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929RE: [webloggerusergroup] Public Accessible link policy

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  • Mahesh Shantaram
    Nov 19, 2001
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      Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 4:54 PM
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      Subject: [webloggerusergroup] Public Accessible link policy

      Hi jm,

      > I was wondering what was your 'policy' about linking
      > to articles that are not free (e.g. on WSJ, The
      > Economist or Salon Premium) or that requires a cookie
      > / free registration (NYTimes) ?

      From a weblogging/journalists point of view, I like what Rebecca Blood does.
      She mentions the the username (rebeccas_pocket) and password (I think it's
      "blood") of a dummy account beside an NYT link. That was very helpful,
      because earlier on, I wouldn't click on NYT links. The thought of a sign-up
      process would deter me.

      > Also, do you think that the "End of Free" will have an
      > influence on the collection of web links and therefore
      > on the content of your online publishing?

      It's a coincidence that you should ask this today. India's most respected
      news media group (in the class of Time Magazine) decided to open their
      online publication to subscribers only. That's bad news for me as I've
      linked heavily to TheNewspaperToday.com from my journal.

      I believe that as the Web goes form free to paid, user experience will take
      a kick due to widespread linkrot. I've written on this topic before:

      Mahesh Shantaram
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