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973Re: [webanalytics] Re: How do you measure bookmarks?

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  • Jason Grigsby
    Jan 5, 2005
      On Jan 5, 2005, at 8:49 AM, Chris Grant wrote:
      > The problem is, instead, that Firefox is not able to be identified in
      > many cases. The browser impersonation plug-in available on the
      > Firefox site, which I'm told is the top plug-in download, apparently
      > produces a 100% indistinguishable User Agent field.

      I think this problem has been overstated. The top 5 downloads for
      Firefox do not include the User Agent Switcher. (Source:

      The nice thing about the extensions website is that it keeps track of
      how many people download each extension. The User Agent Switch has been
      downloaded 11,668 times. There may be additional downloads from the
      author's website that are not recorded by the mozilla site.

      To put that number in perspective, the top downloaded extension is
      listed as 106,908 downloads and Firefox has had 15,413,037 downloads
      since November 9th. Looking at our log files, I don't see a lot of
      requests for favicon.ico files from IE browsers that replicate Firefox

      My guess is that the effect of Firefox users changing their user agent
      to IE is minimal if any for most sites. The only reason that I can
      think of that a lot of users might use something like that on a site is
      if it designed in such a way that functionality only works if you use
      IE. That isn't the case for any of the sites we develop so I think it
      is safe to assume that IE requests for favicon.ico are more than likely
      to be IE users.


      P.S. Firefox is not the first browser to allow user agent switching.
      Opera and Safari have had this functionality built in at one time or
      another. Opera by default identifies itself as IE, but Opera is a
      fairly small part of the market.
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