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Measuring Content Site Performance

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  • Rose Marie Ni Mhorda
    Hey there! I have just found this awesome forum, I hope you all can help me with my predicament! What are the KPIs to use when trying to understand the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Hey there!
      I have just found this awesome forum, I hope you all can help me with my predicament!
      What are the KPIs to use when trying to understand the performance of a content site??? My experience is mainly in retail, so I am finding optimising content more challenging.
      I am working on a large multi lingual content site.  The main conversions are downloads, discussion boards, email registration, viewing articles.  Visitors can provide free text feedback and also rate the site.
      The KPIs I am considering for my scorecard are:
      1. Unique Users
      2. Pageviews / Sessions
      3. % Single Pageview sessions
      4. Conversion rate
      5. Registrants
      6. Time spent on site / page
      7. Customer feedback rating per page
      By measuring these stats, I will have a benchmark for each language site and be able to measure trends / patterns, but what can I actually do with this info??
      Can any of you share your experience in actually making changes to a content site that drove performance up by the KPIs listed?  What did you do at a high level? One thing I am particularly interested in doing is introducing commerce slowly into the site?  But how can analytics help me to know where is the best place on the site to promote products to sell?
      Please send on any articles / books / personal experiences that can help!!
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