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A.r.s Week in Review - 6/25/2000

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 11 6/25/2000 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2000 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2000
      Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 11
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Austria

      Badener Zeitung reported on June 20th that an applicant for manager of a
      manor house was disqualified for his participation in Avatar, an alleged
      Scientology off-shoot.

      "One applicant was shown to be indirectly connected to Scientology, and
      now only two candidates are in the race. Investigations by the Greens have
      shown that one of the three applicants of the Rudolfshof announcement was
      aligned with Scientology. Andreas Parrer, Club chief of the Greens, said,
      'In the official introduction, a manager was presented to us who very
      often used New Age phrases. Then I became suspicious.' After some
      research, the truth came to light: the manager is an adherent of the
      'Avatar' movement, which split off from Scientology in the 1970s. 'But
      there has never been a clear separation between the Avatar movement and
      Scientology,' Parrer says. Because of that, the Greens were concerned that
      Rudolfshof would be used as a seminar center for Scientology.

      "Vice Mayor Franz Geiger said, 'She made a very peculiar impression on all
      of us. Primarily because so much sect terminology was used by the
      applicant.' Now there are only two applicants for Rudolfshof and no
      agreement about a candidate will take place soon in the community

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      > Clearwater

      A proposal to develop the bluffs area of downtown Clearwater has generated
      controversy over the benefit to Scientology from the plan. From the
      letters to the editors of the St. Petersburg Times on June 22nd:

      "As a longtime Clearwater resident, I will vote 'no' on the downtown
      redevelopment plan because common sense dictates that we don't relinquish
      some of the most beautiful property in Florida to a non-Clearwater,
      for-profit corporation for 99 years at $1 a year. Cities should use their
      most beautiful areas for something that really means something to their
      residents -- not some pie-in-the-sky, smoke-and-mirrors scheme.
      Scientologists swarming the streets deter many from wanting to go
      downtown. -- Joe Deaver, Clearwater

      "Major beneficiaries -- the Scientology folks who hurry to classes and
      meals would seem to be the real winners with the projected shops and
      theaters at their disposal. A question here is: How much are they
      contributing to this expensive project? I would encourage a 'no' vote as
      we understand the plans. I'm for progress, but not at any cost. -- Robert
      Hassall, Clearwater

      An editorial in the St. Petersburg Times on June 25th:

      "The city settled on a partnership formed by two known Florida developers,
      George de Guardiola and David Frisbie. They came up with a BIG plan under
      which they would buy up private property, lease seven pieces of city-owned
      property, and develop retail stores, apartments, condominiums, a movie
      theater, a hotel, restaurants, a city pier, gardens, a new library and
      City Hall, and expanded parkland.

      "A referendum on July 11 must be approved for the plan to be implemented.
      There is plenty for voters to chew on. For one thing, the leases of
      city-owned land would be for 99 years at a dollar a year. For another,
      none of the contracts or leases with the developers have been written yet.
      They will be negotiated by city officials and the developers only if the
      referendum passes.

      "A few people charged that the whole proposal was a ploy so the developers
      could build a casino downtown. (Casinos are illegal in Florida, folks.)
      Others, without offering a shred of evidence, said the proposal was a
      stealth campaign by the Church of Scientology to further expand its
      holdings in downtown, where it already owns a substantial amount of
      property. Just having the word Scientology linked to the developers'
      proposal was enough to taint the project for some people.

      "Then last week the Save the Bayfront group put out an inflammatory
      mailing opposing the referendum. Besides being just plain wrong on several
      points, the mailing said this about the referendum: 'This allows the city
      manager to sell any of your land to the Church of Scientology for $1.00.'
      The city manager doesn't have the authority to sell city land. And sale of
      land isn't even an issue in this referendum, only leasing of seven
      parcels. The city will retain title on every piece.

      "Does this seem like a lot of effort to go to? You're right. But this may
      be the most important referendum in Clearwater's history."

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      > U.S. Congress

      Die Presse published an article on June 16th on criticism of Austria at
      hearings of the International Relations committee of the U.S. House of

      "'The dealings with religious minorities in West Europe fills many
      Americans with concern. Several west European countries, who doubtlessly
      are friends of the USA and where freedom in general is cherished, have a
      weak point in their attitude towards religious minorities.' Benjamin
      Gilman, chairman of the foreign political committee in the U.S. House of
      Representatives, emphasized at the hearing on Wednesday that members of
      minority religions in west Europe are often discriminated against. He said
      that they were frequently refused financial help and the right to
      religious visits in prisons. He said that also Americans were subjected to
      discrimination in these countries when they wanted to exercise their
      religion or pursue their career. Mentioned specifically were the countries
      of France, Germany, Belgium and Austria.

      "Robert Seiple, special ambassador of the State Department for
      International Religious Freedom, described the situation in Austria as not
      dissimilar from that of France. He said the government had long been
      carrying out an information campaign against any religious group which, in
      its opinion, harmed the interests of the individual or of society. The
      choice of words in a booklet on sects from the Families Ministry last
      fall, according to Seiple, was perceived by many religious groups as
      'clearly negative and insulting.'

      "Matt Salmon (Rep.) stated that Europeans would have to respect religious
      freedom if they wanted to maintain good relations with the USA. The
      ambassadors of the countries addressed did not accept their invitations;
      Germany and Austria presented statements in which they explained their
      legal situations and in which they boasted about the religious freedom in
      their countries."

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      > SP Declares

      Virginia McClaughry posted three recent Suppressive Person declares.

      "In December 1998, Mike urged his wife, Virginia McClaughry to blow from
      Flag while in the middle of an HCO confessional. Virginia then did blow
      Flag and as a result made no further progress on The Bridge. Attempts were
      made to get him to come to his senses and to assist him in straightening
      out his situation. He refused the efforts to help him. Mike began
      contacting Scientologists in the field, spreading Black PR about Flag and
      LRH's technology of confessionals. By his actions Mike committed the
      following suppressive act: Attempting to undermine or advising or
      condoning the abandonment or reduction of the use of the full technology
      of locating and handling overts, evil purposes, destructive intentions and
      nonsurvival considerations.

      "Mike was given further opportunities to come to his senses and to avail
      himself of the technology of Scientology and get his ethics in. Mike
      refused and continued to spread Black PR and has been consorting with
      known squirrels and suppressive persons.

      "In October 1998, Greg and Deborah Barnes spread falsehoods and black PR
      and advocated squirreling of the standard application of LRH technology in
      an effort to prevent others from progressing up The Bridge. They have
      attempted to convince other scientologists to participate in their
      squirrel actions. They have spread enturbulation with their off-source
      activities, natter and black PR. They refused numerous offers to apply
      standard LRH tech to straighten out their confusions and out ethics. They
      refused to cooperate with the Comm Ev and blew before its completion.
      Despite this, numerous efforts were made to contact them and get them to
      return and apply Standard Tech and they refused to do so.

      "In December 1998 Virginia McClaughry blew from Flag while in the middle
      of an HCO confessional. She had been in communication with her husband who
      was encouraging her to blow while mid the confessional and without
      completing it. Attempts were made to get her to come to her senses and to
      assist her in straightening out her situation. She refused the efforts to
      help her. Virginia began contacting Scientologists in the field, spreading
      Black PR about Flag and LRH's technology of confessionals. Virginia
      refused to cooperate with the Comm Ev and left before its completion.
      Numerous efforts were made to get her to return and apply standard
      Scientology technology and she refused."

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      > France

      The BBC reported on June 22nd that France has passed a law against mental
      manipulation by cults.

      "The French National Assembly - the lower house of parliament - has passed
      a controversial law aimed at curbing the activities of religious cults. It
      makes mental manipulation a crime, punishable by up to three years in
      jail. It also gives judges the power to dissolve cults if they repeat
      certain, specific offenses. The new law which still needs Senate approval
      has caused outrage among civil rights groups and minority religions."

      From the Guardian on June 23rd:

      "The French parliament yesterday adopted Europe's toughest anti-sect
      legislation yet, creating a controversial new crime of 'mental
      manipulation' punishable by a maximum fine of 50,000 pounds and five years
      imprisonment. The move was applauded by Alain Vivien, head of a government
      committee that has identified 173 dangerous quasi-religious groups in
      France, but was denounced by both the Church of Scientology and the
      Unification Church as fascist, anti-democratic and in breach of basic
      human rights laws.

      "The new law allows judges to order the dissolution of any sect whose
      members are convicted of a criminal offense. It also bans sects from
      advertising, and prohibits them from opening missions or touting for new
      members near schools, hospitals or retirement homes. But the law's key
      weapon is the new crime of mental manipulation, defined as 'exercising,
      within a group whose activities are aimed at creating or exploiting
      psychological dependence, heavy and repeated pressure on a person, or
      using techniques likely to alter his judgment, so as to induce him to
      behave in a way prejudicial to his interests'."

      From Reuters on June 22nd

      "Justice Minister Elisabeth Guigou hailed the bill as 'a significant
      advance giving a democratic state the legal tools to efficiently fight
      groups abusing its core values.'

      "Minority religious groups reacted angrily. Danielle Gounod, spokeswoman
      for the Church of Scientology which is under close scrutiny by the French
      authorities, said the bill would 'sound the death knell for French
      democracy.' 'I say: Watch out. Watch out for individual liberties. Such a
      law is extremely serious for individual freedom,' she told a news

      From the Independent on June 25th:

      "When is a religion a sect? When can conversion, or evangelism, or even
      political campaigning, be described as 'brainwashing'? The lower house of
      the French parliament last week adopted the first draft of Europe's most
      draconian law against religious sects. If approved by the Senate or upper
      house, and then President Chirac, the French law would place a new
      criminal offense - 'mental manipulation' - on the statute book. The
      intention is to allow the police and the parents of sect disciples to
      bring legal action against sects, even if the 'victims' have made no
      complaint. The law would allow the French government to shut down sects
      convicted of mental manipulation on more than one occasion.

      "However, the vagueness of the wording and the sweeping nature of the new
      law have set alarm bells ringing in mainstream French churches, as well as
      the headquarters of the Scientologists and the Moonies. 'The role of the
      State is to protect religious liberty and guarantee its exercise, not to
      limit it,' said Monseigneur Claude Dagens, the Roman Catholic bishop of
      Angouleme. 'We want a laity which shows respect [for religion], not

      "The draft law, proposed by Socialist members of the National Assembly but
      approved unanimously by deputies of all parties on Thursday, follows a
      parliamentary investigation into the proliferation of sects in France.
      Under the text agreed on Thursday, it would be an offense to 'exercise
      serious and repeated pressure on a person in order to create or exploit a
      state of dependence, which would lead the person, whether willingly or
      not, to act, or fail to act, in a way which would be gravely prejudicial
      to that individual'."

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      > Mainau Island

      Sda reported on June 16th that controversy has been raised over a
      Scientologist's appearance on Mainau Island in Lake Constance, bordered by
      Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

      "The Constance 'Suedkurier' has withdrawn as a sponsor of the fifth
      Schlosspark Concert, which is taking place from June 30 to July 2 on
      Mainau Island. The reason for that is the engagement of opera singer Julia
      Migenes, a professed Scientology adherent. When Migenes' involvement in
      Scientology became public, the largest newspaper in the Lake Constance
      area withdrew its support. 'For years, we have been reporting critically
      on Scientology, so we could not appear as a sponsor in this case,' stated
      'Suedkurier' business manager Rainer Wiesner. Minister President Erwin
      Teufel, patron of the Mainau Schlosspark concert, will not be appearing at
      the Migenes concert."

      From Die Presse on June 17th:

      "There has been a little stir about the appearance of singer Julia Migenes
      at the Schlosspark Concert on the Lake Constance island of Mainau. One of
      the three sponsors of the festival, 'Suedkurier' which appears in
      Constance, withdrew its support after hearing of the singer's membership
      in Scientology. There was also criticism of Scientologist Migenes'
      involvement from the SPD faction of the state assembly. Julia Migenes will
      appear, as planned, on July 2, said a spokeswoman of Mainau Inc. on
      Friday. Migenes, born in Puerto Rico, used to appear frequently in Vienna,
      mainly at the People's Opera, where she play roles including the duchess
      in 'Figaro.'"

      From Mannheimer Morgen on June 17th:

      "The SPD faction of the state assembly accused Minister President Erwin
      Teufel (CDU) of being a patron of an arrangement in which a professed
      Scientology participated. The faction's political speaker on sects, Carla
      Bregenzer, pointed out that according to the findings of
      Baden-Wuerttemberg Constitutional Security, Scientology strove to
      disengage the basic values of the Constitution. She said that, 'it is
      precisely because of this that it is completely incomprehensible that the
      Minister President is maintaining his patronage.' The state ministry
      rejected the accusation. It was said that the patronage was in regard to
      the 'Mainauer Schlossfestspiele' and not in regard to the artists which
      appear there."

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      > Greece

      Tony Bosnakoudis summarized newspaper articles from Greece on the
      relationship between Scientology and Justice Minister Mihalis

      "The daily newspaper HORA (country), between June 11 and 12 revealed the
      relations between Scientology (former KEFE) and Stathopoulos, Efthimiou
      and the new Parliament deputy Andreas Loverdos. The newspaper wrote of
      'Scientology's revenge' after its KEFE center was shut down by Court
      order. Efthimiou was defense witness in favor of Scientologists accused
      of monitoring and keeping files on politicians, judges, reporters,
      priests, etc. Loverdos was defence attorney. The court ruled they really
      did what they were accused but did not pass jail sentence because the
      legal action should have started within three months.

      "Stathopoulos has more important and long term operation in
      Scientology-influenced fields. He coordinated at least one PANIFE
      Conference, the 'Historical and Philosophical Society' run by Takis
      Alexiou which united cult groups to attack the Church and State in order
      to force them stop opposing cult activity. KEFE's seized documents prove
      there was strong Scientology participation and even funding for these
      Conferences and the interfaith group was promoted by OSA as part of 'ARM
      Greece Handling program'.

      "Stathopoulos was promoting severe anti-Church measures for many years and
      his appointment as Justice Minister surprised many people, since he is not
      an elected official. He admitted of coordinating PANIFE Conferences but
      said that Scientology was just one of the participants. Efthimiou also
      said, 'From the first days I took office, the Director General of
      Religious Affairs of the Ministry, Mr. Kontogiannis briefed me on the
      issues in his post and presented me the issue of Scientology's recognition
      as religion, based on their application. I immediately gave strict orders
      to Mr. Kontogiannis, under no circumstances to accept this'.

      "The seized documents show that Scientology promoted 'Church-State
      separation', the 'new Identities' issue, etc in order to weaken the
      Church's position in the Greek society and make sure the Church will not
      be asked by the State to evaluate if a group is a 'known religion', in
      order to be recognized as such."

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      > Lisa McPherson

      The St. Petersburg Times continued this week to question the position of
      Medical Examiner Joan Wood in a June 23rd editorial.

      "Medical examiners are vital to the criminal justice system. They
      investigate suspicious deaths, help determine if crimes were committed and
      influence the outcome of trials. They should be competent medical
      professionals, managers and witnesses. In each of those areas, serious
      questions have been raised about Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan
      Wood. Before Gov. Jeb Bush decides whether to reappoint Wood to another
      three-year term, he should consider the consequences.

      "Wood was at the center of a controversial decision by State Attorney
      Bernie McCabe to drop charges against the Church of Scientology in the
      death of Lisa McPherson. Wood's behavior was amateurish throughout the
      case. She first dramatized her importance by appearing on the TV show
      Inside Edition. Yet when medical professionals hired by Scientology
      expressed opposing views, Wood changed significant details on the autopsy,
      which forced prosecutors to drop the charges. A state attorney memo said
      Wood was unable 'to coherently explain her decision even under benign

      "Yes, Wood has earned our gratitude for her long service. But too much is
      at stake to let sentimentality rule good judgment as the governor decides
      who can return professionalism and competence to the Pinellas-Pasco
      medical examiner's office."

      The St. Petersburg Times also reported on June 24th that Wood allowed a
      staff member to mishandle autopsies.

      "A doctor hired last August by Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood
      determined the wrong cause and manner of death in seven autopsies in eight
      months, records from Wood's office show. Wood ordered her staff to review
      the 178 autopsies done by Eicher, who resigned in March, after it was
      determined he confused bullet entrance and exit wounds in a man's head.

      "Wood, who hired Eicher without checking his references, acknowledged she
      spent much of her time during Eicher's tenure dealing with a case against
      the Church of Scientology. 'I admit to being busy at that time,' she said.
      'I was up to my eyeballs in Scientology.' The disclosure of Eicher's
      mistakes comes at a time when Wood herself is under fire for her handling
      of the 1995 autopsy of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. Gov. Jeb Bush is
      scheduled to determine by July 1 whether to reappoint Wood. She has held
      the job since 1982."

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      > Mace-Kingsley

      A brochure from Scientology's Mace-Kingsley Ranch was posted to a.r.s this
      week. The ranch is known for handling discipline problem children of

      "Over the last year the Ranch has gone through some changes which make our
      Program even better. Our Program is the same except that certain parts
      have been improved and streamlined.

      "Molly Baxter (Executive Director): OT VIII, on New OT VII. Personally
      recognized by LRH as an Establishment Officer. Randy Baxter (Deputy
      Executive Director): OT VIII, Class IV auditor, Level 3 WISE consultant.
      Cindy Blakeslee (Senior Case Supervisor): Class VIII auditor, currently on
      OT VII. Mike Miller - OT V, Class VI auditor. Lance Davis - OT III, Class
      II auditor. Ros White - OT VIII, on New OT VII, Class VI auditor. Mike
      Grope - On OT VII, Class III auditor. Sunok Grope - On OT VII. Chelle West
      - OT III, Class V auditor. Mark Peterson - Clear, Grad V auditor. Margaret
      Paul - Clear, and also has taken Delphi Basic Educator's Course. Teresa
      Peterson - Class I auditor Judy Eidse - OT V, over 25 years in
      Scientology. Kimberly Nesvig - OT IV, Class II auditor. Roe McDaniel -
      Clear, graduated the Ranch program in 1995."

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      > Protest Summary

      Jeff Jacobsen reported that the Bank building in Clearwater was the site
      of a protest this week.

      "11 people picketed the Scientology Bank Building in downtown Clearwater
      today from 11am to 1pm. We had some TV coverage and got tons of horn honks
      and thumbs up from the heavy traffic. Both Jeff Jacobsen and Mark Bunker
      had Incident Reports filed by the Clearwater Police over the 10 foot rule
      in the temporary injunction filed after the Minton-Howd event last
      October. We had 4 newbie picketers and they all had a good time and plan
      to picket again. When the TV crews got there, both Pat Jones and Al
      Buttnor rushed out to talk to them and try to persuade them that there was
      no news here. Al Buttnor seemed especially upset today."

      Keith Henson protested at five orgs in the San Jose area.

      "At the San Jose org on Rosemary, it was a dull picket. Blue shirt came
      out several times and walked up as if he were going to speak, but he did
      not. I saw red head John going off to body route as I got there, but they
      called him back. I hit the San Jose mission for about ten minutes. There
      was one couple who saw my sign, and had no idea of what www.xenu.net might
      mean. The new dianetics center on Middlefield Road was closed, so they
      only got a token picket. The old Mt. View org was more active. There were
      half a dozen outside, and they were all treated to my picket signs. I put
      in another token picket at the Palo Alto mission. They too were closed
      up, though the sign did say there was an 11 am service."

      Keith also protested Gold Base near Hemet, California for four days.

      "I got out there at 8 am. The construction people are working, but away
      from where they can see the road. The main plaza and underpass is still
      deserted. About 1 in 200 cars stops to talk. Three cars had people who
      knew Ashlee Shaner. One was an American Indian who told a tale related by
      his sister. About a year and a half ago, she was driving through and
      noticed this guy being chased. She called 911 and watched as he was beaten
      into submission. Before the Highway Patrol could get there, she was run
      off by threats from the guards. Later she checked up and found that no
      incident report had been made at all."

      "Gold base is in a serious non-confront hiding mode. But they did notice
      me - because I have word from home that my house is being picketed by some
      dude who is screaming at the neighbors and they tried to picket my wife's
      place of work. I think they only managed to picket a parking lot."

      "This morning I started at 7:20, so the buses got to see me. This morning
      I found a good spot where the people using the east underpass could see my
      signs. Way over a hundred did, though out of the corners of their eyes in
      a studied effort not to look. They called out the Highway Patrol. Talked
      to me for a while, then went to look at the scn video. After looking at
      the scn's tape, he advised me to wave anyone who wants to talk beyond the
      curbs and out of the no parking zone. The guards also got told that they
      cannot threaten me with trespass for walking on the side of the road
      safely no mater where the property line is."

      "Something like one in six of them are now looking frankly at my sign. The
      side I show to them is either the 'Doubting is not a crime' and the LMT
      phone, or Arnie's NO OT's, or 'Are you implanted with dead space aliens?'
      Not long after I set up over the east underpass, a group, mostly women,
      perhaps Estates project force, were herded past the east under pass and
      into one of the unfinished building."

      "Traffic on both underpasses was low. They were running cars and vans
      across the highway so as to avoid the staff from seeing me. But at least a
      hundred of them have looked directly at one or the other of my picket
      signs (though only 2 have made any motion toward waving back)."

      Bruce Pettycrew protested in Mesa, Arizona.

      "Kathy and I met Greg and Marty for a picket today from 9 to 10 AM. There
      were only 5 adults and 1 child at the mission in Mesa. Greg and Marty were
      picketing for the first time ever. They became interested in the struggle
      against the criminal cult because of the continuing attempts by the cult
      to block discussion on ARS. With the extra signs, traffic was more
      appreciative than ever, with lots of thumbs-up and honks."

      "Kaeli" and "AndroidCat" reported a protest in Toronto this week.

      "Picketers: Alan Barclay, AndroidCat, Dave Palter, Mike Argue, ZeratulCat,
      Kaeli. We noticed the light scaffolding in front of the Org, but couldn't
      see any work that was being done on it. We planned to picket straight
      through from 10am to 2pm, as the Gay Pride parade was today, and the
      procession would lead in front of the Org. We decided later to break for
      lunch at 1pm and come back to picket between 2pm and 3pm. ZeratulCat
      endured the endless taunts of both the Shrew and Dirty Dan as he walked up
      and down with his sign. He ignored them.

      "Alan came between me and Dan, who bumped Alan's sign a few times and even
      picked him up physically in front of me to get him out of his way so he
      could physically intimidate me some more. He gave up when Alan raised his
      voice louder, to attract the attention of the police officer. During the
      rest of the morning, the Shrew and Andy Hill came over to where me and
      Alan were, commencing to make comments on Alan's long hair, about his
      Scottish accent, suggesting he needs a speech therapist. Alan had five
      hundred and fifty flyers in the morning, and we were down to approximately
      fifty at 3 o'clock.

      "The Harridan got nailed but good. She was trying the full TR, accusing me
      liking boys, wearing makeup. She snatched one flyer. Then she tried for a
      second flyer, ripping the bottom off of it. 'Officer!' He was right on the
      scene, and said, and I quote 'You were harassing him, and I want you to
      keep the fuck away from him.'"

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      > Spain

      A trial in Spain against Scientology for fraudulent drug recovery programs
      has been postponed until September. From Europa Press on June 2nd:

      "The Provincial Audience of Madrid has decided to postpone up to September
      25 the trial against the Church of the Scientology, due to the sickness of
      one of the lawyers defenders, Manuel Cobo. The district attorney requests
      a 56 year-old sentence for the reverend American Herber Jentzsch, world
      leader of the church, and a total of 36 years of jail for the other 16
      followers. The trial that was opened by a tribunal of Madrid 16 years ago
      and whose beginning has been suspended several times, with almost 150
      witness. The district attorney charges the Church of the Scientology in
      Spain the crimes of illicit association; against the public country
      property, for not paying taxes, invasion, for giving medicine to junkie
      and psychiatric treatments to followers without qualified professionals.

      "It considers that some of the accused made crimes against the public
      health, for the preparations given in the centers of rehabilitation, labor
      crimes, for the conditions in that those employees of the organization
      worked, false accusation, illegal detention, for the arrest in the airport
      of Barajas of a member that wanted to move away from the Church. The
      judge of the case ordered in November of 1988 the detention of 37

      "The defense says that the district attorney has made several errors in
      their qualification of facts. With regard to the appreciation of a crime
      of illegitimate association, they assure that the ownership to the
      Scientology only consists on sharing some beliefs. They add that those
      quantities managed by the Public Ministry to impute a fiscal crime were
      obtained incorrectly."

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      > Switzerland

      Sda reported on June 16th that the city of Lausanne is demanding that
      Scientology no longer bother pedestrians with recruiters.

      "Scientologists in Lausanne have been making a nuisance. The city is
      demanding that members of the controversial organization no longer bother
      pedestrians in the city's center. The organization arranged unlicensed
      concerts for three days and accosted people on the much frequented steps
      of Riponne Place. Police management finally got fed up. On Friday morning
      they ordered the organization to shut down their operation. If they
      resist, they face charges."

      Tages-Anzeiger reported on June 21st that a public event in Basel is
      raising questions about Scientology recruiting.

      "UNO General Secretary Kofi Annan and Federal President Adolf Ogo will be
      making the trip to the final event of the World Children's Festival. Their
      host will be Basel City Executive President Ralph Lewin. An important role
      is also supposed to be played by sculptor and Scientologist Housi Knecht,
      who will create a giant world peace sphere this Wednesday with hundreds of
      children. It had originally been planned to present the iron sculpture at
      the close of the festival to honor the prominent visitors. When the
      organizers learned on Tuesday that Knecht was a Scientologist, they
      invited the artist to leave.

      "Basel passed a law in the not too distant past that prohibits
      Scientologists from recruiting on public land any more in an aggressive
      manner. Now that a Scientologist is supposed to play a prominent role in
      the World Children's Festival, this is causing quite a stir in Basel.
      Knecht protested, 'We have freedom of belief in Switzerland. To be sure, I
      am proud to be a Scientologist, but this action has nothing to do with
      Scientology.' Experience shows that Scientology uses any opportunity to
      use celebrity Scientologists to recruit and proselytize for the

      "'The event with the peace sphere is only one parallel event for the close
      of the World Children's Festival being put on by gallery operators of the
      Regio Gallery,' said a speaker of the organizers. The committee decided
      yesterday to have Knecht produce the peace sphere with the children, but
      not, as had been planned, to have the sculpture presented in St.
      Jakobshalle where the celebration with Kofi Annan and Adolf Ogi will take

      From Basler Zeitung on June 21st:

      "Swiss artist Housi Knecht will be working in front of the Elizabeth
      Church on a large symbolic Peace Globe - a steel apparatus with a diameter
      of eight feet - upon which the six Unesco manifest items will be welded.
      After the work is done, it was (but is no longer) scheduled that it be
      transported into St. Jakob's Stadium where the work of art, 'a symbol for
      a commonly constructed peaceful world', was to have been dedicated by Kofi

      "Now enter Basel SP Greater Assemblywoman Susanne Haller. Haller stated
      emphatically that artist Housi Knecht is regarded as a high-ranking
      Scientologist, a point also agreed upon by the Zurich sect specialist Hugo
      Stamm. That is proven alone by the fact that the artist paid 40,000
      dollars into a 'War Chest' a couple of years ago. That money is used for
      things which include financing legal proceedings against critics of

      "The risk of Kofi Annan's visit being used by the Scientologists for
      'shameless' propaganda purposes is very high in any case, as Haller
      clearly expressed herself. Haller is very upset just at the idea of a
      press photograph being distributed worldwide of UNO General Secretary
      together with Housi Knecht and the Peace Globe in Basel. The people in
      charge of the closing events have decided to leave out transporting the
      Peace Globe into St. Jakob's Stadium."

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