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Looking for an analytical CRM tool for a small e-commerce company

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  • Michael Ellensohn
    Hi all, We are quite a small e-commerce company with approx. 200.000 customers within the last 2 years. We have realised that we need to implement a systematic
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2013
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      Hi all,

      We are quite a small e-commerce company with approx. 200.000 customers
      within the last 2 years. We have realised that we need to implement a
      systematic and data-driven CRM in order to push repeated purchases and
      customer lifetime value. However, we honestly have no idea which software
      system to use for collecting and analyzing customer data. There seem to be
      hundreds of CRM tools out there, but most of them obviously aiming at B2B
      businesses and not really analytical. So I wonder if anybody in this group
      can help.

      Our current software setup is Magento, an out-dated ERP, Google Analytics
      and Emarsys. Emarsys has some nice features, but unfortunately it can only
      be applied to e-mail marketing. (We think that CRM should be more - and
      since our business is in Europe, there are lots of restrictions when it
      comes to sending e-mails to customers.) In terms of budget, we cannot spend
      more than 500 bucks per month for external tool costs.

      From my current point of view, these business goals should be supported by
      the CRM tool:

      1) ROI calculation of CRM "campaigns", such as direct response mails,
      freebies in our parcels, newsletters, printed catalogues, etc. The ROI
      should be based on a revenue attribution between the CRM "campaign"
      exposures of a customer.
      2a) Suggestion which customers should be targeted with a specific
      "campaign", based on their likelihood of response.
      2b) Suggestion what "campaign" will most likely work best for a specific
      customer (e.g. based on a customer lifecycle model) - i.e. evidence-based
      marketing automation.
      3) Suggestion which products will be most likely bought by a specific
      customer - i.e. up-selling, cross-selling.

      Funky dashboards are not required.

      In terms of data preparation, these features would be very helpful:

      a) Automated import of relevant customer attributes from different sources,
      e.g. purchase dates, products bought, product categories bought,
      newsletters and other CRM "campaigns" which the customer has been exposed
      to (incl. date), visits/logins to website, specific
      activities/micro-conversions on website (e.g. liking a product, putting a
      product on the wishlist, etc.). So basically import relevant CRM activities
      from our side as well as responses from the customer side.
      b) Deduplicate customers, at least by pre-defined rules. (We offer the
      possibility to check out as a guest and sell on marketplaces as well, so we
      cannot simply use existing customer accounts.)
      c) Categorise customer attributes, e.g. peronalised vs. non-personalised
      newsletters which have been sent to the customer.

      I have done quite some research, but when I look at the price tag of tools
      which support our requirements, it seems that we are way too ambitious for
      what we can afford. So I currently think about implementing an affordable
      tool which can do a part of what we need, such as Custora, and develop the
      missing features ourselves in R or as a Magento module.

      Before I start writing e-mails to dozens of tool providers, can probably
      anyone in this group recommend a solution for what I am looking for? Since
      I am really new to this topic, I would appreciate any hint whatsoever.


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