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RE: [webloggerusergroup] Blogger question - converting hundreds of posts to XHTML specs

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  • Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns
    Mike, You ve nailed it on the head.... I m asking myself if it s worth the bother to change all those posts. It s just a matter of changing all the tags
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 6 9:24 PM

      You've nailed it on the head.... I'm asking myself if it's worth the bother
      to change all those posts. It's just a matter of changing all the <br> tags
      and images I've added within posts to the <img src.... /> ending, that's
      all.... but the volume would take a lot of time done individually.

      I just wanted to convert the entire site to xhtml 1.0 transitional, that's
      all..... guess what you're referring to as the warm fuzzy
      feeling....<chuckle> I've done all the other pages and may just leave the
      previous posts alone. Seems like far too much effort and I have too many
      other things going anyway.

      Too bad Blogger will overwrite them if I change them in HomeSite.... it
      would have been so fast to do that. I don't know what Blogger does on its
      side, though. I didn't think it stored any of the pages.

      Ah well. Thanks, Mike!


      At 09:19 PM 11/06/2001, you wrote:
      >At that point, I've gotta ask, why bother? I mean, is something going to
      >break if you leave old posts in HTML instead of XHTML? Or is this just
      >for a warm fuzzy feeling? Or what?
      > > -----Original Message-----
      > > From: Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns [mailto:skaiser1@...]
      > >
      > > I'm just trying to figure out the most efficient way to
      > > change hundreds of
      > > posts.... I didn't want to have to change them individually,
      > > but I have a
      > > feeling I'll have to go that route. Ugh....
      > >

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