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12A.r.s Week in Review - 1/2/2000

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    Jan 2, 2000
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      Week in Review Volume 4, Issue 13
      by Rod Keller [rkeller@...]
      copyright 1999

      Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
      postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding
      week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as
      they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of
      significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors,
      whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a
      kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some
      of the most significant postings.

      The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles
      posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original
      articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to
      find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles
      in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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      > U.S. Congress

      The text of a bill introduced in the U.S. House and Senate was posted to
      a.r.s this week, which criticizes Germany for treatment of religious
      minorities including Scientology.

      "Mr. SALMON (for himself, Mr. PAYNE, Mr. GILMAN, Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD,
      Mr. SCARBOROUGH, Mr. WYNN, Mr. MALONEY of Connecticut, Mr. ROTHMAN, Mr.
      FOLEY, Mr. SHERMAN, Mr. ROGAN, Mr. PASTOR, Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Mr.
      EVANS, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. NEY, Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi, Mr. METCALF, Mr.
      SMITH of Washington, Mr. DAVIS of Virginia, Mr. FORD, Mr. BECERRA, Mr.
      ENGEL, Ms. BROWN of Florida, Mr. SABO, Mr. ABERCROMBIE, Mr. FORBES, Mr.
      HILLIARD, Mr. WELLER, Mr. HORN, Ms. PRYCE of Ohio, Mrs. MEEK of Florida,
      ROS-LEHTINEN, Mr. HASTINGS of Florida, Ms. WATERS, Mrs. CAPPS, Mrs.
      JOHNSON of Connecticut, Mr. JACKSON of Illinois, Mr. MEEKS of New York,
      Mrs. CLAYTON, Mr. PASCRELL, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois, and Mr. WATT of North
      Carolina) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the
      Committee on International Relations

      "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives with respect to
      government discrimination in Germany based on religion or belief. Whereas
      government discrimination in Germany against individuals and groups based
      on religion or belief violates Germany's obligations under the Universal
      Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and
      Political Rights, and the Helsinki Accords; Whereas the 1993 through 1998
      State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices in Germany have
      disclosed acts of Federal, State, and local government discrimination in
      Germany against members of minority religious groups, including
      Charismatic Christians, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Scientologists;

      "Whereas State Department Human Rights Reports on Germany have also
      disclosed acts of government discrimination against American citizens
      because of their religious beliefs; Whereas State Department Human Rights
      Reports on Germany have disclosed discrimination based on religion or
      belief in Germany in such forms as exclusion from government employment
      and political parties; the use of 'sect-filters' by government,
      businesses, sports clubs, and other organizations; government-approved
      boycotts and discrimination against businesses; and the prevention of
      artists from performing or displaying their works;

      "Whereas in 1997, a United States immigration court judge granted a German
      woman asylum in the United States, finding that she had a well-founded
      fear of persecution based on her religious beliefs if she returned to
      Germany: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives
      urges the Government of Germany to uphold its commitments to 'take
      effective measures to prevent and eliminate discrimination against
      individuals or communities on the grounds of religion or belief' and
      'foster a climate of mutual tolerance and respect between believers of
      different communities' as required by the Organization on Security and
      Cooperation in Europe's Vienna Concluding Document of 1989; urges the
      Government of Germany to enter into a constructive dialogue with minority
      groups subject to government discrimination based on religion or belief;
      continues to hold the Government of Germany responsible for protecting the
      right of freedom of religion or belief of United States citizens who are
      living, performing, doing business, or traveling in Germany; and calls
      upon the President to assert the concern of the United States Government
      to the Government of Germany regarding government discrimination in
      Germany based on religion or belief."

      From the Congressional Record:

      "Mr. ENZI. Mr. President, I rise to submit a resolution concerning
      religious discrimination in Germany with my colleague, the distinguished
      Senator from Louisiana, Ms. Landrieu. The resolution urges the German
      government to eliminate religious discrimination within its country
      because I believe, as a matter of general government policy, no religion
      or belief should be discriminated against. Anytime the government collects
      or allows businesses to collect and use information that marks an
      individual as being different, it is discriminatory and it is wrong.

      "[A] minority group that has been subject to significant discrimination in
      Germany is the Church of Scientology and its members. The documentation of
      discrimination against both Americans and Germans based solely on their
      Church membership seems irrefutable. I especially find the growing
      governmental use and sponsorship of 'sect-filters' disturbing.
      Nonetheless, in spite of all this evidence and documentation, the German
      Government seems to believe the State Department has revised its views as
      to the existence of religious discrimination in their country. I have also
      seen media reports that characterized the 1998 Report as effectively
      ending earlier State Department criticism of Germany for its treatment of
      Scientologists. I cannot believe these characterizations of the Human
      Rights Report are an accurate representation of the position of the State
      Department on these matters. Clearly, the matter of religious
      discrimination and persecution in Germany needs to be reviewed and the
      position of the State Department clarified."

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      > Amsterdam Org

      Anton Hein reports that the Amsterdam, Netherlands org is moving.

      "AT5, Amsterdam's local TV station, reports in its teletext online
      newspaper that the Amsterdam Church of Scientology is moving to a former
      police office. The new building is said to be larger than the old one, and
      the 'chapel' is said to be 'nicer.' Teletext reports that the church
      employs some 70 people. It also says the Amsterdam location is the only
      Scientology church in Holland. The move will take place at the end of

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      > Germany

      Saarbruecker Zeitung reported on December 27th on the harm caused to
      individuals involved in Scientology.

      "When Ute Paul joined the organization in 1988, she was what one would
      call a successful woman: she was regarded as an excellent cook and ran a
      busy, well-known restaurant in Saarbruecken. Her son Peter, who was 27
      years old, lived in Frankfurt, and was a Scientologist at that time, told
      Ute, 'In three weeks they had helped him break his habit of smoking hash.'
      What she was yet more impressed by was how confident Peter suddenly was of

      "What followed was typical for joining a psychosect: auditing, which
      psychologists describe as coerced hypnosis and brainwashing; training
      drills; hours at a time in the sauna to allegedly purge body and spirit -
      along with that, Ute broke out and got red blotches on her skin because
      she had consumed high doses of vitamin B3 (niacin). Naturally, thousands
      of marks had to be paid for these courses and treatments. In doing that
      [spending money] Ute soon made contact with the international level of
      management: by her first year she had already spent ten days on a luxury
      liner in the Caribbean which is the highest cadre-smith in Scientology;
      she said, 'I was made to feel like I was one of the best, one of the few
      who could save our planet.'

      "Up to that point, Ute had paid Scientology 160,000 marks [approx.
      $120,000] - within a twelve-month period. Course after course followed
      from that point on; Ute traveled to England where she was supposed to
      obtain the state of 'clear' - the first of the high training grades and
      desired goal for everyone who joins Scientology. Cost: about 120,000
      marks. Ute said that to do that, she had cashed in her life insurance,
      which she had been saving for old age. She was told it would be worth her
      while to go up the next highest steps so as not to backslide. Therefore
      she immediately transferred another 120,000 marks to the organization to
      become an 'operating thetan.' But Ute had to wait four years before she
      started. In the meantime she was taken for a total of 65,000 marks in
      preparatory courses. Ute said, 'I sold my restaurant and cashed in another
      life insurance policy.'

      "Her great disillusionment came to her in the Scientology center in
      English East Grinstead, which is about 30 kilometers south of London. Ute
      was auditing Scientology staff there: 'They stole candy and money from
      each other - and went to the rest rooms to sneak drinks out of flasks.'
      Drinking alcohol is regarded as 'unethical' in the organization. Even the
      people in management were not able to afford toothpaste or a trip to the
      barber: 'They wore shoes which had holes in them and owned only a solitary
      uniform which they had to wash and let hang overnight to dry.' She had
      also been a physical and mental 'wreck' after she left in 1997, said Ute.
      Starved, suicidal and broke.

      "Ute has managed to pull herself back up. She runs a simple, but nicely
      decorated corner place in Saarland. She did not want to go to the welfare
      office: 'I was ashamed.' Ute will probably have to work for the rest of
      her life because she has spent all her savings. Her 38 year old son has
      also managed to leave the sect. He is getting training at a computer

      Suedwest Presse reported on December 29th that Scientology is smaller in
      Germany than has been assumed.

      "The number of Scientology adherents is, according to a statement by
      Helmut Rannacher, considerably lower than at first presumed. The influence
      of the organization was also said to be less than was formerly feared, the
      chief of Baden-Wuerttemberg Constitutional Security said yesterday. In
      spite of that, Rannacher supports the continued surveillance of
      Scientologists by his office. The goal of the organization, he said, was
      'a different political system in the middle and long range.'

      "According to Rannacher's statement, Scientology has 5,000 to 6,000
      members nationwide, about 1,200 of whom are in Baden-Wuerttemberg. As late
      as the early 1990's it was assumed that there were about 30,000 adherents
      in Germany. Besides Hamburg and Berlin, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria are
      regarded as strongholds of the Scientologists. Nevertheless, Rannacher
      believes it is still necessary to keep Scientology under surveillance
      because of its extremist objectives. 'If we stop, the dams would break
      again,' said Rannacher, 'a halt to the surveillance by Constitutional
      Security would bring Scientology to take the offensive once more.'"

      A report on those who monitor Scientology published by Neue Westfaelische
      on December 28th:

      "They work on the eighth floor of the Duesseldorf Interior Ministry, use a
      special elevator, and they do not have name plates on their office doors.
      In contrast, Hartwig Moeller, chief of the department for three months, is
      in the public eye. 'We want to get away from the spy image,' said the 55
      year old lawyer, 'the best protection for our democracy is well-informed
      citizens.' Therefore Constitutional Security diligently publishes
      brochures on the extreme left and the radical right fronts, writes about
      foreign extremists, and is using the internet more and more to this end.
      'A million accesses this year,' rejoices Moeller and grins, 'the groups we
      have always had under surveillance are the ones who like to call up our

      "Constitutional Security agents watch the PDS, as they do the Kurdish PKK
      and the Scientology Organization. Things could change with the latter in
      the coming year. 'We will check whether expenses and returns are duly
      proportionate there.'"

      Freie Presse reported on December 28th that a Scientologist has been
      denied in his application to a new Scientology Information Office in

      "After the Zwickau CDU and the Buendnis/Greens, the city administration
      also reacted, on Tuesday, to the official application by Scientologist
      Kurt Fliegerbauer for the position in the planned Scientology Information
      Office. 'I personally perceived your offer as a joint disparagement of the
      city council, the administration and Zwickau's community politics,' wrote
      Health and Social Mayor Pia Findeiss in her written response to
      Fliegerbauer, the business manager of the Osterstein Castle Management

      "Pia Findeiss reminded Fliegerbauer of the objective of the planned
      establishment. Its first mission is to inform citizens about the
      machinations of the sect. The city council's decision came about primarily
      because Zwickau's reputation is suffering more and more at the hands of
      the Scientology Organization. The application by Kurt Fliegerbauer was
      rated by the CDU and Buendnis 90 as 'impudence and provocation' and 'a
      degree of audacity which could hardly be surpassed.'"

      Focus reported on December 27th that the U.S. State Department has come to
      the defense of Scientology when they failed to obtain permits for
      renovating their new headquarters in Hamburg.

      "The Scientology sect moved into the domicile in November, after they had
      to give up their old haunt because of a notice to vacate issued as a
      result of the millions owed in back rent. According to findings by
      Hamburg security officials, the well-to-do Scientology boss, David
      Miscavige, was personally involved in the purchase of the building by the
      Waterfront Real Estate Management Association. One real, small problem
      remains for the psycho-sect - the permit for building alteration. Because
      no application had been submitted to the planning review office in the
      mid-Hamburg district which has jurisdiction over the building, a staff
      member from that office visited the Scientology center to get a quick look
      at the construction work in process, and to notify the Scientology
      association of a deadline to submit the necessary documents. The sect
      reacted promptly. Only 48 hours after the visit, Michael Budig paid a
      visit to Ursula Caberta, the Scientology Commissioner of the Hamburg
      Senate, to gather information on the conflict. Budig does not have
      anything to do with the sect; he works as a speaker for politics and
      commerce at the American general consulate in Hamburg. The diplomatic
      representatives had been instructed by the State Department in Washington
      to look into the case.

      "The consulate evasively stated that they had the duty to inquire as to
      problems of U.S. citizens. As Budig told Caberta, however, the only one
      who had approached him besides the State Department was Gisela Hackenjos,
      the President of Scientology Hamburg. And, as far as Budig knew, she did
      not carry an American passport. This was not the first time the United
      States has taken sides for Scientology. In the mid-1990s, for instance,
      the USA applied to the OSCE for condemnation of Germany for alleged human
      rights violations. And in a report by the Human Rights Commission of the
      U.S. Congress, Germany was chastised for alleged persecution of

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      > Grady Ward

      Grady Ward reported that Bob Minton will not be held in contempt of court
      in Grady's bankruptcy case.

      "On December 27, 1999 a judge in Massachusetts summarily DENIED RTC's
      motion to hold Robert S. Minton in contempt and to compel him to further
      testify in the Grady Ward case. The judge apparently showed little regard
      for the cult motion since the DENIAL was a hastily-written longhand
      message on the side of the moving papers."

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      > Gold Base

      Jeff Jacobsen reported a new construction permit at Scientology's Gold
      Base near Hemet, California.

      "Following was listed in Sunday Press Enterprise--business section.
      Building Permit - Golden Era Productions l9750 Highway 79--Gilman Hot
      Springs. Convert patio to office space. $560,475."

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      > New Times

      Los Angeles' New Times published letters to the editor this week in
      response to last week's feature article on the dirty tricks of
      Scientology's private investigators and lawyers.

      "I just wanted to congratulate New Times on its continuing coverage of the
      scam that is Scientology. I'm glad to see, after living my entire life in
      Los Angeles, that there is finally a publication with the gusto to expose
      that crack religion for the lies and deception it truly is. Bravo! And may
      the hits keep on coming. - M.K. O'Connell

      "'Double Crossed' is exemplary of a new breed of journalistic censorship.
      Utilizing only those allegations that fit a predetermined 'story' and
      ignoring facts and evidence provided to you refuting your theme, created
      your intended result. This is dishonest journalism, it is extremely
      irresponsible, and it is indeed an act of censorship by a biased press, by
      filtering out conflicting evidence provided to you.

      For example, you repeatedly asserted in your article that I declined to
      answer questions posed to me failing to tell your readers that I told you
      I was bound by an attorney-client privilege not to reveal information
      provided to me by Robert Cipriano, but that if you would get me a waiver
      of that privilege, I could answer every question posed. But I provided you
      with a taped interview with Cipriano that was already public, made shortly
      after he hired me to defend him in the defamation suit filed against him
      by Graham Berry, in which he confirmed literally every allegation made in
      the 1994 declaration and which declaration your article asserted was
      inaccurate. Indeed, Cipriano contradicted the claims you published with a
      sworn declaration authenticating the transcript of that interview a matter
      you also chose to ignore in your zeal to publish phony 'allegations,'
      without telling your readers that they were later refuted by Cipriano. -
      Kendrick L. Moxon

      "Editor's note: Ortega's story did in fact include Moxon's protestation
      that he was bound by attorney-client privilege not to answer some
      questions, and it also pointed out Graham Berry's personal and
      professional problems. The story made clear that Berry's and Cipriano's
      veracity was in question, but that documents tend to corroborate some of
      Cipriano's allegations about Moxon.

      "New Times has done it again with Ortega's brilliant expos of the Church
      of Scientology's appalling array of vile actions against attorney Graham
      Berry and Robert Cipriano. As a former member of the Scientology cult and
      a former Cult Awareness Network staff member, I will attest that I and
      many others have also been the target of Scientology's fair game policy.
      What is truly chilling is that the Department of Justice, the IRS, various
      states' attorneys, and other government agencies do nothing to stop this
      phony church. They get away with it by using tax-exempt funds, and their
      brainwashed followers including John Travolta, Chick Corea, and Greta Van
      Susteren all go along with it. - Jim Beebe"

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      > Doctored Photos

      Arnie Lerma reported that photos of the New Year's event in Los Angeles
      released by Scientology had been doctored by adding spectators to the
      audience. The photos were then removed from Scientology's web site.

      "'Freedom' magazine has essentially admitted the FAKED photos by pulling
      them off their website! http://www.lermanet.com/PhotoLIES.htm"

      From Roland Rashleigh-Berry:

      "It is clear that those seats were only half full and they have used
      photographic techniques to make it seem more full. One I spotted was right
      at the bottom of the photo in the middle but very slightly to the left.
      You will see a man wearing a white jacket with a woman to his left and a
      man clapping to his right. The man is looking back in this direction.
      These people are too small for the position they are in because we can see
      women behind them who are much taller. They are almost next to themselves
      in the row behind them. And if you have them spotted you will see it is a
      whole section of them repeated. The fake section is the one on the far
      left. You will see a man in a colourful shirt to the left and in front of
      the man looking back. That has been repeated. In front of the man looking
      back is a man with a black jacket and white shirt next to a woman in a
      black dress. They are both repeated in the fake section on the left BUT
      THE MAN HAS HIS HEAD MISSING. There are two girls two rows behind the man
      looking back. They are repeated as well. There is a black man next to a
      white girl just behind them. They are repeated as well as a whole swarm of
      people behind them. Take a look at the woman wearing a red sweater. She is
      repeated as well as other people around her."

      "Birdie" reported the impression of people who attended the event.

      "I have spoken to some people (staff, family members) who attended the Dec
      28th event. One person said it was a major disappointment. They went
      expecting to really be impressed with news of the future and what
      scientology was planning in the millennium and instead found it boring!
      Another person told me that what the event was advertised to be was not
      what it ended up being and it was mostly a history of the 'wins'
      scientology has had through the past 50 years. These people are very
      devoted scientologists but even they felt they had been let down."

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      > Protest Summary

      Vernon Cain continued his protests at the Hawaii org this week, with daily

      "Soon after I arrived one of the minions came out to lean against a
      parking meter to smoke a cigarette. I just kept trying to open a
      communication with him. He did respond with a 'I'm doing OK' to one of my
      how's it goings that I would offer him from time to time. He did hear my
      picket patter of 'Space Alien Cult, Just another UFO Cult, and Space Alien
      SCAM!, mixed in with Bait-and-Switch Scam and sometimes Don't Ask about
      Xemu! His reaction as to 'Stare me down' and watch me with his 'Death
      Stare' even while taking in another drag on his smoke."

      "The occupants took notice right away. They entered the 'take no notice'
      mode. The obvious leaning back and taking a stretch or just kicking back
      to chat seems a little too overt. Soon a small crowd of clams congregated
      at my side as I passed the door. A rather tall young gentleman that I
      thought came from inside stepped out of the crowd and stopped to ask me
      what I was protesting. Not knowing if he was a bOrg Clam I asked are you a
      $cientologist or connected in any way with the 'church' of $cientology.
      'No, I just want to know what you're doing here.' I stated that I had
      concerns about a SCAM being offered by this organization for $360K and
      that the SCAM involved not telling you about Xemu the Space Alien until
      you had spent over $300K and by that time it would be too late to save
      you. As I did this the 'painter guy' came out and demonstrated his OSA
      Training. He went into attack mode.

      "The painter pushed his way in and took over the conversation asking the
      same question over and over. 'Who told you this' 'Who is paying you to
      picket' 'Where did you hear this' I asked him if he was OTIII yet? I told
      the young man, who looks like he is in his late teens or early twenties,
      the information about the Space Aliens was a SCAM because it the materials
      written by the author of all of those books in the window states in the
      Upper Level Materials that these billions of Space Aliens were brought to
      Earth 75Million Yrs ago and blew up in volcanoes. One of the sites
      according to the sci-fi author was Hawaii. Well the news to the Clams is
      that Hawaii didn't exist 75M Yrs ago. Sorry but these people in this
      building have been SCAMMED.

      "I had to motion to the exec and painter to let me pass as the painter
      just kept on and this could turn ugly. I got a little worried there for a
      minute since I was doing another solo picket. I marched on now with a
      little tremble in my voice that I worked off by repeating my purpose aloud
      for passersby to hear. As I made my turn to come back around I noticed
      that the three men had gone back inside to talk and had pulled the doors
      shut. I kept on back and forth for the next hour. When ever someone came
      by I would lower my voice and chat or get them to smile at me or wave
      back. I was beginning to enjoy my brisk walking and occasional chats with
      potential customers of the bOrg."

      "I arrived at the Hawaii bOrg on Bethel Street at about 17:05 HST. As I
      arrived the doors were pulled closed by the Asian Public Exec as he and
      two cohorts split off to the neighborhoods with stacks of fliers. I
      started marching briskly back and forth. I got several thumbs up and one
      fella and his girl friend stopped traffic to shout out the window that
      they were happy to see me doing such a great job of spreading the word of
      the SCAM. I got handled today by the usual ignore and hiding. The public
      people got on the phone as soon as I arrived and spent most of the time on
      the phones drumming up sales or calling me in to their superiors.

      "The $cientologist visitors are very coy about being $cientologists. I ask
      point blank to all that stop to ask me questions 'Are you a
      $cientologist?' and then 'Are you connected in any way to this
      organization over there' as I point at the bOrg facility. Every time the
      answer today, and since my arrival, was no to both questions. One of
      these cookie cutter 'non-$cientologists' fell for my not so clever
      leverage. I explained the Costs a Mint line and that the Bait and Switch
      begins at around 40-50 Thousand where the 'reactive mind' was the source
      of all of your problems to now it is 'Dead Space Aliens' but I continued,
      so I am not arguing the indefensible 'religious' belief line here
      (pointing to my sign's line 'NOT ABOUT RELIGION' 'ABOUT ABUSE') if you
      read OTIII you will learn about Xemu and his merry bands of renegades. I
      said that I wouldn't be out here if there was a even a single OT here,
      ever in $cientology. He couldn't take it anymore and he put his arm around
      his mom and proudly announced well here is an OT!! His mother charged in
      close to me and began to shout 'You don't realize the magnitude of what
      you are doing. You will 'pull in' a massive problem of enormous magnitude.
      You have no idea of the damage you have done here!! People die for having
      done less' I responded with Lady I know exactly what I am doing here. You
      have been SCAMMED and don't realize the SCAM."

      "I think the 'heavy' OSA has arrived. Tonight I met a not so tall late
      forties early fifties guy with all gray hair and with a medium build. I
      would estimate about 130-150Lbs. He started out with the usual; What is
      going on here? Followed by the ever predictable; Who is paying you?
      Followed by What government is putting you up to this? And several other
      machine-gun series of questions.

      "'Are you a $cientologist?, No.' I proceeded to give him the full spiel,
      Look here, See this 'Don't ask the Dwarf why he isn't OT' Well as a
      $cientologist if you did ask the Dwarf that question you probably would
      loose your head. Not to mention that anybody that dares to suggest that
      the Dwarf is a 'NO Case Gain Case' is usually immediately routed out as a
      SP. The gray 'heavy' OSA guy took the conversation around as he continued
      to fish for how long I would be around here. When he asked what do I get
      out of doing this I replied that I am a modern Freedom Fighter."

      "The Christmas tree is gone as are the Christmas decorations. Out comes
      this nearly 2.5 foot tall Volcano Island model. When the very nice Blonde
      Public Exec spotted my big grin she smiled and I gave her the requisite
      salute, 'Don't forget when you get to OTIII there was no Hawaii 75 Mil Yrs
      ago.' She smiled again as she sort of presented with a gesture the Volcano
      as her defense shield sort of like saying that I since I had my OTIII in
      full restim this presentation to me would cause me to succumb to sleepless
      nights or perhaps I would linger briefly with pneumonia before passing

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      > Refund Letter

      "Anti-Reg" posted a letter he received in response to his request for a
      refund from Scientology.

      "I heard from [deleted] that you sent in a letter requesting a return of
      payments from the Church. Naturally this was a bit of a shock to me and it
      is a terrible loss. I consider you a friend and I have a lot of ARC for
      you and it would be quite a loss to have you no longer in the Church and
      not be able to stay in comm. I could tell from your letter that you have
      run into some SP's who have coached you on how to write this letter. I am
      sure that you are feeling a lot of pressure about this or you would never
      do it.

      "I also know that you have been PTS before and I want to remind you how
      overwhelming it felt then. It is my overt of omission that I never
      insisted that you do the PTS/SP course. All that is happening is that you
      have gone PTS again. If you have gotten some squirrels or SPs on your
      lines then there is PTSness there too. This can cause roller coaster -- a
      slump in gains. The door is not shut. And I would still like to help you.
      You are important to me."

      From his reply:

      "I have come to the conclusion that the Church of Scientology is not what
      it claims to be. It is an organization that purports to possess the path
      to total spiritual freedom but in reality possesses only a moderately
      workable self-help ideology. I am aware of the contents of the advanced
      levels and the alleged galactic holocaust that is the basis for OT levels
      3 through 7. Not only is it historically unlikely that this event ever
      took place, but there is no geological evidence to support it. I have read
      OT 3 and the fact that I am sleeping well, that I have not contracted
      pneumonia, and that I have not 'free wheeled' to my death completely
      negates its validity.

      "The behavior of the Church of Scientology as an organization is also
      highly questionable. The sleazy, hard-sell, psychologically manipulative
      sales and fund-raising tactics utilized by the registrars of the church's
      organizations and (especially) the IAS. The practice of extracting huge
      sums of money from members and encouraging members to incur debt far
      beyond their means. The involuntary confinement and death of Lisa
      McPherson. The RPF's affront to basic human rights. The legal and social
      harassment of critics and ex-members who dare to exercise their right to
      free speech. The documents I have seen that indicate the church's gross
      misrepresentation of Hubbard's military, educational, familial, marital,
      and philosophical backgrounds. The criminal activities of Operation Snow

      "I am not saying that there is no value in Scientology, because there is.
      The material on the Student Hat, for example, is revolutionary in the
      field of education. But it is apparent to me that the Church of
      Scientology (and especially its management) is severely in need of reform.
      As a courtesy to them, you might want to let [deleted] know that if they
      do not comply with my refund requests, I will begin picketing (for

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      Message-ID: <84es5h$b3d$1@...>


      > The Brothers

      The Toronto Sun reported that The Brothers restaurant has been asked to
      leave the building they have been renting from Scientology.

      "The popular deli has operated for decades just south of the intersection,
      in the building now owned by the Church of Scientology. Owned by brothers
      Peter Sfendeles, 59, and Angelo Sfyndilis, 62, the two men will close
      their doors for the last time on March 4, although their lease actually
      expires at the end of this month. It's been owned by Peter and Angelo
      since August 1979 -- only months before the Scientologists bought the
      building, says Peter.

      "But the landlord told Peter and Angelo more than a year ago that their
      lease wouldn't be renewed, since Scientology needs the space, says Angelo.
      'I don't feel very good about it. I'm really sad about it because it has
      been here a long time, I think since 1954 actually -- same place same
      location, different owners.' A tearful Angelo said the decision not to
      renew their lease has left him with few options personally. 'Because to
      start again all over, at my age, is a little bit hard.'"

      Message-ID: <3866d49f.2162176@...>


      > Texas Veterinarian

      Employment Law Weekly reported on December 29th that a Texas veterinarian
      has agreed to pay damages to employees who resisted Scientology in the

      "An Arlington, Texas veterinary clinic agreed earlier this month to pay
      $150,000 to six employees who claimed in a suit backed by the U.S. Equal
      Employment Opportunity Commission that the company unlawfully pressured
      employees to subscribe to beliefs of the Church of Scientology. EEOC
      alleged that I-20 Animal Medical Center violated religious discrimination
      provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The complaint
      charged that I-20 subjected non-scientologist employees to disparate
      treatment, failed to reasonably accommodate the religious beliefs of
      non-scientologist employees, and retaliated against workers who opposed
      what they believed were unlawful employment practices.

      "I-20 intentionally pressured employees to 'conduct themselves in a manner
      consistent with the teachings of the Church of Scientology and to
      participate in religious activities, including, but not limited to,
      religiously-influenced course-work.' In addition, EEOC claimed, I-20
      required employees to participate in religious activities in order to be
      promoted to or retain management positions. I-20 refused to excuse
      employees from religious activities, EEOC said, and disregarded worker
      objections to the imposition of Scientology. Employees who refused to
      participate in religious functions or otherwise resisted religious
      pressures were subjected to discipline, the complaint charged, including
      assignment to lesser tasks and termination.

      "I-20 also agreed that it will not condition pay raises, promotions, or
      other job benefits on employee compliance with employer-imposed religious
      teachings, and will not use religiously-influenced training material. The
      company will also train employees on the requirements and provisions of
      Title VII and post a notice outlining complaint procedures on the company
      bulletin board. Under the terms of the settlement, I-20 will remove all
      documents related to charges of religious discrimination from employee
      personnel files."

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