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A.r.s Week in Review - 10/27/2002

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 7, Issue 30 10/27/2002 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2002 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2002
      Week in Review Volume 7, Issue 30
      10/27/2002 by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2002

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Germany

      Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger reported on October 19th that the Bavarian
      government will be issuing a report that finds that Scientology is opposed
      to the principles of the the legal system in Germany.

      "The Bavarian government pursued the topic and a report will be appearing
      in November. Reputable lawyers, psychologists and forensic psychiatrists
      have investigated Scientology these last four years, and their work is
      covered by a 680 page report.

      "The result of the quarter million Euro study is that Scientology's
      internal structure and several areas of operation are in contradiction to
      central principles of the legal system. The authors recommended that
      politicians consider banning the organization. They also regard it as
      possible that the formation of a criminal organization has occurred with
      respect to Scientology. State Interior Minister Gunther Beckstein was not
      displeased with this news, as Scientology has successfully outmaneuvered
      the legal system in Bavaria in the past.

      "Scientology's dealings with its staff was a pointed issue of the study,
      which said that heavy pressure was used to obtain results, and that
      sometimes people were required to give up speaking with members of their
      family. The cult's courses were also taken into consideration, and some of
      the promises made about them were said to fulfill the conditions for
      fraud. Some practices were also regarded as a violation of medical
      malpractice laws."

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      > Psychiatry

      The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on October 18th that Scientologist
      Randy Kretchmar will defend a patient in Chester, Missouri at a commitment
      hearing. He has announced that he plans to use the hearing to put
      Psychiatry itself on trial.

      "It's a commitment hearing for Rodney Yoder, an unwilling 'patient' at the
      Chester Mental Health Center. But Yoder and his supporters intend to do
      more than argue that Yoder ought to go free. They intend to put psychiatry
      on trial. They hope that this hearing will do to psychiatry what the
      Scopes Monkey Trial did to creationism. That is, expose it as a false

      "First there's Rodney Yoder. Time magazine called him one of America's
      most spectacular jerks because he is so often rude and impatient with
      people. He has been held at the Chester Mental Health Center for more than
      10 years, and he argues that he is sane. Before being thrown into the
      asylum, he had done a stretch in the prison in Chester for assaulting his
      wife. She is now his ex-wife, and he is engaged to Millie Strom, a
      Canadian who was once married to the legendary musician, John Lee Hooker.

      "Yoder's attorney is Randy Kretchmar. He's new to the practice of law.
      This will be his first trial. By the way, he is a Scientologist, and
      followers of that faith seem to make up a good portion of Yoder's
      supporters. (Yoder is not a Scientologist.) Also supporting Yoder are
      so-called psychiatric survivors. Throw in a smattering of journalists and
      you've got the makings of an interesting audience."

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      > Narconon

      Signonsandiego.com reported on October 19th that Narconon has received
      permission from the planning commission to operate a facility in Warner
      Springs, California.

      "The Narconon center would be housed in a former motel and two houses off
      state Route 79. It would serve up to 30 people ages 18 to 25, and they
      would be treated by a staff of 15, three who would live at the center.
      Patients would pay $22,000 to participate in a voluntary six-month
      program. The project - which had many supporters at yesterday's
      commission hearing - was approved in a 4-0 vote, with Michael York absent.
      But opponents vow to appeal the project to the Board of Supervisors."

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      > Tom Padgett

      Arnie Lerma reported that Tom Padgett was released from jail on October
      22nd. He has been involved in a family court dispute with his ex-wife, a
      Scientologist, which led to his extradition from Rhode Island to a
      Kentucky jail.

      "The bogus 'felony indictment' of child support allegations filed in march
      1998 was reduced to a misdemeanor charge, the court did acknowledge that
      Mr. Pagett's child support had in fact been fully and completely paid, and
      that all future support had already been paid. In addition, a $12,000
      overpayment was due to be returned by the court.

      "The Kentucky Court ordered Padgett to pay a $1,900 'extradition' travel
      expense before they released him. This would pay for his travel as well as
      the Hopkins county sheriffs that went to Rhode Island to take him back to
      Kentucky before the extradition hearing in Rhode Island could even be
      held. A post ruling affidavit will be filed to object strenuously since
      the extradition procedure was done illegally from Rhode Island."

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      > Protest Summary

      Jens Tingleff reported a protest at the Birmingham, England Scientology
      org on October 26th.

      "Dave, John, Hartley and myself had a cracking day out picketing. Quite a
      few kids wanted balloons only for the helium, but there were lots of
      balloons that people kept, so our XENU logo is getting out there. When the
      youngsters queued up for balloons, some of them asked for an explanation
      and got the spiel about how Scientology was a self-help therapy combined
      with a pyramid money-making scheme which dragged members in from the real
      world to the phony alternative of a cult. Quite a few of them knew that
      Travolta and Cruise are members, and I offered the theory that some actors
      need the comfort of bought friends enough to sign up for craziness as bad
      as the UFO-cult.

      "John keeps developing his spiel on the microphone, and worked in the
      message that, unlike most other UFO-cults, Scientology didn't have the
      courage of their own convictions to admit to being a UFO-cult. I had two
      youngsters walk up and say 'Scientology stole my brother.' At least he got
      out again, as far as I understood.

      "We did have a brief visit from a nasty git. He tore one of our XENU
      balloons from a girl. He also threw a few pennies at John's feet which was
      considered hilarious by the Scientologists. The Scientologists had four
      people there permanently, and occasional reinforcements of another three
      or four.

      "The 'anti-drugs' leaflets handed out by the Scientologists started with a
      page that did not describe the drug they purported to discuss but
      describing how groups who were trying to rid society of drugs were often
      attacked by people and other groups who had some interest in keeping
      society affected negatively by drugs."

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      > Lisa Marie Presley

      The National Enquirer reported in the October 29th issue that Scientology
      celebrity Lisa Marie Presley and actor Nicolas Cage will be separating in
      part because he refuses to convert to Scientology.

      "They've had arguments about Nicolas wanting to go out partying with his
      buddies whenever he wants and Lisa Marie objects to that. Nic also wants
      to close down Graceland to the public and move in there with Lisa Marie
      but she would rather live in Southern California. He also wants Lisa Marie
      to get pregnant right away and have his child but Lisa Marie wants to wait
      for a while to have any more kids so she can keep her figure. Also,
      according to a source, 'On top of all that, Nic isn't a Scientologist like
      Lisa Marie - and he refuses to be converted.'

      From UK magazine Anorak on October 25th:

      "It appears to be too late to save the marriage of Lisa Marie Presley and
      Nicolas Cage. 'The marriage has exploded,' a pal tells. 'Fights have
      brought Nic and Lisa Marie to the brink of divorce.' They not yet have
      matching plasters, but they do seem to share a mutual antipathy. He, it
      seems, is upset that she is reluctant to have a baby. She's upset over his
      partying with friends, when he drinks, smokes and plays pool.

      "And then came the row to which we can all relate: where are we going to
      live. Will it be his Beverly Hills mansion? And if it is, then what about
      her Hidden Hills home, her mansions in Florida and New Orleans or even her
      daddy's Graceland home? Or how about the spaceship orbiting planet earth,
      although only she can go there because he's refusing to convert to
      Scientology. But it remains an option."

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      > Roger Gonnet

      Roger Gonnet reported on developments in a number of lawsuits brought
      against him by Scientology in France.

      "Scientologists have presented twice the same suit against me since 2000
      before the instruction judge. I was supposed to have menaced them of
      bombing and tried to blackmail them. None of it true. The instructor judge
      dismissed it the first time. Their attorney came back with the same
      complaint, slightly different this time. I learned that the instructor
      judge had dismissed that second complaint in July 2002.

      "The situation of complaints is that The case above won twice without
      having had to go before the courts. One civil case for 300 Euros damages
      lost, to be paid to Moxon. One Euro damage to Ethique et Liberate (Freedom
      magazine) for a copyright issue. One civil case from Arsac dismissed,
      except I should have declared my website sooner than I did, and I have to
      go before the courts for that. One case from Laurent Quoisse won but he
      retried the same. One case from Panda who complained for libel. That one
      case is won because of amnesty, but the civil part remains for December.
      Another case from Ethique and Liberte for 'insults' (untrue), which is
      already already won, but will be defended before courts in March 2003."

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      > Russia

      Alexander Dvorkin reported on October 22nd that the Scientology event at
      the Kremlin reported previously in the press appears to be a hoax.

      "This 'event' is a Scientology hoax. Our staff member with great
      difficulty got an invitation card and went to the Kremlin. Nobody there
      had heard of this event. The guards said that our staff member was the
      first person that day who tried to pass inside the Kremlin with such card.
      She went in and the advertised place was empty and none of the workers
      even heard than anything like that was supposed to take place."

      An appeal for funds was sent to Scientologists this week to help Volunteer
      Ministers work at the site of a Moscow theater where Chechens have taken
      hostages to pressure the release of combatants in the Russian-Chechen war.

      "Right now Russian Volunteer Ministers are working to set up 2 or 3 stable
      bases around this area to deliver help to family members as well as to
      some hostages who were allowed out. As the situation continues there will
      be more and more people there that will need their help. VMs are also
      organizing teams to go around each metro station in Moscow to distribute
      simple handouts with VM Hotline phone number people can call if they have
      someone who needs help.

      "We have enough Volunteer Ministers in Moscow who are willing to work to
      do all they can to help this situation. They are lacking funds to print
      materials, get VM jackets, get Way to Happiness booklets, etc. Donations
      are needed right now to keep the actions of theses VMs. They will make
      all the difference.

      "- Olivia Meijer
      CO I Help Europe"

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