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Re: SiteCatalyst: tracking across different browser vendor instances

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  • charlie76022
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2013
      ...in case anyone is interested I can see it is possible with "Cross-Device Visitor Identification".

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "charlie76022" <richardhayes@...> wrote:
      > Hi - we have a windows based application that has several parts of the user interface rendered in HTML using Internet Explorer - all of these HTML application screens are tracked with SiteCatalyst. Many of these UI screens drive users to our website where they can download something or purchase and therein lies the problem. How do I connect the users activity from their application session (Internet Explorer) to their default browser session?
      > If we passed the visitor or transaction id from the application session to our website are there any ways to "marry" the session data?
      > Many thanks, Richard
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