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791RE: [webloggerusergroup] Is there a cultural barrier to syndication?

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  • Glenn McGaha Miller
    Nov 7, 2001

      I've taken awhile to think your question over and ultimately, I don't care
      too much if someone visits my site once I get over the vanity aspect
      involved. My main objective is always communication so where that happens is
      irrelevant. Even on my "business" site (my business being photography) it
      ultimately isn't important to me whether my site registers a "hit" -- only
      that I get contacted about the possible job. The "hits" I consider important
      there are the ones that keep me from having to meet with a client or send
      out printed materials.

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      From: Mike Foti [mailto:mfoti@...]
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      Subject: [webloggerusergroup] Is there a cultural barrier to

      I think syndication technologies like RSS are cool, but I can't help but
      think that a lot of the people who weblog today would rather have people
      visit their actual site, than read their content somewhere else. For the
      people who put a lot of work into their graphics and other stuff, reducing
      their weblog to a mere text feed must seem like kind of a letdown. I
      realize that syndication is meant to increase flow to your site, but I can
      see how it might also reduce flow as well (maybe a good thing, if you are
      concerned about bandwidth costs).

      Does anybody else have an opinion on this?

      - Mike

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