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931[webloggerusergroup] Public Accessible link policy

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  • Dan Lyke
    Nov 19, 2001
      jm writes:
      > I was wondering what was your 'policy' about linking to articles
      > that are not free (e.g. on WSJ, The Economist or Salon Premium) or
      > that requires a cookie / free registration (NYTimes) ?

      I link to things I find interesting. If my readers can't figure out
      how to fill out a free registration box, or don't want to pay for the
      same publications I pay for, that's their call.

      If there's not a teaser at the site for non-paying members, I'll
      probably go out of my way to describe why I think a particular
      document is worthwhile, but so far Salon provides most of the meat of
      the article, in fact enough that if you care you can go find the rest
      of the facts in the article with Google, that it hasn't bothered me.

      I should probably subscribe to the Economist, but I'm trying to cut
      back on my mandatory reading.

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