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35A.r.s Week in Review - 7/2/2000

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  • Rod Keller
    Jul 2, 2000
      Week in Review Volume 5, Issue 12
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2000

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Clearwater

      Mark Bunker reported on a hearing in Clearwater on the downtown
      development plan.

      "Who should be there when we arrive but Al Buttnor sitting toward the rear
      of the house. When it was time for questions, one fellow said it looks
      like the developers are going to own Clearwater with the sweetheart deal
      the city is giving them. A short time later, I stood to speak and
      addressed that point. 'To the gentlemen who is concerned that the
      developers are going to own Clearwater, you don't have to worry. The city
      is already owned by Scientology.' This got a thunderous round of applause
      and laughter.

      "Later another woman brought up Scientology and her concerns that
      Scientology would be profiting from this plan. The developer explained
      that he viewed Scientology as the competition since they own so many of
      the empty buildings and he felt they would undercut him when he went to
      lease his space. I spoke from the back without benefit of a mic, 'Yet
      you've been working closely with the Scientologists. One newspaper article
      wrote how pleased you were that Scientology was bending over backwards to
      sell their property to you to make this happen.' He explained that he had
      more dealing with the Baptist Church and really dealt with Scientology's
      attorneys for most of their interactions."

      From the St. Petersburg Times on July 2nd:

      "Just 10 days before a city referendum on a sweeping downtown
      redevelopment plan, more people support the proposal than oppose it.
      About 44 percent of those who plan on going to the polls say they will
      vote for the redevelopment plan, while 37 percent say they'll vote against
      it, according to a St. Petersburg Times poll completed last week.

      "About half the city's possible voters are bothered 'a lot' by the idea
      that redevelopment will make downtown a nicer place for Scientologists to
      live, the Times poll shows. A group called Save the Bayfront has sprinkled
      allegations throughout its mailings that Scientologists could become the
      owners of the city's land downtown if voters approve the referendum --
      which isn't true.

      "De Guardiola said he is willing to insert a clause into future agreements
      saying the city's downtown land can never be leased to Church of
      Scientology entities, unless a future City Commission desired that.
      Individual Scientologists have helped in the campaign to win the
      referendum election, hanging out at the headquarters of Citizens for a
      Better Clearwater downtown. Church officials find Save the Bayfront's ads
      insulting. 'We have absolutely no designs on developing in downtown
      Clearwater,' said church spokesman Mike Rinder. 'The fact is that we're
      centralizing our facilities (downtown). This is a city redevelopment
      effort, and we're not involved in it.'

      "'It's a win-win situation for the church either way,' said Rita Weaver, a
      77-year-old resident who has lived in Clearwater more than 50 years. 'If
      there is no plan, they may someday have option to buy more land downtown
      at less expensive prices. If there is a downtown plan, their parishioners
      will have a nicer downtown to visit.'"

      The Tampa Tribune published a column by Daniel Ruth on June 30th on his
      visit to the Fort Harrison Hotel.

      "Strolling through Clearwater's old Fort Harrison Hotel, home to the
      Church of Very Weird Stuff, I asked Marty Rathbun if he minded if I took a
      brochure. Rathbun paused and snatched the brochure away. 'Let me see that.
      You're probably just going to trash us.' The document was a Church of
      Scientology come-on for people to: 'Get your FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN AUDITOR
      COURSE LECTURES.' For an undisclosed fee, Scientology parishioners could
      get their false purpose rundown on: The GPM, at 1 hour, 3 minutes; for the
      State of OT, at 1 hour, 9 minutes; or Flattening a Process, at 1 hour, 23
      minutes - among other exciting options explaining how thetans get trapped,
      or why a thetan adopts aberrated stable data, which then cause his

      "I got to see Hubbard's little sailor hat resting on a desk in an office
      shrine dedicated to the Scientology creator. It was just too, too thetan
      cute. But what I know, or don't know, about Scientology is irrelevant with
      respect to Lisa McPherson. After a minor car accident in downtown
      Clearwater, McPherson stripped off her clothes and started walking down
      the street. McPherson was moved by Scientologists to the Fort Harrison for
      'rest and relaxation.' Seventeen days later, she was dead. You might say
      she had terminal aberrated stable data.

      "When her body ultimately failed, the dying woman was not taken to Morton
      Plant, literally moments away, but to a Scientologist doctor in New Port
      Richey. That act alone will forever cast a pall over the cult's negligent
      culpability in this young woman's death."

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      > Underground Films

      Internet Wire reported on June 24th that a grant from the Chicago
      Underground Film Festival will go towards the making of a film on

      "Seven projects selected from over 100 submissions in an effort to foster
      the underground of contemporary media. Each winner selected receives a
      cash award between $500 and $2000 to go toward the completion of his or
      her project. Established in 1998, the Film Fund intends to aid
      underground and independent filmmakers who wish to abandon the
      studio-minded mainstream of independent film for personal, avant-garde

      "A Cold-Blooded Look at Your Last 60,000,000 Years (The Institute For True
      Purpose Technology): A 'film-strip' revealing the secret cosmology of the
      Church of Scientology usually restricted to upper level initiates found in
      a broken projector in a Hollywood Salvation Army and restored by the

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      > France

      The Associated Press reported on June 29th that an investigation will be
      made into the conduct of French judges and evidence that disappeared
      during the trial of Scientologists.

      "The announcement came a week after Justice Minister Elisabeth Guigou said
      she believed fraud was involved in the disappearance of the dossiers. Her
      comments were based on a report by the General Inspection of Judicial
      Services. Hundreds of documents disappeared in October 1998 in a case that
      had been opened in 1983 against 16 members of the Church of Scientology
      suspected of 'fraud and illegally practicing medicine.' The Justice
      Ministry said Thursday that it has asked the Superior Council of the
      Magistracy to investigate Judge Marie-Paule Moracchini, who has been
      handling the case."

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      > Freezone Web

      A freezone web site in Russia has been closed due to allegations of
      copyright infringement. Excerpts from the complaining letter:

      "We are represent Religious Technology Center, the owner of the
      confidential Advanced Technology of the Scientology religion and the
      holder of exclusive rights under the copyrights applicable to the Advanced
      Technology materials. The Advanced Technology materials are confidential,
      unpublished, copyrighted works. RTC's works include, among others, the
      individual works comprising levels as 'NOT's', 'OT II', 'OT III'.

      "We also represent the following publishing houses: Bridge Publications
      Inc. and New Era Publications International, the owners of the copyrights
      of published works in the Scientology religion, including books,
      audiotapes and their transcripts. These works include, but not limited to,
      the following tape transcripts and materials: Hubbard College Lectures;
      some GPM Tapes of 1963; Solution to Entrapment; 9th ACC tapes; Level 0
      Course pack and tapes; Level I tapes; Level II tapes; Level III Academy
      tapes; Level IV Course pack and tapes; OT II Platens; Exteriorization and
      the Phenomena of Space tapes and numerous other works which you has placed
      on your web side without authorization of our clients.

      "The copyrights are protected on the territory of Russia by the Law of the
      Russian Federation 'On Copyright and Neighboring Rights' dated July 9,
      1993. Both the Russian Federation and the United States are members of
      the Bern Convention on Protection of Literature and Art Works of 1886 and
      pursuant to Article 5 of the Russian Copyright Law the rights of the
      Unites States copyright owners are under protection in Russia.

      "These web postings by you violate the copyright owner's exclusive rights
      in these works and may be punished under both the civil and criminal laws.
      Please be advised that if in spite of this notice you continue to violate
      the exclusive rights of the above named copyright owners we will be forced
      to take the above-mentioned measures.

      "Dr. Svetlana I. Rozina
      Senior Partner
      member of Board of Bar Association of Moscow City"

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      > Germany

      Westdeutsche Zeitung reported on June 25th that Scientology is conducting
      a mail campaign in Wuppertal, Germany.

      "Numerous households in Wichlinghausen have found in their mail boxes a
      Scientology leaflet which advertises for sect books in the past few days.
      The piquant aspect of it is that the leaflet of the relatively well-known
      association was distributed by Deutschen Post AG delivery personnel
      (German mailmen) through oversight, as Dieter Pietruck, their spokesman,
      responded to inquiry. 'Our legal department is currently reviewed as to
      whether we have to or may deliver the printed material. Therefore the
      distribution has actually been stopped.'

      "At the Barmen delivery distribution center, the flyers were also pulled
      from delivery. 'But they did get through to our Wichlinghausen outpost and
      were delivered to several hundred households,' Pietruck confirmed, then
      also noted that the mandatory mass mailing label was also not present on
      the flyers. Generally speaking, the postal spokesman stated, his company
      was obligated to distributed anything which did not advocate breaking the

      Stern magazine reported on June 29th that Scientology invented documents
      to aid the asylum application of Antje Victore in 1997.

      "Stern research now shows that the spectacular Scientology asylum case was
      staged. No trace of religious persecution. 'OSA also had a very real
      interest in getting Antje's application for asylum approved so she could
      stay in the States,' said Jens Billerbeck, who was in close contact with
      Victore at the time, but has since then left Scientology. 'They were
      trying to prevent her from appearing as a witness in the trial against her
      former company chief. Antje knew a lot. Antje proudly reported to me that
      Weiland and an OSA attorney worked on the method of procedure personally
      in her asylum proceedings.' The strategy to convince the Immigration
      Judge, was as tricky as it was effective: German Scientologist who have a
      business, authored letters to Antje Victore in which it was pretended that
      she had put in for a position with them. With 'deep regret' they rejected
      Victore because of her membership in Scientology.

      "Jens Billerbeck and Dagmar H. were asked for such letters by Antje
      Victore and, as a favor to a fellow Scientologist, they wrote and sent her
      the letters. Actually, Victore had never put in an application with them.
      On October 10, 1996, Victore faxed Billerbeck several such letters which
      he was supposed to use as a model. The deceptive bluff was a success. When
      the 'asylum case' was won the end of February 1997, Victore sent
      Billerbeck a letter of praise typical for Scientology. It said that 'for
      the first time in history' a German citizen had obtained political asylum
      in the USA. Billerbeck: 'On the telephone she explicitly asked me not to
      tell anyone about the asylum decision. The decision in court was to be
      published by Scientology itself at an opportune moment. This was the
      express wish of OSA.' The sensation was printed in the New York Times in
      early November. The woman was said to have 'clearly and convincingly'
      demonstrated that her fear of persecution on account of her belief had
      been founded, announced Weiland."

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      > Gold Base

      The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported in three articles on June 26-28
      that a woman at Scientology's Gold Base near Hemet, California was killed
      by electrocution in a utility pit.

      "A Church of Scientology member was electrocuted in a bizarre accident
      Sunday morning in an underground vault at the church's film studio north
      of San Jacinto, authorities said. She was a woman in her 20s who had been
      a church member for 2 1/2 years, said Riverside County sheriff's
      spokeswoman Lisa McConnell. The girl was a production company crew member
      at Golden Era Studios, which produces promotional and training films for
      the church. Firefighters were called to the scene about 10:15 a.m., said
      Riverside County fire Capt. Tim Chavez. The call first came out as a
      traffic collision, then as a structure fire. 'When we arrived we found a
      woman electrocuted in a below-ground level vault, obviously dead,' Chavez
      said, adding she was badly burned."

      "She apparently died instantly after contacting a 7,200-volt wire
      connecting two transformers in the 10-foot by 10-foot by 8-foot vault, the
      Sheriff's Department reported. 'The individual was very badly burned and
      visual identification was impossible,' said Senior Deputy Robert Moquin.
      The general manager, Ken Hoden, said the woman, interested in helping
      animals, was concerned about the death of a squirrel in the vault a few
      weeks earlier, went to investigate and, apparently, fell on the wires.

      "Scientology's skeptics raised questions about the death. 'You wouldn't
      be allowed to be wandering around out there,' said Stacy Brooks, who
      described herself as having been a Scientologist for 15 years, including
      some time at Golden Era, before leaving in 1989. Brooks is president of
      the Lisa McPherson Trust, a Scientology watchdog group. 'These people
      watch every minute. It's just not feasible knowing how things worked out
      there that she was just wandering around taking care of baby squirrels,'
      Brooks said."

      "A woman killed on the Church of Scientology's film studio grounds near
      San Jacinto is 20-year-old Hemet resident Stacey Myer, according to the
      county coroner. 'Her autopsy was performed today,' Feinstein-Portales
      said Tuesday. 'Right now the cause of death is still pending, however,
      there is nothing to indicate she died at the hands of another.' The cause
      of Myer's death will not be confirmed until toxicology reports are
      received, which could take about eight weeks, Feinstein-Portales said.
      The young woman's body was badly burned in the accident.

      "The state is also investigating a number of safety issues, including
      whether employees at Golden Era were properly trained and if warnings were
      posted about high voltage. The state Division of Occupational Safety and
      Health spokesman, Dean Fryer, said the agency expects the investigation
      may be done within three months."

      Hemet News reported that staff from Gold Base decorated a wall in nearby
      San Jacinto.

      "Artists from Golden Era Productions started Saturday to turn the wall of
      the Moose Lodge near Five Corners into a reflection of the nearby
      mountains and a tribute to the city's history. While still working to
      finalize the design, Wiebke Hansen, Jimmy Yeoh and Kerrie Francis began
      transforming the east side of the blue building. Orange will depict a
      sunset sky and green the San Jacinto Valley's floor before it filled with
      homes and businesses. They plan to paint the mountains to the east. The
      painted mountains will be blue, to depict how they would look at sunset.

      "Golden Era Productions approached members of the Royal Order of Moose in
      San Jacinto with the idea as a way to do something nice for the community,
      according to Muriel Dufresne, public relations director for Golden Era."

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      > Gregg Hagglund

      Gregg Hagglund reported his efforts to stop Scientology's harassment of
      his family.

      "The Toronto School Board swiftly launched an internal investigation to
      immediately address the allegations made and to terminate the threat, made
      by the Scientology, of disrupting the school. I explained my activities
      and educated Board Legal Advisors as to the nature and operation of the
      Criminally Convicted Cult. The Board while not responsible for my actions,
      quickly ascertained through their lawyers, neither Jennifer or I were
      involved in any activity even remotely illegal. The Board Lawyers easily
      established Jennifer has an impeccable history and reputation as a
      professional teacher. Jennifer's immediate superiors completely backed her
      up and supported her.

      "The Board lawyers response to Scientology threats was swift and harsh and
      said in part: 'In summary, our investigation does not support the serious
      allegations made by you. There is absolutely no evidence of professional
      misconduct, incapacity or incompetence on the part of Ms. Hagglund. You
      are hereby formally put on notice to cease and desist immediately from
      making or circulating, in any manner whatsoever, any comments, commentary
      or other information with respect to Board personnel, including Ms.
      Hagglund. In addition, you are put on notice that you are not to have any
      direct contact with any staff member at the School.'"

      Gregg also posted a letter he sent to the group of Scientology

      "Liz Kristiansen
      J.G. Layton
      Betty Misener
      Grahame F. Potter
      A. Renault
      David Stokes

      "We understand Mr. Eric Roher of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, who represents
      the Toronto Board of Education, has already reprimanded you for your
      conduct. The facts of the matter are that contrary opinion is neither
      harassment nor a hate crime. My activities of criticizing Scientology
      management, policies and 'technologies' are Charter Protected Freedom of
      Expression. Your allegations and innuendoes in respect of my wife and
      myself constitute a form of defamation in our opinion and in the opinion
      of others. Therefore, your abject apology and complete recantation of all
      allegations made by you is required, in writing, immediately.

      "You are hereby formally put on notice to cease and desist immediately
      from making or circulating, in any manner whatsoever, any comments,
      commentary or other information with respect to my wife, myself, any
      member of our family or those we associate with, especially within our

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      > Israel

      Dei'ah veDibur reported on June 21st that efforts are underway in Israel
      to close a Scientology-run school

      "Activists of Lev L'Achim's Anti-Cult Department are currently waging a
      stubborn battle to close a kindergarten and school recently opened by
      followers of the cult of Scientology in Tel Aviv. A number of months ago,
      Lev L'Achim learned that cult members were trying to open a kindergarten
      and elementary school on a rented site in the agricultural village of
      Mikveh Yisrael, south of Tel Aviv.

      "Heads of Lev L'Achim's Anti-Cult Department appealed to the Education
      Ministry, showing them a vast amount of material explaining the serious
      dangers of the cult. The Glaser-Taasa Report, which warned specifically
      against the cult of Scientology among many others, was among the
      information presented. Education Ministry officials announced that the
      school has not and will never receive a license to operate. They add that
      such operation as a unrecognized and the unofficial institution is
      illegal. Despite this, the cult's school is continuing to function again
      this year, in violation of the law."

      Dei'ah veDibur also reported that workers at a food factory have
      experienced pressure to take Scientology training from their employers.

      "Workers in the Zoglobek food factory in the North have recently presented
      shocking testimony to the heads of the Pe'ilim-Lev L'Achim organization's
      Department for the Battle Against Cults. They describe the prolonged
      pressures exerted on them to participate in workshops in methods of the
      Scientology cult. 'We live in constant fear and feel threatened,' say
      factory employees. At the same time, grim testimony has been presented by
      workers who have been fired from their jobs at Zoglobek after refusing to
      yield to pressure exerted upon them to participate in activities of the
      Scientology cult. It has also been learned that a number of workers have
      suffered from trauma as a result of membership in that cult.

      "Lev L'Achim demands that Zoglobek's directors stop wielding their power
      as employers in order to force workers to join this dangerous cult. It is
      providing fired workers with legal counsel. Lev L'Achim has demanded that
      the Labor and Welfare and the Health Ministries, as well as the Histadrut
      protect the rights of the workers."

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      > Lisa McPherson

      The St. Petersburg Times published a column by Mary Jo Melone on June
      27th, in which she commented on the Lisa McPherson case and the recently
      enacted law in France.

      "Last week, the French National Assembly passed a new law. The French are
      fed up with groups claiming to be religions that take advantage of
      emotionally fragile people. In other words, the French want to crack down
      on Scientology. The law will make it illegal for Scientology and similar
      organizations to use 'mental manipulation' against their members.

      "It is certainly asking too much for the Clearwater City Commission to
      pass a law like this. Failing to bow and scrape before persons in
      Clearwater wearing a glazed look and a funny uniform could get you a $500
      fine and a couple of nights in the Fort Harrison Hotel tied down to a bed.
      If you come out of the hotel feet first, the explanation for your
      expiration could be that you broke the e-meter.

      "I'm telling you because if you live in Clearwater and suspect you are on
      the verge of serfdom at the hands of this cult then you better start
      calling, faxing and e-mailing the person who represents the only hope you
      have left. He can appoint a new medical examiner. Certainly a new ME
      wouldn't think that the next person who dies did nothing strange by
      getting naked after crashing her car. He wouldn't think she had this kinky
      thing about roaches and got a blood clot because she banged her knee and
      died because she felt like it would be a cool thing to do.

      "There is one other thing you could do. Call in the French. At least
      with the French, you'd have the protection of that law against mental

      The St. Petersburg Times also reported, on June 28th, that the status of
      autopsy photos of Lisa McPherson is still undecided.

      "Pinellas County Circuit Judge Crockett Farnell did not reach a decision
      Tuesday about whether autopsy photos of Scientologist Lisa McPherson
      should be made public, saying he needs more time to review documents. In
      the two-day span leading up to Tuesday's hearing, hundreds of pages of new
      motions and detailed arguments were added to the lawsuit, filed a week ago
      by the St. Petersburg Times.

      "But the Church of Scientology wants the photos sealed. The church
      believes its critics would post the photos on the Internet, harming its
      right to a fair trial in a Tampa wrongful-death lawsuit filed by
      McPherson's estate. Before the hearing, a church counseling supervisor, a
      dentist who helped administer medication to McPherson days before her
      death and a church medical officer and unlicensed doctor joined the
      church's effort to seal the photos. Bennetta Slaughter, McPherson's boss
      and friend, also filed a motion this week to keep the pictures private.
      Meanwhile, Ken Dandar, an attorney representing the McPherson estate,
      joined the Times, the Tampa Tribune and WFLA-Ch. 8 in asking that the
      photos be made public."

      The Times reported on June 29th that Joan Wood, the Medical Examiner in
      the Lisa McPherson case, has resigned.

      "A defiant Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood vowed never to
      voluntarily step down from her beloved life's work. But on Wednesday, she
      decided enough was enough. Wood unexpectedly announced her retirement,
      effective Sept. 30, after nearly 20 years as the circuit's medical
      examiner. It comes two weeks after Pinellas prosecutors dropped criminal
      charges against the Church of Scientology, blaming Wood's reversal in the
      death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson for hopelessly damaging their case.
      Inevitably, prosecutors' decision and condemnation of Wood's 'illogical'
      behavior in the case may have doomed her career. 'Frankly, the stress and
      physical toll have become more than I can handle,' Wood told Bush in a
      short letter she faxed to his office just after 2 p.m. 'My personal
      considerations include not only my health, but that of my family.' In the
      letter, Wood, 55, said her experiences as medical examiner were generally
      good ones.

      "'She has had a very distinguished career, and I wish her well in future
      endeavors,' McCabe said, declining to discuss whether he wanted Wood to
      leave the post. 'I understand why she resigned. I'll leave it at that.
      What's done is done.'"

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      > Lisa McPherson Trust

      The restraining order on members of the Lisa McPherson Trust not to
      approach Scientology buildings in Clearwater was lifted this week.

      "Judge Pennick lifted the injunction following brilliant arguments by John
      Merrett, and Bruce Howie. Mary Story of Scientology was our star witness.
      She testified that the injunction should be kept in place because she
      didn't want the LMT people to harass Scientology. A celebration walk
      ensued upon return to the LMT and Bob handed out LMT brochures to several
      Sea Org members at the Fort Harrison and the Clearwater Bank Building."

      From the testimony of Mary Story:

      "Q. Now, you have not witnessed, since December 2nd, any episodes of
      violence against Scientologists, have you?

      "A. I have not witnessed any episodes of violence, but I have certainly
      witnessed pickets and people holding signs and harassment of our staff
      when they're trying to cross the streets.

      "Q. So what you're complaining about is the exposure of the adherents of
      your organization to ideas and statements that they find offensive,

      "A. Correct."

      And from John Merrett's closing argument:

      "You heard the testimony of the selected representative of Scientology
      organization, and her testimony under oath was that what she wished
      enjoined was the exposure of the adherents of her organization to words
      and ideas which they find offensive. It is more telling than anything
      that I could have wished for that the statement of Scientology's
      representative was simply that: We don't want our people exposed to this
      speech. There was no evidence of any injury to anybody, no complaint of
      any injury to anybody, only the fact that the free flow of information has
      penetrated, to one degree or another, a bubble that Scientology seeks to
      put around its adherents. And that, Your Honor, while it may violate Mr.
      Hubbard's principles, is exactly what the First Amendment is there for.

      "Scientology is certainly welcome to keep its acolytes sheltered from the
      news and sheltered from the words of non-Scientologists on its own
      property, inside its own building, behind its blacked-out windows down on
      Cleveland Street, but it has no right to insist that other people forego
      the exercise of fundamental rights in order them in the preservation of
      that closeted for their adherents. That is obscene."

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      > Nigeria

      Vanguard newspaper reported on July 2nd that the Nigerian Senate has
      approved the debt buy-back program in which Bob Minton participated,
      rejecting Scientology's allegations that it was improper.

      "Specifically, the parliament said the debt buy back undertaken between
      1988 and 1993 under the Babangida administration was beneficial to Nigeria
      but frowned at the unwholesome conduct of the 1996 Ajaokuta debt buy back
      scheme. On the 1988 to 1993 deals, a London based Nigerian former football
      star, Mr. John Fashanu, early this year accused the Babangida
      administration of sharp practices. But, a principal partner in the scheme,
      Bob Minton, alleged Fashanu was being used by the Church of Scientology
      with which he had a three-year battle over the church's alleged human
      rights violations and murder of certain persons which he was trying to
      expose. The committee pointed out that the Greenland debt buy back
      resulted in a reduction of Nigeria's debt by $5,000,000,000.00 and a
      re-scheduling of the balance of the London Club debts 'which will be wiped
      out by the year 2030.'"

      Message-ID: <pp1tlss1bfgijuip994de2ot8bot3rsual@...>


      > Tom Padgett

      Tom Padgett had a hearing in Orleans, Massachusetts to decide if he will
      be extradited to Kentucky, in a Scientology-controlled child custody case.

      "Padgett's attorney argued they wanted a further extension of time because
      of political and cultic influences in Kentucky causing his inability to
      retain legal representation there. The judge granted three more weeks at
      which time Padgett must appear on July 21st and either sign a waiver of
      extradition or be placed into custody and incarcerated until the Kentucky
      authorities arrive to transport him back to that state to stand trial. The
      Massachusetts court said they do not have the jurisdiction to examine the
      merits of the facts even if they are completely erroneous and trumped up.
      Their job is to deliver a wanted fugitive from justice to their sister

      Message-ID: <23327-395D3763-65@...>


      > Protest Summary

      Keith Henson continued protests at Gold Base this week.

      "I saw people on the plaza at the west underpass. They saw me, one guy
      pointed, and they all turned around and quickly scooted inside. To keep
      low level staffers from seeing me and my signs, they are taking them
      across the highway in shuttles at the main gate and on the western end of
      the complex, where there are gates on both sides of the highway.

      "I suddenly realized there were more bushes than I remembered on the south
      side of the road over the underpass. Sure enough, some poor scn work crew
      had been up far into the night planting the largest bushes they could buy
      from some garden supply place. The tags were still on some of them. They
      also installed a bunch of green fabric so it is harder for the gold base
      staff to see out on the road.

      "About 9:30 Fred Rice, his family and David Rice showed up. When they
      parked ahead of my car and got out, several people came out on a balcony
      of Miscavige's massive mansion. The whole lot of us (7) with three picket
      signs then walked through gold base to the Ashlee memorial on the west end
      and back to the cars.

      "When I got back, I had no fewer than 5 counter picketers and one dude
      taping them. The neighbors are very supportive, with the result that
      operation footbullet is in high gear."

      "Sunday we had 3-6 picketers all day. They are not much trouble, and the
      support from the neighbors is very strong. There was this crashing sound
      and I looked over to see what looked like one of the picketers trying to
      fight his way through the hedge or perhaps having an epileptic fit. After
      a few seconds of fighting the hedge, he went down like a sack of potatoes,
      and from 20 feet away I could hear his head hit the sidewalk. I went
      inside like a shot and called 911. The guy's face was absolutely gray. He
      said the heat got him and that he was out of shape to walk that much."

      "I didn't get to gold base till almost dark. They have an amazing
      collection of trees out there, some of them in giant planters, trying to
      block the view of the road from the stairs leading under the road. On the
      way back, I saw one person walking in the plaza area. I waved and the
      person looked at me. I had the paper for my new sign with me rolled up. It
      reads: 'Cult Victims: Stacey Myer, Ashlee Shaner, Lisa McPherson.' They
      nodded. Across the road there were a bunch in sea org blues. They saw me
      and turned around."

      "They are not letting cars cross the highway when I am near one of the
      gates. One time this morning I was at one, two cars backed up and went to
      the other gate. So I ran up to the other gate. I caught about 6 cars
      crossing the highway and they all had to look my direction because even
      OTs need to look for oncoming traffic. At least 200 of them saw my sign
      this morning. They made a half hearted effort to picket my wife's work
      yesterday and picketed my house in Palo Alto with a small crew in the

      "Barb" also protested in Hemet.

      "David was using one of Keith's signs, mine said 'Scientology Kills' on
      one side and, 'Ron is Gone But the Con Lives On' on the other. We started
      picketing from the shrine and began working our way south, The wheelbarrow
      of dried cement is still there! It didn't take too long for our first
      handler to emerge from the base. This nattily dressed OT feller's name was
      Ken. He was wearing a dark suit despite the heat, lots of gold buttons,
      gold Scientology ring. He was superficially friendly, and asked the usual
      questions, who, why, and so forth. Ken kept asking if we could 'stop and
      talk.' Well, being it was a picket and all, we told him we had to keep
      moving and if he wished, he could accompany us.

      "A woman handler emerged from the clambed. He left us in her hands. She
      started asking us the same questions as Ken. We told her she could ask
      him, as we'd already covered that ground. She then morphed into a tour
      guide, pointing out the new blue trimmed residences they're building.
      Then, she tried bullbaiting me. She suggested I could benefit from
      Prozac. I laughed, and said I was not only not depressed, I am downright
      chucklelicious! 'You seem a bit unstable,' she said."

      "Ethercat" reported distribution of flyers at Atlanta's Gay Pride

      "The political theme was ending discrimination, so we took the opportunity
      to distribute some flyers, and let the more political-minded attendees
      find out what sort of discrimination Hubbard had in mind. Each Flyer Pak
      consisted of our rainbow assortment of 5 flyers, topped with our lavender
      'Gay Rights and Scientology' flyers. About 2/3 of what we put out were
      taken, and we are positive they will be read, since people made a small
      effort to take them."

      "Kaeli" and Gregg Hagglund reported a protest in Toronto.

      "Present: Gregg Hagglund, Dave Palter, AndroidCat, Mike Argue, ZeratulCat
      and Kaeli Andersen. The Org still had their scaffolding there. One of the
      staff members, Mario, was extremely upset, and I could hear him saying
      that we should have let them know first. Within an hour or so, more
      Scienos came along, passing out their own flyers. It pretty much
      insinuated we were child pornographers, we were part of a hate group, etc.
      I countered back, calling out, 'Scientology doesn't want you to hear both
      sides of the story!' Again not surprisingly, this fine advocate of freedom
      of speech came right up to me and said into my face, 'SHUT UP!'

      "When we finished the picket at 3 o'clock, we headed to our lunch area for
      some brew and fries. The Toronto Org had hung a green material over the
      scaffolding, hiding the front door of the Org from across the street and
      from the street itself. Gregg decided to get a piece of the material to
      give to the Toronto Fire Department to test for flammability. Gregg cut
      out a piece of the material. Within seconds, a staff member rushed out,
      yelling, 'What are you doing?' 'I will take this to the Fire Department
      and see if this material is highly flammable.' The man began yelling at
      Gregg and then, poked him in the chest, shoving him backwards. Gregg
      called out, 'You assaulted me, mister!' The man proceeded to run inside
      the Org."

      "Janet Leveau was in a panic calling the police and for absent OT3+
      members to rush back and defend the Org. After about 45 minutes a few of
      the second string players made an appearance. The Goon Squad, except for
      Ramsay, never showed. The 6 or seven publics on course or in for sessions
      were herded of the street and into the 'Chapel' to hide. One of the better
      Motorized Police Sergeants showed at about 1:30 to chide us gently for
      having put a couple of 1 by 3 inch Xenus stickers on the scaffolding. He
      was familiar with us and went thru the motions, for Janet Leveau who had
      crept up to the scene, of asking us to keep to the Demonstration routine
      we usually managed. I assured him we would and that we would be breaking
      at 3 pm and would call him before we came back. Satisfied he left me and
      he then spent a few moments talking to Leveau. She kept pointing at me and
      he kept shaking his head. Then he went back to his bike. I gave him a
      thumbs up, he waved and left."

      Kristi Wachter reported a protest in San Francisco.

      "We had a GREAT picket today, with two new picketers, a little verbal
      back-and-forth with various Scientologists, a friendly visit from the
      police, and loads of fliers given out."

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      > Refunds

      Virginia McClaughry posted correspondence with the International
      Association of Scientologists concerning her request for a refund.

      "We are in receipt of your request of a return of your donations to the
      IAS. The rules of the IAS clearly state that contributions are not
      refundable. This rule is set forth on the IAS membership form. You
      acknowledged your understanding of this policy when you signed this form.

      "Lise Cohee
      Legal Affairs Director
      IAS Administrations

      "Dear Lise,

      "In regards to these forms that I have signed, I am sure you must have
      copies of these forms with my signature on them. Send complete copies to
      the same address as your last letter. At the time of donating 2000 for my
      lifetime membership, I was represented that the purpose of the IAS was: To
      make sure that Scientology, in it's standard, unaltered form, would
      continue to be available to all that wish to use it. To defend those who
      wish to apply Scientology technology standardly, should they be interfered
      with in this basic religious right. After consulting with counsel, it is
      my understanding that a contract, or signed form, can always be contested
      when there could be misrepresentation or fraud involved.

      "I have evidence of direct alteration of standard Scientology. One
      particularly gross example of which is C/S Series 73RA, as covered in my
      original letter to you. IAS to my knowledge has done nothing to correct
      this situation. I wished to apply LRH standardly regarding the sec
      checking of Solo Nots Pre-ot's, which LRH specifically did not want done
      as a rule. I received no help defending me from the reverse auditing,
      massive black PR campaign, illegal detention, etc, from the IAS. The above
      actions constitute religious discrimination of the practice of LRH's
      religious writings.

      "Virginia McClaughry
      cc: Lisa Mcpherson Trust
      cc: IRS Assistant Commissioner Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations
      cc: United States Justice Department
      cc: ACLU
      cc: Lowell Bergman -Investigative Reporter"

      Message-ID: <8jb39l$dbg@...>


      > Switzerland

      Tages-Anzeiger reported on June 27th that Scientology leads inquiries to
      InfoSekta, a cult counseling center.

      "Most inquiries received by the InfoSekta sect counselling center last
      year were about Scientology, followed by the Landmark Education
      psycho-corporation and the Christian dogmatic community of the
      International Christian Fellowship, which concentrates its successful
      missionary work primarily on young people. Number four on the notorious
      'hit list' last year was the VPM - 'Verein zur Foerderung der
      Psychologischen Menschenkenntnis'. Infosekta answered a total of 1,345
      inquiries in 1999, almost a hundred less than the previous year."

      Basler Zeitung reported on June 24th that a Scientology school has been
      licensed in Zurich.

      "The Zurich educational board has given primary school instructor Lisbeth
      Ambuehl a permit to run the Ziel (Center for individual and effective
      learning) private school in the city of Zurich. ZIEL is a controversial
      daughter organization of Scientology. ZIEL is trans-denominational and
      politically neutral, said Ambuehl in a communique. She said that L. Ron
      Hubbard's study technology, among other learning methods, were used in a
      balanced manner. Her Scientology background had been known to the
      educational board when they gave Ambuehl the permit, said Robert
      Steinegger of the legal department of the public school office of Zurich
      Canton in response to inquiry."

      Sda reported on June 30th that Scientology has charged a Lausanne police
      director and city councilman over a ban on recruiting on public property.

      "Scientology is defending itself against the ban by the City of Lausanne
      against harassing pedestrians downtown. The organization has filed charges
      against city councilman Bernard Metraux. 'The Waadtland Scientologists
      have had enough of the discriminating politics of the city government of
      Lausanne,' the organization said on Tuesday evening. Because of the
      measure which recently went into effect, they filed a charge with the
      court magistrate against city councilman Metraux. What the city primarily
      had in mind were the concerts which the organization had been arranging
      without permits. In addition, members were targeting pedestrians on the
      much frequented steps of Riponne Square in Old Town."

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