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Re: GA - Master profile aggregated funnel report

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  • Yuhui
    Hi Jason, I have the same setup as you, i.e. one aggregate master profile, and a bunch of profiles for country sites. Here are my suggestions: 1. Become very
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      Hi Jason,

      I have the same setup as you, i.e. one aggregate master profile, and a bunch of profiles for country sites.

      Here are my suggestions:

      1. Become very good friends with your developers and SEO. Since your page URLs are your page tags, you want to make sure that your reports are minimally affected by changes to page URLs, e.g. localizing URLs.

      2. Unless your website has a very distinct path to conversion, I encourage you to ignore the "Required step" checkbox. This is because your site users could potentially enter your conversion path through other starting / landing pages.

      3. Become an expert in regular expressions. It's all you can use to setup your goals and funnel, because you need to match the patterns in your page URLs, e.g. the country-language pair at the start of each URL.

      3a. All of your pages are almost certainly going to need to start with this pattern: ^/[a-z]{2}\-[a-z]{2}
      That will match with the country-language pairs, i.e. /uk-en, /us-en, /cn-zh, etc.

      3b. You will need to use regex with all of your funnel steps to group your pages per funnel step properly.

      3c. Remember step 1? If your URLs are formatted such that, besides the country-language pair, the paths are the same, e.g. /uk-en/my-wonderful-page is the same as /us-en/my-wonderful-page which is also the same as /cn-zh/my-wonderful-page, then that's going to save you a lot of grief in setting up your funnel.

      But as soon as the URLs start to change, then you have 2 choices:
      i. rewrite your URLs with _trackPageview, or
      ii. improve the regex pattern matching per funnel step

      Both choices have their pros and cons and it depends on your business' needs.

      Hope the above helps!

      Yu Hui
      Twitter: @yuhui

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "jason6346" <darkus1@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I have created a master profile in Google Analytics that captures all traffic to the website. Our site urls are market specific so for the uk market you'd have www.mydomain.com/uk-en or maybe www.mydomain.com/us-en (no trailing slash) for the us market depending on what you select.
      > Anyway I have set up market specific profiles which capture anything coming in on the specific market urls, which is great however i would like to have an aggregated view of our funnel report in master profile. firstly i would like to include the anything coming in to the homepage irrespective of market bearing in mind you can not access the homepage www.mydomain.com without the market url being populated at the end based on ur selection i.e www.mydomain.com/uk-en
      > So to get an aggregated view of activity my first question is what match type should I be selecting? And secondly what should i be entering as the homepage url? Should it be just forward slash given the all visitors will enter the site www.mydomain.com/xx-xx ? or should i be using regex if so what.
      > Then with the rest of the funnel steps i take it i'd again ignore the market and language directory and just enter the rest of the url i.e: or would this also require regex
      > /shop/coats/select-colour
      > /shop/coats/select-quantity
      > /shop/coats/Review
      > /shop/coats/Personal-details
      > /shop/coats/payment
      > /shop/coats/confirmation
      > Your help will be much appreciated
      > Thanks
      > J
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