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A.r.s Week in Review - 7/7/2002

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 7, Issue 14 7/7/2002 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2002 Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2002
      Week in Review Volume 7, Issue 14
      7/7/2002 by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2002

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Gay Pride

      The San Francisco Examiner reported on July 1st that Scientology attended
      the annual gay Pride Parade, attempting to sell attendees copies of

      "This year, the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride
      Parade ushered in a new era, with the 1 million-strong Market Street crowd
      cheering long and loud for the uniformed gay police officers and sheriffs
      who marched hand in hand with their partners. Politicians waved,
      whip-cracking leather daddies strutted, shirtless dykes rode their
      motorbikes and scantily clad muscle boys in red and white gyrated to
      techno beats. Vendors were hawking everything from your name on a grain of
      rice to the Scientology tome 'Dianetics' - you could even get a 'Botox
      Pride Special.'"

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      > Germany

      A Scientology Press Release issued on July 1st announced that a German
      Scientologist is suing his employer in the U.S. because he was fired for
      being a member.

      "A German member of the Church of Scientology today filed suit against the
      U.S.-based company Life Plus International over his dismissal without
      notice as a marketing agent for the company's German branch, solely
      because of his religious beliefs. Mr. Thomas Ernst Akyar has sued the
      natural food supplements company in the U.S. District Court for the
      Eastern District of Arkansas.

      "After an article in the German trade journal Network Press featured a
      photograph of Mr. Akyar captioned 'Successful Scientologist,' Life Plus
      Europe terminated Mr. Akyar's contractual relationship. Life Plus's
      counsel Dr. Gerd Weidemann wrote to Mr. Akyar 'our client has been
      informed that you openly admit your Scientology membership and take a
      stand to the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. We terminate the existing
      contractual relationship with Life Plus Europe Ltd.' Life Plus Europe
      disseminated a two-page document concerning Mr. Akyar that attempted to
      justify the termination of his contract by reference to his religion.

      "Mr. Akyar charges that Life Plus, headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas,
      has violated the Arkansas Civil Rights Act of 1993. In addition to
      damages, Mr. Akyar seeks an injunction holding that the termination of his
      contract was discriminatory and unlawful."

      Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on July 4th that Scientologists attempted to
      interfere with rescue efforts following an airplane crash in Southern

      "'Everybody wants to help,' said Ferdinand Veit. Many people want to
      console the relatives of the dead, and other bring giant cakes to the
      auditorium in which police, fire department personnel and other assistants
      can sit down. Some assistants are not wished for. A troop in bright
      yellow t-shirts from the Scientology cult has assembled in front of the
      fire-fighters' building and are offering what they call spiritual
      counseling. 'The pack of scum ought to disappear,' said one town hall

      Berliner Zeitung reported on July 4th that Scientology is campaigning to
      recruit volunteer ministers in Berlin.

      "On the big yellow sign next to the tangled cross the highly visible black
      letters carve out a common ground: 'These are hard times. Something can be
      done about it,' and ends up with a telephone number and the surprising
      message, 'Call a Volunteer Minister.' But you don't have to do that at
      all, because a 'volunteer minister' is to be found in a big yellow tent
      erected on the parking lot at Rosa-Luxemburg Street. At least that is what
      it says on his yellow t-shirt. Smiling, he directs us into the tent. Later
      on it becomes clear that the Scientologists are trying to recruit staff

      "Little pictorial stories show ever-smiling alcoholics drying out, family
      fights being settled and over-stressed office employees being relieved of
      their mountains of paperwork. They are especially proud of the
      photographs from New York after the September 11th catastrophe of last
      year. Scientologists are to be seen in their yellow t-shirts amid the
      rubble of 'Ground Zero' among firemen and even a somewhat surprised
      Rudolph Giuliani, who was mayor back then. 'We were the only group they
      let in to give assistance,' a woman told us proudly.

      "Thomas Gandow, cult commissioner of the Evangelical Church, however,
      describes it somewhat differently, 'They used a trick to slip in and
      bother people,' he said, 'about which people complained.' The campaign in
      front of the yellow tent is a 'desperate attempt to find staff members in
      Germany,' said Gandow. 'They're making a last-ditch effort here to cast
      their solution upon stricken people.' He estimates the number of active
      members in Berlin at 20 or 30. At least half that number appear to be in
      action in front of the yellow tent.

      "They have two stretchers where volunteers are being treated with 'touch
      assists.' Back and forth they touch arms and legs, up and down. That is
      supposed to help pain, fatigue and cramps. 'That is how pockets of energy
      are removed from the body,' the staff member explained the cross between
      massage and laying on of hands. 'What they're doing with the touch
      assists, of course, is quackery,' said Gandow, 'but it's interesting that
      they're offering something for free.'"

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      > Institute for Historical Review

      Spotlight magazine reported this week that Scientology is bidding to
      purchase the mailing list of Liberty Lobby from the Institute for
      Historical Review. Both are right-wing organizations that cast doubt on
      the existence of the holocaust.

      "Our attorney said that both the ADL and the Church of Scientology were
      interested in buying the LL mailing list from us. It didn't surprise me to
      hear that the ADL might be scheming. I suppose it would be a good
      propaganda for them to tell their supporters that they had gotten Carto's
      mailing list.

      "I'm a bit stunned that it is even considered an option. The same goes for
      the Church of Scientology. We should sell it for the best price we can get
      from a non-interested party (that is a party that neither tries to stamp
      out patriotic organizations, such as the ADL, or a party which attacks
      racial groups with full-page ads in the NY Times, such as the Church of
      Scientology), but to an honest business. Both of the aforementioned
      organizations are piranhas which are no better than Carto himself.

      "If we are going to stand on principles and refuse to sell to CoS, ADL,
      ACLU, we have to be prepared for the alternative, which is either make a
      LOT more money than we are making now, cut back to a staff of two or
      three, hibernate, and hope for the best while we continue the legal
      struggle somehow, or simply go out of business (but with all our
      principles intact!).

      "The supposed deal with Scientologists was so concrete that Greg said that
      the Church of Scientology had offered to send their own attorneys to
      Liberty Lobby to do the photocopying of disclosure files for us."

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      > Dell

      A letter to the editor of Magill magazine criticized a recent article
      about Scientology training methods being used at Dell computers in

      "Where Mr. O'Brien stuck to the essential story - that the training
      courses used by one of the most successful companies in the world is based
      on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard - the piece rang true. Where the story
      deviated from facts and got into unsubstantiated allegation it floundered.

      "Mr. Hubbard's research into the mind and spirit are increasingly being
      used in secular fields - simply because they are effective. For example,
      the secular drug rehabilitation programme Narconon is based on his
      research into the effects of drugs and how to deal with these. It has an
      independently assessed success rate of between 70 and 80 per cent, and has
      helped tens of thousands of hard-core drug addicts to kick their habit.
      Narconon recently opened the largest residential drug rehab centre in the
      world in Oklahoma, USA.

      "As regards Ron Hubbard's research into organisational structure and
      administration theory, Jordan Levy, lecturer at California State
      University, stated: 'It's a brilliant way of horizontally laying out a
      company, giving everybody a clear identification of what their
      responsibility is, but at the same time giving management a tool to use to
      gauge growth in every area.'

      "Gerard Ryan,
      Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin

      "Paul O'Brien replies: My piece on a training course used by the
      Irish-based company in question centred on the nature of the course, the
      company that provides the course, that company's background and its links
      to Scientology. The 'unsubstantiated allegation' I take to refer to my
      questioning of the late L. Ron Hubbard's own background, and the claims of
      many of his followers, who attribute to him a remarkable list of
      achievements. Officialdom in several countries, most notably France and
      Germany, are sceptical of many of these claims, and several judges have
      also questioned them. As such, I believe it is valid to question aspects
      of his background.

      "Narconon does indeed have 'the largest residential drug rehab centre in
      the world in Oklahoma,' but independent medical experts have questioned
      the methods of treatment that the facility offers. Similarly, there have
      been questions raised about educational and training programmes based on
      research by L Ron Hubbard. I acknowledged that Hubbard's writings have
      influenced 'a range of educational, anti-drug and training programmes
      among others,' but pointed out that most of these are run or administered
      by Scientologists or legally incorporated bodies or Companies with some
      affiliation to the movement."

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      > Keith Henson

      Keith Henson and Gregg Hagglund reported on a hearing in Toronto, Canada.
      They are suing the police for using a SWAT team to arrest Keith after
      Scientology had reported him as a terrorist and bomb-maker.

      "McGivney stuck to the line that the cops had every right to bust us with
      whatever level of violence they wanted because they had a warrant against
      me based on the 'fact' I was an 'explosive expert.' We have engaged Peter
      McWilliams. McGivney said, 'I don't imagine this is just going to go
      away.' McWilliams said, 'No it's not. Because your fellows went too far.
      Ever hear of the Casey Hill case?' McGivney said, 'Of course but it's not
      relevant to this.' McWilliams smiles, gets that mongoose look on his face
      again and says, 'Of course it's relevant. We have the same cast of
      characters. Your fellows were relying upon some strange bedfellows. I plan
      to call Justice Hill as a witness to establish that relevance.' McGivney

      "The judge picked up the two thick briefs Gregg and I provided and shaking
      them slightly said, 'There are serious allegations in here.' McWilliams
      said 'I take it your honour is familiar with our documentation?' and the
      Judge said, 'Yes. I read them.' At this point McGivney (who possibly
      didn't read them) is blinking like crazy. The judge sent us out to set a
      trial date with the clerk."

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      > Bob Minton

      The St. Petersburg Times published an an article on July 7th on Bob Minton
      and his testimony in the Lisa McPherson civil case.

      "Over and over Minton was ordered into depositions and grilled by
      Scientology lawyers about his financial dealings. When Minton invoked his
      Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, a judge ordered him to
      answer. When Minton didn't show up for a deposition, he faced contempt of
      court. Scientology attorney Monique Yingling testified that the church
      believed it was on the verge of uncovering serious abuses of the legal
      process, false affidavits and false allegations in the McPherson case. 'It
      was like the Terminator was after you,' he said. Now, after six years on
      the Scientology battlefront, Minton wants out.

      "Just eight months ago, Minton stood before a crowd in Cleveland and
      proudly accepted a human rights award recognizing him for 'extraordinary
      courage' in the 'battle against tyranny over the mind of man.' A
      nationally known Scientology critic, Minton talked in his acceptance
      speech of 'terrorist cults' led not by Osama bin Laden but by 'like-minded
      terrorists' such as Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
      leader David Miscavige.

      "Scientologists did not turn the other cheek, according to Minton and
      other church critics. They circulated leaflets about Minton to his
      neighbors in New Hampshire and Boston calling him a 'hate monger' leading
      a 'KKK style' attack on a religion, according to a 'harassment' timeline
      maintained by the critics and entered into court records. Scientologists
      picketed him at his home and at airports. Minton said a Scientology
      official sent photos and a letter to his wife accusing him of adultery.
      Scientology dug into Minton's finances. Minton said Scientology operatives
      stirred up an allegation that he helped a Nigerian dictator launder
      $12-billion as part of a business deal 12 years ago. Minton has not been
      charged and says the allegation is bogus.

      "Dandar said he believes Minton was threatened with something Scientology
      discovered related to his overseas financial affairs. Minton has invoked
      the Fifth Amendment when pressed for details about his finances and when
      asked if he has underreported his income to the IRS.

      "Now the church is using Minton's testimony to support an effort to get
      the lawsuit dismissed. It has left Dandar fighting not only for the
      McPherson case but for his own reputation. Dandar has denied all of
      Minton's accusations, saying Minton's lies started after he met with
      Scientology. 'They are committing a charade on the court,' Dandar said.
      'They have Minton coming in as if he were this pitiful lying witness who
      wanted to come clean. He was coming in claiming to be a perjurer because
      he was told to do that.'

      "After he settles his litigation with the church, he said, he just wants
      to walk away. 'I just want some peace.'"

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      > Protest Summary

      Dave Bird reported a protest at the Scientology org in Birmingham, England
      on July 6th.

      "Present were Dave and Jens and John, plus Martin who turned up later by
      coach, and we had one Local Lady who turned up at the demo site. I
      brought 500 Xemu leaflets and John brought 200 Xemu leaflets, of which we
      gave out 550 to 650. We had helium balloons, large white one with
      orange-and-blue 'XEMU LOVES YOU.' We had pre-cut ribbons with a weight,
      and a little 'Daily Xenus' newspaper style mini-leaflet, though not enough
      for all 160 balloons.

      "John did the slogans on our fine boom-box, Jens did the helium balloons,
      Martin did leafleting, I did leafleting too plus handed out the odd helium
      balloon when the customers weren't actually queuing up, and the local lady
      did some chatting and leafleting. I noticed people were reading our
      leaflets, and coming up to us and asking for them, also parents were
      looking close up at the Alien Face on their kiddies balloon and reading
      the 'www.xenu.net' (plus 'scientology sucks') written in smaller type.

      "I saw some torn up clam leaflets torn up on the ground, and one passer-by
      tear up a leaflet in the face of the clam who gave it to him. There were
      a few body routers and leafletters out; actually there must have been
      about a dozen present, but most were milling round in plain clothes and
      trying to be part of the crowd."

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      > WISE

      Prosperity Magazine announced a reorganization of the World Institute of
      Scientology Enterprises.

      "Mr. Don Cunningham, Commanding Officer WISE International, addressed a
      packed WISE convention audience at the Flag auditorium. He briefed them on
      the recent surveys of Scientologists in business and what they have to
      confront on a daily basis

      "Traditionally, Charter Members of WISE have acted as a committee to
      handle disputes and ethics situations of a business nature in their local
      communities. Some Charter Committees, deciding to expand their role,
      began disseminating LRH admin tech and assisting others in its
      application. Other WISE membership groups provided services to their local
      WISE membership by assisting in the application of LRH admin tech through
      seminars and guidance on the Model of Admin Know How Programs.

      "This restructure included: A broadening of the responsibilities of
      Charter Committees. The are wholly entrusted with the administration of
      the WISE membership locally. Literally, through their charter from WISE,
      this power has now been delegated locally to them. All dispute handlings,
      ethics and justice matters are directed toward getting LRH tech applied. A
      situation is not resolved unless a party or parties have as a result begun
      applying LRH tech. And Charter Committees extend their reach to ensure
      this product is achieved. Charter committees work with the entire local
      membership to expand the membership and through standard application of
      LRH tech create a sane community in their areas.

      "The Charter membership annual fee has been cut to a fraction of its prior
      amount. Now any ethical and responsible person can apply to join or
      establish a local Charter Committee.

      "Twelfth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winner:
      Craig Jensen, Executive Software International

      "Eleventh Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winner:
      Luis Colon, MGE, Inc.

      "Tenth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      David Singer, David Singer Enterprises

      "Ninth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      Heimo & Uta Bucerius, Idee & Geld
      Roger Van Loocke, U Man Belgium
      Juan Villareal, Harlingen Family Dentistry

      "Eighth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winner:
      Robert Lotter, R.A. Lotter Insurance
      Pam Chipman, Clearwater Academy
      Clearwater Charter Committee
      Bennetta Slaughter, AMC Publishing

      "Seventh Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      Dan Margolin, Clearly Platinum
      Dr. Jack Sushko, DDS
      Bruce Atkinson, DDS
      Kim Bright Cassano, Kim Bright Cassano Inc.
      Rob Collewijn, Health Motion Physical Therapy, Inc.

      "Sixth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      Tom Niemi, New Era Dental
      Janet Nodine, Family Maternity Clinic
      Bruno & Helen Tschuppert, TCM Tschuppert
      Mike Chan, Durable Slate

      "Fifth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      Alain Bohren, Formatique
      John Brasel, Exec Tech Consulting
      Chet Eccles, American Alliance
      Juri Murk, Dajoeri
      New York Charter Committee
      Carl Smudde, DDS
      Marc Silber, Pacific Management Consultants
      Jim Speiser, Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Clinic
      Marlin Anderson, Anderson/Anderson CPAs
      Hubbard College of Administration Clearwater
      Flag OT Committee

      "Fourth Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      Larry Gluck & Ted Prescott, Mission: Renaissance
      Sherry Harris, Ultimate Creations
      Tom Schuster, Sovereign Finance
      John Stout, Stout Development
      Alan Baker, Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters
      Business Expansion Club International
      Dan Kingsbury, Networking Dynamics

      "Third Consecutive-year Model of Admin Know-How Winners:
      Los Angeles Charter Committee
      Cindy Clayton, Clayton Chiropractic
      Brian Coyle Advanced Medical Center
      Rainer Fischer, Fischer Immobilien
      Lorraine Hart, Ideal Consulting
      Hubbard College of Administration Pecs
      Sherene Lee & Jeffrey Lee MD
      Gabor Lenkei & Eva Peto, Comline
      Chuck Wolhberg, Aqua 2000 Burbank
      Graham Payne and Peter Buckles, Summit Business Mgmt
      Business Expansion Club Orange County"

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