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RE: [webanalytics] Voice of the customer

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  • David Simmons
    Hi Greg, I’d say it depends on what your high-level goal is with the research project, how much experience your internal teams have with writing
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 26, 2010
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      Hi Greg,

      I�d say it depends on what your high-level goal is with the research
      project, how much experience your internal teams have with writing
      questionnaires, what business processes exist to act on the findings, how
      important it is to have the findings come from an outsider especially
      if thefindings are negative or controversial (i.e. mitigate perception
      of bias and
      get people out of self-defense mode and into action mode), and how much
      industry-specific knowledge/experience the vendor has.

      If your organization is �ready� for them, I think you can get an incredible
      amount of value from ForeSee or iPerceptions (I hired iPerceptions at a
      previous job and was very pleased with them), because in addition to a
      number of other benefits, they can help you set priorities for your site by
      breaking down the user experience into specific attributes and determining
      the extent to which these attributes are predictive of your site�s goals.
      This kind of information can be invaluable for your management team, esp.
      the CFO, and product teams for the purposes of allocating resources,
      establishing product priorities, and settling time-consuming debates. :)

      Some of the other vendors IMO often tend to be a little more tactical in
      approach, with more of a focus on identifying and fixing immediate problems
      like bugs or usability issues specific to a certain page or to certain
      high-value processes (e.g. checkout funnels) as they occur, rather than
      addressing the more holistic user experience questions, so depending upon
      the state of your site and maturity of your organization, they may be a
      better option as the insights might be more actionable in the short-term.
      That said, the ForeSee/IPerceptions approach can cover some of this ground
      too, but because they are typically serving a survey intercept at random, it
      may not be as easy to isolate high impact problems that only affect a small
      percentage of your visitors.

      Also I would be remiss if I didn�t mention that, if your WA tool allows it,
      correlating the response data from ForeSee or OpinionLab with your
      behavioral/clickstream data can help you answer questions that neither the
      attitudinal nor behavioral data can answer on their own.



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      Do any of you have strong recommendations for vendors doing voice of the
      customer / survey work on websites. I know there are a ton of survey vendors
      out there I am just wondering if there are any that really bring expertise
      or functionality that sets them apart.


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