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A.r.s Week in Review - 7/28/2002

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 7, Issue 17 7/28/2002 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2002 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2002
      Week in Review Volume 7, Issue 17
      7/28/2002 by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2002

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Applied Scholastics

      The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on July 23rd that at a Catholic
      cemetery for nuns, the buried remains are being transferred to make room
      for a Scientology facility.

      "Workers have begun moving the remains of 752 nuns from the cemetery at
      the former Villa Gesu center in north St. Louis County to Resurrection
      Cemetery in Affton. Transferring the remains of the nuns, members of the
      School Sisters of Notre Dame, became necessary when the center was sold
      last year.

      "Nuns are buried in simple pine boxes in keeping with their vows of
      poverty. As a result, the workers have found that many of the caskets have
      deteriorated. Each sister's remains will be placed in a small casket. Ten
      of those smaller containers will be buried in a single plot at

      "Applied Scholastics International bought the complex for its world
      headquarters for $2.9 million. Applied Scholastics also set aside $1
      million for relocating the nuns' remains, Bates said. The nonprofit,
      educational organization promotes the teaching methods of L. Ron Hubbard,
      founder of the Church of Scientology."

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      > Clearwater

      The St. Petersburg Times reported on July 28th on the progress of the
      Super Power building in downtown Clearwater, Florida.

      "From arched 31-foot windows to the 1,140-seat dining room, there is much
      that will be grand in the Church of Scientology's new downtown religious
      center. It will have 889 rooms, 447 windows, 42 bathrooms. A two-story
      lighted cross will perch atop the highest tower, 150 feet up. The building
      even has a hefty nickname, 'Super Power.'

      "A decorative pedestrian bridge will span Fort Harrison Avenue connecting
      Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel to the new building, named the Flag
      Building after the local Scientology Flag Service Organization. The
      building, on which work began in early 1999, is expected to be completed
      by the end of 2003.

      "Bob Wright, a Scientology staff member overseeing the project, says
      people linger on downtown sidewalks every day staring at the building.
      There is much to see as the construction nears its final year. Work has
      begun on the 124-foot bridge 17 feet above Fort Harrison Avenue. It will
      connect the third floor of the Fort Harrison Hotel to a landing between
      the second and third floors of the Flag Building.

      "The shell of the building is almost done and interior construction will
      begin around the end of October. Church staff members will build the wood
      furniture and accents for the new building at Scientology's mill and
      workshop on Grand Central Street in Clearwater.

      "Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst: 'It's going to be a big building, a nice
      building, in an area we're trying to redevelop and I think it will help in
      that regard.' Downtown business owner Michele Homer said she's not sure of
      the building's purpose and described it as 'intimidating.' 'It makes a
      huge statement,' she said. 'It is clear to me they own downtown and that's
      not a bad thing. They've done more for downtown than the city itself.'

      "Mike Meidel, president of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, is
      glad the church didn't build 'a giant cube' downtown. 'I think it's an
      attractive building,' he said. He predicted the new building will bring in
      more well-to-do people. Plus, he said, with the new building, the church
      might be able to free space in the Coachman Building for retail, another
      boost for downtown.

      "Dr. Mack Sigmon, pastor of Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church across the
      street, said his parishioners have been asking how the new building will
      affect their church. 'Obviously, it dwarfs our church. It makes us less
      visible,' he said. 'The greatest concern I hear from my parishioners is,
      'Does this turn the downtown into the Scientology mecca? What about the
      other churches? What about businesses?' ' Sigmon said he hopes city
      officials are committed to fostering economic prosperity downtown. He said
      he still hears people say they don't have any reason to come downtown -
      that there's nothing in downtown but Scientology.

      "City Commissioner Frank Hibbard said he too has heard people worry that
      the city is giving downtown to the Church of Scientology. But, he said,
      the city is still working hard on downtown revitalization. 'I haven't
      given up on downtown,' he said. 'We have too much potential.'

      "Unlike other Scientology facilities such as the Fort Harrison Hotel and
      the Sandcastle, the Flag Building will not have any hotel rooms. It will
      be used primarily for the delivery of religious services and for office
      space. The building will feature 300 rooms where as many as 900
      Scientologists a day can receive 'auditing,' Scientology spiritual

      "At the Flag Building, Scientologists for the first time will be able to
      do 'Super Power,' an auditing process designed to provide 'full
      restoration of one's perceptions,' Shaw said. Developed by Scientology
      founder L. Ron Hubbard, Super Power has not been released until now, Shaw
      said, because the church needed to build a facility specifically designed
      for Super Power. The new building will include a 150-foot running track on
      the sixth floor, which will be used as part of Super Power.

      "Dining facilities for Scientology staff members in the Clearwater Bank
      Building will relocate to the basement of the Flag Building, which will
      feature a massive kitchen capable of preparing up to 11,500 meals a day.

      "Offices for various Scientology social programs will be on the first
      floor, along with a heritage museum depicting the history of the Sea
      Organization, Scientology's fraternal organization of uniformed staff
      members who pledge their life in service to the church. The first floor of
      the Flag Building will be open to the public. Shaw said opening the
      facility will alleviate any concerns in the community."

      Source Magazine reported news from Scientology in Clearwater.

      "In recent months the Super Power Project has rapidly moved forward with
      the construction of the new Flag Mecca building. Major progress on the
      building includes installation of wall panelings, interior masonry,
      installation of the mechanical equipment - air conditioning, plumbing and
      heating. And very visibly, the exterior wall stucco and installation of
      windows. It is now more urgent and vital than ever to complete
      construction of the Flag Mecca building so Super Power can be released.
      Your help is needed.

      "The LRH Images of a Lifetime Exhibit was the site of a special validation
      of Clearwater theater owners by L. Ron Hubbard's Personal Public Relations
      Officer at Flag, Judith de Saldarriaga and Honorary LRH PRO, Cass Warner.
      The award reads: 'The Friends of Ron wish to acknowledge Socrates and Dru
      Charos for bringing the Royalty Theater to life in downtown Clearwater,
      Florida and for all their passion in bringing all forms of art and music
      to the city of Clearwater, thereby uplifting its culture.'

      "The Scientology group, Story Tellers of Tampa Bay, have been telling
      stories to enlighten children all over the Clearwater/Tampa area recently.
      They also spent a day at the state capitol in Tallahassee performing and
      meeting with lawmakers to promote LRH Study Tech.

      "The 10th Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Coachman Park drew 1,500 children and
      parents, double the number attending last year. The popular event is
      sponsored by the Community Volunteers of the Church of Scientology Flag
      Service Organization."

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      > Faith-Based Groups

      A column in the Washington Post by Colbert I. King on July 27th criticized
      the U.S. administration for including Scientology on a list of religious
      groups that will help administer programs for prisoners who have been
      released into the community.

      You've got to hand it to Attorney General John Ashcroft and D.C. Mayor
      Tony Williams. Who would have expected that in an effort to help the
      District of Columbia cope with droves of violent offenders returning from
      jail that the spirit-filled Ashcroft and holier-than-thou Tony Williams
      would seek the assistance of the Church of Scientology.

      "The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) looks after
      more than 26,000 individuals under pretrial supervision, probation or
      parole. The CSOSA director is nominated by the president and confirmed by
      the Senate. CSOSA disclosed that it had joined with partners in the
      District's faith community to create a mentoring program for offenders
      recently released from prison. Citing the Bush administration's
      faith-based initiative as the guiding light and quoting president Bush's
      desire to 'rally the armies of compassion' spread throughout America,
      CSOSA announced it had assigned a dozen offenders presently living in D.C.
      halfway houses to eight faith-based institutions 'for mentoring services.'
      Among those providing mentoring relationships to D.C. offenders were seven
      local protestant churches and, according to CSOSA's press release, 'the
      Church of Scientology.'

      "Scientology was founded in the 1950s by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, a
      George Washington University student from 1930 to 1932 who died in 1986.
      According to several published accounts, L. Ron Hubbard believed a
      galactic ruler named Xenu banished alien evil spirits called body thetans
      to Earth more than 75 million years ago, and that said thetans were
      implanted in volcanoes. Hubbard, it has been reported, wrote that the
      volcanoes exploded and the thetans invaded mankind, accounting for our
      present ills. Although the human mind and body are infected with beaucoup
      body thetans, there are, the stories go, specific instructions advanced by
      Hubbard for undoing the damage done by the galactic cataclysm - a process
      called auditing. If faithfully followed, and carefully monitored by an
      E-meter (two wired metal cans capable of detecting truth), a person can
      overcome negative experiences, undergo a regeneration of native abilities,
      and find a natural spiritual awareness of self, reaching the highest level
      in Scientology teachings called Operating Thetan or OT.

      "Now there are those who insist that Scientology, a truly worldwide
      movement, is a paranoid cult possessed with pseudo-scientific theories -
      despite its recognition as a religion for nonprofit status by the Internal
      Revenue Service in 1993. Scientologists, on the other hand, reject that
      characterization, strongly asserting that their religion provides the
      means by which people can find spiritual fulfillment and improve their
      lives, and they cite Scientology community projects to prove their point."

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      > India

      New Delhi Newsline reported on July 23rd that Scientology is opening a
      publishing branch in India.

      "New Era International recently opening a branch in Delhi, under the name
      N.E. Publications India. According to Thomas Goldenitz, MD of NE
      Publications India, the group will be bringing out books in the fields of
      health, science and management, 'areas which have made New Era
      International one of the leading publishers in Europe.' Headquartered in
      Copenhagen the group which has published books in over 53 languages, and
      is one of Denmark's leading exporters, are perhaps best known for
      publishing works of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the bestselling Dianetics:
      The Modern Science of Mental Health and Scientology. The group is looking
      to to India 'because Hubbard's research into the human mind did include an
      extensive study of the Vedas. In fact the fundamental basics of the
      subject have been derived from there.' Other books that the publishing
      house have introduced is an education series Learning How to Learn, drug
      rehabilitation Clear Body Clear Mind and The Management Series - a three
      volume reference book and another book entitled The Way to Happiness."

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      > Jenna Elfman

      Supermarket tabloid the Globe reported in its August 6th issue that
      Scientology celebrity Jenna Elfman is despondent over the cancellation of
      her television series.

      "Customers at an L.A. bookstore were surprised to see a sobbing Jenna
      Elfman being consoled by her loving husband Bodhi. Word is, the Dharma &
      Greg star was weeping because she still can't get over the cancellation of
      her show in April. She's been making frequent trips to the L.A.
      Scientology center to help deal with what she describes as a 'major
      defeat' in her life. 'She's taking this real hard,' says a pal. 'Jenna is
      not getting any good movie offers and she's starting to panic a bit over
      her career.'"

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      > Keith Henson

      Keith Henson posted a filing by Scientology in which RTC President Warren
      McShane asked the court to find that distribution of an original work in
      the style of Scientology's NOTS series is a violation of their copyright.

      "Henson's claim that NOTs 56 is not an RTC work is false. As explained in
      the accompanying Reply Declaration of Warren McShane, contrary to Henson's
      representation, NOTs 56 is an unpublished, copyrighted work in which RTC
      holds the rights. Thus, while Henson may wish to refer to something he
      allegedly created as NOTs 56, the paragraph in Exhibit 13 to which he
      refers does not convey the meaning he is ascribing to it. Furthermore, his
      request for people to send him 'NOTs 56' if they can find it on the
      Internet is a solicitation of an RTC Advanced Technology work, as
      prohibited by the Permanent Injunction.

      "There is no reason in Henson's opposition to deny RTC's motion for an
      Order to Show Cause. Henson obviously believes that his absence from the
      United States enables him to violate this Court's injunction with
      impunity. Action needs to be taken now so that he is disabused of that

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      > Narconon

      The Battle Creek Enquirer published two letters on July 24th and 26th
      concerning the new Narconon center being established in Battle Creek,

      "I find it interesting that the proprietors of the soon-to-open Narconon
      'rehab' center disavow connection to the Church of Scientology. This is a
      flat lie. Narconon is a well-known front group for Scientology. Further,
      the techniques used are dubious at best and dangerous quackery at worst.
      Their purported 'detoxification' process is unproven medical nonsense.
      Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop had this to say: 'It's dangerous. I
      don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. The
      author's suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your

      "An excerpt from a Detroit News article dated Feb. 11 1980: 'Michigan
      Corrections Department psychologist John Hand calls Narconon 'so
      misleading as to be termed a con.' Hand says, 'They are phony, a front for
      the Church of Scientology. We found out in Michigan that most of the money
      that we were paying Narconon was laundered back into the Church of
      Scientology.' Funding for the program was terminated.

      "Michigan's prison system found early on they didn't need Narconon, and
      Battle Creek doesn't need it either. Reputable organizations exist that
      are more than adequate; why trust an addicted loved one's health and
      safety to the hands of this group? - Todd A. Phipps"

      "The Narconon program is licensed to use only L. Ron Hubbard's secular
      research and development in drug rehabilitation. The organization has been
      corporately separate and independent of any church or other organization
      since the first nonprofit public benefit corporation was founded by
      William Benitez on May 20, 1970. Narconon staff have long been fortunate
      to have friendship and support in terms of volunteer hours, donations,
      etc. from many churches and their congregations. Not just Scientology but
      many churches have been glad to support Narconon centers saving lives in
      their communities. Narconon centers are working in close association with
      different U.S. Christian churches, with a Buddhist temple in Taiwan and
      people of many different faiths. President Bush announced in his
      Faith-Based and Community Initiative that he hoped churches and drug
      rehabilitation professionals would work together to reduce drug addiction.

      "The technical methodology used by Narconon has been scientifically
      studied. After early confusions were cleared up decades ago, Narconon
      staff continue to work with justice departments worldwide, including a
      Utah juvenile court program; in Pretoria, South Africa; in Baja,
      California; Mexico prisons, etc. - Kate Wickstrom, Executive director,
      Narconon Stone Hawk"

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      > Protest Summary

      Keith Henson reported a protest at the Toronto, Canada org on July 21st.

      "Al Buttnor was in deep lurk inside the org, Brian McPherson as usual was
      the front man, on a tight leash by Pat Felske. Bob Pearce was videotaping
      from the coffee shop across St. Mary's St. Mad Mike was there too plus
      several other actives and a bunch of spectator 'day orgers' inside the org
      looking out. Their only obvious function must have been cheer at Gregg's
      expected arrest.

      "Martin met us at the door to the coffee shop. Martin was the ED of the
      Quebec City org and has been out a long time. This was his second picket.
      This was the first time in about two years they have paid to have an
      officer there for a picket. Brian did an outstanding job of misinforming,
      misleading and manipulating the police officer. The officer had been
      predisposed by Brian's efforts to be an enemy and indeed was vocally
      hostile at first. Gregg reminded him bluntly that he was supposed to be
      professionally neutral.

      "He obviously thought about that and listened to what Gregg was telling
      folks on the street. Within minutes the officer was not only acting
      professionally neutral, he was emotionally neutral and willing to listen.
      The officer asked to read all the material Gregg had with us, not only the
      flyers but also the things we don't reproduce, like Gregg's laminated copy
      of Fair Game and OT3. The officer read the OT3 flyer and that really
      opened his eyes and he understood what the fraud was, not a belief but it
      is being sold fraudulently as a 'science.' Then Gregg showed him the Fair
      Game Policy and the cancellation of its name and Martin explained to him
      about what the Fair Game Policy meant to Scientologists.

      "The officer appeared to realize the Scientologists had manipulated him.
      The tensions between the picketers and the officer completely disappeared.
      At one point when Gregg was talking about Lisa McPherson, Brian was trying
      to disrupt the discussion. The officer just gave Brian a cold hard stare.
      Brian shut up and vanished inside. He and Pat were just steamed that
      Martin and Gregg had turned the officer they had bragged uplines would
      arrest Gregg.

      "Toward the end of the picket, three officers in the van were taking a
      cool break and had brought our officer a slushy and air conditioned space
      for respite from the heat. Our officer thought it was important to inform
      the other officers about the volume and quality of false complaints made
      by scientology. The other officers were incredulous at his explanation so
      he opened the door of the van and called for Gregg to bring over some
      flyers. Gregg went over and found that the officers wanted to read all of
      his material. All were deeply interested in scientology's policy to
      destroy its enemies, and its attempted use of the police to further this
      goal. We ran entirely out of the 'A Parsonage?' flyers and gave out maybe
      another 200 Xenu and Child Sec Check flyers."

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      > Russia

      The Russian Institute reported on July 22nd that Scientology is making a
      new push for expansion in Russia.

      "On Saturday, July 13th, Scientology Yekaterinburg was to celebrate the
      birthday of its spiritual leader Ron Hubbard. Ural clergymen protested:
      'Hubbard: a homosexual, paranoid, drug-addicted Satanist, and all his
      followers are cultists.' The legal protection organ took care that the
      conflict between believers of either side did not escalate into open

      "Another one of the surprises the Hubbard disciples had in store was the
      international marathon in support of the 'Universal Declaration of Human
      Rights.' The marathon planned by the Church of Scientology started July 16
      in Saint Petersburg and is to end August 20 in Paris. The Torch of Freedom
      will be displayed in ten European countries. Russia is participating in
      this 'premiere world-class event,' reported the Hubbardists' information
      sheets. It was anticipated that at the starting gate would be Governor
      Vladimir Yakovlev, a religious and social figure, representative of the UN
      Information Center in Russia and Apparatus Representative for human rights
      in the RF, along with more than 25 Olympic and world champions. A
      statement was also to be signed with an appeal to observe hum an rights
      and with a proclamation of 'freedom for all.'

      "The document, which will be conspicuously carried about by marathon
      participants, contains the following words, 'We appeal to France, as a
      leading nation in Europe, to end government discrimination against
      religion, which has criticized groups that support human rights all around
      the world, and to stand as an example for all humankind.' Why name France?
      And what kind of religion? And what does that have to do with Scientology?
      Back in October 1996, Scientologists in Lyon were convicted of homicide.
      Cult member Patric Vic, not having money to pay for the next 'course,'
      jumped out the window, and his wife brought the case to court. After the
      case was heard, representatives of the cult were convicted at the highest
      level of government.

      "In the Archdiocese Council Ruling of the Russian Orthodox Church 'On
      pseudo-Christian cults, neo-paganism and occultism' (December 1994), the
      Church of Scientology was called a pseudo-religion. In 1999 the
      Ostankinski intramunicipal court of Moscow declared the regional
      registration invalid for the 'Hubbard Humanitarian Center' social
      organization and made the decision about its liquidation in connection
      with violations of the registration law. The violation of registration
      procedure was discovered in the course of the investigation into the
      criminal case, brought up in dealing with the Hubbard Humanitarian Center
      and the Scientology Church of Moscow. In court, the defendant called the
      court's decision 'a violation of social rights to visit a church.'

      "On May 17, 2002, in the Moscow city Duma as session was held on the theme
      'of destructive totalitarian cults (sects).' Deputy Mikhail
      Moskvin-Tarkhanov presented in his proposal, government and society in
      Russia tended to underestimate the extent and danger of cult proliferation
      in current times. The analytical bulletin of the RF State Duma 'On the
      national threat in Russia from the direction of destructive religious
      organizations' of 1996 reads, 'Cults present a danger to the individual,
      the family and to society. According to official texts from the MVD in
      Russia, the Church of Scientology is one of a variety of satanic cults
      that has a manifest criminal tendency and actively applies psychotropic
      substances so that its adepts will obtain a controlled type of
      personality. Cult instructions have specially created structures of
      concealment, and it is engaged in superficial charitable activity, which
      also applies to the Hubbard Humanitarian Center. The police in many
      countries recognize that the Scientology organization has created a
      massive spy network and collects information by both legal and illegal

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      > Sweden

      "Mucronate" reported a visit to the Scientology expo in Gothenburg, Sweden
      on July 17th and 22nd.

      "Lots of big pictures and some text about how incredibly much the
      Scientologists had helped people. They also showed various films about the
      Volunteer Missions and films with information about Scientology in
      general. There was a television set up with two nice little rows of chairs
      in front of it, an e-meter close by with information about the bridge,
      various monitors containing Dianetics in many translations, and three
      tables with various scriptures on it. Everyone who entered was asked if
      they wanted a guided tour. Both times there were more Scientologists than
      visitors there.

      "The second time I explained as well as I could what they were showing,
      and various things about Scientology in general. My friend was approached
      by a Scientologist asking if we wanted help, and as I explained my friend
      was not speaking Swedish, she was immediately taken to the table with
      English scriptures on it. I moved around and ended up close to a woman
      from the cult talking to a man about psychology. She was ranting about how
      insane it was to hand amphetamine to children and went on to talking about
      how much greater Scientology was.

      "She began talking about courses and that the man should try one to
      improve himself. I interrupted after a while asking the woman why she did
      not tell him how much the auditing cost, as I thought it would be fair to
      let him know. The only thing she would say was it would cost 'some money'
      after which the other man began realizing what it was all about. She
      proudly declared anyone could reach 'clear' without even one hour of
      auditing from just reading Dianetics alone, and when I asked how many had
      done so she replied with a very delayed 'hundreds of thousands of people.'
      I asked her if she knew anyone personally who had done so, and the
      question must have taken her by surprise because she was stuttering for a
      while before saying 'yes, well, several.'

      "She finally lost her temper with me and asked where I found such silly
      and wrongful information about Scientology. She wanted to know my name as
      she refused to say another word if I did not tell her, and she refused to
      talk to me in the vicinity of others. I stressed my name was not
      important, and she began ranting about how silly I was and how she always
      wanted to know who she was talking to. When I went on refusing to tell her
      my name she wanted to take a picture of me! I refused that as well asking
      her loudly why she needed to take my picture when I asked critical
      questions. I gave her some sources of information i.e. xenu.net and she
      was clearly shaking when she wrote it down on a piece of paper, even
      asking how to spell 'that name' Xenu. As I had to leave the exhibition in
      its final minutes before closing on that the last day she was shouting
      after me she did not have to find any information on the Internet since
      'Scientology provided her with everything she needed.' I replied with
      saying she probably could not even visit the site at all since
      Scientologists are not allowed to do so.

      "When leaving the place with my friend who was clearly shocked by the way
      the woman acted I noticed there were people standing around listening to
      the whole thing. On top of facing another critic she had managed to act
      stupid in front of a lot of people."

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