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[JOB] Job Opportunity in The Bay Area

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  • ericbinc
    This position is in the Advertising Space with a very reputable company. Please e-mail me or call me at 650-355-7015 if you feel that this is an area that you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30 4:36 PM
      This position is in the Advertising Space with a very reputable
      company. Please e-mail me or call me at 650-355-7015 if you feel
      that this is an area that you would like to pursue. Thanks everyone!!

      Modeling Analytics Engineer

      Position Summary:
      Working in a high-performance, highly dynamic engineering team, this
      Engineer / Senior Engineer position will be responsible for
      developing the company's advanced technology in predictive modeling
      and large-scale data analytics. Predictive modeling and optimization
      algorithms are implemented in a highly distributed and high-
      performance enterprise Java-base system to find the best
      advertisement for each ad request. This role is a mix of systems
      engineering and modeling / analytics algorithms development.
      • Design and develop distributed predictive algorithms by
      researching, architecting and implementing high-performance
      production Java code solo or in small team of highly productive
      • Analyze large amounts of data and develop answers and
      solutions to specific business problems,
      • Analyze, design, develop, test, troubleshoot and document
      complex data systems that may involve one or more of the following:
      predictive score models, text analysis, feature extraction, data-
      driven analysis, machine learning, decision making and related
      • Develop tools as needed to assist in data analytics and
      modeling procedures.
      • Coordinate with other teams on interfaces and product
      integration. Participate in design and code reviews of other system
      and product components.
      • Complete written documentation and reports of results.
      • Devise new approaches to solving difficult data engineering
      • Develop software tools to assist in data / modeling
      • Analyze and report model performance and optimization results.

      Required Skills
      • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer
      Engineering or equivalent fields with basic knowledge of statistics.
      • Minimum 3 years experience with high-performance Java/C++
      systems processing large amounts of data.
      • Solid working knowledge of development tools and operating
      environment including experience with Linux/Unix.
      • Some experience with database systems, knowledge of at least
      one scripting language and experience with reading the code base of
      large software systems.
      • Ability to communicate technical ideas effectively, in oral
      and written forms, and solve complex problems in team environment.

      Preferred Skills
      • Experience developing server software preferably in Java and
      building tools as needed to solve problems.
      • Experience analyzing very large amounts of data;
      • Strong problem solving, analytical ability and good
      mathematics or statistics background.
      • Experience with the development of a search engine, text
      analysis, statistical modeling or related fields.
      • PhD or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer
      Engineering or equivalent fields.
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