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A.r.s Week in Review - 7/23/2000

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 15 7/23/2000 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2000 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
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      Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 15
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Lisa McPherson Trust

      The Lisa McPherson Trust issued a press release this week on the visit of
      Ursula Caberta to Clearwater for a press conference.

      "The Lisa McPherson Trust will host a reception and press conference for
      Ursula Caberta, head of the Task Force on Scientology of the Hamburg,
      Germany, government, at 10 a.m. on July 25, at the LMT offices located at
      33 N. Ft. Harrison Ave. in Clearwater. Mrs. Caberta will discuss recent
      revelations that German Scientologist Antje Victore submitted fraudulent
      documents to a Tampa, Florida, judge to obtain political asylum in the
      United States. Mrs. Caberta will highlight the activities of her task
      force and the harassment to which she has been subjected at the hands of
      the Scientology organization in Germany.

      "Mrs. Caberta will also discuss the case of a German former Scientologist
      who has brought suit against Scientology in Clearwater, Berlin and
      Copenhagen for lost wages and imprisonment. The suit claims he was held
      prisoner for two weeks in a six-foot square, windowless room in
      Clearwater, and that he was subjected to 'psychological torture.' A live
      audio stream will be available on the LMT website,
      http://www.lisatrust.net, during the conference."

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      > Clearwater

      From the letters to the editors of the St. Petersburg Times on July 19th:

      "The shortsighted and ignorant majority of Clearwater voters has spoken.
      The proposed redevelopment of downtown may not have been the best possible
      plan, but it would have given the city a chance to revive itself and
      become known for something other than roundabouts, voters who like living
      in a place that is dying, a deteriorating downtown. Downtown Clearwater's
      crown jewels are Scientology and the ever posh Stein Mart, in that huge,
      ugly 1960s building with an ugly, treeless parking lot on what should be
      the most valuable property in the area. I would like to congratulate all
      of you who have essentially buried Clearwater by voting no. You saved the
      city from a reviving shot of life. -- Fred Bollaci, East Lake"

      The St. Petersburg Times published an article on July 23rd on the Rolling
      Stones song Satisfaction, written during a stay at the Fort Harrison

      "Thirty-five summers ago, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, possibly the
      greatest rock 'n' roll song of all time, was written here. The Rolling
      Stones had played to an estimated 3,000 teenagers at Jack Russell Stadium.
      They got in only four songs before the crowd turned rowdy and the police
      stepped in, ending the show and hustling the Stones away. That night,
      Keith Richards awoke in his room at the Jack Tar Harrison Hotel (today
      it's the Fort Harrison) with Satisfaction's opening guitar riff in his

      "Who 'can't get no' in Clearwater? Start with the city's civic boosters,
      who are still grumbling nearly two weeks after voters rejected their
      $300-million plan for the downtown waterfront. Voters said no; they didn't
      trust their city government. No satisfaction there. Much of their ire has
      been directed at Mike Roberto, the progressive-minded city manager who
      clearly has no job satisfaction. Downtown's biggest property owner, the
      Church of Scientology, can't buy any satisfaction, having spent millions
      on its legal defense. Cleared last month in a criminal case over the 1995
      death of one of its members, the church still faces a nasty lawsuit from
      the member's family.

      "The hotel's place in rock 'n' roll history also was news to the Church of
      Scientology, which bought the building in 1975, after the name changed to
      the Fort Harrison Hotel. One of the first Scientologists in Clearwater was
      Mike Rinder, now a church spokesman, who says he never knew."

      Clearwater city manager Mike Roberto left this week with a big severance
      package. From the St. Petersburg Times on July 23rd:

      "In the hot meeting room at Clearwater City Hall on Thursday night, the
      standing-room-only crowd was more emotional about the issues of
      Scientology and long-term rentals of condominiums than about City Manager
      Mike Roberto's possible departure. Television news crews stood around the
      fringes of the room, thwarted in their effort to find drama worth

      "'Mayor, I'd like to make a motion,' Commissioner J.B. Johnson intoned
      about three hours into the meeting, opening discussion of whether to
      accept Roberto's resignation. Exactly five minutes later, it was all over.
      A unanimous vote to accept the resignation, effective July 24 rather than
      Aug. 4 as Roberto had requested. A unanimous vote to give him most of the
      severance package he wanted.

      "Residents who feel shut out and abused by their city government now have
      city commissioners in their sights. Some are even urging them to resign
      before their terms end. A new wave of hostility toward the Church of
      Scientology seems to be washing over the community."

      From the Times on July 19th:

      "The proposed severance package, which Roberto either faxed or
      hand-delivered to each commission member Tuesday, asks for a year's
      salary, $18,200 in other benefits and a year's health insurance coverage.
      He also asks to keep a city handheld computer and fax machine. But under
      his current contract, a voluntary resignation entitles him to zero dollars
      in severance pay."

      From the St. Petersburg Times on July 20th:

      "Commissioners said they favor making Assistant City Manager Bill Horne, a
      retired Air Force colonel with an easygoing style, their interim city
      manager until a successor can be found for Roberto. Horne said he is
      willing to do it. 'This is a hell of a job,' Horne said. 'This is a
      difficult community to govern. I'm not a politician. But I can listen to
      what people are saying, and I definitely believe I can support my

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      > France

      The Associated Press reported on July 21st that an investigation has been
      opened into files that disappeared from a French court during the trial of
      several Scientologists for fraud.

      "Prosecutors opened an investigation Friday into the disappearance of
      hundreds of documents that were to be used as evidence in a case against
      Church of Scientology members, judicial officials said. The dossiers,
      which disappeared in 1998 from the Justice Ministry, were part of a case
      opened in 1990 against 16 regional Scientology leaders for alleged fraud,
      illegal practice of medicine and premeditated violence. The case stemmed
      from a complaint by a former Scientologist, Juan Esteban Cordero, who
      accused the Church of Scientology of 'progressive mental conditioning'
      that led him to spend more than $177,000 on Scientology-related courses."

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      > Germany

      Scientology critic Renate Hartwig has written a novel on the dangers of
      cults. From Suedwest Presse on July 19th:

      "Ulm Scientology critic Renate Hartwig wrote the novel Dangerous
      Curiosity. As an author, her non-fiction books have sold more than a
      million copies. In the past ten years she has been involved to a great
      extent in covering the practices of the controversial Scientology
      organization and is widely sought after by private individuals and
      companies who have problems with the organization.

      "On 167 suspenseful pages her readers can learn how an 'Organization for
      Applied Philosophy' recruits members among 16-year-old Anna's fellow
      students - and how the young people defend themselves. All German
      ninth-graders can read 'Gefaehrliche Neugier' - at no charge. This
      nationwide operation is to be financed by corporations who are part of
      Engagierte Unternehmer liefern Einblicke."

      "Even though the name 'Scientology' appears nowhere in 'Dangerous
      Curiosity,' even if the forward states that all persons and the plot are
      sheer fabrication: the way the OfAP is organized, how it recruits new
      members, its system of informants and the secret goings-on are strongly
      reminiscent of Scientology, an organization about which Renate Hartwig has
      been warning people for the past ten years. Why not call a spade a spade?
      'Because it is not just about Scientology,' said the author. 'In the
      meantime there are a great deal of these psycho-groups which operate in a
      similar way and are exactly as dangerous,' she said."

      Stuttgarter Nachrichten reported on July 21st that Scientology will be
      able to resume advertising, despite the recent case of a Scientologist
      striking a girl during a recruitment campaign.

      "Executive Mayor Wolfgang Schuster currently thinks further legal
      proceedings against public recruitment campaigns by Scientology is 'not
      called for.' That can be gathered from his position on an inquiry which
      had been directed to the executive mayor by city councilman Andreas
      Reissig. In his inquiry, Reissig had asked the city administration, after
      a female student was attacked by a Scientology member, whether a so-called
      special-use clause could not be applied to a part of the controversial
      organization's public advertising. As far as Andreas Reissig is
      concerned: 'In the unanimous opinions of all parties, Scientology is an
      enterprise with totalitarian ideology and is primarily active in the area
      of white-collar crime,' countered the city councilman, 'and I call the
      executive mayor's position negligent, irresponsible and innocently
      wide-eyed.' Meanwhile, charges have been filed against the Scientologist
      who is said to have struck a girl during a recruitment campaign on the
      'Kleinen Schlossplatz.'"

      Hamburger Abendblatt reported on July 21st that Scientology can go forward
      with an exhibit in Hamburg later this month.

      "The exhibition planned by the Scientologists about the 'Life and Work' of
      their founder L. Ron Hubbard in the state-owned 'Bieberhaus' starting July
      25 cannot be prohibited. That is according to Holger Koester, board member
      of the state-owned Sprinkenhof AG, which manages the Bieberhaus. The
      exhibition is actually taking place in the 'Broadway' movie theater which
      is located in the Bieberhaus and which is leased to an operator. The
      operator is using the exhibition to advertise for a movie with John
      Travolta based on a Hubbard novel."

      From taz on July 20st:

      "'Complete non-comprehension' was expressed by the Regenbogen Gruppe about
      Scientology being able to hold an exhibition on its founder, L. Ron
      Hubbard, this coming Tuesday in the municipal 'Bieberhaus.' Representative
      Susanne Uhl had submitted a minor inquiry because of it. She wrote that it
      was 'not acceptable that a city building be used to recruit for Hubbard's
      cynical ethics.' She said it was absurd that the exhibition would be
      presented in the building in which the Interior Agency's Work Group on
      Scientology had met until 1999. The 'Bieberhaus' on Hachmann Square is
      managed by the city's Sprinkenhof real estate management."

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      > Lermanet

      A review of Lermanet.com appeared this week on www.no-bullshit.co.uk.

      "Arnaldo (a former Scientologist himself may I add) has gathered together
      a plethora of articles by ex-scientologists and experts alike to try and
      present to the general public (and from what I can gather current
      scientologists) the reasons why this 'cult' exists and how dangerous it
      can/is to members old and new. From what he believes to be the original
      source material that L. Ron Hubbard used to form his Scientology/Dianetics
      theory through to legal cases concerning fraud and harassment and full
      histories on the main protagonists, this site is a resource as well as a
      warning sign to anyone who has this romanticized view of this
      'organisation' read and be aware. This site could not only save your bank
      balance from all accounts it may even save your life."

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      > Lisa McPherson

      A judge has released the remaining autopsy photos of Lisa McPherson to the
      public. From the St. Petersburg Times on July 21st:

      "The church's last-minute attempt to keep the photos sealed was denied by
      the Second District Court of Appeal and they were given to media outlets
      Thursday afternoon. They also were made available for public inspection
      at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office in Clearwater and at the Pinellas
      County Sheriff's Office. Two of the 40 photos will accompany this story on
      the newspaper's Internet site and users first get a warning of what's to

      "Bob Minton, head of a Scientology watchdog group in Clearwater, said he
      had no plans to publish the photos on the Internet, but expected others
      would. The photos show a woman who is thin, but not skeletal. They show a
      large black bruise on her lower left thigh and a number of abrasions on
      her hands, arms, legs and feet. They also show large areas of her body
      that are purple -- areas that lay people might interpret as bruises but in
      fact are places where a lack of circulation has caused blood to settle.
      Tampa lawyer Ken Dandar, who represents McPherson's family in the lawsuit,
      said the leg bruise couldn't have caused the blood clot because his
      medical experts say it was too fresh."

      From the Times website:

      "This photo shows McPherson's upper right arm, which is so thin it is
      narrower than the elbow. Scientology's records of McPherson's care show
      that church staffers had trouble feeding her while she was in the throes
      of a severe mental breakdown. Michael M. Baden, a nationally known
      pathologist hired by Scientology, says of the photo: 'It absolutely is not
      evidence of malnutrition.'

      "The cause of a dark bruise on Lisa McPherson's left thigh, just above the
      knee, has been hotly debated. The Church of Scientology has hired an auto
      reconstruction expert who says the bruise likely was caused by a minor
      traffic accident just before McPherson came under the care of church
      staffers at Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel. The consultant says the
      force of the accident would have pushed McPherson's left leg against the
      driver's side handle of her 1993 Jeep Cherokee. Prosecutors and the lawyer
      for McPherson's family say this scenario is unlikely. They say the more
      likely cause of her death was dehydration."

      From the Tampa Tribune on July 21st:

      "The struggle over the Lisa McPherson autopsy evidence is over.
      Pasco-Pinellas Circuit Judge Crockett Farnell ruled Thursday that the
      autopsy photographs are a public record now that criminal charges of
      practicing medicine without a license and abuse of a disabled person have
      been dropped against the Church of Scientology. Church official Mike
      Rinder said that in addition to the concern that potential jurors in the
      civil case could be tainted by viewing the pictures, the church does not
      want to see such personal photographs of a member posted on the Internet
      and plastered on protest signs by church critics."

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      > Operation Clambake

      Operation Clambake was the subject of an article in the the New Straits
      Times in Malaysia on July 20th.

      "Operation Clambake at http://www.xenu.net is a fantastic source of
      information for anyone interested in the Scientology cult. This cult which
      has been banned from recruiting members in various countries relies on a
      mixture of brainwashing and legal intimidation to milk members of money.
      This group is distinguished here because on October 23, 1996, the law firm
      which has represented the Church of Scientology for years purchased the
      logo and license agreement of the Cult Awareness Network. AFF warns that
      any publications or communications using the CAN name or logo after
      October 23 (1996) should not be regarded as emanating from or having the
      approval of the CAN personnel or officers who were associated with CAN
      before October 23, 1996."

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      > Hold Music

      The Los Angeles Times published an article on July 14th on the music used
      while callers are on hold at Los Angeles institutions.

      "The music that plays when someone is put on hold can largely shape your
      perception of who you're calling. And the music of most phone hold
      systems, calls to several phone companies has confirmed, are programmed by
      the individual business. Over at the Hollywood headquarters of the Church
      of Scientology on Sunset Boulevard the hold music is composed and
      performed by church members, according to a church representative.
      Sounding like a new-age commercial jingle, compositions include
      Scientology-inspired lyrics like, 'The right place to be, is to be, if you
      want to be in pain, let others into your brain.'"

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      > Nigeria

      Bob Minton reported developments in Scientology's campaign to discredit
      him for business dealings in Nigeria in the 1980s.

      "From the very beginning of Scientology's operation to destroy, discredit
      and jail me, OPEC's Rilwanu Lukman, a long term Scientologists, has been
      the key Scientology operative/facilitator on the Nigeria side of the
      equation. There is no doubt that Lukman, with his Scientology handlers
      hand-picked John Fashanu to be their boy for the frontal assault on me The
      Scientology PI, David Lee/Lebow, using the alias of Robert Clarke, did the
      infamous Fashanu Report and wiretapped Fashanu to be sure of his
      loyalties. Lee recently played an audio tape in Washington D.C. of Fashanu
      talking on the phone with a Nigerian Senator discussing how they were
      going to blackmail some Nigerians whose names and offshore account details
      had been uncovered by David Lee.

      "Fashanu can't get out of the Scientology blackmail trap. There's no where
      Fashanu can go to extricate himself from this quagmire. Lukman has been
      peeping out from behind the Scientology mask. In June he personally
      arranged for the Nigerian president Obasanju, during a state visit to
      Switzerland, to meet with David Lee to hear the Scientology spin on the
      Fashanu report."

      From the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard on July 16th:

      "One person whose role have been x-rayed maximally in recent times is that
      of the successful US professional banker, Mr. Bob Minton. His role was
      recently further celebrated by the announced 'discoveries' of former
      footballer, John Fashanu, of some assumed debt buy back transaction
      carried out in the former President Ibrahim Babangida regime with Minton
      as a principal beneficiary.

      "In his own published records, Minton said the initial plan of his group
      was to make profits of approximately 1 per cent of the value of
      re-purchased Nigerian debt, and by the close of 1993, they had collected
      '1.1 billion dollars of CBN Promissory Notes and approximately 3 billion
      dollars of Nigerian Bank debt. These were external debts of foreign
      currency of banks all over the world such as Barclays, Standard, Chartered
      Bank, etc.' How also could our top rate investigators ignore the Minton's
      revelation that $4.5 billion of debt was bought back for the country with
      the average price of that debt being 34 cents on the dollar? It is also
      remarkable that Minton's insistence that the transaction was good for
      Nigeria has not been publicly refuted by any concerned government official
      or even Fashanu himself.

      "I believe this because Fashanu has not responded satisfactorily to
      charges that he is being used by the Church of Scientology, an
      organisation that considers Minton to be their greatest enemy. It is said
      that he could not have done the so-called investigation on his own, while
      his investigator is allegedly a full time worker for Scientology. What is
      his response to the position that he was given the report to discredit
      Minton as an effective critic of Scientology in USA, Europe, France and
      Germany? Minton has been quoted undisputedly as saying: 'This is a
      vendetta on Scientology's part against me and they are using Fashanu and
      Nigeria as a tool to beat me on the head with the clock and that is the
      bottom line.' The investigator, Robert Clark for Fashanu goes by two other
      different names i.e. David Lee and David Laubach. With this explanation
      therefore, why should a whole government get involved in mudslinging?

      "Persons with ulterior motive should not be accommodated in the bid to
      tarnish the image of this man - a bid that cannot succeed, given the usual
      triumph of good over evil, of truth over falsehood and of righteousness
      over unrighteousness. Nigerian government should more significantly not be
      brought into the smear campaign. Let's leave Minton, a man who closed
      business with Nigeria early 1993, before the dark days of Abacha, alone."

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      > Norway

      Andreas Heldal-Lund reported on recent orders given at the Oslo, Norway

      "Last month CoS in Oslo, Norway sent out letters calling in all public
      Scientologists. The Oslo 'org' is now under direct command of SeaOrg to
      help Oslo expand to St Hill size. Publics had to come in to get
      interviewed. A lot of pressure from Sea Org staff there this summer, to
      get people on staff. Someone from SeaOrg found what caused the Oslo 'org'
      not to grow; all LRH the material was in English! Now they are working
      hard to translate everything and a lot is already finished. Still, no
      growth yet for the Oslo 'org'. The letter also said that they were going
      to send 10 people to Flag for auditor training. They've tried this before
      and then only one went."

      Message-ID: <4309nsgntu0boc0gl2aknu058rjon901t2@...>


      > Protest / Revenge Summary

      Keith Henson continued his protests at Scientology's Gold Base near Hemet,
      California this week, and also reported revenge efforts against him and
      his family.

      "This morning I found out that the Palo Alto police consider this
      picketing business enough of a problem that they have assigned an officer
      with the specific task of monitoring the situation. The clams had another
      bunch of PIs camped out in the neighborhood, and the neighbors had
      complained. Before the recent pickets and PIs, I didn't know too many
      people in the neighborhood. But recently it seems that just about everyone
      for several blocks knows I am a target for Scientology."

      I came down to Hemet yesterday, but the press of other entheta (and the
      heat) kept me from getting in a picket. I suspect they were seriously
      disrupted anyway, just from the nearby presence of an SP.

      "This morning I was out at 6:40 for an hour and came back about 9 for
      another 45 minutes. No thugs following me this morning. They took the
      black plastic off the tree planters and the 40 plants in two gallon cans
      stacked around the trees over the east underpass are dead or dying.

      "I have become so used to the west underpass not being used that I was not
      even looking at the stairs which go up the hill to the north of the road
      as I walked by. An older, grey haired woman called out to me. And when I
      looked that direction she said I should not be there."

      "The neighbors have been watching the PIs who are watching Ida's place
      (where I stay in Hemet). We were out switching some cars around in the
      driveway and I decided to go check out the PIs and give them a Xenu flyer.
      I wound up behind one of them and they tried to get away. They tried the
      trick of going around a corner and pulling into a driveway hoping I would
      lose them. They finally went north on Kerby and hit a dip so fast that
      their heads must have banged the roof of the car. I got their license
      number, California 4LHP 287, in the Walmart parking lot then let them go."

      "Got out to gold base again around 5 pm. Richardson and thug 2 were doing
      the usual provocations to get me to take a swing at one of them, and
      complaining about my taping them. I told them that if they talked, they
      were going on tape. I was starting on my second or third round and was
      near my car which I had parked just beyond the east overpass when a
      Sheriff Deputy by the name of Rowe pulled up. He jumped out and put cuffs
      on me. Richardson and thug 2 started bitching to him about me taping them
      when he blew them off by saying they had no expectation of privacy out on
      a public road, and to stuff it.

      "Rowe arrested me as a citizen's arrest on the say so of someone in
      scientology. That puts all legal risk on the one who has asked the deputy
      to arrest. And get what for - ICBM and cruise missile threats against
      Scientology! You remember that posting where I said modern missiles are
      more accurate than someone else posted about?

      "Since Scientology was actually doing the arresting, I would have to be
      taken over to Riverside, 30-40 miles away and booked. This generated a
      problem because I take a serious mix of drugs to hold down my blood
      pressure. About the time the paramedics said I really should not just be
      transported directly to jail, but should stop by a medical facility first,
      something had come unglued with the scns refusing to sign the citizen's
      arrest papers. This left the county with all the false arrest liability,
      not to mention who would get sued if anything happened to me while in
      custody. So I was 'unarrested' and stuffed in an ambulance to be checked
      out at the nearest open emergency ward."

      "After a short night I was out again at 7 am. I got thugs again and taped
      them. They kept up an intermittent chatter while I said only one sentence.
      Thug 2 was more active today, getting in front of me and slowing so much
      that I had to step out in the road to get by him. They also tried to
      block me taking photos of the largely empty plaza. I can tell when I am
      way to the east of the plaza that there are lots of people crossing the
      plaza and going into the underpass. But when I get there, very few people
      can be seen on either side of the road. I suspect they are huddling in the
      underpass till they get the all clear signal that I have moved on.

      "The rental car company I have been using put me on the refuse to rent to
      list. Every time I rented they got several phone calls asking about me,
      last time a woman came in asking about me, sometimes people call up
      claiming to be me who are not, and the Ontario police called. Records at
      the police dept in Ontario have no records with my name, so they were
      scammed by the scientologists."

      "I got out to gold base at 7. I got my thugs again, with slightly
      modified abuse today. I went back to Ida's to stash signs Just across
      Stetson two of the PIs were talking from one car to another. The one in
      the gold car with no license responded in a friendly way, but the other
      one in a white car was either a clam or really sick of being roasted in
      the heat. I got a comment that I should go back home. I asked if he worked
      for XXXX since that was the last license which came up. He was not pleased
      to be asked such a question and claimed not to be working for anyone. I
      got his license, Cal 2ZDA834. He pulled along side me and informed me that
      if I ran his plate it would come back police, so 'quit bugging me.' I was
      surprised by such a claim, so I said 'You with the police?' Too which he
      replied 'Yeah, now knock this shit off, quit bugging me.' To which I
      replied, 'Which police? Which police are you with? He made some comment
      about showing me his badge and a threat about running his license.

      "At least three of them followed me over to Ontario to the airport where I
      picked up my wife and daughter. My daughter is going to a nearby college
      this fall, and we were going there to discuss the hard-to-believe threats
      against her with the university administration. We called them as we were
      turning onto the campus. I managed to get one of the PIs tangled up on a
      narrow road and the campus security trapped him there. Edwin Richardson
      was in the other car which came by to bail the first one out of this jam.
      The campus security called the Redlands cops and a number of them
      responded. The hoorah sure solved our problem of getting the university
      people to believe our mad story about being hassled by the evil cult and
      the threat Rosen made against our daughter. The administration got a phone
      call within ten minutes of the confrontation with campus security asking
      if my daughter was enrolled there. The University does not give out such
      information, so the only thing the phone call confirmed was the ugly
      nature of the cult of scientology."

      "Brent Stone and I got out there about 7:30. All four of the buses were
      out picking up staff who had to work on Sunday. We walked apart a ways,
      Richardson went with Brent and thug 2 stayed with me. As usual I told him
      he on tape and he told me 'you do not have my permission to record my
      voice and it is illegal to record my voice in the state of California.' to
      which I replied 'You are in a public place and have no expectation of
      privacy.' Richardson's patter include 'what kind of drugs are you on?' and
      one about having hurt people and deserving to be in jail. He said this
      near the little memorial for Ashlee Shaner for a heavy dose of irony.

      "Thug 2 blocked me and forced me to walk out in the street to get around
      him, I called the sheriff's Dept. about this behavior. Eventually two
      deputies pulled up to the main gate. I told them that I didn't want thug
      2 slowing down and forcing me into the roadway to get around him. They
      said this call would generate an incident report, warned thug 2 about
      blocking and left."

      Bruce Pettycrew protested at the Mesa, Arizona org this week.

      "We picketed from 8:45 to 9:45 this AM. The temperature was in the high
      90's and it was muggy with monsoon moisture. The Borg and the front sign
      had been repainted recently, all white (the base of the sign had been
      yellow but is now white like the main building). Only 5 adults and an
      infant arrived for class/auditing today."

      "Barb" and David Rice distributed flyers in San Diego this week.

      "Signs: Scientology, $360,000 Space Alien Cult. Scientology Says You're
      Covered With Dead Space Cooties!!! Flyers: Xenu, scientology's Secret
      Space-Alien; Flyers distributed: 22.

      "I've been toying with the idea of a stealth picket for a while now.
      Yesterday, Shydavid and I took the idea for a test drive. There's a little
      Happy Hour street fest, with a live band and a beer garden. Clad in
      cunningly matched 'Scientology Kills' T-shirts, hit the street with great
      stealth. We settled in the patio outside at the Blarney Stone. We gave out
      a few flyers at the Blarney Stone before casting off to troll other waters
      at the patio of Patrick's II. We had a small problem there, the bartender
      didn't want our signs facing the street. One guy said, 'Scientology! They
      suck!' Turns out he lives across the street from the org! He took a flyer,
      perhaps he'll share it with his neighbors!"

      "It's amazing how saying 'I'm -NOT- a Scientologist!' seems to make people
      gush with kindness and warmth and friendliness. It's almost as if
      Scientology had a bad reputation around here. We passed out more Xenu
      flyers. Received many stories about how folks had to deal with 'that crazy
      bunch of lunatics.' One guy did some sandblasting from the crime
      syndicate, and he said that he was astonished at how insane the clams

      David Rice also reported revenge for his recent protests at Gold Base.

      "I walked up to my car at Barb's place and looked around to see if anyone
      was watching the building. Mister Swarthy in a pale tan Dodge Challenger
      mini van with California plates 4KOY___ sitting up the street. I
      proceeded on my way to my new condo and we went like a two-car parade.
      Around the block, and down to First street until I did the 'fake him out
      at the red light trick.' I timed my car's approach to a stale green light,
      willing it to turn red. I pretended to be stopping, and then GUNNED THE
      ENGINE and flew across the intersection and 'pushed the legal envelope' as
      it were: my front tires crossed the line when the light was amber, but the
      hind tires crossed the line when the light was red. My PI gunned his
      engine and ran through the red light. I got a full tank of gasoline,
      hoping that he would not take the chance to pull over and fill his tank. I
      drove slow enough so that the mini van could keep up.

      "I saw my chance and made my pickup leap sideways into the left-hand lane,
      and as the lane I used to be in staggered ahead of me, the guy had to
      drive past me. His sudden acceleration caught the person behind him off
      guard, so there was suddenly a space behind him for me to leap back into
      his lane and I was five feet off his rear bumper. The flood of angst,
      dismay, and bewildered hysteria seemed to come pouring over my PI friend.
      I raised my camera with my right hand, steadied the steering wheel with my
      knees, and waved to him with my left hand as I took pictures of his van
      and license plate. He was not pleased.

      "I pulled off the freeway and PARKED in the emergency 'break down' lane.
      He would either have to pull off the freeway behind me, which meant having
      a chat with me and photo shoot, or drive past me at a turtle's pace. In
      desperation he grabbed his camera and held it to his face and took
      photographs of me taking photographs of him taking photographs of me
      taking photographs of him taking photographs of me."

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      > Switzerland

      Tagesanzeiger Zurich reported on July 19th that Scientology demonstrated
      against the French consulate in Zurich.

      "Almost 50 Scientologists, half as many as expected, protested with a
      demonstration march on Tuesday from Buerkliplatz in front of the French
      consulate on Muehlebach Street against a newly planned law in France which
      was said to be meant to give the government the option of dissolving
      minority religions. On banners and posters, on which the name
      'Scientology' did not appear, they demanded 'Religious Freedom for All.'
      The peacefully conducted rally was directed against an interministerial
      work group whose sole purpose was 'combating sects.' It was said that the
      consulate would receive a note of protest which it would give to the

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