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RE: [webanalytics] Webanalytics Summer-Termproject with NetGen & Cognos

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  • Matt Belkin
    Reto, Your projects sounds noteworthy. Here are a few thoughts - 1. Interviewing CIOs? I m not sure this is the best approach. Clearly you need consensus
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2004

      Your projects sounds noteworthy. Here are a few thoughts -

      1. Interviewing CIOs? I'm not sure this is the best approach. Clearly you
      need consensus from within any organization before you embrace an Analytics
      solution and CIOs will want to approve the vendor you choose. But relative
      to where you get the biggest bang for your Analytics buck, CIOs are not the
      core audience. It's Marketing (in my opinion). After all, the web isn't
      just a cool technology - it's a critical customer relationship channel. And
      that's what marketing cares about most - communicating with customers and
      building new relationships. So make sure to spend some time with CMOs
      (Chief Marketing Officers), VPs of Marketing, and people in the trenches
      like campaign producers, managers, product marketing managers, etc. Those
      are the folks that will really be using the Analytics solution to make
      decisions that will earn the company money. As a case in point, every CIO
      I've worked with on Analytics has never actually used the system once it was

      2. Prototype architecture and NetGen datawarehouse? Analytics is all about
      measuring, setting KPIs or baselines, and optimizing around those KPIs.
      That's it. I would not recommend designing a complicated Web Analytics
      implementation that requires a NetGen warehouse. Skip the log files, and go
      with a super flexible tagging-based ASP solution like Omniture. If Omniture
      is too high-end, maybe consider a more entry level solution like WebTrends
      or FireClick. Vendors like Omniture have already done the heavy lifting for
      you. Speaking from a painful experience with NetGenesis myself, you will
      not get that with their solution or any solution with a massive data

      3. Company to implement this architecture? Not sure what you mean by this,
      but when it comes to implementation, here is what I recommend. Scope out
      your business requirements when you're speaking with the various marketing
      folks. In most cases, you'll need to listen to what they are saying, then
      work with them to translate that into KPIs. For example, if the campaign
      manager says "I need to measure the success of my campaign", you need to ask
      what they mean by success? Is it click-thrus? Sales leads? Direct eCommerce
      revenues? Whitepaper downloads? And how does that change across products?
      Once you figure that out, architect your solution around their needs - not
      around what the product can do. That's one of the biggest mistakes people
      make. They get caught up in all the bells and whistles of a product, and
      forget the basics of Analytics - measure, baseline, optimize.

      Good luck,

      Matt Belkin
      Director, Marketing Analytics

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      From: retowettstein
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      Subject: [webanalytics] Webanalytics Summer-Termproject with NetGen & Cognos

      Hello everybody,
      as a student (business administration & it) at the University of
      Zurich (Switzerland)I'm not that webanalyst yet, but a classmate and I
      are going to run a termproject about webanalytics this summer. First
      we are going to interview some CIOs of Swiss portals to evaluate
      market needs. Second we present them our prototype architecture we
      would like to implement to measure their website. It would consist of
      a data warehouse (realized with NetGen) and a web score card (with
      cognos). Third, we are looking for a company who would let us to
      implement this architecture.

      Now my questions:

      1. What do you think about our idea?
      2. What about the architecture?
      3. What would you advise us? Do's & dont's? Recommendations?

      Thank you very much to share your knowledge with us!

      Best regards from Zurich,



      Reto Wettstein
      University Of Zurich

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