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Web Analytics Job Opportunity

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  • Kristen Niziolek
    Hello All, I am very excited to inform everyone about new career opportunities at Stratigent , a web analytics consultancy located
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      Hello All,

      I am very excited to inform everyone about new career opportunities at
      Stratigent <http://www.stratigent.com/> , a web analytics consultancy
      located near Chicago. We are looking for ambitious individuals with a
      passion for web analytics to join our growing team. The details of the
      job are posted below. If you happen to know of anyone who may be
      interested, please feel free to pass this message along.

      Position: Web Analytics Consultant

      Primary Responsibilities:

      * Analyze web analytics data as well as other offline data to
      evaluate site performance and identify opportunities for improvement and
      present findings to client.
      * Generate custom reports to answer specific client questions.
      * Perform periodic analysis of clients' sites and present finding
      to client.
      * Communicate with clients with various backgrounds (usability
      experts, IA specialist, marketers, designers & developers).
      * Configure, customize, and install various web analytics
      * Help Stratigent maintain a position of leadership by staying
      current on the latest developments within the web analytics field.

      Stratigent's analysts are trained in web analytics and the use of
      various analytical tools, methodologies and techniques. The ideal
      candidate will possess the following skills:

      * Passion for web analytics
      * Excellent communication and presentation skills.
      * Strong technical background - 4 year degree in Computer Science
      or Computer Engineering is a plus.
      * Strong interest in business
      * Ability and desire to work both as part of team and
      * Self-motivation, enthusiasm and desire to work in a very
      entrepreneurial environment.
      * Desire to travel within the United States to various client
      sites and tradeshows.
      * Experience with JavaScript, Visual Basic, HTML, SQL and web
      server (IIS, Apache) experience.

      About Stratigent:

      Stratigent offers a complete array of fully customized web analytics
      services. Stratigent has vast experience working with enterprise clients
      in various industries with diverse business initiatives. Clients can
      rely on the collective knowledge and experience of Stratigent's team of
      seasoned consultants to address the toughest web analytics issues.

      Stratigent's relaxed yet hard working environment allows the team to
      enjoy work while providing superior service to its clients. Stratigent
      is looking for an ambitious individual who wants to be part of a team
      and help with the operation and growth of the company.

      If you have a passion for excellence, uncompromising business ethics,
      love of challenges, and an ability to make significant contributions
      within a rapidly growing company, please submit your resume to
      Kristen@... .


      Thank You, <http://www.stratigent.com/>




      Kristen Niziolek

      Stratigent, LLC

      Ph # 630-393-9568 ext 21

      Fax: 630.393.9579
      Email: kristen@... <mailto:kristen@...>

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