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A.r.s Week in Review - 6/11/2000

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 9 6/11/2000 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2000 Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2000
      Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 9
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
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      > Brighton

      The Evening Argus published an article on former Scientologists in
      Brighton, UK on June 8th.

      "Richard Ford stepped out of the taxi and walked through the entrance of
      Saint Hill Manor, the Church of Scientology's UK headquarters. Richard had
      been a cult member before but had been expelled. Now he had been asked to
      rejoin and he looked on the day as a fresh start and an opportunity to
      prove himself. About seven months later he walked down the same drive a
      broken man. During his time with the Church of Scientology, Richard lost
      his possessions, had become so ill he had suffered premature hair loss and
      was so depressed he considered suicide.

      "Auditing is the process where Scientologists are put into a trance-like
      state and relive past traumas, repeatedly going over the events until they
      feel cheerful about them. Richard said: 'I went out walking on air,
      feeling wonderful and thought I would like to learn to help other people
      feel like this.' 'They separate you from all outside influence and blast
      you with auditing and get a commitment from you and get you to sign a

      "'I was invited into the London group and that continued for slightly less
      than a year. During that time my health was going down quite badly because
      I wasn't eating properly because of no money. 'I had to move address a
      couple of times in the middle of the night for not paying my rent. I was
      working and not sleeping very much.

      "In the mid-Nineties, the British arm of the Church of Scientology was
      plunged into crisis due to a decline in membership and a lack of people
      successfully completing their courses. Richard said: 'There was a
      condition of danger declared. It means if the statistics of any
      Scientology group are declining rapidly enough, a senior body can declare
      a condition of danger and can directly intervene in affairs and carry out
      a purge. Richard was told to spend four months away from the cult. During
      this time he experienced a mixture of relief and a sense of failure at his

      "Richard, now 37, is philosophical about his time spent with the cult:
      'When I left I had nothing, I had debts of about 2,000 pounds. I felt 'how
      come an intelligent person like me fell for something so stupid?' 'Why did
      I believe all those things so contrary to common sense? I'm still coming
      to terms with it.' Richard has set up a helpline called Leaving
      Scientology to help other people who have left or are considering leaving
      the cult. He can be called in confidence on 01375 384378."

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      > Placido Domingo

      The Sunday Times reported on June 28th that the family of opera singer
      Placido Domingo, including involvement in Scientology.

      "The lost family of the celebrated tenor Placido Domingo has come back to
      haunt him: a granddaughter has posed naked in Playboy and accused him of
      neglect. Ivonne Armant, 26, appears in this month's edition of the

      "Armant, who is hoping to produce her first album this summer after
      signing up to a Los Angeles disco music label, is not the only member of
      the family to have caused the singer unease. He is also said to have been
      concerned at his first son's involvement in the Church of Scientology.
      Jose works on the organisation's anti-drug campaign in prisons in northern
      Mexico and southern California. Sources close to Domingo claim he once
      considered using a 'de-programmer' to persuade his son to withdraw from
      the church.

      "Placido Jr, one of Domingo's sons from his second marriage and now a
      successful businessman, accused Armant of bringing disgrace on the old
      Spanish family by posing naked. 'She is a grown woman: if she wants to
      take her clothes off in public, or if Jose wants to join the
      Scientologists, there is little he can do.'"

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      > France

      Liberation reported on June 1st that officials in France raided the
      Scientology org.

      "Policemen of the Sefti came without having been announced. Part of its
      internal documentation will be seized. According to our information, two
      computers have been seized, as well as two servers. An ex-adept protests
      against scientology. He's tired of receiving lots of cultic publications,
      despite his departure, and had asked to be erased from its files. Nothing
      works. The man keeps on receiving them. The man complains for 'privacy
      violations' through computerized files being kept, for 'lying
      advertisements' and 'fraud'. Some weeks later, a second member does the
      same. Complaints come on the bureau of a first judge, then go to the Judge
      Renaud Van Ruymbeke.

      "Marc Walter, president of the spiritual association of scientology Ile de
      France, is arrested, detained for some time, and released later. Besides
      of his role, justice is interested by the CCDH, the commission of Citizens
      for Human Rights. The CCDH aims, since some thirty years, remains the
      same: attacking psychiatry, Scientology's enemy number one."

      From Agence France Presse on June 1st:

      "Scientology spokesmen were playing down the affair Thursday, describing
      it as a minor matter that had sprung from a simple administrative error.
      Officers from the fraud and computer crime squad SEFTI carried out the
      raid on May 16, seizing computer materials from the movement's offices at
      rue Jules Cesar, in Paris' 12th arrondissement. Scientology spokesman Jean
      Dupuis played down the significance of the incident. 'This is a completely
      banal matter of common law ... a classic procedure used every time a
      complaint is made to an investigating magistrate,' he said.

      "Police had returned the material they seized -- two computers, two
      servers and three diskettes -- three days after the raid, he added. The
      files, which contained the names and addresses of about 20,000 people who
      had been in touch with Scientology, were updated on a daily basis, said

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      > Germany

      Dpa reported on June 7th that a member of the Hamburg government believes
      Scientology deserves to be monitored as a possible threat to the German

      "From the view of Hamburg Interior Senator Hartmuth Wrocklage (SPD), the
      Scientology Organization still does not present a danger for the
      Constitution. 'Thank God it is not that bad yet,' said the Senator on
      Wednesday in Hamburg. He said German institutions have not yet been
      infiltrated by Scientology. Wrocklage stressed, however, that there was
      considerable threat 'in an organization which operated using totalitarian
      elements' in the long run. For that reason, Scientology will continue to
      be kept under surveillance by Constitutional Security.

      "On Wednesday the Hamburg Interior Agency ended the 'Federal-State
      discussion group on so-called sects and psychogroups,' a two-day
      conference. Leading French sect commissioner Alain Vivien appeared as a
      guest speaker to inform the German agencies about the the fight against
      the organization in France. According to Vivien, Scientology deals with
      'predominance over a humanity consisting of happy slaves.' According to
      statements by the Director of the Hamburg Interior Agency's Work Group on
      Scientology, Ursula Caberta, Scientology has not been able to extend its
      influence in past months despite great financial endeavors. That, she
      said, was no reason to call off the alert. 'Surrender by Scientology in
      its attempt at world domination is not predicted,' Caberta believes. She
      said the greatest need for counseling from her work group lies in
      business, where corporations intend to safeguard themselves from outside
      influence from Scientology."

      Reuters reported on June 7th that French and German officials announced
      plans at the conference to coordinate efforts on Scientology

      "Germany and France intend to cooperate on an international level in the
      surveillance of the Scientology Organization. 'A resolution of the sect
      phenomenon must be found on a European level,' said France's national sect
      commissioner, Alain Vivien. France issued invitation for a European
      conference in the beginning of 2001 so that future operations can be

      "Hamburg's Interior Senator Hartmut Wrocklage (SPD) said, 'The battle
      against Scientology can only be won internationally.' Vivien said that
      Scientology was an international matter, because, not least of all, its
      goal was worldwide domination. He warned that Scientology could
      'infiltrate' international organizations like the United Nations (UNO)."

      From Hamburger Abendblatt on June 8th:

      "Now, as before, Scientology poses 'a considerable risk to the welfare of
      our citizens.' That was stated by Interior Senator Hartmuth Wrocklage
      (SPD) after a federal-state conference on the theme of 'so-called sects
      and psychogroups' in the Hanseatic City [of Hamburg], which also included
      the leading sect commissioner of France, Alain Vivien. The line which must
      be pursued is 'information, information and information,' said the
      Senator. Citizens must be in the position, for example, to recognize the
      Scientology jargon. The same words mean something completely different
      than in normal speech usage.

      "Wrocklage gave Ursula Caberta, Director of the Work Group on Scientology
      'full support in the battle against the Scientology psycho-concern.' In
      response to the numerous attacks and defamations by the organization
      against Caberta, he said, 'She is an upright woman who does not whine when
      under heavy fire; she does her job.'"

      Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on June 5th that a Scientology event in
      Pliening was halted due to lack of parking.

      "A Scientology event planned for Pliening fizzled on Saturday morning.
      After business people refused to give the group of Scientologists parking
      places, they then tried to retreat to the front of city hall. But that was
      refused by Mayor Roman Radke. The sect members then restricted themselves
      to distributing books. The community had previously refused to agree to
      having the event in the open air."

      Westfaelische Rundschau reported on June 6th that a tax court in Muenster
      has verified that Scientology is a commercial organization.

      "Income from seminar fees, sale of printed material and of the
      'electrometer,' a type of lie detectors, are subject to sales tax. This
      legal opinion of the revenue court in Muenster can now be applied in
      practice in a real case. A Scientology group from Westfalen-Lippe, to the
      surprise of the revenue court, recently withdrew from renewed legal
      proceedings against a tax sales decision. As a result, the tax decision,
      initiated by the revenue agency, becomes legally effective.

      "The Revenue Agency will now react to the result of the proceedings and
      treat the Scientology as a commercial enterprise with regards to tax. That
      means the Scientology organization is legally obligated to submit tax
      statements, to reveal their income and to keep official accounts books."

      Der Spiegel reported on June 7th that Catholic agencies in Germany are
      distrustful of Windows 2000 because of its Scientology connection.

      "Limburg diocese as well as the Berlin diocese are advising their parishes
      against installation. 'That is a preventive measure because of a program
      component developed from a company whose business manager is a professed
      Scientologist,' said Limburg Diocese spokesman Michael Wittekind on
      Wednesday. The Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI)
      in Bonn is currently checking to see if user data is secure under
      implementation of Windows 2000.

      "Government agencies, including those of the Free State of Bavaria, intend
      to wait for the review by the federal office before implementing the
      software. As a BSI spokesman said on Wednesday, an agreement between the
      federal office and Microsoft in June will be taken into account in the
      review. Microsoft purchased the program with the name of 'Diskeeper' from
      the California Executive Software company, whose boss, Craig Jensen,
      openly acknowledges his membership in Scientology.

      "'We do not trust the Scientologist on their own,' said Wittekind. The
      diocese has considerable objections because Scientology has supposedly
      openly stated that it intends to gain a toehold in German business."

      From dpa on June 7th:

      "The Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) is
      reviewing a controversial component of the new Microsoft Windows 2000
      operating system for possible risks to data security. There is still an
      agreement with the American software firm to be worked out in June, said
      BSI spokesman Michael Dickopf. Microsoft has stated that a certain
      program which performs maintenance on the hard disk, the 'Diskeeper'
      program, is from a U.S. corporation whose boss is a professed Scientology

      "The main thing to be checked out by the BSI experts is whether user data
      on the hard disk could be forwarded, unnoticed, to a third party, Dickopf
      stressed. That is a method by which users could be put under

      Taz reported on June 8th that Scientologists continue their review of
      official records.

      "After months of delay, the Scientologists will be able to look into the
      records concerning them in all the Brandenburg Ministries and their
      subordinate departments for the first time. The required information will
      shortly follow. The application for file access had been submitted back in
      October 1999 by Munich Scientologist and Director of the Human Rights
      Office of Scientology Germany, Ingo Lehman. State representatives from the
      SPD and CDU viewed that as a misuse of the Brandenburg freedom of
      information law of 1998 and intended to prevent access from Parliament.
      They could not get it through."

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      > Newport Beach

      The Los Angeles Times published an article on June 8th, describing strange
      proclamations by the city of Newport Beach.

      "One year, the city declared itself a safe haven for victims of
      pornography. The next, it embraced clean air. And then there was the time
      Newport celebrated women real estate agents. Proclamations are not legally
      binding and, for the most part, are simply for recognition. However,
      mayors are annually deluged with requests for proclamations honoring
      various causes deemed of citywide importance by their promoters.

      "Perhaps the most interesting requests for proclamations, however, appear
      in the 'rejected' folder. International Forgiveness Day, World Populations
      Awareness Week and Day of the African Child all made it into that pile.
      The Church of Scientology makes an annual request -- and is annually
      turned down -- to honor L. Ron Hubbard."

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      > Nigeria

      Nigeria Today reported on June 5th that Bob Minton will have a chance to
      address Nigerian football star John Fashanu's charges of illegal financing
      at a forum at Howard University in Washington, DC.

      "A public debate that would attract the key figures in the March 1988 to
      March 1993 Nigerian debt buyback scheme controversy is being planned in
      the U.S. by the Nigerian Democratic Movement. It has been tentatively
      scheduled for June 11, from 4:00 - 7:00 pm at Howard University. Leader of
      the NDM, Professor Bolaji Aluko said the forum would enable ex football
      star John Fashanu and his investigators to square up with U.S. businessman
      Robert Minton. Fashanu has accused Minton of financial impropriety in the
      deal but Minton has denied the allegations saying he is being persecuted
      by Scientology officials. 'If necessary, I will go to Nigeria myself and
      educate the Nigerian Government and press as to the reality of the entire
      buyback operation. Until the Nigerian Government repudiates the lies of
      Scientology and Fashanu, I will release factual information as to the
      buyback operation. I have nothing to hide and I am prepared to address
      Fashanu's sponsored allegations in public anywhere. I hope the Nigerian
      people and media would attend this public forum so that the outcome of the
      debate would be well reported afterwards.' In a telephone Fashanu said he
      would take part in the public forum. 'This is a good idea and I shall take
      part in the debate, whether it takes place in London or Washington DC.'

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      > Alternative Charlemagne Award

      Bob Minton was awarded the Alternate Charlemagne award on June 3rd for his
      efforts against Scientology's abuse of human rights. The award was given
      by a committee of Europeans and Americans. Excerpts from the acceptance

      "I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Alternative
      Charlemagne Award. It is very moving to receive this award in Leipzig,
      where freedom was reborn in the former East Germany. Today in Leipzig, we
      are in the shadows of the famous St. Nikolai Church, where the cry for
      freedom in East Germany began with a handful of people that grew to
      hundreds and then hundreds of thousands shouting for freedom in the
      streets surrounding this very building where we are now gathered. The
      State no longer makes life's major decisions for the citizens in the old
      Eastern Europe who must now utilize their new freedoms to become
      self-sufficient and self-determined individuals. It is no accident that in
      such a vacuum, those individuals who have never been willing to accept the
      responsibility that freedom brings have allowed themselves to be recruited
      into organizations like Scientology. Scientology offers a replacement for
      the former Communist regimes that promises real freedom while in actuality
      creating an apparatus of coercion that dominates and terrorizes humans
      from within.

      "Throughout America's short history, there has never been any time in
      which groups or even the government itself hasn't tried to expand their
      authority and control at the expense of individual rights and liberties.
      Scientology is just such an extremist group which adamantly refuses to
      accept the basic principles underlying the Bill of Rights. Their outright
      attacks on our most fundamental liberties threatens to do permanent damage
      to the Bill of Rights which is the bedrock of America's traditions of
      fairness, equality, decency and ultimately justice.

      "The Lisa McPherson Trust opened our Clearwater office in January of this
      year, and in the nearly six months since we have been there it have become
      clear just how vital it is to have such an organization in the United
      States opposing Scientology. We have found that there is a tremendous
      need amongst Scientology victims and their families for our services. We
      have also seen that it is vitally important for us to counter the efforts
      of Scientology in Washington, D.C., and because of this we plan to open
      another office of the Lisa McPherson Trust in Washington within the next
      year. The purpose of our D.C. office will be to educate our government
      about Scientology and get our government working with the governments of
      Germany, France, and other countries who recognize the danger of
      Scientology. In order to better coordinate this worldwide effort within
      the United States, we plan to open offices of the Lisa McPherson Trust in
      Germany, France, and perhaps one or two other countries within the next

      "This Bible was given to me last night by a friend and I would like to
      read a special passage which my friend selected. It is Psalms 71 verse 13.
      It reads 'May my accusers perish in shame. Let those who want to harm me
      be covered with scorn and disgrace.' But, God is compassionate; and the
      people at the top of Scientology who perpetrate this evil are people that
      all of us would welcome when they leave this organization. I would be
      happy to help them too."

      From Hamburg Abendblatt on June 2nd:

      "What's good for Clinton is not good for Minton. Both have received a
      Charlemagne Award. Bill the President received the international award
      and Bob the Banker received the alternative award. The former from the
      hands of Aachen Mayor Juergen Linden, the latter one day later in Leipzig
      from Ursula Caberta. From his perspective, Scientology's being a
      'totalitarian movement,' thereby 'working against democracy,' appears to
      be less momentous than the fact that he has to carry on his battle against
      Scientology in the USA himself.

      "He said that Scientology was anything but a church, was cynical and would
      destroy anyone who got in its way. After Minton said that, it rained
      Scientology press releases and a flood of open letters was directed at the
      Interior Agency. All with one goal: to discredit Minton and Caberta with
      him. For instance, Minton was accused of being an 'unscrupulous
      money-grubber' who 'personally lined his pockets with several tens of
      millions of dollars under the regime of the former military dictatorship
      in Nigeria - while the population starved.' Minton does not dispute having
      discretely and for a profit bought back, with a partner, $4.5 billion of
      foreign debt on commission of the Nigerian administration. Nor that they
      made a profit with a nominal value of 1 percent ($45 million). What he
      does not agree with are: the numbers being cited far in excess of that,
      assertions that anything was fraudulent, that he is being investigated in
      any way, that bank accounts have been closed or that he profited from oil
      prices which rose during the Gulf War. He will do in Germany what he has
      already done in France - sue Scientology for slander.

      "All that, however, is only coincidental to the members and supporters of
      the Alternative Charlemagne Award committee. For them, only one thing
      counts: Bob Minton is better suited than Bill Clinton for being publicly
      recognized for supporting freedom of opinion and a democratic life-style."

      From Frankfurter Rundschau on June 3rd:

      "The US American banker will be distinguished this Saturday with the
      'Alternative Charlemagne Award 2000'. Minton is receiving the
      unremunerated award for his struggle against the Scientology organization,
      stated the 'European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
      Religious Freedom in the USA' in Berlin. Minton is said to have provided
      Scientology victims with financial and legal assistance. The award was a
      reaction to the presentation of the Aachen Charlemagne Award to U.S.
      President Clinton, who allegedly openly supports the Scientology

      From Der Tagesspiegel on June 3rd:

      "'By holding this ceremony, we intended to give a sign that, in spite of
      the Clinton administration, there are people in America who think
      differently and who do not swim with the Scientology tide,' said Thomas
      Gandow, Sect Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg
      and member of the citizens committee.

      "He said the 'Lisa McPherson Trust,' of which Minton is the chairman,
      helps victims of Scientology make their claims in court. He also said that
      Scientology has been using its accusations for years in a campaign of
      slander against Minton."

      From IDEA on May 31st:

      "The American Scientology organization is apparently ready to carry out a
      hate campaign against the award winner of this year's Alternative
      Charlemagne Award, Scientology critic and U.S. millionaire Bob Minton.
      That was said by the Sects and Weltanschauung Commissioner of the
      Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg, Reverend Thomas Gandow. 'With
      incriminating accusations associated with business dealings, the
      Scientologists are trying to make an anti-Minton campaign out of an
      anti-Scientology gathering ' said Gandow, who is a member of the Award
      Committee. Minton, who openly opposes the Scientology Organization, is
      being placed in counter-point to U.S. President Bill Clinton, who receives
      the 'real' Charlemagne Award in Aachen. Minton, who receives the
      Alternative Charlemagne Award on June 3 in Leipzig, founded the 'Lisa
      McPherson Trust,' an organization which opposes Scientology."

      From Neue Bildpost on June 1st:

      "'It's OK to have a different opinion in regards to Clinton's political
      accomplishments or his personal conduct,' said Reverend Thomas Gandow,
      Sect Commissioner of the Evangelical Church for Berlin-Brandenburg. As
      concerns his attitude towards Scientology, however, there is no doubt:
      'Never before has a government done so much lobbying for Scientology,'
      stressed Gandow.

      "It is not just that the organization received tax exemption in the first
      year of Clinton's term; Clinton's State Department continually blames
      Germany and other European states for dealing with Scientology in a
      critical manner. As a reaction to the presentation of the Charlemagne
      Award, the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and
      Religious Freedom will be giving out an Alternative Charlemagne Award:
      banker Robert Minton, who supports Scientology victims in legal
      proceedings against the organization, will receive it."

      From Zeitung Dresden on June 2nd:

      "Top German sect members sent an open letter on May 29 to the bishops of
      the Evangelical State Churches in Berlin-Brandenburg and Saxony. It was
      demanded of Berlin Bishop Wolfgang Huber that Sect Commissioner Gandow be
      immediately dismissed. He amounts to the 'spiritus rector' of the Leipzig
      arrangement. The letter said that the Saxon state church should 'distance
      itself from the procedure' and not take part in the award. The sect called
      Minton 'an international con man who caused massive harm in Nigeria.' It
      was said that the American became rich when he was deeply involved in the
      restructuring of debt in developing countries.

      "The sect has been rather busy trying to obstruct the gathering.
      Scientology spokesman Georg Stoffel from Munich verified that it had been
      explained what was planned there for the people responsible for the Old
      Stock Exchange [site of the award] and for the Auerbachs Keller [site of
      the reception]. He did not rule out a morning demonstration on Saturday."

      From Berliner Zeitung on June 5th:

      "The European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious
      Freedom in the USA, by doing this, intended to publicly appreciate
      Minton's involvement on behalf of the victims of the Scientology
      Organization. Minton did not want to accept that it was possible for this
      organization to silence all its critics and victims in his home country of
      the USA. He recognized what dangers could arise for people and liberal
      democracy from Scientology, said Ursula Caberta, Director of the Hamburg
      Work Group on Scientology in her 'Laudatio.' The Committee intended that
      the unremunerated human rights award be an alternative to the presentation
      of the Aachen Charlemagne Award to U.S. Bill Clinton. The award is to be
      presented year from now on."

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      > Narconon

      The Oklahoman published an article on June 10th on the controversy over
      Scientology's new Narconon facility in Canadian, Oklahoma.

      "Property owners who don't want Arrowhead Lodge turned into a Narconon
      drug rehabilitation center have taken their fight to the state Health
      Department. Claiming they represent more than 1,300 property owners,
      Arrowhead Estates trustees have asked interim Health Commissioner Jerry
      Regier to reconsider a certificate of need granted to Narconon. The
      75-bed Narconon Chilocco New Life Center in Newkirk plans to move and
      expand to as many as 300 beds at Arrowhead Lodge, near Canadian in
      Pittsburg County. The center's executive director, Gary Smith, said many
      Arrowhead Estates residents don't support the trustees' letter. 'Members
      of my staff have spoken with several homeowners and have been informed
      that the letter submitted to your office was not approved by the
      membership of the homeowners association,' Smith wrote to Regier.

      "An international group with ties to the Church of Scientology bought the
      256-acre resort property May 17 and plans to lease it to Narconon as a
      drug and alcohol abuse treatment center. The nonprofit Association for
      Better Living and Education paid the Choctaw Nation about $1.9 million for
      the resort, Smith said. The Choctaw Nation bought Arrowhead from the
      federal government in 1985, after the state failed to pay back a loan used
      to build the Lake Eufaula resort in 1965.

      "Smith said Narconon intends to have a full-time security force, 'not only
      to ensure our clients remain at the facility but also to ensure that
      outside people do not cause harm to our clients. 'Trustees also claim the
      purchase price is ridiculous, given that 50 of the lodge cabins are
      lake-front property and 'could be sold for $50,000 each minimum.' 'It
      doesn't take a mental giant to figure out something is being sold way
      under book value,' the trustees wrote. 'Why?' Separate appraisals
      commissioned by the seller and buyer put the property's value at between
      $1.9 million and $2 million, Smith responded."

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      > Protest Summary

      Jeff Jacobsen announced the annual memorial protests for Lisa McPherson,
      planned for Clearwater, Florida.

      "The Clearwater 2000 picket and events will be on December 2 and 3 this
      year. The Scientology sidewalks are all back but the 'tunnel' across the
      street from the Ft. Harrison hotel is still there. One can only guess what
      Scientology will do this year to try to stop our free speech. See
      http://www.primenet.com/~cultxpt/demo.htm for links to previous pickets
      and information on our picketing philosophy and goals."

      Keith Henson protested this week at Gold Base near Hemet, California.

      "Tue morning bright and early I drove by the little roadside memorial to
      Ashlee Shaner and through their compound. I figured they had some warning
      because the sprinklers were on again--and some had been turned so they
      sprayed into the roadway. A bunch of construction workers were jumping
      into their trucks and leaving. One asked me what I was doing before I
      started walking toward the center of the compound and I told him about the
      cult and the reason I was out picketing.

      "Only visible scientologists were the two in the guard shack. Normally
      the place swarms with them, walking under the road in two underpasses and
      all over. About two hours into the picket, Ida C. came by with a friend.
      The run-off from the sprinklers was amazing, perhaps 1-200 gpm going down
      a storm drain. The sprinklers were nice because as it warmed up during the
      day I was able to walk through them to keep cool. Four and a half hours
      into the picket, at 11:30, I left and went over to visit Ida."

      Keith also protested three orgs in the San Jose area.

      "Yesterday an interviewer and her taping tech spent a few hours with me.
      She wanted to see the orgs in action, so we made a date to picket an org
      today. We managed to connect not far from the San Jose org at 11 am. They
      got a 10-15 minute picket. Not much action but the guy I refer to as blue
      shirt came out and cursed a blue streak at me.

      "Then we went off to the new org in Mt. View. We started picketing them
      and *instant* heavy enturbulation. The new org has floor to ceiling
      windows facing the street, and there was no way to block our picketing
      from the people inside. Nice Mark and some other dude who has picketed my
      house in the past came out and made an attempt for about an hour to handle
      us--walking with us and trying to introvert us. It was complete bust. They
      also called the cops, who told them the sad news that there was nothing
      they could do about peaceful protest, even if they were claiming to be a

      "I stopped and gave the old Mt. View location a short picket. They saw me
      and one guy had me turn my picket signs so he could read all 4 surfaces,
      but they mostly ignored me."

      Bruce Pettycrew also protested Gold Base this week.

      "Kathy and I arrived at Gold at 10:00 AM and parked about a block away
      from the 'castle' soundstage building, one of the ugliest architectural
      monstrosities I have ever seen. We unpacked our signs, video camera,
      water, etc., and proceeded up the hill towards the Golden Era Studios
      gate. I had my jumbo sign with the '$cientology Lies' and $cientology
      Hurts People' messages, while Kathy used one displaying 'Hubbard was a
      Fraud' and 'Just Another UFO Cult' .

      "As we approached, a work group of four or five probable RPFers quickly
      scattered and disappeared behind one of the many iron gates that blocked
      all the driveway entrances into the compound. The group was working on a
      stone fence with an electric wire running across the top. They had been
      mixing concrete in two wheelbarrows, and left one of them full of wet mix
      that hardened into a solid mass while we picketed- UNBELIEVABLE! One of
      them even left her purse behind.

      "We continued up the road past the chapel. A woman took our pictures from
      behind one of the windows as we approached, but disappeared as soon as I
      waved at her. As we passed the guard house at the Golden Era Studios
      entrance, we were treated to the sight of 5 or 6 brown-shirted guards
      squeezed into the tiny post, with more arriving on the ubiquitous
      blue-painted motor scooters that they used to get around the compound.
      We made another circuit of the buildings, and passed the spot where the
      teenage girl was killed in a traffic accident with front-loader working on
      the site. We continued picketing until about 1:30."

      "Realpch" reported a protest in San Francisco.

      "Jour had a strained ankle, and spent the entire picket in a chair under
      some trees a bit away from the front of Org. So I actually handed out
      flyers. I went through a stack of them and came to the conclusion that
      saying 'Would you like some info?' is much more effective than 'Would you
      care for a flyer?'

      "I also had more than my usual share of conversations with passersby. A
      number of people thanked us for being out there providing information.
      Jeff Quiros came out and took the obligatory photos of us, and there
      wasn't any other 'handling' from the Org."

      "Zeratulcat" and "Kaeli" reported a protest this week in Toronto.

      "The morning crew was; Kaeli, Slippery Jim, Mike Argue, Alan Barclay, Ron
      Sharp, Greg Hagglund, ZeratulCat. Besides Dan walking around with a clip
      board, trying to show some of the group personal information of Greg's,
      which was being used like a politician would to discredit Greg, and Co$
      continually video taping Greg, even when he crossed the street to make a
      phone call and Mr. Hill trying to talk to me and find out what my problem
      with 'his church is', not much happened in the morning."

      "Dan approached me and began showing me Gregg's supposed past bad history,
      all his bankruptcies, etc, etc. I ignored him as much as I could and
      continued passing out flyers. The morning was quiet (10 AM to 12PM) for
      the most part. I called Gregg over to help a person who had no internet
      access to access the critical CoS information. He told the gentleman to go
      to the public library and look up 'A Piece of Blue Sky' by Jon Atack."

      Tony Williams reported a protest in Atlanta this week.

      "We had two new signs - I had one that said 'Scientology Lies -
      www.scientology-lies.com' on one side, and 'Who is Xenu? find out at
      www.xenu.net', while ethercat carried 'What is Scientology? Its a Bait and
      Switch Scam', backed with 'Scientology - They sell you a Bridge, and their
      logo is a Double-Cross!'. We brought some Flyer-Paks(R) with us; we were
      able to hand out 3 of them! We picketed from a little before 11:00 until a
      little past noon, as we had planned. A bit before noon Linda the OTVII
      showed up to water the poor dying marigolds and petunias planted in the
      obviously un-prepared ground next to the sidewalk.

      "At a previous picket Ethercat had promised to bring some information to
      Linda concerning Hubbo's hatred of Gays, and the last time we saw her she
      had berated us for not bringing it. Well, we had it today, but Linda
      refused to accept it."

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      > South Africa

      Andreas Heldal-Lund reported on a controversy over a school Scientology is
      trying to buy in Sandton, South Africa.

      "The Church of Scientology is one of the bidders for the old Woodmead
      school in Sandton, and has plans to establish a management and training
      centre there. The Scripture Union has also bid R3-million for the property
      and buildings and intends to establish a training college for young
      Christians. The Scientologists are prepared to pay R3.4-million, and would
      establish an ecclesiastical management and training centre, responsible
      for the establishment and care of all Scientology churches and
      missionaries throughout Africa. The Woodmead school is one of several
      properties the church is looking at for this purpose.

      "Bob Glenister, a shareholder on the board that administers the property,
      said the school, which was struggling financially was closed in 1999. He
      said he opposed the sale of the 35-hectare property and buildings to the
      Church of Scientology."

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      > John Travolta

      Canoe newspaper service reported that John Travolta dislikes questions
      about Scientology.

      "While on a press junket in Barcelona Spain to promote his latest film
      'Battlefield Earth' which is based on the book by L. Ron Hubbard who
      founded the church, Travolta had a confrontation with a French journalist.
      The journalist asked Travolta why the religion wasn't mentioned in
      'Battlefield's' press kit and then asked about funding for the Church of
      Scientology. Travolta was apparently unhappy with the line of questioning
      and claimed he was being 'trapped' by the interviewer who in turn had his
      video tapes confiscated for 'verification'. When the tapes were returned,
      they were blank."

      From the London Observer, on June 7th:

      "There's no doubt that this year that film is the $70 million Battlefield
      Earth. The reviews were beyond brutal ('Battlefield Earth may well turn
      out to be the worst movie of this century,' suggested the New York Times),
      and statistics showed that the audience crumbled between its first
      Saturday on release and the following Sunday. In other words, people were
      calling their friends and strongly advising them not to see this film.
      But that's barely the start of the 'Battlefield Earth' catastrophe. This
      is the film John Travolta has been struggling to make for at least a
      decade, his true labor of love. Originally, Travolta was going to play the
      hero of Battlefield Earth,' Johnny Goodboy Tyler. But the years drifted
      by and he grew too old for the part, and had to settle instead for playing
      the 10-foot, dreadlocked alien leader with the bizarre accent.

      "The novel Battlefield Earth was written by L. Ron Hubbard, who, apart
      from being a master of immense, turgid sci-fi epics, was the founder of
      the Church of Scientology. And Travolta is one of Hollywood's many devoted
      followers of Hubbard's weird self-help creed. Film stars' long-nurtured
      pet projects usually have an element of tragic over-ambition to them, a
      yearning to do something that's either more personal or breaks them out of
      the restrictions of their star persona."

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