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My book is ready to pre-order: Building a Digital Analytics Organization

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  • Judah Phillips
    Hi - my business book on digital analytics is available to pre-order and look inside. Thomas Davenport, author of Competing on Analytics and Analytics at Work,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2013
      Hi - my business book on digital analytics is available to pre-order and
      look inside. Thomas Davenport, author of Competing on Analytics and
      Analytics at Work, wrote the foreword. My book is the first book on digital
      analytics organizations.

      Please check it out here:

      Here's what our colleagues in the industry said about my book - from the
      world's leading professor on analytics to NYTimes best selling authors to
      several chief executives and entrepreneurs at companies you know who
      invented and (re)invented the industry to several of the co-founders of the
      DAA to other excellent authors and practitioners you know who work
      currently at Google.

      I hope you also find value in this real contribution of original work to
      our industry.


      From the foreword: "A rigorous, professional approach to digital analytics
      requires the types of management approaches that are laid out in this
      book... Judah Phillips has been an advocate of these serious disciplines
      for a long time, but now the world is ready to adopt them--and the book
      comes along just in time... and this one is distinctive in a number of ways
      and brings into the digital analytics space a sophistication in both data
      management and data analysis that is not often found...."

      --Thomas H. Davenport, author of Competing on Analytics and Analytics at
      Work, professor at Harvard Business School and Babson College, and
      cofounder of the International Institute for Analytics

      "The allure of Big Data is immense. There is SO MUCH DATA! Yet, data
      collection does nothing by itself. It actually does financial harm left in
      the wrong hands. Fix that, and you win. Let Judah show you how to build an
      organization where Big Data's primary imperative is to drive Big Action."

      --Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a

      "Without a digital analytics organization you aren't optimizing your
      business, your site or your app. Reading this book can help you. I just
      hope you adapt before one of your competitors does."

      --Bryan Eisenberg, author of Call to Action, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark,
      and Always Be Testing, Keynote Speaker, Cofounder of the Digital Analytics
      Association, and Publisher of UseTheData

      "Since founding Gomez 15 years ago, I've had the privilege of working with
      many pioneers in the field of web site and e-commerce excellence. I am
      impressed with the managerial principles and analytical techniques Judah
      has developed and presented in this book. A must read for the 21st century
      analyst and executive who wants to learn how to create value and deliver
      excellence with digital analytics."

      --Julio Gomez, Founder of Gomez, Inc., General Manager at Attivio
      "Before 'Big Data' and 'Data Science' became buzz words, Judah was
      extracting actionable insights from immense data sets and revolutionizing
      the field of business analytics. Unfortunately, the digital version of his
      nerdy brain is still too big for a download, so reading and internalizing
      this book is the second best option for anyone interested in improving
      their business via an intelligent approach to data and analytics."

      --Yaakov Kimelfeld, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer of Compete

      "Among the most valuable things you'll find in Judah's book is his
      experience. Building a Digital Analytics Organization is packed with
      real-life guidance and wisdom from his years of work as a practitioner and
      manager in the analytics field. From defining measurement needs, to
      analyzing data, to comparing analytics tools, Judah has done just about
      everything. We can all put his experience to use as a guide as we build out
      our own analytics organizations."

      --Justin Cutroni, author of Google Analytics, Analytics Evangelist at

      "Competing online today demands competency around measuring and optimizing
      customer behavior, and this useful book takes a practical look at the
      latest practices for digital analytics and data science."

      --Eric J. Hansen, CEO of SiteSpect

      "Judah writes about enterprise analytics from a deep operational
      understanding, rather than from solely a research perspective. His erudite
      observations are both unique and most valuable to those building new or
      evolving an existing data-driven organization. A must read."

      --Rand Schulman, Cofounder of Digital Analytics Association, Managing
      Partner of Efectyv Digital, pioneer in digital marketing and new media

      "This excellent book is a practical guide to help business practitioners
      make better decisions based on digital analytics. There couldn't be a
      better time for this book as data-driven decision making is a core skill
      for successful business executives, managers and practitioners alike."

      --Raj Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Localytics

      "In this book Judah provides a clear and compelling explanation of the
      power of digital analytics. This book is a great read for everyone seeking
      to harness digital data intelligence and maximize its business value."

      --Jean Paul Isson, co-author of Win with Advance Business Analytics:
      Creating Business Value from Your Data, Global Vice President Predictive
      Analytics & BI at Monster Worldwide, Inc.

      "Judah Phillips delivers an enlightening and practical guide to building
      your digital analytics organization that will help any reader drive more
      value from their analytics."

      --Larry Freed, CEO of Foresee Results, author of Managing Forward: How to
      Move from Measuring the Past to Managing the Future

      "Every organization today needs to be data-driven. Judah has been at the
      forefront of the digital analytics discipline for many years, and one of
      his primary strengths is his ability to communicate technology requirements
      to the business in a way that's actionable. This book should become an
      essential part of every digital marketer's toolkit."
      --Andrew Edwards, Cofounder of the Digital Analytics Association, Managing
      Partner of Efectyv Digital

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