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  • mcrenshaw04
    HowStuffWorks (www.howstuffworks.com ) is looking for an experienced Web analytics professional to join our high-profile Strategy and Research team. As the Web
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2006
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      HowStuffWorks (www.howstuffworks.com ) is looking for an experienced Web
      analytics professional to join our high-profile Strategy and Research
      team. As the Web Analytics Specialist, you'll have an opportunity to
      help shape the growth strategy of our company using best-of-breed
      analytics tools. The Web Analytics Specialist will be responsible for
      helping to manage the technology, reporting, and interpretation of all
      visitor metrics. This is an exciting opportunity for the right person to
      be part of high-growth new media company.

      If you're interested, please send me a resume and a written description
      of your web analytics background. This position is located in Chicago,
      with a start date of early-mid July.


      Matt Crenshaw

      mcrenshaw@... <mailto:mcrenshaw@...>

      Director of Research | HowStuffWorks.com


      Research & Analytics

      * Measure success of website and online marketing initiatives using
      data and key metrics.
      * Daily, weekly, and monthly analyses of web site activity and
      e-marketing campaigns, including click stream analysis and ROI
      * Develop and evolve report sets as necessary.
      * Monitor the quality and integrity of the data in the system and all
      reports being published.
      * Work with Director of Research to develop best practices for
      delivering Web analytics findings and strategic recommendations to all
      business units.


      * Configure Web analytics tools (Omniture) to meet various business
      * Translate research needs into specific traffic, pathing, and
      conversion-related tagging structures.
      * Work with IT department to ensure Web analytics capabilities grow
      in parallel with expansion of site properties, infrastructure, and
      * Ensure all new site properties are properly tagged for analytics
      and that tags accurately reflect business needs.


      * Work with business managers to communicate and deliver on value of
      Web analytics.
      * Actively gather requirements for web analytics requests and view
      all company initiatives through the lens of identifying key metrics,
      tracking them, and reporting success.
      * Develop analytic models and strategic thinking within Strategy &
      Research team.
      * Translate statistical findings into actionable recommendations for
      improving visitor acquisition, retention, and conversion.
      * Train business managers to pull basic analytical reports as

      Preferred Qualifications

      * At least 2 years experience working with a pixel-based Web
      analytics tools. Omniture experience is preferred.
      * Highly proficient analyzing and interpreting data; able to
      synthesize information from a variety of sources and translate into
      effective and actionable reports.
      * Real-world understanding of Web analytics best practices, key
      performance indicators, and ways in which site architecture influences
      the ability to track visitor behavior.
      * Comfortable expressing complex problems and solutions in writing
      and defending ideas with statistical evidence.
      * Demonstrated ability to succeed in both team and self-directed
      * Experience managing Web analytics for multiple
      functions/departments within an organization is a plus.

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