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930RE: Public Accessible link policy

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  • Madhu Menon
    Nov 19, 2001
      At 10:07 PM 11/19/2001, Mahesh Shantaram opined:
      > From a weblogging/journalists point of view, I like what Rebecca Blood does.
      >She mentions the the username (rebeccas_pocket) and password (I think it's
      >"blood") of a dummy account beside an NYT link. That was very helpful,
      >because earlier on, I wouldn't click on NYT links. The thought of a sign-up
      >process would deter me.

      All well and good, till the day NYTimes.com decides that it will restict a
      user name to only one session or IP.

      For NY Times articles, simply change the "www" in the URL to "partners" and
      you'll get in without any login process. For example:

      This may not be the place for it, but I've always given false information
      for any such registration process. I was born in 1970 in the Falkland
      Islands, I'm in the lowest income group, I have absolutely no hobbies,
      never buy online, and my ZIP code is 90210.

      All false, of course.
      But they probably don't have any targeted advertising for Falkland Islands :)

      Do many of you do that too?

      >I believe that as the Web goes form free to paid, user experience will take
      >a kick due to widespread linkrot. I've written on this topic before:

      We'll always have Google cache :P


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