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Pick-up truck to pass one million miles

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  • Richard D. Hendricks
    *Pick-up truck to pass one million miles* *By Adam Rodewald */ Marshfield News-Herald /February 1, 2008 MEDFORD --
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      *Pick-up truck to pass one million miles* *By Adam Rodewald
      <mailto:arodewal@...> */
      Marshfield News-Herald /February 1, 2008

      MEDFORD -- One can call it sheer luck, proper maintenance or both.

      But the fact remains: Frank Oresnik's Chevrolet Silverado is about to
      reach an extraordinary milestone.

      His truck will reach its one millionth mile the next time he hits the
      road. And then he will never drive it again.

      "The extraordinary nature of that shouldn't be lost to anybody," he said.

      At 2 p.m. Thursday, Oresnik of Catawba took his truck for its final
      tune-up and oil change at the Oil Ex-Change Quick Lube in Medford, where
      it has had more than 300 oil changes of Pennzoil 10W-30.

      He is 1,200 miles away from one million and will drive until he hits
      that mark and no more, he said.

      "I feel almost like the long-time NFL player as he goes into his last
      training camp knowing this is the end," said Oresnik, but he knows it
      has to be the end.

      "One million is a nice round figure," he said. "Among men, it has a
      special significance. Once we reach that plateau, we really have no need
      to make the risk (driving) on public roads."

      Oresnik delivers seafood from his supplier in Chicago to customers in
      Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. He is on the road 40 hours per week
      and drives about 85,000 miles a year.

      He credits the truck's longevity to good, consistent maintenance and a
      load of luck. He changes the oil and gets a tune-up every 3,000 miles,
      drives easy on the gas and breaks and hasn't had a significant
      collision, he said.

      The truck has had four radiators, three gas tanks, five transmissions
      and six water pumps, but its 350 cubic-inch engine shows no signs of
      wear, he said. It has never been overhauled and still sports its
      original gaskets, valve covers and timing chain.

      "When you maintain and change all fluids in a vehicle, it's going to
      help you get longer life out of any engine," said Todd Vantassel, owner
      of the quick lube shop Oresnik frequents.

      Still, Oresnik's truck is extraordinary, Vantassel said.

      An oil sample was taken from every third oil change and sent to Shell
      for analysis to ensure the engine was running at peak performance. Both
      General Motors and Shell have expressed interest in tearing the engine
      down for examination.

      "I think we can definitely learn something from it," said Vantassel.
      "This was real-life driving, and with our climate you're in the extremes."

      In recognition of his accomplishment, Pennzoil will present Oresnik with
      free oil changes for his next one million miles.
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