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195A.r.s Week in Review 9/21/2003

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  • Rod Keller
    Sep 21 5:24 PM
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      Week in Review Volume 8, Issue 20
      9/21/2003 by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 2003

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > Belgium

      Expatica News reported on September 17th that Scientology has opened a
      human rights office in Brussels, Belgium, near the offices of the European

      "The Church of Scientology opened the doors to its all-new European
      quarter offices Wednesday, amid skepticism from local politicians. The
      luxurious address at 91 rue de la Loi will be representing the
      controversial spiritual group in the European Commission and Parliament
      neighbourhood in an attempt at increasing its credibility. The European
      Scientology Office of Public Affairs and Human Rights has been seen as an
      attempt to confuse visitors by attempting to appear like part of the
      conglomerate of European institutions in the area.

      "'They are the charlatans of human rights,' Antoine Duquesne, former
      rapporteur during the investigation into sects in Belgium in 1997, told La
      Libre Belgique. Politicians across all party lines criticised the
      organisation's new offices. 'I think it's dangerous and a sect - it's not
      for nothing that they've encamped themselves in the European quarter, we
      know their lobbying capabilities,' said Mayor of Schaerbeek Bernard
      Clerfayt. 'The Church of Scientology is only after money and nobody is
      safe from what they are capable of,' said Mayor of Watermael-Boisfort
      Martine Payfa."

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      > Org News

      The New Haven Register reported on September 20th that Scientology's New
      Haven, Connecticut org will be moving to a new building.

      "After 31 years in Westville, Hallock's has sold its Whalley Avenue
      building and plans to move by the end of the year. The Church of
      Scientology bought the 35,000-square-foot building for $1.5 million. Carol
      Yingling, a church minister, said the church plans to move its Connecticut
      headquarters into the building. The current headquarters is in 9,000
      square feet of leased space just down the street. 'We are really busting
      out at the seams,' she said. 'I'm looking forward to having a place to
      hold community meetings.'

      "Yingling said the move will allow the church to potentially quadruple its
      staff of 35. 'We need four times that many to make full use of the new
      space,' she said."

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      > CCHR

      An email to Scientologists announced that a protest will be held at a
      meeting of the Florida Psychiatric Society in October.

      "The Florida Psychiatric Society is holding their 2003 Fall Meeting at the
      Ponte Vedra Beach Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida,
      October 3 - 5, 2003. They're encouraging all their members to attend but
      the 'Ethics meetings' are closed to the public. They say the meeting is
      important to 'strengthen and broaden the scope of our work and our
      position within organized psychiatry.'

      "The focus of our protest will be to halt the psychiatrists' use of
      teachers to identify children as mentally disabled and forcing parents to
      give drugs to their children as a condition for them continuing school. We
      expect 500 - 1000 demonstrators! We are planning to have a rally in
      downtown Tampa where we can organize this event on Sep 12, at 8:00 PM.

      Mary DeMoss
      Executive Director
      Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida, Inc."

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      > Netherlands

      CNET News reported on September 8th on the victory in a Dutch court to
      keep links to Scientology's OT materials legal on the web site of activist
      Karin Spaink.

      "The Church of Scientology has lost a courtroom battle to compel a Dutch
      writer and her Internet service provider to remove postings from a Web
      site, in a ruling that keeps hyperlinks to copyrighted material legal.
      The Court of Appeal in The Hague, Netherlands, denied the Scientologists'
      latest appeal in an online copyright dispute that dates back to 1995.

      "In denying the appeal, the court also overturned two previous rulings
      that lower courts had handed down. One of these decided that ISPs should
      be held accountable for any illegal or copyrighted materials posted by
      their subscribers and that ISPs should take down hyperlinks to such
      materials. An Xs4all representative cited the overruling of that decision
      as the larger of the two victories.

      "'I think this establishes an important freedom of speech precedence for
      the Internet and ISPs in particular,' said Edith Mastenbroek, an Xs4all
      spokeswoman. 'Any laws set to control how ISPs interact with copyright
      laws must be made crystal clear.'

      Xs4all representatives said they were particularly happy with the ruling,
      as it relates to hyperlinks. 'After all, a hyperlink is merely a road
      marker on the Internet, and it can therefore never be unlawful,' the
      company said in a statement.

      "Scientologists have taken a vigorous approach to squelching critical Web
      sites, pressuring site operators, ISPs and even Internet heavyweights such
      as Google into removing links to Web pages. In 1999, Amazon.com removed
      but later restored links to a book critical of Scientology."

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      > Protest Summary

      John Ritson reported a protest on September 13th at Scientology's Saint
      Hill complex and the nearby town of East Grinstead, England.

      "Five regulars plus one new recruit arrived at East Grinstead on a
      beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. They have abandoned their presence
      ('Saint Hill Information Centre and Bookshop') on the main shopping
      street opposite the Broadway pub. They have a new location opposite the
      Ship pub, but I completely failed to spot it. We set off by taxis to the
      main gates of Saint Hill, and parked ourselves opposite the gates. Despite
      our boombox turned up to full volume only one security guard (head glued
      to mobile phone) made an appearance, although we glimpsed Graeme Wilson
      sneaking around in the bushes.

      "The police were very helpful and erected a 'SLOW' sign to ensure safety.
      Many of the drivers passing shouted encouragement. Drivers going into and
      out of Saint Hill maintained a stony silence. After about forty minutes
      the taxis turned up to take us back to East Grinstead and the Ship pub,
      where the new Scientology presence was pointed out to us.

      "We emerged to picket the Scientology dump, which eventually opened one
      door, to let a couple of Scientologists with mobile phones wander about.
      The police asked us to turn down the volume as their had been complaints.
      We were happy to comply as even on moderate volume I could still be heard
      clearly on the far side of the road. Much support from the public, and the
      local Baptist church even brought us out tea and biscuits, so I expanded
      my usual spiel to include a section about the 'R6 implant.'"

      Tory Christman, "tannman1" and Jeff Jacobsen reported a protest in Los
      Angeles on September 14th.

      "We decided to head out to the HGB: Hollywood Guarantee Building (Which is
      International Management), and the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition right
      next door. As we began picketing, Hollywood rallied with us. Cars drove
      by all day long with people honking, yelling, and giving us the thumbs up.
      Many people walked by and told us their own personal horror stories re
      Scientology. We also had two people walk up and ask us if they could join
      the picket. We had extra signs, so we gave them signs and they too began
      walking back and forth. One had a dog, and had a sign on it saying, 'Do
      Not Believe L. Ron Hubbard.'

      "We continued talking with people and passing out Xenu Flyers (at least
      300, and 400 flyers and about 300 cards with Web sites). People of all
      walks of life and all ages came up to talk with us. Meantime, Scientology
      hid inside. As we traveled down to the Scientology Testing Center, things
      heated up. Down from them were Black Israelites screaming non-stop about
      how Jesus was really Black. They were screaming constantly. We were
      passing out flyers, the Web sites, and I had the sign, 'Honk if you Think
      Scientology is a CULT.' People were literally honking from both sides of
      the street. Also, if they didn't have a car, and were walking by, they'd
      go 'HONK' into my tape recorder.

      "I realized this Cab was parked right outside of the Scientology Testing
      Center, basically semi-blocking our signs. I realized no doubt OSA had
      requested the cab, with the intention of blocking our signs. So I leaned
      in and asked, 'Are you picking anyone up?' The gentleman said, 'No.' I
      leaned in and said, 'These people are against Free Speech, and we are
      fighting FOR Free Speech. You cab is blocking our signs, so you think
      about that and decide what you want to do.' I walked away, and to my great
      surprise, a few minutes later I heard the cab start up and he roared off,
      honking loudly down the street. This happened two different times while we
      were there.

      "All during this time, Mellony and Jean were on their Cell phones. Finally
      the police showed up! At first it was just someone from OSA, talking with
      two LA PD. Finally the cops came over to me and told me they had a report
      we were disrupting a residency. I asked where, as the Testing Center is
      totally a business. He pointed above it (Three stories) and said those
      residence were complaining. I told him first off we have a Constitutional
      right to picket, and secondly, I was pretty sure they (OSA) were lying
      about anyone living above the Testing Center.

      "Finally after much talk, more OSA Int people arrived. Pam Bowen and one
      of their top dogs who runs the attorneys, Ed Parken arrived on the scene.
      Pam was furious and I could see was sent with orders to get rid of us.
      The two cops came back and said they were 'Just trying to keep the peace'.
      I said, 'So are we.' They said, 'Well, we have a request. You can say yes,
      or no, but we would like you to go over to the other side of the street.'
      I looked at the young cop and said, 'I heard your request and here is my
      answer: No! We are here, we are going to continue to picket per the
      Constitution of the USA.'

      "We continued picketing, and more people began honking than all day long.
      I saw OSA skulking around the corner, so I walked around to hear what was
      being said. Pam immediately said, 'I don't want her here!' I said, 'Well,
      since you're talking about me, I'd like to hear what is being said.' At
      that point I hear the Supervisor ask Ed, 'Well, if you live here, I'd like
      to see your driver's License proving it.' At that point I could only
      laugh, as I knew once again the infamous 'Office of Special Affairs' had
      blown it. The cops finally drove off as Scientology had NO proof that
      anyone lived above the Testing Center."

      "They feared our presence. They scooped anyone up who were out side the
      walls and ushered them in like parents dragging kids in from the ocean
      where a shark was sighted. We spoke to folks and offered our information.
      Some accepted others refused. We moved to the Testing Center and this my
      friends was where I received my first witness of the OSA. Here the fear
      was even worse, It was RED ALERT for them. 7 people got an entire cult
      hive in such a state of disarray I couldn't believe it. The clams resorted
      to calling LAPD who basically didn't do a damn thing but ask us to move
      across the street knowing we would refuse and no more could be done. OSA
      was swarming like bees."

      "I saw that L. Ron Hubbard Way had been closed off and lots of tables and
      decorations had been set up. On the south side they had placed cloth walls
      about 10 feet high across the entrance to the road. That way, any
      picketers outside that wall could not be seen. I saw people making some
      more of those walls, probably for the north side. The parking lot was
      surrounded by this same high wall of cloth. There was a big stage set up.

      "We went to the Hubbard Life Exhibit, a great place to hand out fliers. We
      probably handed out about 200 fliers there (a guess). Skippy was very good
      at handing out fliers. Graham and Tanman joined us there, as did another
      ex and 2 pedestrians. Many people walking by said in low voices 'boy
      we're glad you're out here!' And, 'Finally somebody is doing this!' We got
      positive responses and several good conversations there. Some people
      refused our fliers saying 'I already know it's bad, give it to someone who
      doesn't know.'

      "We just out of the blue decided to go to the testing center down
      Hollywood Blvd. and protest there for a while. Graham and I held up the
      WWW.XENU.NET banner closer to the testing center than the black guys (I
      think their group is Black Israelites or something like that - they claim
      to be the Lost Tribes). Others walked up and down with the great new
      picket signs. Tanman somehow had parked his car right in front of us, and
      suggested we drape the banner on his car. So we draped it on the left
      side, holding it in place with the windshield wipers front and back. This
      was great as any cars going by and anybody across the street would see

      "We had a pretty good time, even with the competition of the black guys
      accosting pedestrians, us handing out fliers, and the Scientologists
      handing out fliers, all in the same little area. There were no
      confrontations or anything from that."

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      > Russia

      A press release from St. Irenaeus of Lyon Religious Studies Center on
      September 22nd announced that protests would be held at a number of
      Scientology orgs in Russia.

      "The All-Russian 'Fellow Travelers' youth organization, with support from
      the Russian Orthodox Youth Movement, begins a long-term nationwide protest
      action against the activity of the Scientology cult. On the appointed date
      the first leg of the action will begin simultaneously in Moscow, St.
      Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, and Kaluga.

      "On the following five days the 'Fellow Travelers' activists will picket
      the cult centers daily from 7 a. m. to 10 p.m., distributing leaflets and
      explaining to those who want to enter the dangers of the cult. Large
      posters will inform the citizens and all passers-by that the dangerous
      cult is near. In Moscow the action will begin on September 22 at 3 p.m. in
      four locations of the cult - three in the city and one in the suburb. The
      official opening will be held by the Russian headquarters of the cult (B.
      Galushkina St., 19). The guest speaker of the opening is Professor
      Alexander L. Dvorkin."

      Interfax reported on September 17th that a Psychiatric institute believes
      Scientology will be protesting the center this week.

      "Scientology is officially banned in Russia, Tatyana Dmitriyeva, director
      of the Serbskiy Centre for Social and Criminal Psychiatry, said at a
      conference on prison psychiatry in Moscow on Wednesday. 'However,
      Scientologists continue to work in this country in the guise of human
      rights organizations in order to cover the large sums put into
      Scientology,' Dmitriyeva said. She said one of the Scientologists'
      postulates has to do with psychiatry. 'They believe that psychiatrists
      must not be allowed to treat people, as everything must be left to the
      will of God,' she said.

      "She announced that Scientologists regularly hold protest actions in front
      of the Serbskiy centre and plan to hold another picket on Wednesday.
      'Their main slogan is 'Psychiatrists, hands off humans!' They are also
      urging the government to stop financing psychiatry,' Dmitriyeva said."

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      > Reed Slatkin

      The Los Angeles Times reported on September 17th that the law firm that
      represented former Scientology minister Reed Slatkin will pay $650,000 to
      settle claims that they should have been aware that he was running a Ponzi

      "Slatkin was sentenced to 14 years in prison this month for taking $593
      million from investors in a Ponzi scheme. Slatkin, a Santa Barbara money
      manager, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud, conspiracy and money
      laundering. Bankruptcy trustee R. Todd Neilson alleged that Bryan Cave, a
      St. Louis-based law firm that represented Slatkin, mishandled his case,
      allowing investors to continue to pour money into his illegal schemes.

      "Slatkin's attorney, Gerald Boltz, a former Securities and Exchange
      Commission administrator, should have discovered the pyramid scheme in
      early 2000, shortly after he was hired, Neilson said. But Slatkin's scheme
      wasn't spotted until it began to come apart shortly before he filed for
      Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May 2001.

      "Under the terms of a tentative settlement filed last week, the law firm
      does not admit to wrongdoing. But it will pay $650,000 to Slatkin's trust
      to be distributed to creditors, said R. Alexander Pilmer, Neilson's
      attorney. Investors who gave money to Slatkin still are owed about $240
      million, and more than 200 lawsuits are pending to recover money from the
      banks and investors who profited from the scheme, Pilmer said.

      "Attorneys also are negotiating with groups affiliated with the Church of
      Scientology that allegedly wound up with tens of millions of dollars in
      donations from Slatkin clients. In court filings, Bryan Cave said that it
      too was a victim of Slatkin's deception and that he gave the firm fake
      documents. However, the firm claimed it was shielded from liability in the
      case, because its duty as Slatkin's counsel was to represent its client
      and not investors."

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      > Way to Happiness

      The Los Angeles Times reported on September 15th that Scientology is
      opening a Way to Happiness headquarters in Glendale, California.

      "In a move that city business development officials see as another way to
      drum up activity in a struggling business hub, The Way to Happiness
      Foundation International is relocating its headquarters into a vacant
      building at 201 E. Broadway. The building is owned by ABLE International,
      which stands for the Association of Better Living and Education. The
      foundation is an affiliate of ABLE. The foundation is a nonprofit
      organization that is based on one book, 'The Way to Happiness,' written by
      L. Ron Hubbard, whose tenets ushered in the Church of Scientology.

      "The two-story, 22,000-square-foot building, built in the 1920s with a
      basement and mezzanine was also perfect for the organization, she said.
      The group will publish Hubbard's books from presses in the basement. City
      officials were pleased the organization chose to move to Glendale. 'It is
      going to provide activity on this corner, which we think will be very good
      for the area,' Development Services Director Jeanne Armstrong said about
      the move.

      "The building is in the area of The Exchange, a retail and restaurant
      open-air mall anchored by a movie theater. Merchants in the area have
      lamented a lack of customers. But already, the foundation is trying to
      drum up interest with a grand opening scheduled for Oct. 4 with a
      community festival."

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