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1479Free Webinar - Becoming a Great Frontline Leader

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  • f_litman
    Sep 28, 2007
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      This maybe of interest to marketing folks in managment/leadership
      positions. This seminar is by a partner from Ken Blanchard & Co.
      Ken Blanchard himself, of course, is the author of the famed "One
      Minute Manager" and many other best-selling management books...

      Felix Litman

      Finervista featured webinar,
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      Becoming a Great Frontline Leader

      WHEN: Thursday, October 18, 2007, 9:00am -10:00am PDT
      WHERE: Live from your browser, Free
      SPEAKERS: Patricia Stewart,Partner,The Ken Blanchard


      Today's frontline leader needs to be different from the command-and-
      control leader of the past. People are not interested in working for
      someone who just gives orders daily and conducts evaluations
      annually. Today's employees are looking for leaders who will coach
      them by providing either direction or support (or both) as they seek
      to attain their work goals.

      In this online presentation, Blanchard Consulting Partner Patricia
      Stewart will show you what frontline leaders can do to increase team
      member productivity and engagement.

      You will learn the three key skills that all frontline leaders need
      to master in order to successfully set goals, assign work, give
      praise, and resolve performance problems:

      - Interpersonal Skills - The ability to listen attentively and
      respond appropriately, depending on the individual's needs.

      - Performance Management Skills - The ability to set clear
      performance expectations, reward and recognize progress toward goals,
      and provide negative performance feedback when necessary.

      - Partnering Skills - The ability to accurately diagnose the
      individual competence and motivation levels of direct reports, and
      then use the appropriate leadership style for the situation.

      By mastering all three skills, you will see how frontline leaders can
      get things done in a way that is equally satisfying to themselves,
      the people they lead, and their organization as a whole.

      More information and registration:
      Space is limited. Register now.

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