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Web Analytics and CRM (renamed from Sagemetrics thread)

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  • Matt Belkin
    Ok, before I get branded a CoreMetrics nemesis...I m not saying their offering is useless. Clearly customers find value in the platform or they wouldn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2004
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      Ok, before I get branded a CoreMetrics nemesis...I'm not saying their
      offering is useless. Clearly customers find value in the platform or they
      wouldn't continue to use it. However, as with all technology investments,
      buyer beware. I think it's critical that folks out there understand the
      implications of certain platforms - especially as they relate to the overall
      customer experience. At the end of the day, business need to assess their
      requirements and select the best vendor that meets those needs.
      Unfortunately, companies rarely do this; instead selecting a vendor based on
      bells and whistles rather than KPIs and customer experience strategy.

      Eric, it's so unfair of you to mention the sensitivity solution and then not
      give us details...mean, mean, mean. But if it keeps you out of jail, I
      understand. I did want to point out that in previous experience, I have
      linked anonymous Web Analytics users to actual customer data via CRM/ERP/SFA
      tools and back-end data warehouses. Technically, it was actually quite easy
      and involved tying cookie authentication tables to customer tables. Anyway,
      with that said, I'd be curious if this solution you mention is a
      "technology" one that facilitates this linkage between Web Analytics and CRM
      (what I just described as technically fairly easy); or a "privacy" one that
      actually allows businesses to facilitate the opt-in process and get
      permission from customers.


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      From: Eric Peterson
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      Subject: Re: [webanalytics] Anybody use SageMetrics?

      While I'm not going to go so far as to agree with Matt ("This is also a
      > reason why coreMetrics LIVEProfile architecture isn't really worth the
      > trouble or money (in my opinion).") he does raise a good point about
      sensitivity of data. Recently I saw a solution to this problem.
      Unfortunately I'm not allowed to discuss it under penalty of law
      (really) but needless to say, there is a safe, sound, secure solution
      for CRM/Web data integration on the horizon.

      While I hesitate to disagree with Jim (I'm gonna burn for this, I know
      it) I am inclined to agree with Matt regarding the ** best ** value
      for Web data. Because so many people that come to your Web site are
      anonymous, and perhaps will always stay that way (sigh), applications
      should continue to focus on providing tools that measure the
      experience of the many, not the experience of the few. While
      technically not that difficult, in a time while so many companies
      struggle to understand basic Web data (present company excluded) I
      tend to think that solutions providing a 1:1 view of a person's
      activity on the Web site may still be overkill.

      But hey, I've been wrong before ...

      Anyone from Coremetrics wanna pipe in at this point?

      On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 14:55:43 -0700, Matt Belkin <mbelkin@...>
      > While in many respects Web Analytics and CRM share the same end goal -
      > optimizing the customer experience - there is a critical difference
      > sets them apart. With CRM, you are managing a 1:1 relationship with
      > customer. With Web Analytics you are optimizing the customer
      > but you are doing so *anonymously*. In many respects, the information
      > collect via Web Analytics could never be collected if customers had to
      > "opt-in" for you to collect such information. This reality creates a
      > 'privacy-divide' between CRM and Web Analytics - one which I do not
      > will be easily overcome in the foreseeable future.
      > And yes, I know you can use Web Analytics to track individual user
      > - it's not a technical issue by any means. But as a company you need
      to be
      > incredibly cautious about tying any information to a user without
      > expressed consent - coreMetrics and Toys R US got into a world of
      trouble in
      > 2000 when this very aspect of Web Analytics was exposed. This is also
      > reason why coreMetrics LIVEProfile architecture isn't really worth the
      > trouble or money (in my opinion).

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