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948Re: Young Professional wants to enter the Web Analytics World

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  • Fred Kuu
    Jan 3, 2005

      I would also recommend finding the people in the organization that are
      doing web analytics or would strongly benefit from web analytics
      (especially online marketers or web production people responsible for
      the website). If you can, chat with them informally about what
      they're doing now and what they've got planned. Try to find out
      whether they could use additional resources (whether it be generating
      reports or communicating with IT, etc.) It never hurts to ask. Based
      on the conversations, you can determine whether you can help out.

      Best of luck!

      -Fred Kuu

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, Jim Sterne <jsterne@t...> wrote:
      > At 01:04 AM 12/31/2004, Natalie Huijsman wrote:
      > >I am a 24 year young, Internet adept. I am looking for a job
      regarding web
      > >analytics. This will be my first job in that area, so I am looking
      for a
      > >junior level.
      > > Currently I work for an big international financial institution.
      > Maybe you could offer yourself as an internal intern to the
      > web analytics team at your current company. Perhaps even
      > creating that position if it doesn't already exist?
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