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920Re: [webloggerusergroup] Weblogs == Personal Web Publishing Communities?

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  • Dave Winer
    Nov 17, 2001
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      I had a domain for a while that we just let go: unclesclub.com.
      I wonder how many people in the Weblog World think of themselves as Uncles, wicked or otherwise.
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      Subject: Re: [webloggerusergroup] Weblogs == Personal Web Publishing Communities?

      In article <0ad301c16eef$6ff8a5d0$33a1dc40@murphy>, Dave Winer
      <dave@...> writes
      >how about uncle? I think that's my lot
      >in life.

      I always wanted to be the "Wicked Uncle". The one who appeared out of
      the blue after several years in the heart of Africa and encouraged the
      nephews to break the rules and upset their straight parents. But then
      I'm also quite looking forward to being the old curmudgeon who sits by
      the fire in the pub, nursing a half of Guinness and growling at anyone
      who comes near while occasionally boring a captive audience to tears
      with stories about "What I did in the Sudan"...

      Any suggestion that you could substitute "Early PC Software industry"
      for "Sudan" and have all that refer to Dave, would be scurrilous
      character defamation and should definitely be avoided. That was about
      me, not him.


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