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1493Locals Online - If you run a local online group/community ...

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  • Steven Clift
    Apr 21, 2010
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      ... please join us and sign the draft invite letter.


      The draft letter:

      This is an invitation to join us on Locals Online.

      Do you host a ...

         * neighborhood e-mail list? ...
         * highly interactive placeblog? ...
         * local social network on Ning? ...
         * a private Facebook group for nearest neighbors? ...
         * a neighborhood parents network online? ...
         * a local online community of any kind?

      Then join community builders like you on this new peer-to-peer online
      group for local online hosts from:



      List of charter members for Locals Online

         * Steven Clift, Minneapolis Standish Ericsson Neighbors Forum

      Add your name here:

      (Please do NOT add your name unless you actually help host something
      locally-oriented in this space.)