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A.r.s Week in Review - 12/9/2001

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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 6, Issue 33 12/9/2001 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2001 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2001
      Week in Review Volume 6, Issue 33
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2001

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > CCHR

      Scientology distributed a message to its members through the Citizens
      Commission on Human Rights, opposing legislation in the U.S. Senate that
      would make mental health services part of employee health insurance.

      "On October 30, 2001 the U. S. Senate passed a mental health parity
      amendment by adding it to the spending bill for Labor, Human Services and
      Education. This parity legislation forces businesses that offer health
      insurance coverage to cover mental health equally in all ways with
      ordinary medical coverage.

      "Mental Health parity cannot effectively exist because there is no parity
      in the diagnosis of mental health problems compared to real physical
      conditions that can be accurately tested for and diagnosed.
      Psychiatrists cannot distinguish between a mental disorder and no mental
      disorder. While some patient advocacy groups, heavily funded by
      pharmaceutical interests, and the mental health lobby, purport that mental
      illness is like a physical disease such as diabetes, cancer, or epilepsy
      and, therefore, mental health parity is needed, evidence simply doesn't
      substantiate this.

      "E-mail and call daily for the next few days (or until the amendment is
      defeated). E-mail and call the list of Congressmen below. Also email and
      call President Bush and the local offices of your own Representative and
      two Senators in Congress."

      CCHR also announced plans for a human rights concert in Los Angeles, in
      association with United Nations agencies.

      "You are cordially invited to attend a free concert in celebration of
      Human Rights Day and to commemorate the passage of the United Nations
      Universal Declaration of Human Rights Monday, December 10, 2001: 11:30
      a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 6616 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. Sponsored by the United
      Nations Association Pacific-LA Chapter and the Citizens Commission on
      Human Rights International.

      "Keynote Speakers: Mr. Abubakar Dungas, spokesperson for the UN
      Populations Fund (UNFPA) and editor of its magazine, Populi. Ms. Norma
      Foster, President UNA Pacific-LA Chapter Ms. Jan Eastgate, International
      President, Citizens Commission on Human Rights Ms. Robin Read, President,
      National Foundation of Women Legislators.

      "A Human Rights Summit following the concert will allow for questions and
      answers with Mr. Dungas."

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      > Tom Cruise

      The Associated Press reported on December 3rd that in a Vanity Fair
      article, Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise credits Scientology with helping
      him handle life.

      "Tom Cruise says being a Scientologist for the past 15 years has given him
      the strength to handle the negativity that can exist Hollywood. 'Life
      pounds you - you know what I mean? You come across losses. All of a sudden
      something happens and now you feel like you cannot go forward or it
      invalidates you. People die. Things happen in life that make it very
      difficult at times to be happy or to overcome certain problems.
      Scientology has helped me be able to figure out tools to understand
      exactly what a problem is, and how to overcome those problems.'"

      From USA Today on December 6th:

      "Part of it is a 9/11 awakening. He says the events made him want to 'do
      more' for others, and it made him take stock. 'Taking time to look at Nic
      and I, and the kids, and our families and society, the world at large and
      seeing what things we can do to help out.' It's not a Scientology thing,
      he says. He was positive about life 'before Scientology,' which he found
      when he was about 20. But he quickly adds, 'Scientology is great, because
      you've got a lot of tools with which you can help people.'

      "Whether it's his personality or his religion that makes him so chipper
      about everything, Cruise and Kidman seem to have settled nicely into
      separate lives, he says. 'We're in a beautiful place right now.' He won't
      say in what beautiful place he'll be for the holidays, however. 'Nic and I
      agreed not to discuss this, because everyone's going to speculate.'"

      The Arizona Republic reported on December 3rd that Penelope Cruz's parents
      have put aside their earlier suspicions and now support her relationship
      with Tom Cruise.

      "The New York Daily News cites reports out of Spain claiming that Cruz's
      Catholic parents have frowned upon the relationship because Cruise is
      member of the Church of Scientology. But the couple's people say all was
      cool after Cruise met her folks. 'She is not thinking of converting to
      Scientology, but she respects it as a religion, as do her parents,' a
      spokesman told the paper."

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      > Jenna Elfman

      San Francisco Weekly reported on November 21st that Scientology celebrity
      Jenna Elfman presented a seminar on film and TV at the new Mission Street

      "Friendly Persuasion Jenna Elfman, star of the S.F.-set (but L.A.-shot) TV
      show Dharma & Greg, returns to town Saturday, Nov. 24, to lead a seminar
      called 'Getting Started in Film and TV.' It'll be held at the Church of
      Scientology building at 966 Mission (near Sixth Street) that Elfman
      sponsored, and which had its grand opening two months ago. 'She goes into
      how she got into acting and how she owes a lot of her success to Dianetics
      and Scientology,' reports church spokesman Jeff Quiros. 'It's just her
      story; it's not that Scientology is a one-way ticket to stardom. But if
      someone wants to take the classes she took, no one's going to turn them

      "Elfman sponsored the mission here because she felt, according to Quiros,
      that there are enough missions in the San Fernando Valley, where she grew
      up. As for Elfman's event, Quiros candidly admits, 'It's obviously meant
      to interest people in Dianetics and Scientology.'"

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      > Keith Henson

      Keith Henson reported that the RIverside court is considering dismissing
      his appeal for interfering with a religion because he is seeking refugee
      status in Canada. Keith was convicted for protesting Gold Base, near
      Hemet, California.

      "Appellant is ordered to show cause within twenty days of the date of this
      order as to why this appeal should not be dismissed on the grounds that
      appellant is a fugitive and therefore has forfeited his right to appeal."

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      > Renaissance

      LA Weekly reviewed the restaurant in the Celebrity Center in Hollywood in
      its November 9th issue.

      "At least twice a day for the past eight years, I've driven past the Manor
      Hotel, which houses the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center
      International. But it was not until last month that I noticed a plastic
      sign affixed to its outer wall: 'Renaissance Restaurant - Open to the
      Public.' I am perversely interested in checking out the place, but the
      friends I mention this to are less than enthralled. 'Bring brass knuckles
      and Mace,' one friend helpfully suggests. Another wonders aloud whether
      the waiter will slip a personality test under my napkin.

      "I know from experience that their concerns - that I will be strapped to a
      chair and forced to listen to Chick Corea music, or watch Battleship Earth
      until its cockamamie creed makes consummate sense - are unfounded. Years
      ago, I was the assistant to a screenwriting Scientologist who practiced
      none of the church's tenets while availing himself of every financial perk
      membership offered, and was hence constantly being called before church

      "Behind a velvet rope is the purported office of founder L. Ron Hubbard, a
      soul-deadeningly dull den straight out of 1950s TV, with Ethan Allen-like
      appointments and a wall of locked bookcases holding what must be a ton of
      Scientology tomes whose spines don't appear to have been cracked.

      "'Yes, it is a beautiful restaurant,' the maitre d’ says. 'Everything
      first-class. You know, when I take the job here, my father-in-law, he say,
      'No! You must put garlic around your neck and run the other way! Then he
      answers the question I am dying to ask. 'But I am not a Scientologist.'
      Are most of his customers? 'Yes, because they come here from all over the
      world to stay in the hotel, to do their business.' He nods as a waiter
      places our meals before us. 'Bon appetit!'

      "'How long has that sign been out on Franklin?' I ask the maitre d’. 'That
      is new,' he says. 'People, you know, they don't come; they think it is
      only for Scientologists. But it's not; it's a good restaurant, a beautiful
      restaurant. Dessert?'"

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      > Lisa McPherson

      The St. Petersburg Times reported on December 9th that the civil case
      against Scientology for the death of Lisa McPherson approaches its trial

      "A civil wrongful-death lawsuit, itself now almost 5 years old, alleges
      church workers let McPherson die Dec. 5, 1995, in the Fort Harrison Hotel,
      where she spent the last 17 days of her life being cared for by fellow
      Scientologists. The lawsuit contends that church staffers allowed
      McPherson, 36, to become so dehydrated she was too weak even to stop
      cockroaches from biting her.

      "As it did in the criminal case, Scientology has committed exhaustive
      resources to defending itself, assembling a squadron of top-notch lawyers
      and nationally known scientists. Observers say the aggressive legal
      strategy is designed to outlast the opponent, Ken Dandar, a Tampa lawyer
      representing McPherson's estate. 'They are going to and have worked Dandar
      to a near-death experience,' said longtime Clearwater attorney Denis
      deVlaming, who has represented some of Scientology's harshest critics.

      "The outcome of this case, which could go to trial in June, is crucial for
      Scientology, say observers. 'The biggest stake is legitimacy, showing that
      they are a legitimate religious organization just like the Baptists, just
      like the Jews, just like the Catholics,' deVlaming said. 'Every time
      there's a horrific article about very unreligious conduct, it sets them
      back and gets the public talking.'

      "'It is unique in the sense that every issue is fought to the death,' said
      Judge James Moody, who as a Hillsborough Circuit judge oversaw the first
      three years of the lawsuit and now is a federal judge. 'Every issue is a
      big issue. Every issue is a mountain of briefs and fought to the last
      gasp.' Legal motions are submitted in multiple, inches-thick binders.
      Hearings go on for days, stretching over months.

      "One 2 1/2-hour session last year preoccupied with hyper-technicalities
      left Pinellas Circuit Judge Frank Quesada holding his head in his hands
      and rubbing his forehead. At the end, he joked with the lawyers, 'I
      appreciate your effort to save us a rehearing on the rehearing for the

      "Church leaders say the lawsuit is nothing but an assault on Scientology,
      funded by church haters. Their vigorous defense, they say, is all about
      setting the record straight: McPherson died unexpectedly of a pulmonary
      embolism and Scientology is not to blame. Her death certificate calls her
      death an accident. 'The issue as far as we're concerned is truth,' said
      Ben Shaw, head of external affairs for the church's Clearwater
      organization. 'The press on this was horrendous as to the allegations. How
      do you deal with that unless you get the truth out?'

      "Dandar, a Temple law school graduate, has won settlements for clients
      from multinational corporations such as Du Pont and Toyota. But nothing
      compares to doing legal battle with Scientology, he said. Former clients
      have been called and told Dandar was under investigation for arms and drug
      dealing. The phone company McPherson once worked for in Dallas showed up
      on his credit report indicating he owed hundreds of dollars, Dandar said.
      One day, a couple pulled into his driveway and told Dandar's wife they
      were there for a funeral. 'They had a map with my home on it circled,'
      Dandar said. 'I live in a residential area. There aren't any funeral homes
      for miles.'

      "Money has come from the law firm Dandar shares with his brother Tom
      Dandar and from New England millionaire Robert Minton, founder of the
      Scientology watchdog group, the Lisa McPherson Trust, which recently
      disbanded, shutting down its Clearwater operation. Minton testified last
      year that he had given Dandar more than $1-million for the case. He wrote
      Dandar an additional check for $250,000 in May, according to Minton's
      personal bank records obtained by Scientology. Because Minton has
      contributed to the case, the court has allowed church attorneys to grill
      him and delve into his personal affairs.

      "'It's hard to distinguish the trust, Mr. Minton and the plaintiff in this
      case,' Judge Beach said during a September deposition. 'They're so
      intertwined, as a matter of fact, it almost appears that Lisa McPherson
      has been overshadowed by the activities of the trust and Mr. Minton in
      pursuing this case against the Scientologists.'

      "The one onlooker who showed up to flank Dandar, Scientology critic
      Patricia Greenway, was served with a subpoena from Scientology lawyers
      within two hours of her arrival. 'Now you know why nobody ever comes to
      support Ken,' Greenway told a reporter.

      "Dandar says three law firms have offered to assist him in the case, but
      so far, he sees no need for help. 'Their tactic is bury you in paper,'
      Dandar said. 'To me, the more lawyers you have, the more insecure you
      are.' In civil court, Dandar must convince a jury that 'more likely than
      not' negligence led to McPherson's death. Legal experts explain it this
      way: If all the evidence were placed on the scales of justice, Dandar wins
      if the scales tip ever so slightly in his favor.

      "Scientology's expensive strategy has reaped victories. In June, a judge
      dismissed one of the five counts against the church alleging McPherson was
      held against her will by church workers. The lawsuit's remaining counts
      allege negligence, battery, infliction of emotional distress and wrongful

      "Last week, the church leveled a well-orchestrated assault on a key piece
      of Dandar's scientific evidence. 'Junk science' is how church attorney
      Weinberg described an eye fluid test that Dandar says proves McPherson was
      severely dehydrated and therefore neglected by church workers. After
      hearing Scientology's offensive, Schaeffer put Dandar on notice: 'If
      you've got something, you better produce it.' Dandar promised to deliver
      when he makes his presentation in February. He told the judge: 'You
      haven't heard the rest of the story.'"

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      > Protest Summary

      "Ethercat" reported a protest on December 8th at the Atlanta Scientology

      "I had the Scientology Lies sign, backed with Who is Xenu? (including URLs
      for both); Wynot carried the Scientology Killed Lisa McPherson sign,
      backed with Scientology is a Bait and Switch Scam. We picketed for just
      over an hour, and received 30 acks, some boisterous, some timid.

      "The first thing we noticed was that they have a new door with stained
      glass windows, no doubt donated as a tax deduction by Artistic Glass of
      Atlanta, a long-time WISE company. The main sign out front no longer has
      the 'double cross' on it. There's a new sign under the Hubbard Dianetics
      Center sign and the Scientology sign - the new sign attempts to exploit
      the Sept. 11 tragedy, and does have the 'double cross'. The building was
      decorated for Christmas, and the little info box by the sidewalk contained
      a few brochures for Sunday Services. They appeared to have been in the box
      for some time, because they had prominent curves in the paper where they
      had slumped against the sides of the box.

      "A thirty-something lady came from the org to her SUV, and asked me how
      much we were getting paid. I told her we weren't getting paid, we do this
      because we believe in it. I wanted to tell her if we were getting paid,
      we'd be out here every day, but she was already in her vehicle. As she
      began to pull left out of the driveway, she made hand gestures at wynot,
      as if he were blocking her sight. He wasn't - we always step back on the
      sidewalk to allow people pulling out to see, and are very careful not to
      block cars leaving or pulling in."

      Keith Henson reported a protest in Toronto on December 8th.

      "Boudwin van Ingen was in town on the last stage of his arscc sponsored
      Canadian tour and Gregg read a poster about this weekend being some kind
      of event. The three of us started about 11:20 and put in two shifts. I
      was on the far side of the street. Gregg hung out in front of the org
      since the org had permits to block off both a half block of St. Mary
      street and its sidewalks. They got a bunch of kids and adults there to
      sing Christmas carols. The org does not have nearly enough kids for this,
      so many of the kids were their kids friends borrowed for the day.

      "At one point early in the picket there were at least 9 cops there. Two
      undercover cops, two uniform cops, a patrol car cop and 4 bike cops. This
      for 2 picketers, three if you count me across the street. One of the
      undercover cops became curious about what Gregg had to say and asked for
      the Xenu and Children Sec Check flyers. The cop observed that the city of
      Toronto hardly has the budget to take on scientology for their criminal

      "At first the female half of the goon squad showed up. They almost
      sprained their necks 'not looking' when Gregg made his announcements
      between the R6 carols. 'This entertainment brought to you by the Cult of
      Greed and Power.' 'Scientology processing is guaranteed not to rip, run,
      ravel, or smell bad.' 'Next right here on our stage will be Xenu the
      Galactic Overlord and his dancing Body Thetans.' etc.

      "The irony of scientologists singing Christmas carols was not lost on the
      locals, many of whom commented to Gregg and Bogie about the hypocrisy
      involved. They got many words of praise from the passers by causing one of
      the cops to comment how Gregg and Bogie were 'real crowd pleasers.'

      "After we took a break to warm up, they brought out the male goons. The
      usual suspects, Peter Ramsay, Andy Hill, Daffy Dan Bryenton and Brian
      McPherson. The male goon squad once again began badgering Gregg, so Gregg
      decided to make head goony Brian McPherson sweat a bit about the last time
      Brian blew the org. McPherson almost blew a gasket. Daffy Dan tried to
      convince the cops that Gregg was a mad stalker. This did not sell since
      the undercover cop apparently knew all about scientologist picketing
      Gregg's home, stalking picketers in Toronto, and even traveling as far
      away as St. Catherines to bother Kim and directly harass her children.

      "4 bike cops came over, probably called in by Al Buttnor. Al looked so
      pleased, but it turned utterly sour when the biggest of the bike cops gave
      Gregg a friendly pat on the shoulder and asked how he was doing like an
      old friend. The undercover cops had been brought in because the org
      insisted the picketers would have disruptive people in the crowd.

      "Many of these people were listening carefully to what Gregg was saying
      about scientology, reading his picket sign and taking flyers. Gregg didn't
      even try and people took over 100 flyers. Gregg was handing out the
      children's sec check as well as the Xenu flyer today. One of teen age
      girls (a guest about 14) took one. She and another wog friend were
      discussing it with a Scientology girlfriend of about the same age. The
      Scientology girl confirmed they were subjected to having these questions
      asked them upon occasions one of the Wog girls said they would tell
      parents to 'fuck off' if they her asked such questions. After admonishing
      her wog friend not to swear, the scn girl said 'my mom doesn't ask the
      questions, an auditor does and my mom has to pay for it.' At this point,
      Val Hill jumped on the girls and herded them hastily into the org,
      realizing the wog girls were now PTS."

      "Barb" reported a protest at Gold Base, near Hemet, California on December

      "I was the first to arrive at Ida's Sinister Place of Gathering. Shortly
      after, Arel, Graham Berry, and phr came in, followed by Richard of
      Riverside and his nephew Jack. The signs were a bit hard to handle in the
      wind, but we carried on. Gold Base was dead. There was no one out and
      about. Three guards in the shack, no foot traffic. I heard motorbikes deep
      in the property, and saw a few of the elite walking from the ugly studio
      building of Golden Era. Construction hasn't progressed very far on the
      housing, and Davey's house bristles with a perimeter of cameras.

      "Graham assumed the role of carnival barker between the tunnel and the
      guard shack. Arel caught an inmate out; when she turned her sign towards
      him, ($cientology is Your Ruin) he cut and ran. We got a good number of
      honks, waves, and thumbs up from the traffic. Three white pickup trucks
      came by in quick succession, the drivers honked and flipped us off!

      "The only memorable moment was when a police car made several passes and
      pulled over to talk to us, having been summoned by Ken Hoden, who was
      hovering around the guard shack in the company of Richardson, who hid and
      took photos of Graham. This officer was a cheerful, easygoing sort, who
      said he'd been called because Hoden was concerned about potential illegal
      actions on our part. The officer said that Hoden had shown him a printout
      of their website on me. He didn't seem to take it very seriously. He waved
      away my attempts to refute it; when I started to explain how the cult is
      attempting to portray us as terrorist criminals, he nodded and said,
      'Well, that's Golden Era for ya!' He didn't seem very terrified in our

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      > In Memoriam

      The Salt Lake City Tribune reported on December 8th that Scientologist
      Alex Eenkhoorn has passed away.

      "Alexander (Alex) Peter Eenkhoorn, age 53, born in Djakarta Indonesia
      February 14, 1948, moved to the United States with his family at age 8,
      passed away on Dec. 2, 2001 in Portland, Oregon. He was a long time
      resident of Salt Lake City. Alex was a loving husband and father. Friends
      and family are invited to attend a memorial service at the Church of
      Scientology located at 1931 So. 1100 E. on Saturday, Dec. 8, at 7 p.m."

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      > Boy Scouts

      The Los Angeles Times reported on December 8th that a
      Scientology-sponsored Boy Scout troop collected money for the Red Cross.

      "Venturing Crew 355 collected more than $2,000 for the American Red Cross
      immediately following the tragic events of Sept. 11. They spent half a day
      in front of the Ralphs in La Crescenta collecting cash donations. The
      group is a coeducational one for youth 14 to 20 chartered to the Church of
      Scientology Mission of the Foothills in Montrose through the Verdugo Hills
      Council, Boy Scouts of America."

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      > Spain

      The Associated Press reported on December 3rd that a Spanish court has
      found 15 Scientologists not guilty of criminal conspiracy.

      "A Spanish court on Monday acquitted 15 members and employees of the
      Church of Scientology on charges of criminal conspiracy, closing a case
      dating back to 1984. It said there was no evidence to support prosecutors'
      allegations that drug rehabilitation and other programs sponsored by the
      church in Spain amounted to illicit gatherings aimed at activities such as
      bilking people of money.

      "Initially, the church's American leader, Rev. Heber Jentzsch, was among
      those indicted but he did not show up for the trial. Church leaders argued
      he had been charged simply for being the head of the church. Scientology
      is officially classified as a lay association with religious goals, not as
      a church. It does not have tax-exempt status as it does in the United

      From APA on December 3rd:

      "The court decided on Monday in Madrid that it had not been proven that
      the defendants had formed a criminal association. As to the the other
      specifications - such as the accusations of brainwashing or tax evasion,
      it was said there was no proof. The state attorney had demanded from three
      months to five years for the defendants, as well as the dissolution of the

      "The letter of indictment had described Scientology as an 'extremely
      dangerous organization' that was 'more of a sect than a church.'
      Nevertheless, the court decided there was no evidence that the defendants
      had joined together for the purpose of committing criminal acts. The state
      attorney's office had originally wanted the organization's boss, Heber
      Jentzsch, to appear in court, and had asked 56 years for him. The American
      did not however show up in court because the US authorities had not
      forwarded the summons to him."

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      > UK

      John Gummer, a member of the UK House of Commons spoke on November 19th to
      oppose a new law being promoted to ban religious hatred.

      "I am not prepared to be prevented from saying that those who believe that
      children should be killed by not having a blood transfusion are wrong and
      that they should be stopped from doing that. I know that the strength of
      that remark may be considered by others, and certainly by the people to
      whom I refer, as an incitement to religious hatred. I do not like the word
      'hatred' - I hope that I hate no one, but I know many who would come near
      to hating when they saw that the result of those people's beliefs was a
      dead child. I do not believe that that is a suitable case for interference
      by the law; I believe that I should be able to say what I believe to be
      true on that issue.

      "Some organisations, such as Scientology, masquerade as religions. With
      the protection of this House, I say that Scientology is a fraud. It is a
      mechanism for money raising, a damaging and hateful thing. Under this
      measure, however, I should not be able to talk about that outside this
      House, and that is wrong. The Government should have no part of it."

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      > WISE

      The results of a competition conducted by the World Institute of
      Scientology Enterprises were distributed to members in email.
      Scientologists were urged to buy copies of the Organization Executive
      Course for donation to libraries and world leaders.

      "This is a game to see who is disseminating LRH's administrative
      technology the most by getting OEC sets donated to libraries, sold to
      clients or presented to opinion leaders thereby forwarding the purpose of
      WISE, which is 'To get LRH administrative technology broadly in use in
      every business, organization and government on the planet.'

      "1st Place: LA 82 OEC sets. Larry Leong donated 19 OEC sets; Craig Jensen
      donated 5 sets; Dohring Company donated 14 sets; Hollander bought 13 sets;
      Sterling bought 20 sets; Survival Strategies bought 4 sets; Sarah Leslie
      bought 1 set; A raw public bought 1 set; JS bought 1 set; Stan Gerson
      bought 1 set; MR bought 1 set; B.A. bought 1 set; Don Engle bought 1 set.
      LA Area I/C is Craig Ferreira.

      "2nd Place: MGE (DC) 47.5 OEC sets. MGE donated 35 OEC sets; Bill Lohmann
      donated 1 set; Greg Winteregg donated 1.5 sets; Phillip DeJesus donated 3
      sets; Mario Canal donated 1 set; Kathy Biery donated 1 set; Mike Waldron
      donated 5 sets. MGE I/C is Luis Colon.

      "3rd Place: Seattle 38 OEC sets. P.S. donated 38 OEC sets.

      "4th Place: Cincinnati 19 OEC sets. John Chan donated 5 OEC sets; Carl
      Smudde donated 5 sets; Jim Speiser donated 5 sets; Ernie Lehman donated 1
      set; Brian Nunley donated 1 set; Mike Tillery donated 1 set; Lonnie &
      Naomi Davis donated 1 set. Cincinnati I/C is John Chan.

      "5th Place: DC 11 OEC sets. Karen Berg donated 1 OEC set; Randy & Jill
      Bunn donated 1 set; Cheryl Caputo donated 5 set; Garland Davis donated 1
      set; Jamie Gibb donated 1 set; James Hardy donated 1 set. Steve Ziegler
      donated 1 set. DC I/C is Karen Berg.

      "6th Place: Michigan 11 OEC sets. Jack Sushko donated 10 OEC sets.
      Joseph Lawless and Jack Sushko donated 1 set. Michigan I/C is Jack Sushko.

      "7th Place: Clearwater 10 OEC sets. Jay Kamhi donated 10 OEC sets.

      "8th Place: Chicago 9 OEC sets. Kurtis & Keanan. Kintzel donated 5 OEC
      sets; Katherine Kalmer bought 1 set; Kim Perfetti donated 1 set; Allyne
      Rosenthal donated 1 set; Joe Lewis donated 1 set. Chicago I/C is Joe

      "9th Place: New York 4 OEC sets. Kumi Kimball donated 1 OEC set; Devora
      Lindeman donated 1 set; Fred Ulan donated 1 set; Greg Makowski donated 1
      set. New York I/C is Dan Margolin.

      "10th Place: Columbus 3 OEC sets. Chiu Hoi Chan donated 2 OEC sets;
      Christopher Music donated 1 set. Columbus I/C is Chiu Hoi Chan.

      "11th Place: Atlanta 2.5 OEC sets. Ann Hurst donated 2 OEC sets; Mari
      Taylor Muir bought 1/2 a set. Atlanta I/C is Joel Benk.

      "12th Place: New Haven 2 OEC sets. Kevin Norige donated 1 OEC set; Michael
      Greene donated 1 set. New Haven I/C is Kevin Norige.

      "13th Place: FLB 1 OEC set

      "Louisiana 1 OEC set. Rohit Adi donated 1 OEC set. Louisiana I/C is Ron

      "Miami 1 OEC set. Saul Lipson donated 1 OEC set. Miami I/C is Carlos

      "Nashville 1 OEC set. Lee Parrish donated 1 OEC set. Nashville I/C is Lee

      "Orlando 1 OEC set. Kent Greer donated 1 OEC set. Orlando I/C is Kent

      "Philadelphia 1 OEC set. Leo McCormick donated 1 OEC set. Philadelphia I/C
      is Leo McCormick.

      "Stevens Creek 1 OEC set.

      Kelly Zacks
      Publications Officer
      WISE International"

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