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A.r.s Week in Review - 10/8/2000

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 26 10/8/2000 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2000 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
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      Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 26
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Burbank

      Tory Bezazian reported meeting a young Scientologist in Burbank,

      "A few weeks ago a family contacted the LMT and asked if someone, anyone
      could please help them talk to their child who had joined staff in
      Scientology. Since both Jesse and I were coming to LA anyways, we said
      sure. We brought some basic information for the person to read, and a few
      videos to watch. OSA intercepted the family in the parking lot and took
      the person. The father got this person and they all went into the
      reception to sit and talk. They sat on a couch in the lobby all crowded
      around each other, talking. I took a paper down to the father just to
      explain the essence of what we were going to do.

      "I noticed 4 strategically posted Scientologists, one being the person who
      took over the Scientology Parishioners League I was asked to head up last
      October. He walked up to me and said 'Tory HOW COULD YOU?' I asked, 'How
      could I what?' He rattled off the party line of sleep deprivation, etc. I
      told him all we were going to do was show the person some information. Why
      couldn't he look at both sides? He didn't have an answer for that. Every
      time we would walk towards the family, a Scientologist would close in
      towards the family and say 'Come with US' the parents later told us 'in a
      shockingly monotone voice'.

      "Jesse alerted the hotel security that these people (the Scientologists)
      were not even guests of the hotel and they had lied and told the security
      earlier that this was their son. Security asked them to leave, they
      refused, so the police were called, I walked through the doors of the
      hotel, and there were 4 or 5 police cars, a helicopter hovering above and
      the OSA against the police car with their hands in cuffs, and the light
      from the helicopter shining down on them.

      "The Hotel staff that watched this was fully grossed out by what
      Scientology did that night. The family certainly will never do Scientology
      after being a part of this ordeal put on by these people calling
      themselves Scientologists. Quite a few public there were asking what was
      going on, and looked unhappy to see the Nazi like guards watching over the
      family. The Burbank Police told me they were familiar with this kind of

      "The young staff member had agreed to talk with us the next day. We were
      all watching a video when we heard a knock on the door. Two tall policemen
      come in. They had received a call that they 'needed to check on the young
      person'. I am happy to report the young person is happy and well, and
      safely off staff and doing what this person wants to do."

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      > Andrew Buttnor

      Andrew Buttnor, the son of OSA PR Al Buttnor, was killed by a gunshot in
      Edmonton this week. From the Edmonton Journal on October 7th:

      "An 18 year old man found dead in his car Tuesday in a west-end
      neighbourhood is the soon of Allon Buttnor, a local Church of Scientology
      reverend. Andrew Fletcher Buttnor died from a gunshot to the head. Police
      have not recovered a weapon and no motive has been established. Although
      Andrew Buttnor was not a member of the Church of Scientology, Jurt said
      the church is going to increase its youth presence in the community in
      response to his death. Members will focus on activities that promote a
      drug-free life. 'We will be stepping up programs with youth because this
      is something no one should have to endure,' Jurt said.

      "A woman helping her son deliver newspapers spotted the bloodied man at
      about 5 a.m., slumped behind the wheel of a car with the engine off but
      the lights on, midway along 115th Ave, between 139th and 130th Streets."

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      > Clearwater

      Jeff Jacobsen reported on the new Religious Tolerance group headed by
      Scientologist Mary DeMoss.

      "The Clearwater City Commission lets citizens have 3 minutes each at the
      beginning of their meetings to talk about whatever concerns them. Tonight
      Mary DeMoss got up to promote her Religious Tolerance group. She said that
      they were planning an interfaith potluck dinner (no date given), an
      interfaith cookbook to raise money (for what?), and an interfaith choral
      recital (no date given)."

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      > Church and State

      The Kansas City Star published an article on October 1st on efforts to
      provide federal funds for religious charity programs.

      "Ray Suarez, a Sunday school teacher and nationally known journalist,
      wonders whether it's wise to pour federal money into church-based
      charities. George W. Bush and Al Gore have made vague proposals to use
      faith-based organizations to meet society's goals, such as fighting drug
      addiction, Suarez said Sunday at the annual conference of Catholic
      Charities U.S.A.

      "Suarez, a former vice president of Episcopal Charities in Chicago, told a
      group of about 750 people that church-based charities should be concerned
      whether there could be a 'smooth partnership' with government. Its money
      could come with guidelines dictating how they choose clients or limiting
      religious counseling.

      "'We will almost inevitably find some of our fellow citizens who pay taxes
      are more than happy to chip in for programs sponsored by the right kind of
      religions,' Suarez said, 'But they aren't ready to countenance a Wiccan
      substance abuse program, a Scientology sponsored welfare-to-work program
      or Hindu marriage counselors.'"

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      > Germany

      Berliner Morgenpost reported on October 2nd that Rev. Thomas Gandow
      continues to come under attack from Scientology.

      "The Scientology sect has recently used its official periodical,
      'Freiheit,' to attack the sect commissioner of the Evangelical Church of
      Berlin-Brandenburg, Thomas Gandow. On the title page of the magazine,
      which gives the circulation at 200,000, the religious minister and sect
      expert is described as 'Chief Inquisitor,' among other things.

      "The background of the operation against Gandow was his membership in the
      founding committee of the 'European-American Citizens Committee for Human
      Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA.' The committee brought into being
      the 'Alternative Charlemagne Award' which it then presented to U.S.
      businessman Robert S. Minton, who has financially supported opponents of

      From Berliner Morgenpost on October 2nd:

      "These days the clergyman has found himself more than ever a target of the
      'Black Propaganda' of Scientology, an organization he has been telling
      people about for a good twenty years. The sect has recently mass-mailed
      copies of its 'Freiheit' print organ to numerous households in Zehlendorf
      and Steglitz. On the cover page is Thomas Gandow's portrait; the sub-text
      describes him as 'Chief Inquisitor.'

      "'They are accusing me of doing my job,' said the minister. He said the
      words 'cover organization' were also false, of course, 'because everything
      about us is in the open.' Nevertheless, the sect's assertions weigh
      heavily upon Gandow. 'Naturally we don't want to behave like the
      Scientologists, so we will deny what they say. After all we have nothing
      to hide.' How much of an impression the Hubbard adherents' recent campaign
      has left upon people in Zehlendorf and Steglitz is difficult to judge,
      said Thomas Gandow. But he still has bits of encouragement. In his office
      there is a large bouquet of flowers given to him from a woman to express
      her appreciation for his involvement in Scientology. And recently a
      Zehlendorf mail carrier apologized to him for distributing the Scientology

      Rev. Thomas Gandow described the campaign in more detail this week.

      "On Monday I was informed by higher authority that Sabine Weber is
      conducting a so-called 'noisy investigation' against me. She called up
      the Evangelical Church Diaconate (EKD) office in Hannover and asked for
      the lady in charge of ministerial and official legal obligations and asked
      whether the legal obligations of a minister were comparable to the
      obligations of an official, and what one could or would have to do in
      order to be able to put a preacher up on charges of accepting bribes
      and/or favors.

      "It had to do with a Gandow, minister in Berlin for suspicion of accepting
      favors. It supposedly had to do with activities concerning a huge lawsuit
      in the USA, something about multiple millions of dollars in damages.

      "My bosses first thought it was about Minton's lawsuit for slander, etc. I
      was able to tell them it had to do with the civil lawsuit about Lisa and
      the SO. It [is] about as effective as a footbullet, since now there is
      further possibility to distribute new, critical information about the SO."

      Taz reported on October 5th that Scientology has filed a new lawsuit
      against Ursula Caberta, claiming she has accepted bribes from Bob Minton.

      "The Scientologists are showing that they are lawsuit-happy. They intend
      to prohibit the Hamburg Interior Agency from letting their sect
      commissioner Ursula Caberta continue her research and information work on
      the Scientology Organization. A cease-and-desist application was filed
      yesterday by Munich attorney Wilhelm Bluemel in the Hamburg Administrative
      Court to that effect, verified court spokeswoman Angelika Huusmann.

      "The director of the Interior Agency's Work Group on Scientology (AGS) was
      said to have accepted a private loan from U.S. millionaire and Scientology
      opponent Bob Minton. They want the AGS director to be prohibited from
      performing her function of information work outside of her job.

      "Caberta disputes the accusations. She said she had only accepted Minton's
      invitation to an informational trip to the USA after Minton had been the
      guest of the Interior Agency in April. 'The matter has been given to the
      Department of Internal investigations,' said Interior Agency spokeswoman
      Susanne Fischer.

      "It was just last April that Scientology failed in its attempt in the
      administrative court to have the AGS prohibited from distributing its
      'Technology Statement.' Businesses can use the 'sect filter' to distance
      themselves from the 'practices and technologies' of Scientology leader L.
      Ron Hubbard."

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      > Fishing

      The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported on October 4th that Scientology is
      hosting a fishing tournament at Gold Base near Hemet, California.

      "Limited spaces are still available for the Second Annual Children's
      Fishing Tournament at Lake Golden Era. Children from 6 to 15 will fish in
      the tournament, sponsored by Golden Era Productions and Sun Country
      Bassmasters. There will be an official weigh-in and awards as well as

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      > H.R. 588

      A new bill has been introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives,
      which alleges religious discrimination in Europe against Scientology.

      "106th CONGRESS
      2d Session
      H. RES. 588

      "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives with respect to
      violations in Western Europe of provisions of the Helsinki Final Act and
      other international agreements relating to the freedom of individuals to
      profess and practice religion or belief.

      "Mr. SALMON (for himself, Mr. PAYNE, and Mr. GILMAN) submitted the
      following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International

      "Whereas the Department of State's annual reports on religious freedom and
      human rights have documented numerous instances of government
      discrimination based on religion or belief in Western Europe, including
      discriminatory acts against American members of several different
      religious denominations and beliefs;

      "Whereas the Office of the United States Trade Representative has listed
      Germany as a country engaged in discriminatory trade practices because of
      'sect filter' guidelines issued to all federal government ministries and
      used by German state and local governments, which have the potential to
      discriminate against United States firms in German procurement decisions
      by permitting government entities to reject bids and immediately terminate
      contracts if a firm does not sign a 'sect filter' document attesting that
      the firm and its employees are not affiliated with certain religious

      "Whereas a bill passed by the French National Assembly on June 22, 2000,
      contains repressive measures which would have a chilling effect on the
      freedom religion and belief, including the dissolution of targeted
      religious associations, the imprisonment of members of such groups, and
      infringement upon freedom of speech, including speech intended to persuade
      another person to a particular point of view, whether philosophical or

      "Whereas a 1996 French National Assembly report listed 173 organizations
      as suspect, including independent evangelical Christian churches,
      Scientologists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Unificationists and this report
      has been used by both private and official entities to harass, intimidate,
      deny employment, and deny commercial loans to listed groups, and members
      of other religious groups, such as Southern Baptists, Seventh Day
      Adventists, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement, Opus Dei, and the
      Society of Jesus, have also been subject to recent discrimination and
      harassment at the hands of the French Government;

      "Whereas the Government of Austria has instituted a 'sect' office which
      disseminates official propaganda on religious groups not recognized by the
      government and leading to a chilling effect on religious liberty;

      "Whereas the Parliament of Belgium has established a government 'Advice
      and Information Center on Sects' which disseminates official views on
      groups considered 'sects' as defined by the list in the appendix to the
      1997 Belgian Parliament report;

      "Whereas Scientologists have been subject to pervasive civil, political,
      and economic discrimination, harassment, surveillance, and orchestrated
      boycotts in Germany, France, Belgium, and Austria; and

      "Resolved, That the House of Representatives disapproves of the growing
      intolerance, discrimination, and violence directed against individuals and
      groups because of their religion or belief, in violation of the Helsinki
      Final Act and other international agreements; calls upon the President and
      the Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom to raise
      violations of the freedom of thought, conscience, religion, or belief, at
      every appropriate level with representatives of countries that have failed
      to implement their international commitments and obligations in this
      regard; ensure that the United States makes full use of existing meetings
      and structures of international organizations, including meetings of the
      OSCE Permanent Council as well as periodic implementation review meetings
      on human dimension issues, to raise violations of Participating States'
      freely undertaken international commitments both to protect and to provide
      for the full and effective exercise of the freedom of thought, conscience,
      religion, or belief under their respective jurisdictions; and support the
      inclusion of experts on religious liberty on United States delegations to
      appropriate meetings of international organizations, including the OSCE."

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      > Protest Summary

      Kristi Wachter reported a protest this week in San Francisco.

      "Date: Saturday, October 7, 2000. Start and End Times: 11:55 - 2:00 pm.
      Picketers: Peaches, Kristi Wachter. Handlers: Craig (photos and DA
      fliers). Number of Handouts given away: 156.

      "This was a fairly uneventful picket; just lots of strolling, waving,
      fliering, and chatting. The biggest news is that we saw no sign of Jeff
      Quiros. Instead, we had a new handler - Craig. Craig is a good-looking,
      tall black man who is best known to faithful readers of ars for having
      regularly revenge-picketed Peaches and me. Craig emerged with a camera
      and began taking pictures. He talked to Peaches, who has told him before
      that she's not interested in talking with him. While snapping pictures, he
      told Peaches that, when she was picketed, it was HIM doing the picketing,
      and she better talk to her neighbors and tell them to 'cut it out'. He
      said he'd talked to the police and if they didn't cut it out, they would
      be arrested. Peaches, sensibly, made no response other than to tell him,
      AGAIN, that she didn't want to talk to him.

      "Craig had a stack of DA fliers - some with my name and photo, and others
      showing Peaches. The one given out today calls me a bigot, not a
      religious bigot, leaves out the 'Your neighbor' part, and has the
      parishioners.org URL at the bottom. Craig made a half-hearted attempt to
      give a DA flier to everyone who took a flier from me. When we happened to
      be standing near one another, I would occasionally explain that he thought
      I was a bigot because I wanted the organization to stop breaking the law.
      Once, I told a passerby that Lisa had been held against her will for 17
      days until she was dead, and that was why I was out picketing, he said,
      'That's a lie.'

      "Late in the picket, Peaches and I spotted Craig, half a block away,
      heading for his car with his picket signs in his hand. He was off to
      picket one of us - me, as it turned out. I arrived home about 3:30, and he
      was there in front of my apartment building. I greeted him, took a few
      pictures, told him I'd forgotten to mention how happy I was to see him
      again, wished him a good rest of the weekend, took the DA flier out of the
      gate, and went inside. He may well have put in two hours at my place."

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      > Battlefield Earth

      Battlefield Earth opened in Australia this week. The Canberra Times
      published this article on October 1st:

      "For 15 years, Travolta has tried to get Battlefield Earth before the
      cameras. It's a slam-bang sci-fi epic set 1000 years in the future. But
      more tellingly, it's a film based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the
      founder of Scientology. Travolta is a Scientologist, the most famous one
      on earth. But even though Tom Cruise, Chick Corea, Jenna Elfman, Kirstie
      Alley and several other celebrities share that with him, most of Hollywood
      does not. And faith isn't enough to get a movie on the screen.

      "'I didn't have the clout to get it made,' Travolta says. But clout wasn't
      the only problem. There was the script. 'It was a long time in the
      making, mostly because I didn't finally get [the script] right until
      recently,' he says. 'A year and a half ago, we got a version of the script
      that tackled the book and did it justice.'

      "Then there were the special effects. Hubbard's action-packed novel
      features gigantic aliens, futuristic technology and battles, battles
      everywhere. 'I don't think, if we'd done this book 15 to 20 years ago,
      the special effects would have measured up to what we were able to do,'
      Travolta says. 'Now, they're state of the art, realistic. This was just
      the right time to make this film.'

      "But, of course, he's leaving out the obvious hold-up to Battlefield
      Earth. Hubbard invented Scientology, the controversial self-help religion
      that has been under fire for decades for its expense to its followers, its
      medical claims and the intimidation tactics its leaders use to quash
      dissent and bad publicity. Battlefield Earth is a movie with a lot of

      "Could anti-Scientology bias have kept Hollywood from making the film?
      'Quite the opposite,' Travolta says. 'It's so many people's favourite
      book, when word got out that we had the green light, the options I had for
      people who wanted to work on it were amazing. Travolta has, from time to
      time, distanced himself from the church, which uses fasting, counseling
      and a gadget called an e-meter to help its practitioners purge toxic
      substances and toxic forces from their lives. But he's never dodged
      questions about it.

      "'He doesn't push Scientology,' says George Thomas, film critic for the
      Akron Beacon-Journal, who has interviewed Travolta several times. 'He
      charms you into understanding his position and tries to make you respect
      what he believes.'

      "Something of a compendium of Hubbard's sci-fi writings recast in a new
      story, Battlefield Earth did earn some good reviews when the novel came
      out in 1982. But some critics have said the sales figures were inflated by
      Scientologists buying multiple copies, a Donald Trump trick for creating a
      best-seller. Richard Leiby, writing in the Washington Post, sees the book
      and film as a metaphoric treatment of Hubbard's philosophy, that
      psychology and psychiatry are the root of modern evil - the villains of
      the piece are the 'psychlos'. But any suggestions of a link between the
      film and Scientology draw swift rebukes from the church leadership."

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