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A.r.s Week in Review - 10/15/2000

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 27 10/15/2000 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2000 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2000
      Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 27
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > CCHR

      About.com reported this week that Scientology's CCHR branch issued a
      newsletter urging members to send a cut-and-paste letter to their
      congressmen on the issue of mental illness in schools.

      "About ADD has obtained an emailed newsletter sent by the Citizens
      Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) that instructs readers to send a cut and
      paste anti-psychiatry letter to their representatives. CCHR was founded by
      the Church of Scientology in 1969. Members of the group were in attendance
      at the Ritalin Hearing of September 29. The newsletter informs readers
      about the events of the hearings from a decidedly CCHR-biased perspective.
      According to CCHR, their witnesses went 'head to head' with a psychiatrist
      claiming that ADHD is a 'real' mental disorder.'"

      Excerpts from the CCHR newsletter:

      "An urgent message from Marla, VP CCHR Int. Your response is needed ASAP.
      Most of you know that there was a Congressional hearing held on September
      29, 2000 on Behavioral Drug Use in Schools. Among the experts testifying
      were a Pediatric Neurologist of over 30 years, a well known psychiatrist
      and author, who went 'head to head' with a psychiatrist claiming that ADHD
      is a 'real' mental disorder.

      "The experts countering psychiatry's 'biologic lie' proved one thing;
      psychiatry's so called 'science' is actually 'junk science.' There is not
      now, nor has there ever been, any proof that these children have any
      mental illness. Psychiatry has had free reign to promote supposed
      childhood mental disorders such as 'ADHD' as 'scientific', or
      'neurobiologic' for over 20 years, without a shred of scientific evidence
      to back their claims. And then they were asked to put their science where
      their mouth is, and missed by a long shot. Even their own ranks know that
      their science is bogus.

      "Included at the bottom of this email is a very well researched article
      from the Washington Times Insight Magazine. Please email this article
      (copy and paste) to your Congressman and 2 Senators from your state.
      Include in the email that you urge them to support the efforts of the
      subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and to
      examine the 'science' of childhood 'mental disorders' for themselves. Pass
      this email to every one you know who is concerned about the welfare of our
      children. Please act fast."

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      > Freewinds

      Catarina Pamnell reported events scheduled aboard Scientology's ship the

      "See our video. Meet our staff. Tour our Ship and the islands she sails
      to. Locate your city and find the date when the Freewinds Tour is coming
      to your town.

      "Oct 13: Vienna
      Oct 14: Berlin
      Oct 20: St. Louis
      Oct 21: Toronto, Pordenone
      Oct 27: Munich, Melbourne
      Nov 3: Columbus
      Nov 4: Boston, Bergamo"

      "There will be an OT convention at Freewinds for Toronto scientologists on
      Nov 2-9, the 'Clear YOUR city summit.'"

      "Freewinds magazine issue 38 reports on the world premiere musical
      performance of 'Hymn of Asia' - that poem by Hubbard where he more or less
      claims to be the Metteyya or Maitreya of Buddhist prophesies. The piece
      was given onboard the Freewinds ship, by the Golden Era musicians with
      guest artists Sherwood Ball and Marji Nelson, and an introduction by Manu
      Tupou. The performance can be viewed on video at your local Scientology
      org. Or buy the CD for $25."

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      > Orrin Hatch

      The Salt Lake City Tribune reported on October 9th that U.S. Senator Orrin
      Hatch made comments in favor of Scientology's efforts to discredit
      European countries for their efforts against cults.

      "Today, as democracies are born while people watch on worldwide
      television, it is important to guard religious freedom, Sen. Orrin Hatch
      told delegates to a symposium at BYU's law school Sunday night. Hatch told
      delegates from 36 countries, including China, Mongolia and Iran, that the
      job of ensuring those freedoms is far from done -- even in industrialized
      countries such as France. 'Developments in France have been particularly
      troubling because one would expect France to be one of the leaders on a
      human-rights issue,' Hatch said. But in 'June of 1995, the French National
      Assembly established a parliamentary inquiry commission charged with
      'studying the sect phenomenon' in the country.

      "The French Senate will soon consider legislation that would 'create a
      dangerously broad weapon for fighting unpopular religious groups,' he
      said. Germany has also limited religious freedom, Hatch said. In Germany,
      the controversial Church of Scientology, founded by science fiction writer
      L. Ron Hubbard and embraced by a number of Hollywood celebrities, has
      endured discrimination by the government."

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      > Keith Henson

      The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported on October 12th that Keith Henson
      has been charged with an additional crime in connection with his protests
      outside Scientology's Gold Base near Hemet, California.

      "Calling it a third misdemeanor criminal charge has been filed against a
      Northern California man accused of making terrorist threats against the
      Church of Scientology's film studio, authorities said. The newest count
      charges Keith Henson with making threats against the church because of its
      beliefs and those of its members said Deputy District Attorney Thomas
      Gage. He was previously accused of making threats against several church
      members while picketing the complex off Gilman Springs Road.

      "Henson, who denied the allegations Wednesday, remains free on his promise
      to appear at his next court hearing. An Oct. 30 trial date has been set.
      If convicted on the charges, Henson could be sentenced to a year in jail
      on each charge."

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      > Protest Summary

      Keith Henson reported protesting this week in San Francisco and San Jose.

      "Arel and I were up in San Francisco for a show and to talk to some people
      about producing 'Xenu loves the little children.' While we were there, we
      put in an half hour picket at the SF org, 6:30-7. T They had no problem
      looking at our messages and other than taking a few pictures, ignored us.
      They showed no sign that they thought our picket signs would suddenly
      morph into cruise missiles.

      "I made a bunch of copies of Hoden's declaration of me causing total
      disruption of gold base by walking up and down the road with a picket
      sign. It is the best flyers showing what scn does to make people into
      fearful weaklings and it was written by a high ranking scientologist!"

      "Arel and I put in about 45 minutes at the San Jose org on Rosemary. They
      made two attempts to handle me. The first was a guy who came out and asked
      if I had a license to picket. Next they sent out a little drama act where
      some dude with fuzzy gray hair claimed I had waved at his 13 year old
      daughter some three months ago. Making as if he was close to flying off
      the handle, they sent out a 'wife' who tried without success to drag him
      back in.

      "The guy just could not work himself up to take a swing at me. He then
      tried to make it out that I hate scientologists. I said far from it, I
      like a lot of them, especially the ones such as Tory who have gotten out
      of the organized part of scientology. Of course, I wave at all of them,
      and pointed out I had no idea what his daughter looked like."

      Jeff Jacobsen reported a protest in Clearwater this week.

      "Tonight 4 of us picketed the bank building at Cleveland and Ft. Harrison
      in Clearwater from about 6:15pm to 7:15pm. Mary DeMoss was sitting on the
      bank steps talking on her cell phone when we arrived. She got up and left.
      Later Maureen O'Keefe came by and left. 'Bub', the 2nd most physical
      Scientologist, came by but didn't talk to us. Moxon was out on Watterson
      street for a moment, but when I started videotaping him he rushed back
      inside. We saw our handlers but they didn't really handle us."

      Bruce Pettycrew protested in Mesa, Arizona.

      "Kathy and I picketed at the Mesa Mission on University Drive this
      morning, from 9:15 to 10:15 AM. There were 7 cars in the lot, one left
      with two people at about 9:30. Car traffic was heavy, and we got lots of
      thumbs up and honks. We gave out three Xenu fliers to pedestrians."

      Hemi Hill reported that he has been served with a restraining order
      preventing him from protesting the Scientology org in Australia.

      "Based upon false allegations, an Interim Restraining Order has been
      granted and will remain in force until I go to court on Friday 20/10/00.
      In this order, the false allegations are described as follows: 'Said
      things like 'I'll get you' and 'you'll keep'. He has also come up behind
      me in the street and looked as if he was going to attack me. Also walked
      up with a picket sign as if he was threatening me with it.' The last
      picket I participated in was in Sydney over 8 months ago! Did it take that
      long to overcome the fright I apparently instill, or did they forget to
      connect reality with the accusations again?

      "I haven't broken the law in any way, shape or form, and they are
      following their policy of 'The law can be used very easily to harass.'"

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      > Switzerland

      Jean-Luc Barbier reported that he has filed a lawsuit against three top
      Scientologists in Geneva Switzerland.

      "On Wednesday 11th, October, a civil suit against three Scientology
      directors from Switzerland has been launched in Geneva. The 3
      scientologists sued are Christian Bosiger, Daniel Clinclin, Lethy
      Girardet, jointly with the scientology organization. The plaintiffs are a
      couple from Switzerland, Jean-Luc and Nicole Barbier. Scientology is
      accused to have taken finances and made Jean-Luc unable to keep on his
      carrier as a jazz player. Moreover, Scientologists have sold courses they
      were never able to deliver and have used coercion to profit from
      weaknesses from both adepts."

      SonntagsZeitung Zurich reported on October 8th that Scientology protested
      a psychiatric clinic near Zurich this week.

      "About 40 Scientology adherents demonstrated against the use of
      electroshock therapy in front of the Koenigsfelden psychiatric clinic
      yesterday. They demanded a complete ban on this treatment. The rally, for
      which no permit was issued, elapsed 'peacefully and without incident,'
      said a police spokesman."

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      > Tampa

      "M" reported that Scientologists protesting at his workplace attempted to
      be hit by his car as a set-up for him to be arrested.

      "I came driving my vehicle around the corner, and as I pulled into the
      driveway, at the last minute, I saw this guy just standing there. I had to
      brake really hard to avoid hitting him, and my tires 'chirped' as I did
      this. He then stepped out of the way, and I proceeded to park and go into
      the office. He and another Scientologist were hanging around the office,
      handing out some of their negative literature. I then went outside and
      videotaped the two of them. I told them that it wasn't a good idea to be
      standing in driveways, that it was dangerous. The second Scientologist
      made a remark to his friend that essentially expressed that he was
      disappointed that I hadn't hit him.

      "The Scientologists then called the Tampa Police. An officer came and
      spoke with them, and also with me. I told the officer 'my side' of the
      story, after he had talked with the complainant. I also showed the officer
      my videotape and gave him a copy for evidence. This only included tape of
      the conversation I had with the Scientologists, after the 'incident' in
      the driveway. The officer pointed out the remark made on the tape, but it
      didn't immediately register to me what relevance it held.

      "Today I picked up a copy of the police report regarding this incident.
      The officer described the words and actions of on the videotape as
      follows. 'A few seconds later, Mr. H***t makes a motion with his thumb and
      index finger (like an inch) and stated that 'We were this close to putting
      him in jail.' It seems that getting me convicted, or even accused of a
      crime would be a big 'win' for these guys."

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