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909Re: [webloggerusergroup] Weblogs == Personal Web Publishing Communities?

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  • Bill Humphries
    Nov 16, 2001
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      On Friday, November 16, 2001, at 12:29 PM, Dave Winer wrote:

      > Here's my latest contribution to the "What are Weblogs?" debate..

      I like this.

      However some folks might disagree with part of point #3:

      >> A weblog is published -- words flow through templates, the process is
      >> automated, the writer and designer are elevated.

      There are a few weblogs that don't use templating or automation.
      <strike>the Luddites!</strike> I think Zeldman's still editing in BBEdit.

      Related to the subject: last year I was at a tea hosted by a friend who
      writes an on-line journal. I was introduced as a 'blogger to another
      journal writer who said she hated those weblogs that were just lists of
      links. I laughed and told her that my weblog was a list of links. ;>

      Bill Humphries <bill@...>
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