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  • Rod Keller
    Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Volume 6, Issue 32 12/2/2001 by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com] copyright 2001 Alt.religion.scientology Week in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001
      Week in Review Volume 6, Issue 32
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2001

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Belgium

      Reuters reported on November 29th that Scientology is suing Belgium for
      its classification as a sect.

      "The Church of Scientology said yesterday that it was suing the Belgian
      state for moral damages after a 1997 parliamentary report qualified the
      organization as a 'sect.' The organization, which has about 2,000 members
      in the country, said it had filed a lawsuit against the state in a
      Brussels court, seeking a symbolic one euro in moral damages. The first
      hearing is to be held on Dec. 13. Martin Weightman, director of human
      rights for the organization in Europe, said the label breached the
      European Human Rights Convention. Weightman said the report had later been
      used 'to incite numerous incidents of intolerance and discrimination'
      against Scientologists.

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      > CCHR

      New Truth & TV Extra reported on November 30th that a web site by
      Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human Rights lists the names of 11
      New Zealand psychiatrists who have been convicted of various crimes.

      "The names of 11 Kiwi psychiatrists with criminal convictions are listed
      on a website designed to expose 'evil' psychiatrists worldwide. The site
      was launched by an international organisation called Citizens Commission
      on Human Rights (CCHR), which warns that convicted and jailed psychiatric
      professionals skip cities and even countries to continue practising and
      says they must be stopped. The list is regularly updated and so far
      features 646 names.

      "South African-born Bouwer, 51, was last week sentenced to life
      imprisonment for poisoning his 47-year-old wife Annette. Bouwer was found
      guilty of administering drugs to his wife that replicated the effect of a
      pancreatic tumour.

      "Other claims made on the site are: At least 10 percent of psychiatrists
      admit to sexually abusing their patients - internationally that's more
      than 15,000 rapes. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists have
      the dubious distinction of having laws specifically designed to curtail
      their tendency to commit sex crimes against those in their charge. They
      have a poor track record in improving literacy and drug and criminal

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      > Clearwater

      A letter to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times blamed Scientology for
      the demise of Club More, which once hosted a benefit concert for the Lisa
      McPherson Trust.

      "I am amazed at what downtown Clearwater considers vitality. The fact that
      Lee Arnold is going to build luxury condominiums downtown is a joke. Once
      the Scientology 'super power' building is complete, Clearwater will be
      even more of a destination (and second home) for none other than wealthy
      Scientologists. The luxury condominiums will be needed for those who are
      above living 10 to a room in one of the many hotel and apartment complexes
      occupied by the lesser-ranking Scientologists.

      "If you speak out against Scientology, not only can you be refused service
      at many establishments in downtown Clearwater, but the same folks who are
      promoting downtown may take away your business. I am talking about the
      city lot that we at Club More used for our customers to park in the four
      years we were open. A letter from the city engineer in January confirmed
      the plans for a paved, metered lot. This is one of the major reasons we
      opened our kitchen at Club More.

      "But no, sorry, not only can you no longer use the parking lot, now you
      won't have any parking for a lunchtime business; and you've just wasted
      $50,000 putting in a kitchen. I believe it's because I have continually
      spoken out against Scientology. Then Club More hosted a benefit for the
      Lisa McPherson Trust.

      - F. Charles Gordon, Clearwater"



      > Netherlands

      NRC Handeslblad reported on November 23rd on a Scientology exhibit in

      "I received a hearty welcome from broadly smiling staff, who were
      obviously very successful at the work. A dark girl stepped towards me and
      pointed at the walls, on which there were large colour photos with texts.
      'You know what Scientology is?' she asks. We stopped to look at a sign
      that with a large triangle. Above was the word 'Communication' and at the
      base, the words 'Affinity' and 'Reality'.

      "'We think it's important to see how your ARC is doing,' the girl said.
      She pointed at the word 'understanding' in the middle of the triangle.
      'If one of the three parts of your ARC is not doing well, there's also too
      little understanding. Then in the triangle gets smaller and smaller.'
      'What would you most like to improve'? I blindly chose 'Communication,'
      can't miss. 'Then I know someone who can help you,' she said and she
      quickly led me to another room, where a rather aged lady, unfortunately,
      gratefully received me. We walked through a room in which six sweet
      Scientology children were receiving a lesson from a serious Scientology
      teacher, and sat down at tables in the adjoining room. She proposed the
      best remedy of all: a communication course, based on the works of L. Ron
      Hubbard. Forty lessons for 150 euro.

      "'I want to think about it at home,' I said. 'What can you think of at
      home that you can't think of here?' she asked. The tone was sharp for the
      first time. 'I could also try psychotherapy,' I said. She sniffed
      disdainfully. 'Psychotherapy? All rubbish.'"

      Het Parool reported on November 26th and 28th that Scientology has
      launched a recruiting drive which concentrates on young people in

      "The Scientology movement is involved with a large recruitment drive in
      Amsterdam. Despite agreements with the police, they are also persuading
      juveniles to visit the Scientology exhibition in De Clercqstraat. Inside,
      visitors are introduced to the Scientology philosophy, after which courses
      and books are offered for sale. Even to juveniles.

      "The head of external affairs of the Scientology Church Julia Rijnvis
      brushes aside luring in juveniles as incidents. 'We have agreed with the
      local police not to target anyone under age. It is certainly not our
      target group, but sometimes one slips in.'

      "On all four corners of the junction with Bilderdijkstraat, members of
      Scientology are standing asking passers-by to come inside. The Dutch
      branch of Scientology has its headquarters beside the police station on
      Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. Seventy staff members work full-time there for
      the organisation, that says it has several thousand members in Holland.
      Scientology calls itself a Church, but is regarded by critics as a cult
      that brainwashes people and rips them off. In Dam Square, Scientology this
      weekend campaigned against drugs. This campaign was not advertising openly
      its link to Scientology. People were however encouraged to go to the

      "The 14 year old wasn't asked more. 'Just come inside.' Scientology and
      her traveling exhibition What is Scientology? settled on the Clerqstreet
      in Old-West. The 14 year old David (not his real name) walks along on our
      request, for the door-entrance policy of Scientology is rather
      unselective. Also minors without parental escort are taken into the
      building. In that manner two accidentally passing boys of about the same
      age as David are brought inside.

      "Once inside, the Scientologist introduces David directly to Sam, a bit
      older man with grey hair and a pair of jeans. David: 'He said 'How nice,
      we both have a biblical name. Then now, I will tour you around.' First he
      showed me a couple of paintings. On one you saw a black landscape and also
      there was one with green hills and a very bright sun. 'How do you see the
      world?', he asked. He pointed at the black painting. 'We try to open for
      you the bridge to that beautiful part', said Sam.

      "As Sam continues the tour, David lets him know he has an appointment
      later. Therefore Sam guides him fast to an apparatus standing at the heart
      of the maze-like line up. With this 'E-meter' your emotions are measured,
      tells Sam. David has to hold two metal handles that hang from the
      measuring equipment. He has to think something nice. The meter strikes
      out. He has to think something nasty. The meter strikes out again. Is
      everything all right at school? David indicates, it is not going
      fantastically. 'On that they went on. They were looking for something to
      retain my attention.'

      "Sam walks away to return with a small woman, who introduces herself as
      Ruth. 'With an American accent she said 'This is a lesson book, through
      which you could be learning better.' Just like Sam she kept on touching me
      all of the time. 'It will all go better,' she said constantly. Ruth says
      that David can buy the booklet 'for nine ones' ($3.60). Then only for the
      first time he is asked for his age. 'When I mentioned that, she muttered
      something about parental consent needed, but immediately thereafter 'If
      you have the money, you can just buy it.' Then she started about the
      course of 59 guilders ($24) through which I would understand the booklet
      much better. She would have preferred to continue talking, you just could
      notice that, but I wanted to leave.' Without further hindrance David walks
      to the exit."

      "Owner Ahold says it was misled by Scientology about the substance of the
      exhibition in the building on De Clercqstraat, that was explicitly stated
      to be an exhibition against drugs. This description is also in the rental
      contract. However the exhibition is now called 'What is Scientology' and
      concentrates on the idea is of Scientology and selling books and courses.

      "Combating drugs is an important part of the ideas of Scientology.
      However Scientology takes a very different attitude to the negative
      effects of drugs and how drugs can be combated from Dutch policy. Last
      night, questions were posed in the local council commission meeting about
      tolerating the campaign and the fact that juveniles were being invited in.
      Last week, questions were posed after complaints from the area, but
      according to local VVD leader Robert Flos, yesterday's publication in Het
      Parool gave grounds for more questions.

      "Weevers confirms that he had allowed the exhibition to go ahead. The
      reason is, according to the council executive, that preventing the
      exhibition would have cost more time and money. He said he would ask the
      police to take further measures. Weevers said that Scientology had
      repeatedly broken its agreements with him and that the exhibition had
      obviously caused more nuisance than foreseen.

      "The police said it was very difficult to find legal measures to combat
      the exhibition, but it is planning to keep a very close eye on it.
      'Unfortunately we cannot regard the door 24 hours a day.' The Greens have
      asked questions in the commission about and juveniles being asked in and
      the nuisance caused."

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      > Germany

      Spiegel reported on November 30th that Microsoft has offered to share the
      source code for Windows with the German government to counter suspicions
      that software written by a Scientologist-owned company could spy on the

      "In Unterschliessheim near Munich on Friday, the German branch of the
      world's largest software company offered Parliament and the Federal
      Interior Ministry access to Windows source code, which normal Microsoft
      customers don't have a chance of seeing. This is Microsoft's response to
      the discussion about alleged hidden functions in the Windows operating

      "In Parliament, the aging Microsoft Windows NT 4 system is currently
      installed on about 5,000 office computers. A debate has been ongoing
      inside Parliament for months as to whether it will next be equipped with
      the new Microsoft Windows XP or with the open-source Linux system.

      "Supporters of the Linux solution, such as SPD Representative Joerg Tauss,
      have specifically mentioned that Microsoft software posed a security risk
      because the majority of computer viruses are distributed through holes in
      the Microsoft system. The discussion specifically included integration of
      the 'Diskeeper' program into Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP versions
      systems. That software for data maintenance was developed by a US
      corporation managed by a professing Scientologist."

      FP reported on November 29th that Scientologist Kurt Fliegerbauer has been
      fined by the city of Zwickau, Germany for failure to obtain renovation

      "The Schloss Osterstein Verwaltungs GmbH business manager will have to pay
      51,100 marks in fines, according to the city court, because he renovated
      buildings without construction permits. City management had intended,
      however, to get 650,000 marks from the Scientologist. Because the case
      went to court when Fliegerbauer contested it, the city will not see a
      single dime. The fine is going to the benefit of the state.

      "The judge said [Fliegerbauer]'s admissions of guilt to the city
      management were not an excuse, but an 'escape by moving forward.' On the
      other hand, the judge held the real estate mogul's 'outstanding
      construction work' to his advantage, from which the City of Zwickau had
      also profited, as well has the fact that he had confessed to his guilt and
      had only formally violated regulations. On top of everything else, 25 of
      the 27 construction projects had since been properly licensed. In contrast
      to the city managers, the city court was not interested in discussing
      profit-skimming. This would have had to do with Fliegerbauer gaining
      financial advantage from his premature starts on construction."

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      > Gold Base

      The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported on November 22nd that Scientology
      is shooting a movie at Gold Base, near Hemet, California.

      "A booming cannon shoots toward a row of cottonwood trees on the lush,
      grassy fields of 17th-century France. Fifteen minutes later, the fire
      lands among a cluster of charging soldiers wearing goatees, creamy white
      cravats and feathers in their hats. Three of them drop. Then they get up
      and try it again.

      "When it's finished, Golden Era Productions will have an educational video
      showing how war never solves mankind's real problems. Golden Era
      Productions, located in Gilman Hot Springs northwest of San Jacinto, makes
      educational and training films for the Church of Scientology. Staff
      members who work on the 520-acre site do everything from sewing costumes
      to acting and filming. The film will be used for educational purposes in
      Scientology churches all over the world."

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      > Los Angeles

      The Los Angeles Times reported on November 27th that a Scientology choir
      will participate in holiday celebrations in Montrose, California.

      "Musicians and singers will stroll along Honolulu Avenue on Dec. 8, 15 and
      22 to help shoppers and diners get in the holiday spirit. The Crescenta
      Valley High School Singers will appear from noon to 1 p.m. Dec. 15,
      followed by the Church of Scientology Choir from 1 to 2 p.m. Valley Brass
      Quintet will perform from 2 to 4 p.m., followed by the Wilson Middle
      School singers from 4 to 5 p.m."

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      > Protest Summary

      Caroline Letkeman reported protests against Scientology in Vancouver on
      November 24th and 28th.

      "Yesterday I did my first picket, with Gerry Armstrong. Gerry did the
      Cavalry Charge on his mouth trombone. Gerry's sign has the following
      messages: 'Scientology: Let Our People Go' and 'Thank God Hubbard was Dead
      Wrong.' My sign says, 'Scientology: Let My Daughter Go' and 'Scientology:
      Give My Money Back.' For a picket flyer, I handed out copies of my
      11/13/2001 letter to David Miscavige et al, that I posted to a.r.s. under
      'Demand for Refund.'

      "Early on in the picket, we noticed an OSA agent taking photographs of us
      from across the street. When I started walking toward him to get a better
      photograph of him, he escaped quickly, going west on Hastings.

      "One group of people came around and someone asked pointedly, 'Yeah, we
      know Scientology is a fraud, but,' nodding at my sign's message about my
      daughter, 'what is your story?' I told them about my daughter and that she
      was not allowed to talk to me. They were appalled and commensurately very
      supportive of our effort."

      "Picketing Celebrity: 'Bogie' Boudewijn van Ingen accompanied by Gerry
      Armstrong and Caroline Letkeman. We arrived at the Vancouver organization
      about 11:05 a.m.; picketed for about 45 minutes and then we took a warm-up
      break at a coffee shop nearby. Returned to picket for another 1/2 hour or
      so. Bogie was really upstat and distributed 47 flyers. We also gave out
      copies of my Demand for Refund letter to David Miscavige.

      "Numerous camera flashes were observed coming from across the street and
      also from inside the organization. Two people, who were quite green, took
      a Xenu flyer on exiting the org. Wogs saved at least $600,000 today!

      "There was a guy who came out of the org and came up to Gerry and with
      what were practiced TRs, asked, 'Why are you here?' To which Gerry
      replied, 'Why is a raven like a writing desk?' Then the young man said,
      'You should leave.' And in a number of comments, ordered Gerry to the
      other side of the street. Black Techie #2 came out of the front door of
      the organization and planted himself right on the edge of the building
      property. For the length of time he was in this position it appeared that
      he was 'doing TRs' on us. A few minutes later, James Wood popped his head
      out the front door and motioned for BT #2 to return inside."

      Roger Gonnet reported a protest in Paris on November 24th.

      "The largest picket ever against the criminal cult has been held Nov.
      24th, 2001, before the new building of the Scientology CC. In fact, it is
      not really new, it is another part of a building touching the ancient one.
      The main organizer was the president and staff of the two years old
      association 'Attention Enfants', some 400 persons were present before the
      clam location!

      "My friend Mathieu Cossu, who is an ADFI member said that the spokesperson
      of the cult, Daniele Gounord came to him and said: 'Do you know that they
      have arrested someone with a gun?' But evidently, she was practicing her
      TR Lie. No evidence has been brought that any of the parents and Parisian
      mayors, deputies and senators present for the picket, had taken a gun with

      John Ritson reported a protest in London on December 1st.

      "Eight or nine suppressives, accompanied by the cute little dog 'Duke'
      assembled near the Tottenham Court Road 'org'. The 'org' seemed fairly
      downstat. No students going in or out - only staff members. They were
      handing out copies of 'The Volunteer Minister's Newspaper - Issue 1.' This
      contains L. Ron Hubbard's 1976 'Role of the Volunteer Minister' in which
      he says that 'a society to survive well, needs at least as many Volunteer
      Ministers as it has policemen'. Pretty soon the dustbins were full of
      this 'yellow journalism'. Passers-by were very supportive, even though
      they risked the terrifying 'death stare' from poor little Paolo. One young
      lady came over, took a leaflet and thanked me for what we were doing.
      Paolo stared fanatically at her back as she walked away. When not on
      microphone duty I was able to demonstrate how SPs are 'at cause' over
      Scientologists by moving Paolo back and forth along the pavement as I
      handed out leaflets, before I told him how I was demonstrating how
      obedient Scientologists can be, whereupon he stopped playing.

      "They tried to drown out our boom-box by playing music through one and
      then two loudspeakers, but SP-tech beats Hubbard-tech every time. One
      passer-by started asking the Scientologists questions, then went into the
      'org,' asked more questions, then asked one of their 'newspaper'
      distributors questions. The poor chap was getting lost when faced with L.
      Ron Hubbard's handwritten OTIII material from the Xenu leaflet, when a
      more senior staff member came out to tell him to come inside to answer a
      telephone call. I was able to tell the passer-by to watch out and see if
      there was any telephone being answered, and we started laughing when he
      re-emerged without ever leaving our sight or touching a telephone."

      Tory Bezazian reported a protest in Los Angeles on December 1st.

      "There was Graham Berry, Tory, Jeff Jacobsen, phr, Snefru, John, Chris and
      Donna came from Bakersfield and Richard from Riverside. Graham had his
      'Scientology Kills' t-shirt on, I had on my red devil horns, Chris had on
      a Xenu.net hat, and Donna who was with him had a hat with a xenu doll on
      it. Graham stayed on the sides of the orgs, and we headed down L. Ron
      Hubbard way. It was amazingly empty.

      "I saw the ED of LA org, Mellony, who I used to know and be friends with
      for years. As I said, 'Hi Mellony' from across the street, as she was
      eating, I could see her mouth move saying 'unbelievable' in disgust. I
      saw another old friend who I've known for years. She is blind, so I leaned
      over and said, 'It's Tory'. As soon as she recognized my name she sneered
      and walked on. She went blind sadly while on the Purif. years ago.

      "As we got behind LA org I could see someone had come to talk to Jeff and
      Snefru and a few others. He was telling Jeff how he was 'PTS.' So I said
      'I used to believe that too, until I realized I'm now SP and happier than
      ever!' I said, 'Herem read about my story.' Finally he said to Snefru,
      'Don't you recognize me? I'm Craig Brown. I've lost 100 pounds.' There
      was a little re-union between them, as Snefru had known him as a 'handler'
      in earlier years.

      "At 12:30 it was time for the students to arrive for course. So we stood
      by the driveway as they drove in, looking off, ignoring us. I saw John
      Woodruff, who again I had known for years. He used to be the ED of the
      Orange County org, and LA ORg, for a few years.

      "Around 1:00 we decided to move onto the Hollywood Guarantee Building. It
      is where INT is at here in LA, and where all the International offices are
      for the Sea Org. Also right next-door is the L. Ron Hubbard Life
      Exhibition. There was TONS of foot traffic, so we gave out over 100 flyers
      all about 'why I picket' by Rod Keller, and 50 by me on why I picket. It
      was truly AMAZING to hear how many people hate Scientology.

      "Most of the Sea org skulked in quickly trying to avoid us. At the front
      door a man stood with his back to us, and his arms holding the doors.
      Graham saw a van pull up with all of the Sea Org on the floor. I told him
      it was probably so they cannot see our 'entheta' signs.

      "The snotty girls at the life Exhibition would jump out quickly and try to
      pass out some tickets to the museum, and then jump back inside. As they
      would, we'd hand the person a flyer and tell them to 'Find out the real
      truth. Make sure to read BOTH sides of the story and make up your own

      "One Scientologist who looked and sounded like Mary DeMoss, walked by and
      screamed 'I LOVE SCIENTOLOGY' to which someone driving by yelled,
      'Scientology Sucks!' There were many with the latter view and only about
      two with the first. We were picketing up and down the streets, and across
      the street, as there's The Hollywood Literacy Deal. Snefru and I strolled
      over and had a long talk with another lady who thanked us for what we were

      "Many times we would stop to talk, so of course Scientology called the
      police. The man was VERY nice, and I could tell he was WAY on our side. He
      just said, 'you all need to keep moving.' So we agreed to, and we did.
      Person after person would come up and tell me how much they hated

      "We met another man whose wife had just died and left him with 4 kids. He
      had just bought Dianetics, so I spent a long time talking with him about
      how things really work. He took a flyer, and returned saying he wanted to
      go in the museum and ask them about my flyer. We told them what they'd
      probably say, and I gave him my e-mail address to write if he has any

      "We walked in front of the Xmas display where people were singing. Kay
      Connally (Head of PR) Came right up to me frowning seriously and said,
      'Can't you take your hatred somewhere else?' I told her she looked and
      sounded pretty hateful, actually."

      Christopher Wood reported a protest in Toronto on December 1st.

      "Picketers: Me, Gregg Hagglund, Keith Henson, AndroidCat, the Unknown
      Picketer. Leaflets: No Science in Scientology / Scientology's Founder: Con
      Man, and Gregg's Xenu Special. We started just before 11:00 AM, went about
      an hour and a half, and then went back after lunch for about another
      ninety minutes.

      "The pretend-victimhood emanating from inside the Toronto org is showing
      some cracks. Scientologists kept walking past and standing close to
      picketers. Al Buttnor called the police (the usual whine about
      suppressive persons, but in non-Scientology language). However, he went
      outside and stood near Gregg to do so, pointing out to the world that
      Buttnor doesn't mind standing near Gregg.

      "The same Scientologist who, last time, was asking Gregg to be quiet
      because 'you're disturbing the students' went into dramatic mocked-up
      victim mode. She stood in front of Gregg and then backed away in exactly
      the same direction that he was proceeding, declaiming about how Gregg was
      harassing her. The second time, the Scientologist waited until Gregg had
      passed the org main entrance, and then did the exact same thing vis the
      backing away, but this time claimed that she was only going to her car.
      Then, after having repeated the backing-away performance, walked back
      across the front of the org, to cross the road and go down Isabella
      street, which is right across the road from the org's front entrance.

      "Later on in the afternoon, Keith Henson got part of the goon squad over
      staring at him. It's nice of Scientologists to keep approaching Keith,
      reinforcing the fact that they're not intimidated by him. In the
      afternoon, a couple sitting in a car beckoned me over and asked me at some
      length about Scientology, and why we were picketing, and so forth. I went
      into things at some length, and I'm reasonably certain that I made a good

      Mike Krotz reported a protest in Clearwater on December 2nd.

      "It was an excellent opportunity to inform a large crowd of younger
      concert goers, as there was an all-day rock concert in downtown's Coachman
      Park. Hundreds of music fans of all ages and hairstyles mobbed the
      downtown area across from Scientology's Sandcastle and near their Osceola
      buildings. We mainly stood near the Osceola Street entrance to the park,
      after a brief stand near the Ft. Harrison. About 300 fliers were
      distributed, we used Kristi's '$cientology Hurts People' backed with 'What
      Judges Say,' and most reactions were very appreciative and enthusiastic at
      our being there. The cult had a small canopy and a table in front of the
      Osceola fountain, with a table full of Hubbard books and a few of them
      were handing out free personality tests! I tried to give people who were
      given one of those a flier, to properly balance things out. I noticed many
      of the personality test fliers ended up on the ground near the concert
      entrance, yet only a few of our fliers seemed to get tossed.

      "We were there from about 11:30 a.m. til about 1:45 p.m., and for the
      majority of the time we were under surveillance by the khaki-clad OSA
      security dudes. Paul Kellerhals was spotted early on, and the security
      guys mostly stayed near the police that were handling traffic and crowd
      control for the concert.

      "I wore my shirt with Lisa McPherson's autopsy report on one side, and
      Stacy Myer's death certificate on the other, with letters in red 'Blood on
      Scientology's Hands.' One guy was standing near us a while as he waited
      for his son to arrive at the concert. We talked, and he seemed fairly well
      informed about Scientology. He came up to me to point out the camera
      pointed at us by Scientology's OSA, and he asked me what they would say if
      he asked them why they were filming us. I suggested he go ask, which he
      did. He said they were mostly noncommittal, saying that they were taping
      us because we were 'troublemakers.' He suggested that it was actually an
      attempt at intimidation."

      Arnie Lerma reported a protest in Washington, DC on December 2nd.

      "Lottah foot traffic. As a half dozen to dozen folks would line up to
      cross R street at Connecticut Avenue I'd start explaining to them 'Did you
      know that YOUR body is infested with the spirits of dead space aliens and
      Scientology knows how to get rid of them for only $360,000. Read all about

      "One fellow wearing a Freewinds" shirt came out and said 'why don't you
      just give it up?' I said 'You haven't given up waiting for OT, if there
      was just one OT in Scientology we wouldn't be here.

      "OSA Thierry came out and took Joe Cisar's picture. They wouldn't even let
      their folks watch us, cause the crowd on the street was so supportive.
      Locals referred to it as The Martian Embassy - being near Embassy Row."

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      > Food Donations

      The San Jose Mercury News reported on November 24th that Scientology is
      collecting food to donate to children.

      "Church of Scientology is seeking powdered milk, peanut butter, canned
      meats, tuna, cereal, soups, canned meals, fruits and fruit juices to help
      children stay healthy during the winter season. Food drop-offs can be made
      at the Church of Scientology, 80 E. Rosemary St., San Jose."

      Message-ID: <3c034a38.1391930@...>


      > Switzerland

      Der Tages-Anzeiger published an article on November 29th describing
      Scientology's response to an airplane accident in Switzerland.

      "Scientology is always jumping up on stage. The series of disasters in the
      USA and in Switzerland has animated the sect to build an operational unit
      by the name of 'Volunteer Ministers.' The 'Volunteer Ministers' were
      widely activated after the collapse of the World Trade Center and in the
      recent airliner crash in New York. Then the Swiss Scientologists showed
      up, as if someone had called them, for the Crossair accident in
      Switzerland on Saturday to prove their usefulness during catastrophes.

      "But they arrived too late. The wounded were already in the hospital and
      the airport's Care-Team were already long at work. Even if the
      Scientologists had appeared at just the right moment at the crash site,
      they still would have had to watch idly. 'We do not accept the
      Scientologists as helpers,' categorically stated Hans Baltensberger, press
      spokesman for the canton police. The Hubbard disciples were not only
      unwanted in Bassersdorf, they will be put on their way if the show up
      again. Rescue management at the Crossair crash had warned the Care-Team
      about uninvited helpers, said Baltensberger. They already had bad
      experiences with people who called themselves assistance personnel during
      an attempted murder on a train. Whether those were Scientologists or not,
      the police spokesman could not say.

      "Firefighters were not happy either about the volunteer helpers. 'They
      hurt more than they help,' said Willi Ehrbar in the capacity of commander
      of the Zurich professional firefighters. The rescue teams are set up to
      work with each other. Unfamiliar personnel without assigned tasks only get
      in the way. He said there was even a case where the volunteers fought over
      who got the patient.

      "Scientologist feel they are especially capable of helping victims of
      disaster. To that end, sect founder Hubbard propagated a simple method of
      help called a 'touch assist.' It is a sort of laying-on of hands, and
      Hubbard described it as a true worker of miracles. His method allegedly
      alleviates pain, accelerates healing, dissolves fear, and helps overcome
      feelings of loss.

      "An official of the (American) National Mental Health Association stated
      it bluntly after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, 'the
      Scientologists are using this tragedy to recruit new members.'"

      Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.96.1011130201400.118A-100000@...>


      > UK

      CNS News reported on November 29th that Christian organizations are
      opposed to a UK anti-terrorism bill that would criminalize criticizing a

      "The Christian Institute has urged its supporters to write to members of
      the House of Lords to argue that the religious incitement portion of the
      bill is an assault on free speech. Simon Calvert, the institute's deputy
      director, said that adequate protection against incitement already exists
      under U.K. law. 'Creating a special category of victim goes against the
      doctrine of equal protection under the law and will harm our freedom of
      speech,' Calvert said by phone Thursday from the group's headquarters in
      the northern English city of Newcastle.

      "Calvert pointed to examples of a newspaper calling Scientology a cult or
      a Muslim imam speaking out against Israel's territorial claims as two acts
      that could be banned under the law. The group is also concerned that
      Christians could be targeted."

      From the Times on November 27th: "So urgent is the need for this massive
      piece of legislation that the Commons has been allowed only three
      deliberating days before Christmas. And, looking at the Bill, one can see
      why ministers have been Scrooges with time for scrutiny. This legislation
      is one of those Bills which is known as a Christmas tree measure. The
      Government can hang on to it any bright thing which takes its fancy.

      "If it is passed as it stands, this Bill will overturn the principle of
      habeas corpus to permit the detention of foreign nationals, on the basis
      of ministerial fiat. This will occur after a hearing before a tribunal
      never designed to decide on detention, without individuals knowing the
      evidence against them and with only the most limited powers of appeal.

      "There is no doubt that he errs in his proposals to make incitement to
      religious hatred a new criminal offence. It is already, and has always
      been, a criminal offence in common law to incite another to commit a
      crime. But under the proposal as outlined it will be bodies of ideas,
      rather than the bodies of individuals, which are protected, no matter how
      foolish those ideas are, how exclusive their claims or how deserving of
      robust criticism. The bizarre doctrines of L. Ron Hubbard's creation,
      Scientology, would be protected and the artistic endeavours of a genius
      such as Salman Rushdie open to prosecution.

      "This Bill is a monstrosity. It does not even contain the one change to
      our law which is urgently needed--effective reform of extradition
      procedure. Unless the illiberal, unnecessary and counter-productive
      measures with which it is festooned are stripped away, the Lords should
      tell Mr Blunkett that his Christmas tree is only fit for the fire."

      Message-ID: <9u7v07$k68@...>
      Message-ID: <r0jc0ukah85vr914orhmuref832t7qlg31@...>


      > Wichita

      The Wichita Eagle reported on December 1st that an ex-Scientologist tried
      to have his wife killed by hiring two men to attack her in her home.

      "Don Michael Bannon and his wife, Kim, were denied services from the
      Church of Scientology in October 2000 after neither would make changes to
      help solve their personal problems, a church official said. On Friday,
      police said, Don Michael Bannon tried to have his estranged wife killed.
      Kim Bannon, 38, who was beaten by two men who broke into her home in the
      North Riverside neighborhood, suffered multiple lacerations and a
      fractured skull early Friday.

      "Don Michael Bannon, 36, was booked into jail Friday night on charges of
      conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. He remained at the Sedgwick
      County jail on a $500,000 bond Saturday.

      "The Bannons had sought help from the Church of Scientology in Kansas City
      after unsuccessful sessions with the Wichita branch, said Bennette Seaman,
      director of special affairs in the church's Kansas City branch.
      'Occasionally you have situations of individuals that will not handle the
      issues in their lives,' she said. 'Unfortunately, that appears to be the
      case. We're just horrified that their situation escalated to the degree it
      is now.'

      "The Bannons have been married for six years, according to their personal
      Web pages through the www.scientology.org Web site. The personal Web sites
      may be up to 2 years old, said Nick Havel, Wichita executive director of
      the church. Posted on Don Michael Bannon's page is information about his
      success with Scientology: 'I'm more productive and happier than ever
      before. I went from a guy who wanted things to happen, to making it
      happen, and with conviction. Scientology saved my marriage, enabled me to
      handle everyday problems and become a leader who can help other people.'"

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