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Re: [webanalytics] SES - Small Change in the Cocktail Hour on March 2nd

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  • Jim Sterne
    ... Eric - We will grieve at your absence. ... Look for Bryan:
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2005
      At 10:39 AM 2/28/2005, Eric Peterson wrote:
      Due to inclimate weather heading for New York I'm not going to attend
      SES after all. 

      Eric - We will grieve at your absence.

      Fortunately, Bryan Eisenberg and the WAA have agreed
      to step in and play host to the cocktail hour we'd been planning on
      Wednesday, March 2nd (6 PM, lobby bar at the Hilton).

      Look for Bryan and have a great time!

      Look for Bryan:

      Or me (Jim):
      Jim Sterne                                      www.targeting.com
      President, Web Analytics Association
      Emetrics Summit                              www.emetrics.org
      Santa Barbara, June 1 - 3       web analytics conference
      London, June 8-10                          +1-805-965-3184
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