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RE: [webanalytics] Tealeaf

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  • Craig Sullivan
    Adam, The problem is that I can and *do* find the root causes of this stuff, I just don t need no honking video playback to find most stuff. I know from
    Message 1 of 36 , Feb 28, 2008

      The problem is that I can and *do* find the root causes of this stuff, I just don't need no honking video playback to find most stuff.

      I know from analysing form submissions, for example, that people mistype postcodes (zip codes) here in the UK. We find that some people make mistakes in the field (they switch 0 and 0 or 1 and l, for example). Using the post office guidelines here in the UK, we find we can save 5% of bailouts each day by 'auto fixing' these mistakes.

      The point I'm trying to make is for us to be clear about learning from properly configured tools. I don't care what you use as long as you get more understanding than by not looking at all and that you have trust in the data.

      You asked some great questions there but I wouldn't assume that you are alone in wishing that people cared about testing. We check things like:

      A browser matrix of people who 'doorstep' the site, not just those who actually use it.
      All 3rd party tags, ads, content is monitored to object and HTTP level by Keynote and SLA monitored
      We have a dedicated QA team who help us manage all code and UI publishes
      Customer research is regular, features competitors and helps us improve the experience
      etc. etc.

      I'll leave you with one last thought. By forcing myself to get error messages whenever one of our film downloads glitches, I've been brought more in touch with problems. Now we are building a system to react to the common issues and send the solution to the customer by email, immediately when it occurs.

      If I had needed to wait to see these problems on video, it would have been too late. Deciding to be aware of when things go wrong is sometimes better than watching the action replay.

      Craig Sullivan
      Digital Development Manager
      LOVEFiLM International
      +44 (0)7711 657315
      +44 (0)20 8896 8050

      There are no rules, only customers.....


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      Subject: Re: [webanalytics] Tealeaf

      You ask really great questions and hit on a number of important points. My question back to the group is how valuable are the items your list below (e.g. error messages, "broken stuff") IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE ROOT CAUSES?

      While traditional Web analytics tools can quantify these events, none of them can adequately solve those problems. How many of you out there test your Web sites and mission-critical applications against multiple Web browsers and operating systems BEFORE pushing code out to Production? How are you managing 3rd party content and SLA performance? How are your measuring not just the instances of your KPI's but your customer's satisfaction and user experience?

      Yes, TeaLeaf has some great eye-candy not seen before. But how does there packet sniffing technology track the performance of content that originates outside the firewall? How does seeing an error message played back (while quite cool) help your IT department debug the object or 3rd party content that is causing the problem?

      I don't see the value of illustrating an event unless I have access to data that will help me improve the performance of my Web site.


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      From: Craig Sullivan <craig.sullivan@... <mailto:craig.sullivan%40lovefilm.com> >
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      Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 11:33:22 AM
      Subject: [webanalytics] Tealeaf


      I can get the argument that it is cool to look at user sessions but I
      come back to the points made by Avinash on this matter (see
      http://tinyurl. com/398x2f).

      My question here is - what am I missing that I don't get with a properly
      configured web analytics package?

      Some of the things people have mentioned as being useful are:

      * Error messages
      * Broken stuff
      * Form errors or validation issues
      * Bugs / Rendering issues / Browser incompatibilities
      * Process bugs (e.g. not accepting certain forms of payments)
      * Correlating customer contact with particular web events (e.g.
      broken stuff causes contact)

      But I can get all these from a web analytics solution, in aggregate
      format but without the video viewing!

      The things I can't get are:

      * Watching a replay of the session to see exactly what someone did
      * Debugging a complaint from a customer by getting developers to
      watch the session
      * Providing proof of the customer 'doing something' from a legal
      or service perspective
      * An idea of where the mouse moves

      Are these things I can't get worth the costs? Hmmm - the jury is still
      out on that one.

      If, however, I have a badly implemented WA solution that hasn't been set
      up to capture this kind of stuff, then replay tools with data
      aggregation facilities (like Tealeaf) can plug that gap. If my WA
      solution does all this, I don't need another product.

      The one cool thing mentioned about Tealeaf was the ability to collect WA
      data for ingest into a package (e.g. Webtrends) without having to do any
      page tagging. Lol - now that would make developers less chippy to start
      with <grin>.

      Maybe tealeaf needs to work on me some more? Is there anyone out there
      that can refute the central plank of my argument here?


      <http://www.lovefilm .com/>

      Craig Sullivan

      Product Manager - Digital and Usability
      LOVEFiLM.com <http://www.lovefilm .com/>

      No.9 | 6 Portal Way | London | W3 6RU
      T: (020) 8896 8050 | M: (0)7711 657315 | F: 0208 896 8110
      craig.sullivan@ lovefilm. com

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      Subject: [webanalytics] Has anyone used TeaLeaf or ClickTale much yet?

      I am truly amazed by these services, and why they don't seem to have
      become that popular in the web analytics field yet. These tools are
      much better than relying on clickstream data to figure what your
      website visitors are doing/wanting. I just wrote a blog post all about
      these tools:

      http://rich- page.com/ web-analytics/ win-at-web- analytics- introducing- the-
      <http://rich- page.com/ web-analytics/ win-at-web- analytics- introducing- the
      youtube-of-analytic s/

      I would love to know what fellow web analyts opinions are on these

      Rich Page

      Click here
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    • Vikram Aditya Kirpalani
      Hey hello, Sibel, Hope you are well, Thanks for taking out time and replying to my post, it was really helpful :)
      Message 36 of 36 , May 15 10:06 AM
        Hey hello, Sibel,
        Hope you are well,
        Thanks for taking out time and replying to my post, it was really helpful :)
        --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, sibel <airsibel@...> wrote:
        > Initial implementation (setting up servers and starting to collect data) is
        > really short and easy but then setting up events, replays, dashboards score
        > cards are the real implementation part where you configure dATA. And it can
        > take up from 30 days to 90 days depending on work
        > thanks
        > sibel akcekaya
        > On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 1:09 PM, Vikram Aditya Kirpalani <
        > sparco_dude@...> wrote:
        > > **
        > >
        > >
        > > Does Anyone knows, what does it takes to implement Tealeaf, including how
        > > much time does it takes to get implemented to a normal site, on average
        > >
        > >
        > >
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