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A.r.s Week in Review - 3/12/2000

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    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 4, Issue 48 3/12/2000 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2000 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
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      Week in Review Volume 4, Issue 48
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Battlefield Earth

      The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on March 7th that the movie Battlefield
      Earth may be delayed past its planned May debut.

      "Inside sources tip that post-production of Battlefield Earth is not
      coming together as fast - or as well - as John Travolta would like, and
      that it could be a challenge for the film, based on the sci-fi epic by
      Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, to make its May 12 release date.
      Perhaps it is the stress, or whatever, but we're told that John's weight
      has ballooned. A lot."

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      > Clearwater

      The letters to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times this week included a
      question directed at Scientology's sidewalk in downtown Clearwater.

      "I would like to know who gave permission to tear up the sidewalks on both
      sides of the 200 block of N Osceola (at Drew Street) in Clearwater. The
      sidewalks were removed in December 1999, and it is now March. It is a very
      dangerous situation for pedestrians who are left to walk in the street. --
      Gwen Waddell, Clearwater"

      Other letters to the editor responded to the Times editorial on the Lisa
      McPherson criminal case, published last week.

      "Isn't it about time that the St. Petersburg Times altered its policy of
      blatant and obviously biased Scientology bashing? You have been presented
      with overwhelming evidence of the wide-ranging beneficial effects of
      Scientology, yet despite this evidence, you refuse to print any data
      complimentary to Scientology. Instead you fixate on one tragic incident
      that happened years ago.

      "You would be doing the public a service if, instead of continuing your
      decades-long and failing campaign against Scientology, you investigated
      the origins of the religious hate group that has recently set up in
      Clearwater. -- Larry Byrnes, Clearwater

      "In this editorial the St. Petersburg Times continues its dedicated
      assault against the First Amendment. It makes freedom of speech a joke as
      it takes no responsibility for the truth. Medical examiner Joan Wood did
      take responsibility for the truth and is being reviled for it in this
      editorial. The First Amendment doesn't give the freedom to lie. It does
      say some definite things about freedom of religion though. -- Colleen
      Wilhite, Clearwater

      "Notwithstanding the specific pathological circumstances which contributed
      to the death of Lisa McPherson, that she did not get proper and timely
      professional medical attention is an irrefutable fact. A further fact is
      that during her 17 days of physical agony, she was attended by persons
      with medical training sufficient for them to conclude that continued
      neglect could very well cause death.

      "Why Dr. Joan Wood believes it is possible to torture the English meaning
      of the word 'accident' to mean 'died due to lack of proper medical
      attention' is an absurdity. Those responsible at bedside, as well as
      those supervising, and all others abetting this gross and depraved
      mistreatment of this young woman should be held criminally responsible for
      causing the death of a human being. No amount of distortion of the lexicon
      by Dr. Wood will change that fact. -- James A. O'Connor, Hudson

      "The Church of Scientology is continuing to buy property and removing same
      from the tax rolls. It got to medical examiner Joan Wood the same way that
      it got to the IRS. Why are the Scientology people who are alleged to have
      committed crimes against the body of Lisa McPherson walking around
      uncharged? Downtown Clearwater will continue to die, in part, because
      visitors see the automatons filling the sidewalks and go elsewhere. City
      plans to develop downtown will be much appreciated by the Church of
      Scientology. -- Al Simard, Clearwater

      "I am so glad that your newspaper continues to fight and shine the light
      of truth on the sci-fi group at the downtown Clearwater hotel. The group
      is so powerful it makes one sick and frankly afraid. -- Dan Mettee, Harbor

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      > Leo J. Ryan Foundation

      A conference hosted by the Leo J. Ryan Foundation will be held next week
      in Stamford, Connecticut.

      "The Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation, a national cult education and
      information organization headquartered in Bridgeport, will hold a
      three-day conference titled 'Human Rights in the New Millennium' on March
      17, 18 and 19 at the Holiday Inn Select in Stamford, CT.

      "Among the workshop topics are: Cults and the Internet; Potential
      Law-Breaking Activities of Cults and Other Extremist Organizations; How to
      Help a Loved One in a Mind Controlling Group; Status of Women and Children
      in Patriarchal, Shepherding, Bible-Based Cults; Altered States; Fronts and
      Finances: Following the Money Trail; Human Rights Versus Freedom of
      Religion; Millennial and Apocalyptic Cults; Unusual Rescues from High
      Control Groups.

      Among the featured speakers will be: Deborah Layton, a former member of
      Jim Jones' People's Temple and author of 'Seductive Poison,' a book that
      helps readers understand the deceptive and destructive nature of cults.
      Robert Lifton, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology and
      Director of the Center on Violence and Human Survival at the John Jay
      College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Dr. Lifton is the author of
      'Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism,' a seminal study of
      American P.O.W.s during the Korean War. Steve Hassan, a former leader in
      the Unification Church, nationally respected exit counselor and author of
      the bestselling book 'Combating Cult Mind Control.' He will introduce his
      new book, 'Releasing the Bonds,' a practical guide for friends and family
      members trying to help loved ones trapped in or coming out of destructive
      groups. Bob Minton, whose struggles with Scientologists have been profiled
      on investigative programs such as 20/20, Dateline and A&E's Investigative
      Reports. He is founder of the recently created Lisa McPherson Trust in
      Clearwater, FL.

      "For more information or to register call: 203-366-5500 or 203-338-9776."

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      > France

      Le Monde this week reported that Scientology has formed a commission to
      denounce the French government for alleged persecution of cults.

      "Three empty chairs on the first rank, with the name of their addresses:
      'Alain Vivien, Jean Tiberi, Senator About'. On a platform, behind a red
      carpeted table, a sort of a Court composed of 'international experts'. The
      first 'Public inquiry commission on human rights abuses' was held on the
      Forum Grenelle in Paris, on March 3d, 2000. One after the other, the
      movements designed as 'cults' by the parliamentary report done in January
      1996 come to the bar to complain against the 'cultural harassment' from
      the 'new inquisition': Rael, Sokka Gakai, the Family, the Raja Yoga, Horus
      and some less known others. The main indicted ones: The Interministerial
      Mission to struggle against Cults, presided by Alain Vivien, the Senator
      Nicolas About, author of a law project aimed at dangerous cults'
      dismantlement, and the National Union for the Defense of Family and

      "Alain Vivien and Nicolas About had received some days before the meeting
      a convocation in these terms: 'The International Commission of Independent
      Experts is composed of a panel of independent international experts having
      been charged to examine the human rights violations in France. The
      Commission has been seized, by the Church of Scientology, of certain facts
      about you which could be contrary to Rights conferred by the International
      Conventions of Human Rights and french Constitution. The Commission wishes
      to hear you on the following violations.' Then came a number of
      grievances, like 'inciting to hate' or 'to discriminate against members of
      religious communities'."

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      > Germany

      Der Spiegel reported on March 4th that the German government will be
      conducting a source code review of Windows 2000 out of concern that a
      component of the software was created by a Scientologist. The report was
      denied by Microsoft.

      "The Federal Interior Ministry is examining an offer by software giant
      Microsoft to have the source code of its new Windows 2000 programs
      inspected. Microsoft apparently is afraid that without the official seal
      of approval from the German agency, its Windows program will not be
      installed and that private individuals would also hesitate to buy it.
      The suspicion is directed at the 'Diskeeper' program module, which was
      developed by a company belonging to Scientologist Craig Jensen. Experts
      think it possible that, with the help of Diskeeper, data on the hard drive
      of Windows 2000 computers would be accessible to unauthorized outside

      From dpa on March 3rd:

      "The Microsoft software company denied a report that they had offered to
      let the Federal Interior Ministry inspect the source code of its new
      Windows 2000 program. Windows 2000 became a topic of discussion because
      of possible entanglements with Scientology. 'We are having meetings with
      the Ministry. But there has been no offer from our side to have the source
      code inspected,' said Microsoft speaker Irene Nadler on Friday to the dpa.
      There was also said to have been no offer from Microsoft to let
      specialists from the Federal Office of Security in Information Technology
      (BSI) inspect the source code in the USA. Microsoft regards the source
      code of its commercial software products as an operational secret.

      "Microsoft spokesman Kurt Braatz stated that the Executive Software
      company would have to be treated like any other company, regardless of its
      religion. 'There is no judgment in force in which Scientology is
      categorized as an organization hostile to the Constitution. We cannot
      exclude a valid offer from anyone based on religious, racist or other type
      of grounds from doing business with us.'"

      Stuttgarter Zeitung reported on March 11th that Scientology has rented a
      furniture storefront for a ten day open house.

      "Yesterday's opening exhibition was comparable to a Las Vegas show: Munich
      artist Waki Zoellner cut a red ribbon with an over-sized golden scissors
      accompanied by a swing band in red suits. Despite the mounted glossy
      photos of Scientologists from all over the world and countless book titles
      by Scientology founder Ron Hubbard, the messages were not light fare.
      'Dianetics gives you a method,' said one for example, 'by which the
      recreative [sic] mind is addressed so that hidden negative experiences are
      discovered and their harmful effects on a person are deleted.'

      "Critics accuse the controversial organization of pursuing mainly
      commercial interests. 'On neutral ground,' said Stuttgart Scientology
      spokesman Reinhard Egy, they wished to 'tear down obstacles' and show
      'that we are not an elitist club.' The recreative energies can be detected
      via the e-meter: the subject holds two metal cans in his hands and the
      indicator on the gauge moves according to energy flows. Cost of the
      device: 5,000 marks.

      "Scientology rented the vacant rooms of the furniture building on
      Friedrich Street for the length of the show. That way it can recruit
      without being disturbed in the middle of the city. In February of last
      year, the 'What is Scientology?' wandering exhibition triggered numerous
      protests because the organization rented the Cannstatt bingo hall from the
      city and aggressively recruited visitors. In the near vicinity of the
      actual presentations there are no loud opposing voices - the rooms are
      located in a private building. Therefore the city, which would like to
      forbid Scientology's recruitment downtown, has no recourse in regard to
      the banner hanging on the facade of the building."

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      > Gregg Hagglund

      Scientology critic Gregg Hagglund reported this week that Scientologist
      Peter Ramsay has registered a company in the name of Gregg's small

      "The Repugnant Mr. Ramsay has made a callous and cruel move to utterly
      destroy the temporal trappings of my Faith: the Temple of At'L'An.
      'Temple of At'L'An' is a registered business name by my wife and I, since
      Dec of 1994. The name 'Temple of At'L'An' and its motto 'Integrity,
      Honesty, Compassion and Charity' are *my* 'original creative 'inventions'
      under copyright. Mr. Ramsay has incorporated an Ontario company and stolen
      my 'business' name and motto. Legally he can attempt to preclude my use of
      'Temple of At'L'An' if I let matters stand.

      "The Repugnant Mr. Ramsay is also seeking to Trademark 'Temple of
      At'L'An'. If successful this would be the 'lock' on the door and ruination
      of my Temple. I have determined to engage a Trademark and Copyright
      Attorney. I have been assured my extensive continuous prior use and
      'original creation' of the word 'At'L'An' will result in
      Ramsay/Scientology losing in a Trademark Dispute. I could then preclude
      his abuse of our good name."

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      > Kirstie Alley

      The Wichita Eagle reported on March 5th that Scientology celebrity Kirstie
      Alley has opened a school behind the Wichita, Kansas mission.

      "Wichita native Kirstie Alley for the opening of Lillie's Learning Place,
      a free tutoring center, named after Alley's daughter, that is open to
      people of all ages. The new center is at 3416 E. Oakland, behind the
      Church of Scientology Mission that Alley established five years ago in
      Wichita's College Hill neighborhood. Originally, Lillie's made its home in
      the mission's building.

      "For Alley, as well as the nearly 700 members of the Scientology mission
      in Wichita, the area holds great value: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard
      lived in the neighborhood in the 1950s and wrote some of his essays that
      would be part of what he called Study Technology -- ways to develop
      learning and comprehension.

      "The ribbon-cutting ceremony was preceded by Education Expo 2000, a fair
      seeking volunteers for 51 Wichita nonprofit groups. The event was held at
      Wichita State University's Hughes Metropolitan Complex. Joining Alley and
      Najimy at the ceremony was actress Jenna Elfman, who stars in the 'Dharma
      and Greg' television series. Visitors also got to tour the two-story
      center, which includes study rooms and a library that includes basic
      reading texts by Hubbard, as well as classical literature."

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      > Los Angeles

      The Los Angeles Times reported on March 4th that the Scientology's Women's
      Auxiliary held a fundraiser this week.

      "The Women's Auxiliary of the Church of Scientology is planning its second
      annual 'Evening of Fun and Revitalization' today at the La Canada Country
      Club. Lisa Malm is event coordinator and president of the auxiliary. Nancy
      Reitze is event co-chairwoman. The gala will include live and silent
      auctions, dinner, a diamond bar, door prizes and more. Proceeds go to
      social reform activities such as drug education, drug abuse programs,
      criminal rehabilitation and human rights issues."

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      > Lisa McPherson

      Scientology brought two medical experts to Clearwater this week to counter
      an editorial in the St. Petersburg Times. From the Times on March 7th:

      "As prosecutors consider whether to proceed with criminal charges in the
      death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson, the Church of Scientology on Monday
      presented two nationally known pathologists who said they have scientific
      evidence that the 1995 death was accidental. Drs. Michael M. Baden and
      Cyril H. Wecht also suggested their work is so conclusive the case should
      be dropped. Their primary conclusion: McPherson, 36, died suddenly and
      unpredictably of a blood clot in her left lung that originated from a knee
      bruise she suffered in a minor auto accident 17 days earlier.

      "'This is Forensic Pathology 101,' said Baden, once part of O.J. Simpson's
      'dream team' defense. 'This is not complicated.' "Wecht said the area
      behind McPherson's left knee, where the clot formed, is a common site for
      blood clots to develop. He said it traveled into McPherson's heart and
      lodged in her left lung. The doctors, hired two years ago by Scientology,
      also asserted there is no evidence that McPherson was dehydrated or

      "Baden and Wecht said they flew to Clearwater to respond to a recent St.
      Petersburg Times editorial about the case. In doing so, the two doctors
      provided insight into the size and scope of the church's defense team.
      Wecht said six additional forensic pathologists had independently reached
      the same conclusions he and Baden reached. But their words also seemed
      directed at the office of State Attorney Bernie McCabe. Wecht said
      McCabe's office would be 'irresponsible' and 'less than meticulous' to
      ignore the doctors' work. Doug Crow, one of McCabe's top assistants, said
      if someone wants to present information about the case, 'I don't think
      we'd ever refuse that type of information.' He said the office was
      continuing its review, but noted that Wood's revised autopsy 'still made a
      finding of severe dehydration.'

      "Baden, a former chief medical examiner in New York City, has played roles
      in some of the country's most celebrated death cases. He participated in
      the re-autopsy of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. He led the 1979
      congressional re-examination of evidence in the assassination of President
      Kennedy, and worked on the autopsies of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.,
      actor John Belushi and former baseball manager Billy Martin. Wecht, a
      lawyer and the county coroner in Pittsburgh, also worked on the 1979
      Kennedy assassination commission and is a frequent commentator on major
      death cases."

      From the Tampa Tribune on March 7th:

      "Baden, former chief medical examiner for New York City, appeared at a
      news conference in downtown Clearwater along with Cyril Wecht, a renowned
      coroner and lawyer in Pittsburgh, to share their views about what killed
      Lisa McPherson. They, and six colleagues, have agreed McPherson, a
      Scientologist for 13 years, died from a blood clot that formed behind her
      left knee and traveled to her left pulmonary artery, cutting off her

      "Both men said the clot started to form after McPherson hit her left leg
      on the driver's side door in the car accident. They said she was
      physically healthy but would have died even if she was in the care of a
      hospital instead of at the Fort Harrison Hotel, the church's spiritual
      headquarters. Both men said they were not working for free for the
      church, but they would not disclose how much they were being paid. During
      Simpson's trial, Baden testified he was paid $1,500 a day instead of his
      customary $2,500 to $3,000 fee because of Simpson's dwindling financial
      resources. Wecht said Monday he was amused and offended by the
      suggestions that Scientology officials were paying the pair to say what
      the church wanted to hear. 'It is not a ploy or some kind of fictional
      ruse,' he said."

      From Tampa area TV news, on Fox-13:

      "World-famous forensic pathologists were so upset by a local newspaper
      editorial, they came here to set the record straight, as they say. The
      editorial called for continued prosecution of the Church of Scientology
      for the death of Lisa McPherson. The Church of Scientology said it would
      hire pre-eminent experts in its defense, and these are two of the best.
      Dr. Michael Baden was chief medical examiner in New York City and was
      hired by the House of Representatives to review the Kennedy and King

      "DR. CYRIL WECHT: Unexpected, absolutely unpredictable and hence
      unavoidable deaths--

      "DR. MICHAEL BADEN: Looking at the photographs and talking to Dr. Davis
      and looking at the microscopic slides, there is no evidence of
      malnutrition or dehydration.

      "And at one point Dr. Joan Wood referred to numerous abrasions on
      McPherson as cockroach bites.

      "DR. MICHAEL BADEN: Clearly they're not cockroach bites. I've seen a lot
      of them in New York City, in the Bronx, in my 40 years of doing this work.
      Um, they're scrape marks."

      From Channel 28:

      "Well, the controversy surrounding the Church of Scientology and the death
      of one of its members continued today. Two medical experts spoke out in
      support of the church, claiming Lisa McPherson could not have been saved
      by anyone. Today, a pair of forensic pathologists came and argued in
      favor of the church and saying that instead of going by public opinion,
      medical science should be used in exactly explaining what happened to Lisa

      "DR. CYRIL WECHT: The fact of the matter is, with all due respect to Dr.
      Wood, she was wrong in her diagnoses.

      "DR. MICHAEL BADEN: Malnutrition and dehydration are not present in Ms.
      McPherson. Looking at the photographs and talking to Dr. Davis and looking
      at the microscopic slides, there is no evidence of malnutrition or

      Stacy Young reported this week that Scientology was preparing papers to
      file in the Lisa McPherson criminal case.

      "OSA called a mandatory meeting today of all FCCIs (FCCI is how they refer
      to Flag public pcs -- it stands for Flag Case Completion Intensive) to
      order them to sign an amicus brief stating that they have had great
      benefits from their Scientology auditing and that the state of Florida is
      discriminating against them by putting their 'religion' on trial. This is
      then going to be filed in the McPherson criminal case as a way to put
      pressure on the judge to dismiss the case."

      From the St. Petersburg Times on March 9th:

      "A group of more than 200 Scientologists says the criminal prosecution
      against the Church of Scientology has hurt them personally, and they are
      asking a judge to dismiss the case. In affidavits filed Wednesday in
      Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court, many church members said the criminal case
      stemming from the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson has prompted
      their non-Scientologist relatives, friends and co-workers to question
      their involvement in the church, shun them, ridicule them or express
      concern about their safety.

      "The affidavits include the statements of Scientologists from Clearwater
      and many other parts of the country. Mary DeMoss, former owner of a
      children's acting school in Clearwater, said several non-Scientologist
      parents pulled their children out of the school after the Lisa McPherson
      investigation began, saying they feared she would kidnap or brainwash
      them. DeMoss said the problem caused the school to close. Several
      Scientologist parents said their children had been ostracized in local
      schools, and one man complained the case had resulted in a rift between
      him and his 85-year-old mother, a Methodist. Another Scientologist,
      Kimberly Marchand, said her best friend of 14 years refused to attend her
      wedding at the Fort Harrison Hotel because she feared for her safety.

      "One of Moxon and Kobrin's central points was that the Scientology
      staffers who kept McPherson at the Fort Harrison were engaged in an
      'entirely religious' practice called the 'Introspection Rundown,' which
      was devised by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to calm a person in the
      throes of psychosis before administering Scientology counseling called
      'auditing.' Moxon and Kobrin said prosecutors are attacking that practice,
      in effect forcing Scientologists to get psychiatric or psychological care,
      which is against their religion."

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      > Mike McClaughry

      A transcript from a video of Mike McClaughry was posted to a.r.s this
      week. Mike claims to have conducted dirty tricks operations in the
      Guardian's Office.

      "My name is Mike McClaughry, I'm a Scientologist I got into Scientology in
      late 1968 and early 1969 I went on staff at the San francisco Org. I read
      all the various materials, for the intelligence bureau that you might see
      on the Internet, and I would have personal knowledge that the issues in
      those hat packs are correct and were the ones that were studied and were
      the ones that we used and applied in our daily work. My understand was
      that the issues were primarily from LRH, some of the issues had nobody's
      name on it, but, just by the way they were written I assumed they were
      from LRH.

      One was called Intelligence, It's Role and another one, I don't even know
      if it even had a name, but it told us how to do Black Intelligence
      Operations. The basic idea was that intelligence was supposed to be
      correct information and form what was called an estimate of the situation.
      An estimate of the situation was not something something that was cast in
      stone or something that you could necessarily prove in court, but based on
      as much information about the enemy as you could acertain, you were
      supposed to be able to determine if there was a situation with the enemy
      that needed to be handled or Whether there was no situation.

      "Basically you were supposed to be able to perform a prediction. Like in
      any war situation, you infiltrate the enemy, you determine its size its
      strength, what its next move is going to be, if he's gonna make one. The
      whole idea of the estimate of situation, which was the primary product of
      the intelligence unit, was to make a prediction. What's the enemy was
      going do? When? Where? What strength? Having made that prediction, then
      intelligence was supposed to handle the situation before it ever happened.
      And any time an attack came on the organization which was unpredicted it
      was considered an intelligence failure. All somebody has to do is
      criticize Scientology, and they would be considered an 'enemy', for
      instance if they wrote a book that was negative on it in any form, if they
      got on a TV show or radio show, you didn't even have to go that far they
      could just talking to their neighbors and we heard of it."

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      > Protest / Revenge Summary

      "Louise" protested in Canberra, Australia this week.

      "There were three and a half of us in all. Two signs and four different
      types of flyers. We proceeded to 'borg corner' where Anna Dethridge likes
      to stand with her clipboard accosting passing people with her 'Do you mind
      if I ask you a few questions?' She saw me and my two co-picketers
      approaching with our signs and piles of leaflets. She turned her heels and
      ran back into the borg, returning soon after with hubby, Dean. She said
      that I was only there because I was upset about something I had 'lost.'
      She also said that I was going to lose something soon that began with a b
      and ends with an e. (My bike?) I laughed and said something like 'Oh now
      you're talking in riddles'.

      "We picketed for about an hour, on the corner, outside the org and in the
      middle of the pedestrian mall. We kept trying to leave, but the public
      kept wanting to ask more questions and at least half of the leaflets I
      gave out were to people who approached me and asked for one. The others I
      gave out to people after asking 'Do you want to find out about
      Scientology's space alien scam?'"

      Louise was visited by a Scientology private investigator this week.

      "This morning I was visited by a Private Investigator representing the
      Church of Scientology. We discussed my motives for my actions in regards
      to the Church. He also visited two other critics in Canberra who wisely
      chose not to discuss anything with him. His name is Roger Middleton and he
      told me he was from Melbourne. He is a retired police officer in his
      fifties. Even though I was friendly to him, I am still reporting the
      incident to the police. I will also be reporting the four phone calls from
      the residence of the DSA."

      "Realpch" reported a revenge picket at her home.

      "Two of the kids told me that 'that guy' (otherwise known as the
      Loudmouth) was here. I thanked them and got my camera, but when I got
      outside, the Loudmouth was walking away down the street. The boys told me
      he was carrying some flyers, but I didn't see any picket sign. A few
      minutes later, there was another knock. 'He's back!' said the kids. And
      there he was, with his car and his picket sign. The kids told me, 'We
      called the cops!' and I went back in for my camera. When I got back
      outside, the Loudmouth was getting in his car with his picket sign. He
      uttered one menace: 'You'd better cut it out Peaches.'"

      Sean Ostler protested twice this week in Salt Lake City.

      "I arrived at 12:30 pm and noticed that the org looked like it was
      deserted. I started walking back and forth in front of the org. I
      picketed until 1 pm. I saw no activity within the org. No one came out to
      handle me. A couple of staffers came and went from the parking lot and I
      got dirty looks from the following individuals: Don Jarvis, Senior C/S
      SLC, Dana Rock, Course Supervisor SLC, Hazel Balken, C/S of the
      soon-to-be-defunct New Life Utah."

      "I arrived at the Salt Lake org at 1 pm and saw that Deana was already
      there, sitting in her car. Deana and I began walking back and forth on the
      sidewalk in front of the org. With two of us picketing, we got a lot of
      response from people driving by. Almost everyone was looking at our signs
      and we got plenty of thumbs up, waves, smiles, laughs, shouts, and honks.

      "There was absolutely no 'handling' from the org. About the only activity
      we witnessed was a staffer or two using the receptionist phone. At one
      point, Judy Steed, the ED, sat at the receptionist desk and watched us for
      about 10 minutes. I think all the response we were getting really had her
      in a snit. We decided to stop picketing at 2:30 because we were both kind
      of tired and because we had already accomplished so much that day. It was
      a very successful picket."

      Vernon Cain protested at the Buffalo org this week.

      "What a mess. Wood clad over the side window. Most all front and all of
      the side windows, one boarded over, are blocked with yellowing kaki
      colored paper wrinkled and buckled. Most of the second floor is abandoned
      while the third is nearly vacant while the entire top floor is clearly
      entirely abandoned. A short stout lady with dark hair came out to 'handle
      me' at least 5 times. She was either on the phone frantically waving her
      arms about or outside taking pictures of me and my two assistants.

      "As I pulled my picket sign out of the trunk and turned to see a squad car
      slow as it passed I showed it to him, '$cientology UFO CULT' and he
      signaled with a thumbs up and smiled as I pointed to the main entrance a
      few car lengths ahead of my vehicle. The stout older lady with a perpetual
      cigarette and camera, came out to 'handle my objection' to $cientology.
      First she guffaws me and gives me the usual TR-Lie about the Hubbard Venus
      Story, Xenu, OTs, 75 million year old Hawaii, the chain locker, rat
      bastard lawyers, the OJ Dream Team, and then she spotted my sign's note
      about LISA. My sign says 'Don't ask why was LISA Killed?' She was beside
      herself with trying to get me to ack her jubilant enthusiasm over the
      press release about the corner's report. A squad car pulls up to be
      greeted by this stout woman running out to chatter and point to me. They
      start to tell me well it is OK if you picket back and forth but you can
      not talk while you are out here. You will have to be quiet or I will have
      to arrest you. I asked well, what about free speech? He starts to quote me
      the law about disturbances. I won't be causing any disturbances. May I
      picket? 'Sure' he said, 'Go ahead. But keep it down.'

      "Several minutes later another squad car pulls up and stops, and again the
      stout woman juts over to the curb to chat. The officer begins to read me
      the riot act of sorts. He wants no trouble from the lady inside as a
      result of my actions. I agree the cult is a dangerous thing and I will be
      careful not to disturb them. Another squad car pulls up out front to be
      greeted by the stout one again leaping out to reach the curb first. This
      is the fourth squad car I have greeted and the third time she has called
      911 to get them out on an emergency basis. 'You really can not talk while
      you are out here.' I ask about Free Speech and he cautions me of all the
      exact details of causing a public disturbance and he will take me in if I
      insist on causing continued public disturbances. But what about my using
      my picket chants. Picket Chants are OK. You can not yell into someone's
      face. OK Watch me I will do my thing for a minute here, '$cientology,
      Space Alien Cult! UFO SCAM! Hubbard Lied! Check it out see www.xenu.net!'
      I turned and asked how's that? They both smiled and showed thumbs up. I
      added what about like this, as a bus passed, I raised the sign and waved
      and raised my slogan a notch or two to counter the din of the diesel
      engines. The both nodded approval. The two officers ended with a note of
      support and drive off. As I went back by the main window to signal the end
      of my picket I noticed that the stout one was on the phone flaying about

      "Cher" protested in Washington, DC this week.

      "Merk and I arrived at Starbucks across from fcdc around 12:30pm today.
      Arnie was sitting there waiting for us. Bunnyann showed up next, followed
      immediately by zinj. Merk & I crossed the street to the b0rg and we were
      immediately met by Sylvia Stanard. First thing she said was, 'Arnie posted
      on ARS there would be multiple pickets this weekend, so I have been here
      all day waiting for you stupid people to get here.' Arnie and zinj went to
      the car to get more signs for everyone, and Bunny joined Merk and I.

      "We started handing out flyers right away to anyone who would take one,
      telling people how $cientology was a greedy money grubbing cult. I had
      made a sign that was like a traffic warning sign, yellow, diamond shaped,
      with black trim and lettering, 'DANGER CULT ZONE' on one side and the UFO
      Cult warning sign on the other. It seemed to be a big hit with the passing
      traffic, as it attracted a lot of attention, with people rolling down
      their windows asking for flyers from their cars. Merk handed out lots of
      flyers and talked to lots of people, Arnie did his ever popular 'It's
      worse than you think' and 'NO OTS There' thing, handing out flyers, zinj
      pointed out the 'space cooties' quite a bit, Bunny handled car traffic.
      Today was the first time I was able to picket without my wheelchair.

      "There was a Mayor's convention in DC this weekend, so we had a few people
      come by with 'Mayor' tags on their coats. Naturally, we made a point to
      look out for them. We were not handled much today for some reason. Thierry
      took my pic 3 times before he got it right. Sylvia came up to take my pic
      also, but it seems her batteries went dead."

      Gregg Hagglund reported on a protest at the Toronto org.

      "Picketers: 10am to 1pm - Artemis, AndroidCat, Gregg Hagglund and ex-Scns
      Mike Argue and Dave Palter. 2pm to 5pm - AndroidCat, DeepWog, Gregg
      Hagglund, ex-Scns Dave Palter and Nan Maclean. Flyer Count: 550+. Hired
      Duty Officer issues two cautions: Mike Argue cautioned that saying
      'F---er' very loudly could get him a ticket for disturbing the peace. Dave
      Palter cautioned about 'unwanted spontaneous hugging' of a Co$ public.
      Hired Duty Officer opines Court Order needed to halt Co$ new aggressive
      'Picket Chicken' efforts.

      "As I approached the lot, who should be waiting for me, but the Repugnant
      Mr. Ramsay. He is standing about 15 feet in front of my car. He has a
      stare on him that sends chills up my spine. I become afraid. A possible
      lunatic fanatic with apparent self delusions of grandeur, charged with
      'destroying utterly' an Enemy so as to protect the maundering of another
      madman who had proposed SPs and others, would be 'disposed of quietly and
      without sorrow'.

      "52 Division answered the phone. I briefly introduce myself, the days
      plans and detail my current situation with Ramsay and my desire to avoid a
      violent confrontation. He looks away and then looks back at me, visibly
      impatient. I describe Ramsay and what he is doing. Should I back away and
      leave, I ask? No, I am advised. Unwise. Stay in the car, look relaxed and
      stay on the phone. A patrol car is being sent. Ramsay is becoming more
      agitated. Two squad cars park near my position. Two Officers, a man and a
      woman come to speak with me. The Officers agree, given my information is
      correct, Mr. Ramsay should be advised of the criteria of Criminal

      Phil Scott protested in San Francisco.

      "I arrived about 12:10 and began picketing with my sign that has the wrong
      URL on it www.xenu.com instead of .net. About 12:15 Jeff Liss came by
      with two lady friends. He sets up his $500 tripod and then his $2.000 sony
      digital movie camera on top, and begins getting shots of me picketing. The
      ladies were handing out xenu fliers.

      "We had no handlers, a few newbies came in, a couple listened to what I
      had to say. One lady said 'well they are treating ME fine' and I told her
      that they do that a the lower level orgs, but that it gets crazier and
      criminal at the top. We wrapped up a bit before 2pm. phr and I had lunch
      at the mexican place."

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      > Tilman Hausherr

      Tilman Hausherr reported being sued by two Scientologists for a post made
      to a German newsgroup.

      "Two german scientology organisations have sued me for a post I made in
      the german scientology newsgroup. However the lawsuit is only about $600 .
      This has to do with the fact that I did already sign a 'cease and desist'
      letter before, but declined to pay the legal costs associated with the
      letter, because IMO it wasn't libelous. This means that they can sue me
      only for the legal costs, which is these $600 plus the legal costs for
      these $600. The court has already hinted that it considers these costs to
      be too high, because in Germany legal costs are calculated differently
      than in the US, the 'worst' that can happen to me is that I have to pay
      about $800."

      Message-ID: <1kcicsgqoa1o1vqolfl4o7ooqni06ud6rv@...>


      > Toronto

      NOW magazine published a story on an article on Scientology in the Town
      Crier magazine and the disappearance of Al Buttnor from the Toronto org.

      "This week the church got some favourable spin, on the front-page, no
      less, of the Town Crier. Acting editor Ken Shular writes about clean-up
      efforts of the Church's 'drug-free marshals' in the Yonge and Isabella
      neighbourhood in the wake of two recent shootings at clubs in the area.
      The front-page colour photo of shiny, happy, garbage-bag totting
      scientologists also came compliments of the church.

      "Shuler says he knows something about the church's controversial past. He
      was coming up on deadline and 'hard up' for a front-page story when it
      came walking right in the front door in the form of scientologist Tim
      Bewcyk. 'It's kind of a strange coincidence,' he says. 'I don't think they
      were expecting anything near the coverage they got. They just caught me on
      the right day.'

      "In other Scientology news, Church spokesperson Al Buttnor, it seems,
      won't be fielding media calls for a while. He's disappeared. Buttnor,
      depending on who you talk to in the church, is either on vacation, on a
      special project, or on a sabbatical."

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