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Job: Gateway.com, Irvine, CA

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  • Rhee, David
    Hi, folks, I d appreciate your help in forwarding this job posting to any qualified candidates you might know of. The position reports to me, based in Irvine,
    Message 1 of 46 , Sep 30, 2005

      Hi, folks,


      I’d appreciate your help in forwarding this job posting to any qualified candidates you might know of.  The position reports to me, based in Irvine , CA .  Resumes accompanied by a cover letter can be sent directly to me at david.rhee@....  Thanks!






      Analyst, Web Metrics and Reporting


      Since its founding in 1985, Irvine, Calif.-based Gateway (NYSE: GTW) has been a technology pioneer, offering award-winning PCs and related products to consumers, businesses, government and educational institutions.  Since acquiring eMachines in early 2004, Gateway is now the third largest PC company in the U.S. and among the top ten worldwide.  The company's value-based eMachines brand is sold exclusively by leading retailers worldwide, while the premium Gateway line is available at major retailers, over the web and phone, and through its direct sales force.  We are continuing to grow and have opportunities for individuals to want to join our team.




      The successful candidate will have an analytical, “show me the numbers” approach to making clear business decisions in the face of ambiguous, incomplete, or superfluous information.


      A technical background complemented by significant business experience and training would be ideal, e.g., undergraduate degree in a technical field, MBA, and 3+ years of work experience utilizing those skills in combination.


      In your cover letter (required), please be specific about how your skills and qualifications meet or exceed the following job responsibilities:


      Essential Responsibility:


      You will work closely with individuals and groups throughout the organization, including but certainly not limited to web developers, finance analysts, product managers, and internal sales teams.  Fluency across different organizational cultures and styles is necessary to understand the diverse needs and desires of our internal and external stakeholders.


      At a fundamental level, you will use existing reports to measure web site performance, develop hypotheses about how various user segments browse several of our websites, and develop new metrics and reports to prove or disprove those hypotheses.


      Further, you will ensure that our internal stakeholders are able to make better decisions and take specific actions based on the information we present to them.  This may include developing executive and production level dashboards, providing further detail where requested, as well as helping interpret results to guide proper understanding and drive intelligent business decisions.


      You will stay current with industry technologies, attending industry trade shows and vendor training as appropriate, and drive product enhancements with current and potential vendors with an eye towards adding value for our organization.


      You will work closely with the rest of the web analytics team and management to develop a library of best practices for the organization to follow with regard to keeping the entire organization fluent on how best to leverage the available data and tools, with the goal of producing a suite of world-class websites for product information, customer service and support, and sales.


      Requirements / Qualifications / Skills:


      Outstanding communication and presentation skills, including the ability and desire to make complex topics and analysis accessible to and immediately usable by intelligent but busy colleagues.


      4+ years of direct work experience, including 2+ years with web analytics.  Please discuss specific analytics tools used in your cover letter.


      Strong database skills, including the ability to write moderately complex SQL queries.


      Ability to contribute independently, as part of a team, and as part of a large, geographically dispersed organization.


      Education / Certification:


      Undergraduate degree required, technical or scientific field preferred.


      MBA preferred, with 3+ years of relevant work experience.


      If interested in Gateway opportunities please apply now, interviews are currently in process.  Local candidates are preferred.  Gateway, Inc. offers a comprehensive benefits package (i.e., medical, dental, vision and 401K), along with stock options, company wide bonus program, and employee discounts.  Gateway, Inc. is an EEO employer.  At Gateway, we are dedicated to the development of Gateway as a leader in the technology industry and we believe that you can help make a difference.


      For more information, please visit Gateway’s website at www.gateway.com.


    • anikarenina
      I ve been enjoying this thread too much to stay quiet. I would venture to say that the iSchools have been overlooked as a potential source of qualified
      Message 46 of 46 , Oct 5, 2005
        I've been enjoying this thread too much to stay quiet.

        I would venture to say that the iSchools have been overlooked as a
        potential source of qualified candidates. By iSchools, I mean the
        dozen or so Information Schools that have been established over the
        past decade. Not information technology, but information from a
        wholly different, human-centered perspective, often rooted in
        traditional librarianship. While programs vary between these schools,
        the University of Michigan's specializations are: Library &
        Information Services; Archives & Records Management; Information
        Economics, Management & Policy; Human-Computer Interaction; and a
        "Tailored" make-your-own-master's option. The School of Information
        curriculum is a professional program requiring real-world skills
        application for graduation. The most recent Interactions from SIGCHI
        examines HCI curricula and university programs in some detail.

        My HCI program requires coursework in programming, stats, usability,
        user interface design, human behavioral psych, and offers courses in
        information architecture, CSCW, information visualization, etc. So
        far, all of my coursework has been directly applicable to web
        analytics practice in one fashion or another.

        I've my undergrad in math with nearly as much economics; adding in an
        MSI in Human-Computer Interaction, I expect to be well prepared for
        the profession. However, I also fall into that fortunate
        grown-your-own-analyst category as well--I would never have gotten
        into the field had I not landed a timely internship with a
        strategically-minded department in a company savvy enough to keep me
        on part-time as a student. I also skipped the HR queue when applying,
        which is great because my resume didn't scream "analyst,"
        pointy-headed or otherwise.


        --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "joyabillings"
        <joyabillings@g...> wrote:
        > Okay, I think we can all agree that there are so many different ways
        > one can end up in the web analytics role. For exampe, one can major
        > in math, one in social sciences, and I majored in online
        > journalism.
        > I think this isn't a negative, but a big positive for all of us in
        > general. Many people can come from many backgrounds...and still
        > perform their job duties well. This fact is a great indicator to
        > imply that we don't have to be in one field or come from one
        > curriculum to work together. It's probably even better that we come
        > from different backgrounds in order to take advantage of all our
        > strengths.
        > I really appreciate all the whitesheets on what makes a "good
        > analyst", and I think there is no real definition. My humble
        > opinion would be to accept the people's many different backgrounds
        > and capabilities to judge per case whether he or she is a good
        > analyst.___
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