment complex in the 900 block of
      Park Avenue, which also happened to be the site of a large-scale drug
      raid three months ago.

      Coleman reportedly discovered text messages from other women, possibly
      female clients of Burks, who cuts hair for a living. Burks told police
      Coleman confronted him with a knife when he got out of the shower.

      He continued to say she threatened to cut him, and they wrestled over
      the knife thereby cutting her accidentally in the process.

      According to police reports, Burks later changed the story by saying he
      armed himself with a sword.

      Afterwards, Burks fled the scene on foot where he was apprehended by
      Officer Bao Bui who responded to Coleman's 911 call, in which she had
      reported that she had been stabbed.

      Bui found Burks less than a block from the incident, asked if he was
      Lester Burks, and Burks answered, "Yes." Burks was also discovered with
      fresh red scratches on both sides of his face.

      Bui took Burks into custody, and Bui wrote in his report that he heard
      Burks uttering in the backseat of the squad car that he fought with his
      girlfriend over a knife.

      He was transported to the Rock County Jail where he is awaiting his
      court appearance.

      Meanwhile, officers responded to Coleman where they found her with a
      shirt wrapped around her left forearm. A deep cut was discovered from
      the left forearm down to the wrist.

      Coleman told police they argued over text messages he had been
      receiving, and then Burks grabbed a sword in the living room and swung
      it at her, cutting her arm in the process.

      She also told police Burks punched her twice on her left cheek, and she
      struck him once on his face and kicked him in the stomach. She was found
      with a swollen left cheek and a mark on her neck.

      Coleman was transported to the emergency room of Beloit Memorial
      Hospital where she was treated and released.

      The sword, which had brownish red coloration on it, was taken into
      evidence, and Child Protective Services was contacted because the
      couple's two young children were in the residence at the time.

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