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RE: [webanalytics] Re: Bonus payments and targets for inhouse analysts

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  • Jim Sterne
    Yes, Michael - the lifts all boats method of profit sharing can be painful when there are those who are happy to punch hole in the hull. But the only place a
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 20, 2012
      Yes, Michael - the "lifts all boats" method of profit sharing can be painful
      when there are those who are happy to punch hole in the hull. But the only
      place a self-determined bonus plan works is in the sales department. I did
      that for 15 years and did very well.... I work hard and do the right things
      and I earned a commission. Every other job is too difficult to calculate and
      too easy to game :-(

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      Hi guys,

      Thanks very much for your thoughtful responses. It is really interesting to see
      that even among you as long experienced practicioners the approaches to measure
      an analysts performance diverge quite a bit. It seems to me that whereas the
      basis to incentivise most roles within an e-commerce (or even online in general)
      company are *pretty* common sense, the definition of a good performance can
      ironically not be nailed down very easy for analysts. The folks who measure
      cannot be measured, haha.

      My impression after sleeping over your responses is that the responsibilities,
      degrees of freedom, reporting structures etc. for web / BI analysts vary so much
      between companies that compensation schemes might be radically different - but
      still make sense within each business. Which means my hope to find a somewhat
      general approach was probably a bit naive. I take that as a learning and will
      sit down to think even more about how our teams actually work together -
      explititly and implicitly - and where exactly I am adding value.

      Jim, please let me comment on your point of view. I perfectly understand your
      objections against the more, well, "micro" measures. Especially from a
      managerial perspective, the ideal of having a great team where everybody helps
      everybody is certainly charming - believe me, also for me! But: When at the end
      of the year your salary is 20% lower than it should actually be because somebody
      had decided to migrate to a buggy technology or because a key strategic partner
      terminates all contracts after having an argument with your boss - then you get
      to a point very quickly where ... well, you get the idea. Of course, things like
      these just happen - bad luck, so what, it might all be better next year. But
      still, I would love to earn at least 50% of my bonus by myself. Otherwise from
      my personal viewpoint, spending more time with my family is a more attractive
      alternative than working as hard again for no decent reward.

      Best and thanks again,

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