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  • Hi. I don't know anyone there, but have you tried the product forum? Usually some Googlers are affected to their products and they skim the products forums to try to help whenever they can. http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/youtube Give it a try. I'm pretty sure you'll end up meeting some googlers that can help you.
    nicolas.embleton@... Dec 11, 2013
  • Hi Ash, Thanks for the information. Would this be available online via a webinar? Thanks, Nicolas. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Nicolas Embleton Feb 19, 2013
  • Hi, I'm not a regular contributor, but I read almost every post that you guys share, and this group is definitely deeply interesting. Regarding paying someone to get certificates, I believe in a medium/long-term thing, if the person is asking to pay someone for that, it's obviously because the skills aren't there ( or the time? In that case it could be arguable, but I personally...
    Nicolas Embleton Nov 27, 2012
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  • Hi, The guys at lucky orange have a great tool that allows to view heatmap of some specific areas that are "most scrolled to" or "most clicked around" or "most eye-catchy", these sort of things. Take a look at their features: http://www.luckyorange.com/features.php I think it really worth trying it out. Cheers, Nicolas. --- In webanalytics@^$1, Vanessa Sabino wrote: > > I'm looking...
    nicolasembleton Jul 17, 2012