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[JOB] Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative role

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  • Matt Curtis
    Hi all, This role is slightly more PM + data mining focused, but I figured this role might appeal to some of you. I think it s a pretty unique opportunity,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2012
      Hi all,

      This role is slightly more PM + data mining focused, but I figured this
      role might appeal to some of you. I think it's a pretty unique opportunity,
      especially for someone looking for more experience in data mining and
      customer analytics.


      The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is looking for a Project Manager
      with SQL skills� aka: YOU!

      An IT-skilled job with a non-IT title, this is a great opportunity for
      mid-level PM who's looking to branch out into a new space, or explore a new
      skill set.

      *Job Posting:*

      *Description: *The WCAI Associate Research Director will support research
      programs in customer analytics, interfacing closely with faculty and
      doctoral students as well as the corporate partners who sponsor them. The
      ideal candidate will quickly take responsibility for managing project
      timelines and facilitating research projects, including meeting with
      corporate partners to understand available data sets, preparing data sets
      so that they are accessible to external scholars, creating reports for
      corporate partners, and coordinating research meetings, with support and
      guidance from the Research Director. The job will also give the candidate
      broad exposure to customer analytics functions at some of the world's
      leading companies and will introduce the candidate to the academic research
      process, including interfacing with top faculty from around the world.

      More information at http://wcai.wharton.upenn.edu

      *Requirements: *A Bachelor's Degree is required and 5 years to 7 years of
      experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Master's
      Degree a plus. Candidate must have excellent writing, communication and
      interpersonal skills. Must be highly organized and self-initiated. Ability
      to manage simultaneous projects and meet deadlines essential. Strong
      Microsoft Office (especially PowerPoint) skills required. SQL experience
      required, either T-SQL, PL/SQL, SQL92, MySQL, or any variant. Experience
      with data analytics/quantitative marketing a big plus. Position contingent
      upon funding.

      *5 reasons why you should work for WCAI/Wharton/UPenn*

      1) Education... support, encouragement, and time off to earn a masters
      or complete your ugrad degree (or PhD if you want to go part time)... and
      Penn benefits allow you 85%-100% discount on tuition.

      2) Vacation.... 15 vacation days per year (after completion of
      introductory period) + week between xmas & new year�s + 6 other holidays
      every year.

      3) Sweet, Sweet Benefits... as a giant employer, Penn has amazing
      health, dental, vision, life, and retirement benefits. 105% matching on
      403b, low co-pays for insurance.

      4) Room for Growth... paid training in job related activities,
      including but not limited to: SQL, Data Visualization, Public Speaking,
      Database Design, Data Analytics... as well as opportunities for more senior
      positions in the group as experience, expertise, and vacancies occur

      5) Intellectual Stimulation... work with top notch companies
      world-wide, on new & interesting problems, and feel yourself stretched in
      new ways. Past corporate partners include Hertz, American Red Cross, Urban
      Outfitters, ESPN, Expedia.

      6) You will have fun! (actual fun may be different for some people.
      Your mileage may vary.)

      Apply using this link:

      If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.

      We look forward to seeing your application!



      Ben Adams, MSE

      Research Director

      Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

      University of Pennsylvania


      Matt Curtis

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