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WebStandards Now - Open Letter to Microsoft

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  • Joe Crawford
    Web Standards are something we should all care about - if - in the future we hope that browsers have a good solid robust core of functionality that we as web
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 1999
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      Web Standards are something we should all care about - if - in the
      future we hope that browsers have a good solid robust core of
      functionality that we as web developers can count on.

      I urge you to consider signing this letter and joining the Web Standards
      Project - as a vote for better browsers, and support for standards. I
      also encourage you to share this open letter with other web developers -
      not spam, just evangelism.

      Thanks for your attention.
      Joe Crawford
      Founding Member
      The Web Standards Project



      Love them, loathe them, or anything in-between,
      Microsoft is a fact of life, and Microsoft's browser
      has at least half the market. Now that Netscape has
      committed to delivering full support for Cascading
      Style Sheets Level-1, HTML 4.0, DOM 1.0 and XML 1.0
      in Navigator 5 � and appears to be on the verge of
      doing so � it's time to get Microsoft to commit to doing
      the same.
      If they do this, The Web Standards Project
      will have largely fulfilled its mission to bring these
      standards to our medium.
      Unfortunately, Microsoft sounds noncommittal
      these days when we discuss the concept of "full
      support" within a reasonable time frame. While
      Microsoft itself has argued eloquently for common
      standards when it comes to instant messaging, they
      don't seem to be showing the same passion when it
      comes to browsers. It's two steps forward, one step
      We don't want to take that one step back. We need
      your help to convince Microsoft that working
      developers are serious about full compliance with key
      Web standards. Specifically, we need to act now so
      that Microsoft will take the issue seriously EARLY in
      the development cycle for the next release of Internet
      Explorer. We'd rather raise our voices now (and get
      results) than complain later.
      We've written a letter (right) outlining our
      position. The more of you who send it to Microsoft, the
      bigger the dent we can make in their reticence to
      commit to full standards compliance, and the likelier
      we are to have fully standards-compliant browsers in
      this lifetime.
      Please join us by signing your name to the letter
      below, and sending it to
      standardsnow@.... We'll take it
      from there.
      Thank you!
      The Web Standards Project Steering
      George Olsen, Project Leader
      Jeffrey Zeldman, Site Designer
      Tim Bray
      Steve Champeon
      Rachel Cox
      B.K. DeLong
      Martin Diekhoff
      Chris Kaminski
      Dan Shafer
      Dori Smith
      Jeffrey Veen

      Joe Crawford { ArtLung } _________ mailto:joe@...
      Web Designer + Integrator ________ http://www.artlung.com
      Respiratory Therapist (Ret.) _____ San Diego . CA . USA
      San Diego WWW'er? See http://www.artlung.com/websandiego/
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